Wednesday, 15 June 2011


So, some of you were wondering why we needed to go costume shopping last blog.

Well, this weekend saw us slip away to Laura for a few days. Laura is a tiny little place in the mid north, about three and a half hours drive from Adelaide. The kind of place that makes you think of those small towns we used to visit as a child. Wide streets, double carWe all took Friday off (well, Fluffy had Friday off anyway) and headed up early.

Why did Fluffy have Friday off? Last week he was not feeling any better, so he made a trip back to the doctor. He had to have a chest x-ray and blood tests, plus an ECG. Luckily, though, nothing further showed up, so he's just taking more antibiotics. Anyway, it did mean another week off work for him.

So, Friday morning we took our time. We stopped halfway at Port Wakefiled for a pie and stretch the legs, and made it up there about half one.

It was terribly cold, and a bit overcast, but still nice. Our site was large, and it helped that we set up before we realised what we were using as our slab we were supposed to park the van on! Oh well!

Friday night we sat around the camp fire yakking, but it was pretty cold so I hit the hay early. There wasn't really any other kids Dobby's age, just one other young lass a year younger, so Dobby asked her if she'd like to bunk in Dobby's tent. She agreed.

Saturday dawned nice. Some cloud, cold, but the promise of a nice day. Some members went for a drive. We drove a few km up the road to the next town, Stone Hut, which boasts the best pies in the area. Very expensive, though, so we didn't sample.

A drive around some of the roads outside Laura, and a quick pic of this building, then it was back home and kick back to rest.

Earlier the kids had Kids Club, and made crowns and jelly for everyone. Yummo! Saturday evening and it was time to party.

Yes, it was Queen's Birthday weekend, so we all had to wear royal headgear. There were a lot of little silver tiaras around plus all the crowns the kids made. A couple made an effort, but there was a guest of honour - this lady...

Not bad for 85, yes? I had a lot of fun giving the Grand Executioner (behind me) plenty of work!

Dobby's reaction?

Oh my Lord...

It was my turn to organise the event, so we played a guessing game called Reverse Celebrity Head. The group was broken into 4 smaller groups. Each team selected 4 names from a pile. Then, one person within each group had to try to get the others to guess who they were. They could mime, charade, or answer yes and no answers. Each child got a prize of a Freddo Frog.

After that game, we played musical chairs. Again, it was on for young and old, but they always make sure a kid wins (although I think this miffs a few adults). Lets face it, it's a bit hard for a kid to beat an adult sometimes. But everyone had fun. The last two kids both received another Freddo.

Last game of the night was Pass the Parcel. Each layer contained yet another Freddo. The kids all got one first, then random adults. As officiator (well, official onlookers), Fluffy and I had more fun sitting and watching I think. The winner chose to put forth her prize of a block of chocolate into the supper laid out for the evening. There was a block leftover as well, so I broke that up onto the same plate.

After Pass the Parcel it was time for the Queen to blow our her candles and cut up her cake. Then it was free for all on the supper.

I think it went well, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The event was held in a tiny little church adjacent to the caravan park. When we left we could feel a distinct iciness in the air. It was positively freezing! Dobby had been on a steady diet of sugary sweets all day, so at the end of the night felt quite light headed. She headed home and was in bed by half eight.

Funniest thing of the night was when I was making my way home, and the club Vice President escorted me outside. I mentioned my night vision sucked and he said "just follow me, I'll help you". And then promptly walked into a tree.

I laughed so hard and he said "there's the gate, now piss off through it". I laughed all the way back to the van (in the dark!).

Saturday night was so cold! We had the heater in the van turned up high and we were still cold. Fluffy got up at 4.30 and went to the loo, and let the dog in. At six there was some banging and Dobby stumbled in. It was still dark so we all went back to bed.

When we got up there was frost all on the ground,

and someone told us it had gotten down to minus three. Brrr!

Sunday morning was morning tea, then we were let loose on the countryside again. Along with another family we decided to take a drive into Gladstone to visit the old Gaol. After a stop for icecream that is.

We had visited before, on our second round trip in 2001. Now, there is a little tea shop there instead of the old gift shop, but sadly no EFTPOS meant we were not stopping for tea.

We were given a short guided tour then left to our own devices. It was great taking a walk around the old rooms. Now apparently you can stay there overnight for a few dollars. Our group, being the party monsters they are, have decided they are going to organise a sleepover there. It's guaranteed to be a hoot. Fingers crossed that comes to fruition.

After our visit we returned for Club Game and Happy Hour, then dinner and back to the fireside.

I didn't quite make it out to the fire, an older member of the club sat for a chat. Then, Fluffy came back and went for a shower. So I thought he was coming inside. He was, but the member came back again while I was inside waiting so we chatted another hour and Fluffy joined the hardy bunch around the fire.

Dobby slept inside again... but it wasn't as cold.

Monday we took our time packing up for the trip home. We didn't leave until 12.30, which as far as I know, is the latest we have ever left a rally. We were home by four, and Roger was happy to see us. It's lovely to get away, but always nice to come home.

Fluffy went back to the doctor today (Wednesday) and was given the rest of the week off. He has to keep up his antiboitics till they run out, then he should be on the mend. Guess we'll see...

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekend? What weekend.

Well, that's what it feels like anyway. I seem to always be doing something. Except for the odd period when I stop for a few minutes. I keep thinking I need another few days like the Easter rally. Just a few days of no chores, no cooking, no nothing!

Anyway, enough of that. This week, although busy, has been so mundane I have nothing to report. Fluffy is on the mend. The rib still gives him grief and he is coughing up crap, but that's how it's supposed to go so he'll be fine.

Dobby finally got her room clean(ish) this weekend. Remember last weekend I bought her new school shoes? I got a call before lunch on Friday. "Mum, my shoes have a hole in them. Seriously, I can't walk in them". What to do? I suggested she go to the office for tape or something. As it happens, they have a couple pairs of spare shoes so she was able to borrow a pair for the rest of the day.

When she got home, the whole toe of her shoe has come unstuck. So today I took them back. They really did look like they had been worn more than a week, but I had the receipt as proof and they had no choice but to refund them. They originally told me they could do a swap. I said right out I did not want another pair of them. Doesn't have to be the same they said. No, I didn't want another pair. I found a pair in another store I want, so I don't want to take a pair of shoes that are not needed. She eventually refunded my money. Thank goodness.

Dobby found another pair, similar but with a far sturdier sole on them this time. I hope.

Other than that, it's been very slow. Sorry. I finally made it to the physio for my back yesterday morning. It's sore still now, but a few more treatments and it will be okay.

Oh, and we did go costume shopping Thursday night. Why? You'll have to wait until next blog! Sorry!