Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Uncontrollable Urges

Take your mind out of the gutter, it's not what you think.

A friend recently admitted going on a binge eat. Well, I can fully sympathise. Since I had my band loosened a couple of weeks ago, I have been eating almost everything in sight. And there has been a lot in sight. We bought up big for the after-reception party that never eventuated. Only a few people came back to our place so we have (or had) lots of leftovers.

And we had 2 barbeques that weekend, so there was a lot of yummy food for that too. I made all that confectionery on the weekend, plus biscuits, and have managed to eat a lot of that myself. My husband recently made the comment that all I did this long weekend was lay on the couch and eat. I actually take offence to that because I didn't lay on the couch all weekend at all....

I really need to knuckle down and control myself. I am seriously thinking of going back to the doctor and getting the band re-inflated a fraction, about halfway between where it was at too tight, and where it is now. Surely it's all a mind game, I can't be eating that much more than I was. It was only a couple of mls difference...

Whatever the case, I seriously need to take a look at myself and take action...if I don't I will undo all this work I have done. 22 kg is not close enough yet to where I want to be.

Well, back to my potato, salsa and lite cheese...mmmmm

Friday, 25 April 2008

Anzac Day

So, how did you spend Anzac Day? I mean, apart from being bombarded on every channel with war stories and live cross-overs.

See, at the risk of sounding horrid, I am sort of over it. I don't mean any disrespect, but I can only take so many war stories in one week. And lets face it, we do get a week of it. Every channel, every day.

I admit, some of the stories are quite interesting, like the one about the Australian Submarine last night on ABC. But surely other stuff happens worthy of the news reporting.

Having said that, it is great to see the kids now getting on board. It's great that they have an understanding of what these brave men and women did for our country. Well, men I guess, but it is tragic that they died fighting someone else's war. It is also good that now, almost 100 years later, the countries involved have moved on and put the past behind them to form new alliances. There doesn't seem to be too many that are not prepared to shake hands and let bygones be bygones. It must be very difficult to forget that the Japanese, German, Soviet and Korean people at some time or another all had guns pointed at our people.

But I think we should all be focusing on peace now. Yeah, like that'll ever happen!

Anyway, today I made a batch of vanilla fudge (that was too sugary but still tasty), a batch of peanut brittle (that I put the baking soda in too early and it too went sugary like fudge) and a batch of (naturally) Anzac biscuits (some of which got a little darker than they should due to chatting over the fence with the daughter of my deceased neighbour).

Add to that the steak that for some reason the pepper seasoning got a little burned on (which didn't affect the taste of the meat, but the fumes made me cough and sneeze).

All in all, a great gastronomical disaster of a day!

So what did YOU do today?

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


There is an old lady living next door. Well, she was. Until last weekend. Apparently, while I had a house full of guests, she up and died.

Now, the strange part of this story, is not spooky at all, sorry, that was just to get you in...No, the strange part is that for the last few days I have been worried because the house was all closed up. Not that it was ever open, but closed up for her standards.

I even commented to Him just the other night that I was concerned. Turns out, what I saw and was worried about, was AFTER she had been found and removed. While she was there, the house was open. It was closed up after she was taken away Wednesday.

On reflection, I did notice that on Tuesday the house was open early. But it slipped my mind after that. It seems that a friend tried to phone her Wednesday but was unable to reach her. The police were called and they contacted her daughter. They all traipsed down to the house and broke in. Apparently, she died either Saturday or Sunday. But I am inclined to think it was Monday because I am sure her rubbish bin was out Monday morning. I asked around and dad said he thought it was cause he noticed it was close to ours. Which means she had to have brought it back in after lunch Monday...


Sunday, 20 April 2008

Darkness all around

So here I sit, in the dark. As usual. No really, this time it's because Jr Her's bedroom light broke and needs to be replaced.

The issue is, the way this old house is wired, is that the lights are piggybacked sort of. That is, the lounge light is connected to the hall, which is connected to Jr Her's, which then goes to the bathroom etc etc. So, from her light onward is in darkness.

Ever tried to put make up on in the dark? Interesting...This office is now only lit by the computer and running lights of the printer, battery charger, external hard drive...you know, all that stuff.

The landlord came over today to have a look and he is supposed to be getting an electrician in tomorrow because Him is off work for the day. Guess we'll see what happens hey.

We have been having an interesting spending spree lately. Aside from Jr Her's new light, a fluro at that, she scored some much needed winter clothes, new shoes compliments of her birthday money, and today she scored a new TV in her room. Well, the one from the kitchen is in her room with the DVD/Video combo player. That's because she cleaned her room without being told today.

We bought ourselves a new digital camera though. It is a Pentax and was only $129 for an 8.1 mega pixel we thought was okay. We also bought, (God bless interest free!) a new (but vastly inferior to our old) home theater system, as the other just didn't work properly anymore. And a HD set top box. Now, hopefully, that's the last of it. But hey, when Him decides he wants something, who am I to tell him he can't spend his own money, that he works six days a week to earn? Wouldn't dream of it.

Oh, and I have uploaded a couple of photos of the reception, just for something to look at....

Him, Me and SOL


Granny & Grandpa

The Table
The Elder

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Coming down

Feeling rather flat today. Tired, flat, and deflated.

I think I have a good reason though. It's all over. All those things that have been giving me stress for the last few weeks are finished with.

The BAS was due in at work last Wednesday. I have been working like a Trojan, but I managed to get it in Thursday. And that was with having to redo all those lost weeks in the accounting system. One day late to the accountant. I am really, really happy with that.

And, this weekend was our reception. My family (mum, dad, a sister and a niece) arrived Friday morning. I had been up late doing housework and stuff, so when they arrived it was like "FINALLY!". We had a busy day Friday, as I made them sit through the DVD we made of the wedding itself, the the DVD of photos, then the photo album. After that we drove to pick up a jacket I put away for Jr Her's birthday, then to a craft shop to pick up table scatters, then lunch. We went back home and I dropped them at their motel just down the street.

We walked back to the school to pick up Jr Her and got caught in the rain (my hair does not like rain. I looked like a drowned rat. Very uncharming!). We brought them back to our house, and Him cooked a lovely bbq dinner. Then he took them home and left to pick up his brother and partner from the airport. They stayed till eleven and Him took them back to the motel.

Then Saturday was the day of the reception. We spent the morning preparing food for an after party, and getting ready. Before I got dressed Him commented that my dress would be too big as he thought I had lost weight. I just laughed but when Jr Her zipped me into the dress, it zipped right up easily. Seems he was right!

The reception was lovely. It went for 4 hours so only three couples came back to our house (lots of food left over, that's for sure!). It was very special to see my friends all sitting together, talking and making new friends. And my family enjoyed themselves too. I only realised this morning though that I didn't get any photos of us all together! Man, am I mad at that!!

Saturday evening I don't even think we had dinner as we had all nibbled all afternoon. Sunday morning we picked up the troops from the motel and prepared for Jr Her's birthday party. It was good because she did everything herself. I was very proud of her. She organised it all, prepared the games, and ran everything very well. All I had to do was get the food. We just managed to do the cake when Him's brother had to leave for the airport.

Sunday night we bought pizza for dinner. Then, Monday morning I picked up the troops early, did their washing, and left dad and Him home together while the rest of us went shopping in the city. SOL wanted to have coffee with a friend, so we dumped her off and went looking for a Goth shop for her niece, but it had either moved, or we were looking in the wrong place. I opt for the former...

After that we met the boys at Port Adelaide and took a dolphin watch cruise. Even saw a couple of dolphins. Pity about the screaming kids, otherwise it would have been good. The family enjoyed themselves anyway.

After that I took them to a discount dump house and they bought a few things, then home to vege. Him had gone out the day before and bought a lovely silver side from our favourite butcher, so I cooked that up Monday, and we had dinner. Then it was time to bid my guests farewell. It is always sad to say goodbye, but I was brave. Had a little sook in the car though (but I'll never admit that out loud!)

Today, they flew back to Queensland, and as my boss is in Sydney, I am left sitting here alone. De-stressing, kicking back, waiting for the next stress batch...

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Yay for Monday!

Seriously, I need to go back to work to relax! What a weekend. It all started on Saturday morning, early, when I had to take the car in for a service. If I had it there by 8.20 they would start it first, and I could get it back in time to take Jr Her to an appointment.

So up we rocked, and a very nice (somewhat limpy due to a piece of glass in the foot) young fellow booked us in. We filled up the water bottle and went for a walk to Le Cornu, a furniture shop not far away. About twenty minutes later we arrive at said shop, only to find it closed. Sigh.

Across the road to Hungry Jacks for a Sundae, and back to the car place. Sat and read the paper for awhile, and about 9.45 the car was done. As we had a few minutes, and drive right past anyway, I decided to dash into BigW for some scrap booking pieces to finish my wedding album.

Then, a mad dash up the highway to Jr Her's appointment. We were about 5 minutes late (and I blame that stupid lady who was doing 60 in a 70k zone!)

Her appointment took an hour, and we were off again. Down to Harvey Normans. What are we looking for? Beds. Jr Her's bed is about 7 years old, and the bottom metal slats are somewhat bent and her mattress is cactus anyway. We found a couple of possibilities there, and walked next door to 40 Winks. Upstairs to Lifestyle Furniture, then across the road to Captain Snooze and Dreamland. (Thanks goodness they are all in a similar area). Quick lunch at Subway (which I only managed a few bites of, despite being hungry and somewhat dehydrated).

Than, back down the road to Le Cornu. Guess what? We found her bed here. Wouldn't you know it? If it had been open when we first got there we would have saved about two hours of worry. By this time it is half past two, and we phoned Him to collect the bed (the mattress will have to wait) after work.

Off then to a friend's house to view the table pieces she is making for our reception. Then finally back home. We stripped out Jr Her's room, vacuumed and cleaned, and re arranged everything ready for the bed. Still no Him. Turns out they forgot about him and left him sitting waiting.

Anyway, he brings it home - in 5 boxes with a million screws, washers, bolts and nuts. We spent five and a half hours putting the bed together. It's a bunk, a chipboard but heavy quality, with a desk underneath. And a wardrobe on the end. At then end of the night (after Harry Potter finished) it was ready to sleep in but no doors on the wardrobe, and so it remains today.

Well, that was okay, she is done, but Sunday was my turn. Him left for work about 5.45 and up I got, started pulling stuff out of my room. I moved furniture, cleaned, vacuumed, re-arranged and made my room all different. Jr Her helped a little but was far more intent on the telly.

After lunch time I had to stop as I had errands to run. She and I popped down to Ikea to look for a desk lamp for her new desk, as it is quite dark under there. Found her a little cheap green one (her favourite colour) along with door knobs for the cupboard and a green bowl for her desk (don't ask).

We stopped for a late lunch there, and then off to the shopping centre to look for thongs for me as of my two pair, one is falling apart and half of the other remains in New Zealand somewhere.

KMart has 25% off Girl Express and as someone had a growth spurt while we were away, we decided to lay-bye a couple of things. But she lacks patience with trying stuff on, and of the stuff she tried on, most didn't fit. We ended up lay-bying a pair of jeans (the 4th pair she tried on, and in fact, didn't try these on so we are taking a chance) and a black zip up jumper with little skulls all over it. We found two other pieces which we decided to buy for her to wear to her party. A cotton top originally $30, reduced to $17, and with 25% off, reduced to about $12. A pair of black three quarter pants which for some reason scanned at less than $3 had to come home as well!

She also bought a pair of black gym boots (remember those?) which were cheap to start with and 20% off. And I got my thongs. The only pair of rubber thongs in my size and they are black, with white and pink graffiti pattern of skull and cross bones. Charming!

Then, off to Coles to grocery shop. Then home, unpack, take off the 3 loads of washing I had done, hang out the last one that had been left in the machine, and finish tidying up, cook tea, and after all that, spent an hour or so doing some scrap booking. Bed at 10.30 again. Whew!

All this week I have things to do around the house in the evenings. And things to do Thursday night before the interlopers arrive from interstate (if they can get here that is, sick grand kids may put a stop to those plans). Then another full on weekend.

I need a holiday....

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Could use some right now. With icecream and maple syrup. But, alas, I am stuck with leftover pasta.

Went to the Dr again. Waited ten minutes, and was in and out in less than 5. Must be a record!

The scan was clear. I had to drink some vaguely peppermint chalk, and they took film while I did. Easy, but wow, it cost me $120 that I really didn't have. And for naught. Apparently, the problem with reflux was just that the band was too tight.

He loosened it off somewhat but in the back of my mind now is the paranoia that I will overeat. Stupid, considering he only took out a ml or two. But it's there. He did say that if I feel I need it filled he will do it halfway between what it was and what it is now. I will wait until my next visit in July and see what happens. I would, in the mean time, like to shed a couple more kilos. Can't see it, but would like too. Just not in lettuce leaf mode. Unfortunately for me, that's what it takes. Very heavy dieting. With this wild weather we are having I cannot walk, and Him still has possession of the other pedal of my exercise bike. Tragic!

Well, never mind. The family is coming to visit in just over a week. Hopefully they will keep me too busy to eat...much...