Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Waffles revisited

It's been awhile since my last blog of any substance, and I am sorry to say this one is no better. I just thought I should touch base and update what has been happening in my boring old life.


Well, not entirely true. Him started night shift again this week. I don't mind night shift, cause I sleep better, but it creates a whole pack of other problems. Like coming home from work and trying to do all the usual stuff - organise Jr Her not to drop her stuff in the middle of the floor; get the cold damp washing off the line before the night really sets in; clear the day's washing off the table; get dinner started. But poor Him wants me to sit with him (if he is awake) and gets a tad upset if I am busy doing other stuff.

I do enjoy sitting with him in the dark bedroom having a chat, but Jr Her feels left out and joins us (that's okay too). We like to spend time talking like this. But the chores don't get done and it puts me behind schedule.

And, when he is still asleep, it is very hard to keep quiet. He doesn't like us to, he feels bad that we have to, but out of courtesy it makes sense to be quiet. We don't know how much sleep he has managed to get so I try to be as quiet as possible. Not easy with a baby elephant stomping around the house wreaking havoc wherever she goes. She does try though, she is just not a naturally quiet person.

So, anyway, Him is on night shift, and my boss has been away for a week, which has meant very quiet boring days at work (which I love....). Jr Her now has an email address at school and was very proud to send emails to her parents (if spelled rather badly). It's the little things...

I have a visit with the surgeon again next week, and if I were to say I was looking forward to it, I would be a big fat liar (literally). I am curious to know how much weight I have put on, but then again, I don't want to know at all. Well, hopefully he can expand my band again and I will stop shoving food at my mouth. Hopefully...

A friend who has had the same surgery is doing very well, and looks great. I am insanely jealous. My own fault, I know, but I am insanely jealous! haha. Anyway, I wish her really well, as she is a beautiful person and will be stunning slim.

I hope to get to Qld at the end of this year (it's been awhile) so I would need to lose a lot of weight first, or I will go home a failure...not looking forward to that....

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Winter is Here!

Not to say it hasn't been cold. It's been cold. But evenings haven't been what they should be for this time of the year.

It gets down to about 7 degrees overnight, but only up to about 14 degrees through the day. Well, last night it was 2 degrees. Very chilly! So cold, in fact, that I can't type cause my fingers are numb.

When I hung the washing out this morning, there was frost on the ground (lovely to see) and steam coming from the clothes. I love watching it with the sun shining through it.

Usually, we have a cold snap at the start of the season, it warms up a little, then cools down again. Last year I think we had a week of frosty weather in about June, and the rest was cold but overcast, therefore no frost.

Well, we are supposed to be seeing sun all this week, which as you know, means frosty clear nights with freezing temperatures. It's funny, though, that the same temperature in Queensland means getting about with maybe socks, winter jammies, and a robe. Her it means socks, slippers, flanny jammies, cardigan, robe, scarf and gloves. Totally different. Poor kitty even feels it cause he wants to come up onto the bed all the time and he is not allowed now.

Even as I type this he is trying to sit on my lap or on the desk leaning against me for warmth. However, I am wearing black and dressed for work so I have to say no. Poor kitty (he just sat on my forearms. Makes typing interesting....)

God Bless Winter in Adelaide! Brrrr!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Chilli Prawns

Recently I have had requests for a particular recipe, so I figure, what better way to get it out there? This is based on a recipe I saw on Out Of The Blue (SA fans will know what I mean) but when I went to make it I couldn't remember the exact ingredients, so I made it up. I think it is the same though...

Ingredients (serves 4):

3 tablespoons Chili Sauce
1 tablespoon Butter
1-2 cloves crushed garlic (optional)
2-3 cups De-shelled raw prawns, or cooked and peeled
1 tablespoon Lime juice
1 cup Macadamia nuts

1. Melt butter in a frying pan over moderate heat. Add garlic. Do not allow to burn.
2. Throw in prawns and stir till cooked
3. Add chili sauce, stir till thickened
4. Add lime juice and macadamias.

Serve tossed through pasta or with fresh salad.

Of course, the chili and garlic are to taste. The sauce is usually a little thick if you use enough butter. Don't make it too hot, and don't overcook the prawns. We often have this in summer. I will make it one weekend and serve with fettuchini next time.

If you want to know any other recipes, I have load (good old collector of cook books that I am...) or if you want to share any, feel free!

Bon Appetite!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Diets are for losers...

more cat pictures
So at my last visit to the dr I had my band loosened off. I really think this was a mistake. I have put on weight. Don't know how much, but I know I have put some one, probably at least two kg. Maybe more. My pants are a tad tight around the middle now and it makes it uncomfortable to sit for long.

I am due in a few weeks for a repeat visit, and I think I will make him inflate it again, but not quite where it was. I am really disappointed in myself for letting it get this far, but it just seems to happen so fast for me.

The theory is great, isn't it? Only 10kg to lose. Snap! But actually giving up food for long enough is quite a struggle. I do, however, have a little more incentive now. The boss was diagnosed as pre-diabetic so is on a strict diet. That means he and I are going to support each other with our eating. Mind, he already does quite well in that department.

Time to go back through my Weight Watchers cook books I think. And if this weather ever stops I must go back to walking. Been very slack there. Sigh...always a battle...but hopefully with this re-inflation one I can lose. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


So I just wanted to tell you about the last couple of days. Nothing terribly exciting, but good all the same. Well most of it.

On the weekend, Jr Her had to clean her room. She did some of it, then we had to go grocery shopping. Then, after a very quick lunch, we unpacked the groceries, made up some snacks, and friends from Stansbury came to visit. We met them in Gladstone while they were staying at the caravan park we lived in. Since we have been here we hardly see them. But they were in town so they spent the afternoon with us.

So when they left, we took Jr Her for a sleepover at a friend's house a few streets away, dolled ourselves up and had dinner at Subway. Then up to Aberfoyle Park for an adult toy party. Well, that was fun! The people there were very open minded, and a heck of a lot of laughs. We really enjoyed ourselves. Turns out the hostess is the sister of one of my bowling members! Small world!

We got home after midnight, and crashed (I had a headache and medicated myself up good). The next morning, I was shocked to see it was 10.00am when I woke up! Do you ever get that feeling of shame that you slept so long? For me, a good sleep in is usually about 7.30 but when Him goes to work and I go back to sleep I will often wake up again at 8.30. That is bad enough, but TEN! Goodness. Anyway, I made us breakfast and we toddled off to pick up Jr Her. We stayed for coffee then went for a drive south.

Not sure where to go we decided on an adventure park. Very expensive to get in, but for that you get all you can use of archery, water slides, ordinary slides, paddle boats, mini golf and other stuff like jumping castles etc. For $5 per person per session you also get to use the climbing wall, electric kids cars, or go karts. Well, I have to tell you, aside from the fact it was FREEZING COLD we had a good day. Him got testy with me because I thought he was unsafe with Jr Her on the go karts.

But on those karts, she was a demon! Having never been on anything motorised before she blew us away. Her foot planted flat to the floor and off she went. Him tried to pass her a few times, and managed a couple. But she wasn't letting him through! She missed the brake coming into the area and rammed up the back of the parked karts which was very funny but that was all. She didn't spin out, didn't even hit a tire around the track! What a legend!

Then, as Him had the day off Monday she stayed home with him. They cleaned the house together, watched some TV, and Him started dinner for me. I asked him to put a roast in the oven, and sprinkle it with garlic salt. Unfortunately I forgot to show him which one...he used an old garlic salt which had been unclearly renamed....cayenne pepper. It was a spicy roast, but lovely all the same. He even got out potatoes for me but I had bought a bag of prepared frozen potatoes.

Then, yesterday he made a salad for us while I cooked a lovely stir fry type meal. It was great! he never helps in the kitchen and it was a great (and tasty) effort. After dinner he came and told me he had a bath running. When I went in he had turned out the light, filled up the bath with bubbles, and placed candles around. Very nice.

After a few minutes, he joined me, and well,......

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Was it worth it? You decide...

So where was I? Oh yes, the last phone call Sunday evening. Well, as you can guess, he decided it was damaged during removal from the paint room Sunday afternoon, and was not going to be fitted. New arrangements had to be made and Him mistakenly thought the car was going to the repairer Monday morning.

Well, when the guy finally phoned back Monday morning, he was told that luckily the car wasn't going in and could be done at our place Monday evening. No worries, we will be there at 5.00pm. Naturally, 5.00pm came and went. Him went out and turned the car around, set up the lights in the carport again....and waited....

The guy finally phoned to say something had come up and they would be there Tuesday 5.00pm. I was slightly late home from work Tuesday evening, and got into trouble because Him was assured that they would be there at 5.00pm on the dot. This time.

So, he turned the car around, set the lights up again...and waited.... By half past five the fellow phoned to say his daughter had broken down and he was going to help her. No offense, says Him, but I don't care about your daughter's car, I was first. We have been waiting so long blah blah blah...

Then, we waited again. Now, Him was quite upset, and we actually had a fight about it because I told him to just demand the boot replaced and our money refunded. He yelled that the guy refused his request already to have the boot replaced. That won't happen he said. Well, I don't know. He was almost in tears he was so frustrated. He just doesn't trust anything that is told to him any more.

Finally the phone rang at 9.30pm. "Sorry, mate, it's a bit late now..." We had just crawled into bed and were watching tv...."Why?" says Him, "I'm still up". The guy umm'd and ahhh'd but Him just put me on the phone to make an appointment for Wednesday (yesterday). They were to come before I went to work, so I was guessing about 7.45am.

At 8.00am I get the phone call. We're running late, what time will you be at work? A time was set for 9.15am SHARP. We will be there - we're just picking up the young fellow now. Well, at 10.00 I phoned them. Isn't he there? He should be there any minute...

Meanwhile, I am getting deep into the end of month stuff, and the accountant is here going through some stuff with me. At about 10.40 am there is a knock on the door. He is here. Luckily, my boss is very understanding and knows what these people have put us through, and sent me down to tend to him.

I had to open the big gate so he could get his car in behind me, and left him to it. When I was in the middle of another discussion with the accountant, he knocks again. He is finished and ready to go. After inspecting the job I point out that is it again off centre, and needs to be redone. So he turns off the car and gets his stuff out again and this time I wait while he adjusts it. It is still a fraction out but hey, I am over it.

So, you tell me, what do you think? Was it worth it? Him thinks so and lets face it, that's what really matters...

Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Saga of the Spoiler

With so many negative blogs lately I was actually going to write something positive this time. Don't know what, but I was going to anyway.

However, this story is something that just needs to be told. See, it all started two Mondays ago when Him decided he was going to put a spoiler on the 380. He drove down to Lonsdale in search of the place who fits them for the dealer who services our car. After trying out a couple, he made his choice and booked it in for last 9.00 am Monday (June 30).

For those who don't know, Lonsdale is about 25 minutes drive down south. He leaves nice and early and heads off in peak hour traffic. Just as he was about to turn into the appointed street, the manager phones him. This fitter is of sick today. He will phone about 10.00 am and reschedule.

Ten comes and goes. About 11.00, Him phones the company upset that he is the one phoning them. "Oh, sorry! I will phone at 1.00 pm and arrange a time." Needless to say the appointed hour comes and goes. What ever happened to good old fashioned service?

Anyway, the next afternoon Him phones again and is told they will fit it at my work place on Thursday approx 1.00pm. So I sit around and wait. I have errands to run, but by 3.30 I give up and go run them anyway. Just as I am leaving the office Him phones to say that the fellow is going to phone me shortly. Now, I finish work at 4.30, and this errand was going to take me until after 4.00 pm. When the fellow does finally phone, I tell him as much. So he makes a time to come to the house at 5.00.

Five pm comes and goes, it grows dark and cold. Just after 6.00 pm he arrives. By this time Him is understandably upset. It takes over an hour and a half for the young lad to fit the spoiler, and when he does, it is not on straight. He has drilled 4 massive holes in the boot, filled the boot with filings, and used 4 different screws. And it is not straight. Plus, when Him is admonishing him about this, he notices the condition of the spoiler.

There are patches of paint run all over it, even patches where it has bubbled like it was touched when still wet. There are rub patches where someone has sanded it back and actually rubbed it back to black, and there is what looks like a burst bubble and the black is showing through. Now Him is virtually apoplectic! Not good enough he says and phones the boss. "What are you going to do about it????"

After much apologising the company decides to remove the spoiler the next morning and bring it back to the workshop for repainting, then Him said he wanted it refitted on Sunday. We don't work Sunday, says the boss. You do now, said Him. And, you will come here and do it. Why not remove it now I ask? Because he doesn't have any of the little stickers to put over the massive holes in the boot.

Next day comes and goes, and just as I am driving out the lane way behind work, he phones to say he is there to remove the spoiler. I shoot across the street and park behind him and he removes it in the middle of the street.

Imagine Him's reaction to all this! One of the things he said is "You said it would be taken off this morning so it could be painted and dry by Sunday. You don't want to be telling me that it wasn't dry so won't be ready!" He was reassured it would be okay. Along the line somewhere, he speaks to the big boss, who was supposed to be fitting it. He ends up telling him he will take it back to Lonsdale at 2.30 pm, so that he knows it will be fitted at that time and he is watching till it is done.

So at substantial financial loss to us, he takes Sunday off work. At about 2.00 pm when he was preparing to go to Lonsdale to fit it, he checked his phone. There it was. A message saying it wasn't ready to be fitted as it didn't dry (surprise, surprise!). Well, I can't repeat the conversation that took place after that, needless to say it wasn't pleasant. He did say, however, that he wanted his money back and a new boot fitted.

The big boss then phoned Him to say they would put it back in the heat room and it would be fitted at 4.30this afternoon. Just before 4 he gets another call. They damaged the paintwork taking it out of the heat room.

There have been two more calls since then. In the latest, it still wasn't ready, and they were trying to organise a time to fit it. Him mistakenly said the car was going to the crash repairer tomorrow, so it would be out of action, but it's not going till next week. His phone just rang a minute ago, so I am not sure what the latest developments are.

I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Bloody Kids

So last night, about half past seven I get a call from the Girl Guides leader. Come get Jr Her, she has an injury. What this time?

Turns out she was doing the limbo and felt her hip go pop. Instant agony and tears on the floor. Someone had to help her up and she was stuck sitting in a chair, tears pouring down her face till I got there.

I believe she has aggravated the bursitis in her hip again. This started at the beginning of the year (well, no, last year now). It flared up in the other hip briefly, but has been fairly quiet in her left hip. But last night seems to have inflamed it.

I managed to get her vertical, which seems to ease the pain, then gathered up her stuff and got her home. She needed help to get out of the car as it causes pain to lift the leg. Anyway, she slept on the couch last night, and is in fine form this morning (NOT!). Talk about little miss grumpy!

Luckily I have a physio appointment tonight, so I will get it changed to her name instead.

Bloody kids...