Friday, 30 May 2008

Stoopid Cats

So okay, his pee has gone from dark orange pink to pale orange yellow. That's great news! I think we are finally beating this thing. Last night, he would pee pale then think he still needs to go and dribble out a little orange squirt. Stoopid cat.

The vet said he should go outside a bit more because he is a fat lazy thing. So I let him out for a short run in the morning (when he can be persuaded to go that is). Out he goes this morning. About 5 minutes later there is a cat fight outside. Sure enough, there's my boy, surrounded by a pile of white fluff and hissing and growling at me when I am trying to get him inside the house. Stoopid cat.

And last night, Jr Her came to me and said he had dug into the one and only pot plant in the lounge. I investigate and find he has spread dirt all around the pot, and there was a present left sitting on the floor, apparently an old one cause it was cold. She said he had tried to pee in the pot plant. Stoopid cat.

I am now worried he is peeing around corners cause I caught him trying on the beanbag yesterday (he has done that once before a few years ago, and I know cats are notorious for peeing on beanbags). He is now stalking around my bed through the night and I wonder if he is trying to pee on the pile of papers and junk beside my bed. Plus he scrabbled through a plastic bag of paper I have in the office (leftovers from making my wedding invitations). Stoopid cat. Sigh. Wonder what the little treasure will get up to next?

Stoopid cat....

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Orange Kitty Pee

So it's really scary to look at your kitty litter tray and find a streak of dark orange/pink kitty pee. Very scary. Especially with our history of cats with pee problems.

I told Him we may have a problem unless Jr Her (who was at guides) had put something in his tray, and with her history, this was an option we had to consider. But Walter blew that myth away when he chose that moment to use the tray again. Sure enough, orange pee.

Him was very good and suggested we phone the vet for an opinion and even dug out the carry box for me. Off we trot to the Small Animal Hospital not far away, Walter protesting his innocence the whole way.

After having to tip the cat out of the carry box, the vet probed and prodded and suggested that his bladder was empty (the cat that is) and that he couldn't feel any blockages so he thought he may have a bladder infection. He suggested other probable causes of orange pee, being diabetes, calcium build up, one or two other things. But without a sample he could only surmise.

So a shot of antibiotics, a handful of further pills, and a vaccination, totalling $129, we took him home. Oh, and my cat is officially overweight. About a kg he has to lose. The little slug has become somewhat of a sleepy head not wanting to do much.

Mind you, last night he made up for it. Up at 4am playing outside our bedroom door. It's almost like he is restless. I noticed he is eating a lot more. We give him a scoop of dry food for brekky, which usually sees him through the day, and a scoop at dinner and that's all. Lately he is finishing brekky very early in the morning. And dinner within the hour too. Most unusual. He won't eat wet food at all and as for raw meat, forget it. He also now has tartar buildup as a result of his fussiness...sigh.

Anyway, he tries sometimes to go to the toilet and is unsuccessful, so that adds to the theory of an infection. I know with people an infection is painful, and you often feel the need to go even if you don't really. I haven't really noticed an improvement today in the colour of his pee but I will keep looking, and hopefully by Friday we will have cleared this up. If not, it's back to the vet for more tests. Wonderful!

Fingers crossed for my little man...

Monday, 26 May 2008

Weekends, Oh What Joy...

Well, this weekend got off to a rotten start. Not that it had anything to do with me. No, in fact anyone else wouldn't have worried about it. See, Friday I got a call from Boss advising he wasn't coming in cause he had to take his dog to the vet. She is a beautiful white greyhound, lovely nature, and very friendly lady.

She was a little excited, running to the door for a walk, and tripped up two little steps. She ended up with a foot injury that apparently was pretty severe. When I spoke to Boss later, he said she had gone to hospital and wasn't coming home!

I spent the whole weekend worrying how a foot injury could become fatal! I felt disjointed and at a loss all weekend. This dog used to come into the office, wander over to my desk and stand there for a pat, then curl up on the couch behind my desk for hours.

Anyway, Saturday I had a Tupperware party. Now, I don't know about you, but I have never had a successful one ever. This one was not really any different. Those who attended did buy, which was a bonus. I made enough to buy a birthday present for Him, and a Christmas present for Jr Her, and pay about $40 extra, but not enough for me. Never mind. I am going to another party in a couple of weeks, I will get a little something then.

After the party Jr Her had a friend sleep over. The rule in our house is no sleepover unless the room is clean. At netball Saturday morning, she had to tell the friend she couldn't come. Friend shot me daggers till she realised it wasn't my fault. Anyway, Jr Her got in and cleaned the room so Friend was allowed to sleep over. That was okay. She is a sensitive child sometimes but wasn't too bad this time. They didn't fight much just a little tiff thing which was soon over Sunday morning.

I got through Sunday okay, Friend left after lunch, and Jr Her and I veged out for the afternoon. Oh, Sunday morning I managed to do 5 loads of laundry. Seems impossible when you realise that I wash every day. But I changed all the bedding, plus the regular wash, plus the cat's sheets.

Well, as soon as I got to work this morning I spoke to the boss. It turns out his lovely dog had bone cancer, and actually shattered the bone in her foot. That would have been okay but the vet advised that it would happen again, at any time, in any joint. All her bones were going soft. He advised they put her down. Very, very sad, and a terrible loss. However, there is a program called GAP, which finds homes for ex-racing greyhounds. They have applied to them for another dog and I hope they find one as lovely as the dearly departed Holly....

Friday, 16 May 2008

Rain, Rain, Come Again

Well, it's a typical Adelaide Winter's day outside. That is, what used to be a typical Adelaide winter's day. When we first moved here six years ago winter was always long, cold and wet. Lately it has been several degrees warmer (only a week or so of frost last year, instead of several). Very disappointing.

Mind you, it still gets cold. I always seem to be cold lately. All summer the boss has the airconditioner going and I freeze. I get into the car and the airconditioner freezes me. At home the airconditioner is going and I freeze.

Now, it's winter and the boss doesn't like the heater, so this office is freezing. I have been rugged up lately in my new boots, jumper and long pants. If I sit too long the cold creeps in and I put my little personal fan heater on just to take the edge off. But dressing warm certainly helps.

Outside today it was pelting with rain earlier. I love the sound of rain. It took me years to relax, after six years of living in the van and having to get up each time it rained and put towels and bowls down. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the van. It was done up very nicely and extremely comfortable. But it leaked in one or two spots and if I forgot to bring all shoes in from outside they would get soaked as there was no overhang after we built in Jr Her's bedroom.

But now, we can even sit outside in the rain if we want to. Summer storms are the best. Savage down here though. But lots of pretty clouds!

Today, well, I would much rather be curled up on the couch reading under a blanket with a huge bowl of chips or popcorn and a very large cup of hot chocolate....sigh....

Well, back to work I guess...*shakes head sadly...*well, I sort of have comfort food today. Last night I made a packet pasta (mushroom with bacon) and added to that a large chopped onion, 3-4 rashers of bacon, chopped and cooked with the onion, and a good helping of frozen veggies. Plus, my main friend now, a spoon of this spicy Indian relish I found. Hot, and very, very flavour-rich. ....smells great too.... mmmmmm.....

Monday, 12 May 2008

Mother's Day

So, here's to all the mothers out there. You guys rock. I mean, teenage kids, who needs 'em?

Well, I think my mum rocks anyway. Okay, she may be small, and prone to vague moments (aren't we all?) but I couldn't imagine life without her. I don't even want to think about it.

For all the fights Jr Her and I have, she must love me a little. She made me a lovely card at Out of School Hours Care last week, and even decorated a paper bag to put all my stash in. It's lovely.
She had a few dollars to spend at the Mother's Day stall, and I suspect most of it got spent on her on something I have yet to see...

I did receive, though, a little green ring, and a glass tea light holder. She and Him bought me a square white dinner set to match all the great serving plates we received as wedding presents. It even came with glasses and cutlery. Very nice indeed.

I also asked for a kit to put my scrapbooking stuff in. Currently it's in a pizza box... They bought me a new kit, but it's a cardboard box with album, stickers, pages etc. I still have to find a bag to put it all in. But it's a lovely kit and I will be making a family album at some point this year.

We went out to Mrs Bankrupts for a look (that big pink building). I bought myself a cotton summer nightie, Him got new trousers and socks, and Jr Her got a tee and some socks and knickers.

Then we went for a drive looking for a particular second hand shop but didn't find it. We had to grocery shop so next door was KMart. I went looking for a pair of boots, and Him bought me a lovely black pair. Spike heel, scrunched down top on them. Pointy toe, which I don't really like, but they are very comfortable. Look great with black stockings, skirt and black top. Very happy. Just need to get used to the height. Bit higher than I am used to, so sore feet today.

We did the shopping, wandered home, and lounged around for awhile. Had a chat over the fence to the daughter of our deceased neighbour for a bit. Then had KFC for dinner. All in all, a very relaxing, rewarding day.

And, I got killer boots!