Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Almost there

So, only about two and a half weeks left.  I am enjoying the fact that I can drive now.  Every day I improve, and it's liberating.

Being back at work this week sucks though.  Well, it's good, because I can catch up properly, and am far more organised.  But, well, it's work.  And who really wants to be there I ask you? lol.

I managed the stairs with the crutches just fine on Monday.  Tuesday I walked (well, okay, hobbled) around the office a bit without them, because they have started to hurt under my arms.  The right one feels like it's pinching.  When I got home I asked Fluffy if I had a mark, and it turns out I have a lump under my left armpit.  Whoops.  The right one hurts to touch but the left has the lump.  Curious.

So I only use the crutches here and there.  Today, Wednesday, I have hardly used them at all.  I walked up and down the stairs without them today.  My foot feels okay.  It niggles a bit but nothing serious.

It's been a very busy time for Dobby.  She has a job now.  She works Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at a local fish and chip shop, packing food orders.  She likes it.  She also started her further schooling at a beauty college one and a half days a week.  She goes Mondays and Wednesday nights.  Plus, on the weekend she had her friend Tiny (friends since year two) Friday and Saturday night.  Pity she had to work.

They went to Comicon on Saturday for a few hours, then had to walk home from the supermarket (Fluffy couldn't find them so he left them there), then was on her feet for four hours Saturday night.  Poor kid could hardly walk :-).

She was supposed to work last night, but texted me just before she left school to say she had been sick. She still felt bad but when I got home she was dressed for work.  When she got there she spoke to the boss and said she didn't want to chuck a sickie (her words) and he said that was fine, go home.  She did.  She didn't feel better until around eight.  This morning she seemed fine, although she made the comment her stomach still felt bad.  She has a doctor appointment Saturday to get it seen to.  She has been experiencing pain and irregular bowels for some time now, so there is the possibility she has to be tested for celiac disease or Chrons.  Sigh.

I'm not sure how I'm feeling.  I have felt headachy since Monday, kinda stuffy.  Tired.  Run down.  I wonder if that's the whole swollen gland thing?  Maybe I am fighting an infection somewhere?  Who knows.  If it's still there Saturday I'll see if I can get in the same time as Dobby.

Anyway that's it from me.  Just a little update to let you know I'm still here.  Till next time...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Is so close I can almost taste it.  This saga is almost over.

So I got the moon boot two and a half weeks ago.  On the weekend I took one of the wedges out and am putting weight on my heel.

Actually, this weekend was a huge step forward.  We went to Sydney to start looking around in preparation for our move.  We found a lovely spot we think we'd all like so that's one thing sorted.  Can't do anything more until closer to the time now.

The motel work booked for us was the Sebel Hawksebury Valley Resort.  It looks fantastic.  And it was lovely too, but our room must have not caught up to the rest.  We had a big kingsized bed which was very comfortable, and the bathroom and toilet were new (spa, too, but I couldn't manage that yet unfortunately!).  But the lounge area had a rickety old sofa bed that Dobby slept on, a single leather old fashioned arm chair and a desk chair.  A huge cabinet filled one wall, and it housed the fridge (no mini bar as promised though), and nothing else.  Not even a table.  So when we ordered room service Fluffy had to sit at the desk and Dobby and I had to put the tray of food on her bed and eat there.

Anyway, the resort was halfway between the suburb we wanted to check out and work, so it was well placed.  But our room was up stairs.  Lots of them.  I could either walk the long way around or tackle them.  I tackled them.  And won.  It helped having Fluffy around for support, but he was pleased with my progress.  Coupled with being able to put weight on my foot I'm so much more mobile now.

Even going through the airport (on the way in via a wheelchair, and on crutches on the way back) was a big step.  They are massive places, airports!

Anyway, the weekend was productive.  We found some lovely spots, visited Parramatta (huge shopping centre there), had a very good dinner with my future work colleagues on Monday night at the Motel, a business meeting Tuesday to sort out some stuff with the accountants etc, and got home last night.  Poor Fluffy had to go back to work today after four weeks off.  I feel very bad for him.

Oh, another step forward, I drove today.  So I'm all set to go!  Next Monday I'm going back to work myself.  I'm keen to get myself organised in there so I can do all that needs to be done properly.  I need routine and I just haven't had it here at home.  Too hard working from the dining table.  I need to spread out and have what I need at my fingertips instead of in folders and files tucked here and there.

So, with that in mind, all that's left is to plod along here for the rest of the week.  I have a mammogram booked for Friday that I'll take myself off to (hopefully I can stand there long enough for them to squash me good and proper without tiring too easily).  Then Dobby starts working for Barnacle Bill's fish and chip shop on Friday night.  She is now employed (but still on trial) Friday nights and Saturday nights.  Will be a huge curb to her social life but she knows it's not forever.  Keen as!

Well that's it for now.  If I get some time over the weekend to find photos I will stick some up here.  Bit hard now though.  Till next time, toodleoo!