Friday, 31 December 2010


Well, here we are, one week into our holiday and what a week it's been. When we set off on Friday it was warming up, and by the time we got to Point Turtin it was in the high 30's. Hot. The wind was hot, the awning got the afternoon shade, and there was no way to cool off. We thought Dobby could go for a swim but there were only rocks under the pier and silty muddy sand further along, which Dobby and I sunk halfway up our calves in. Won't do that again!

Then, Christmas day saw wind and rain. We thought that would be the end of our lovely outdoor Christmas lunch but it fined up later. It was also hot and sticky. We feasted on prawns, crackers, dips, nuts and nibblies. Even the dog enjoyed himself.

Boxing day was cold, wet and windy. So was the next day. Tuesday finally saw some lovely weather but it was too late to rig up lines for fishing, so my fishing holiday was for nought. We did do plenty of relaxing because there was simply nothing else to do.

One present I did score for Christmas was an SLR camera with two lenses. Wow. And an 8-session class to learn how to use it. Can't wait! As I am only on a little Internet connection which will quickly take up all it's value, I won't post photos just yet, but I will put some up when we get home.

Anyway, Wednesday we moved up to Port Augusta. What a dump. Everything has bars, locks, high gates, messages to lock up your valuables. Sends out a great vibe! But the pub close to the caravan park had lovely meals and we were happy. We set off early the next morning, and took about five and a half hours to get to Ceduna.

This place is worse than Port Augusta. There are no shops to speak of, except for the local Retravision, which doubles as a camping store, clothing store, gadget store. Everything! Fluffy realised he didn't have a charger for his work phone (there has always been a Nokia charger in the van but somewhere along the line it's not here now), and Lo! They had one of those too.

It was so hot here, we had the airconditioning going flat stick and it couldn't keep the van cool. The fridge wasn't even cold. Luckily the freezer didn't thaw out. We are right across from the beach and I took some lovely sunset photos last night. Again, I'll pop those up at a later date, when I can score some free Internet. Point Turtin had some but everyone else charges like a wounded bull.

Anyway, the Freemantle Doctor came through last night so things are somewhat cooler today. Windy though! We have two whole days here, and there is f***k all to do so not sure where we will head today. Grocery shopping first I think. Stock up on supplies. Then, well... I don't even have phone reception out here. Fluffy and Dobby do, with 3 network, but now I am on Vodafone I got nuttin'.

Anyway, the washing machine is calling me. I'll check in again soon. Bye!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winding down

So I've not really got much to write about this week. Compared to last week, it's been kinda slow.

Dobby has had a couple more hospital visits to check she is mending properly. The redness and swelling have gone down in her naval, and the itchy red rash from the bandages has all but gone too, leaving just scaly skin. The funny little "nubbin" of swollen skin has almost disappeared too. All in all, a great result.

When we went for her last visit on Friday morning, she saw a Lady doctor who pronounced her all but cured. They gave her another round of anti biotics just to be sure, and much to Dobby's joy there was no mention of exploration of the cause, meaning no laporascopic procedure to see what's happening. She just has to go back in January for a follow up. Fluffy can do that one.

On Monday last week, I had to leave work to take Dobby for her first hospital check up, and as we were leaving my own doctor phoned to ask if I could move a scheduled skin cancer removal from 5.00pm to earlier. As I was already off work I told them I could come now. Then I phoned the boss to tell him I would be even later back. Stuff it.

I nipped up to Blackwood, and while Dobby waited in the car I got my spot taken off. I got quite a shock when I looked up because the bit he dropped into the sample jar was easily the size of my thumbnail and just as deep. It required several stitches and I could feel him pulling so hard it almost lifted me off the table. Horrible feeling that.

Anyway, I took Dobby back to work and Fluffy collected her not long after. I stayed back until 6.00pm.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. Monday night though, Doctor Fluffy and Nurse Dobby had to dress my wound. It's in a spot that I can't even reach to scratch when it gets itchy! As the drugs had worn off it was quite painful, feeling somewhat like someone was tearing my skin apart. Very horrible. But I survived and they did a great job.

I have to have the stitches in for two weeks so Fluffy has to dress it for me each night after my bath. I don't like to ask but they (Dobby has done it too) just do it for me. They're good like that.

Thursday night Fluffy had a business dinner (after a day of meetings too, I am so proud of him getting a kind of promotion), so Dobby and I dropped him off and headed down to Marion. Took 2o minutes to find a car park. Ugh. Then I couldn't do what I wanted as there was no way I could have gotten a trolley through that crowd and I couldn't carry the kitty litter. So we just wandered around and spent a bit of money. I had stopped at Millers earlier before coming home and bought 4 tops, two pairs of pants and a dress for $120. At KMart I found a pair of pants for $10 and 2 pairs of shorts for Dobby for $5 each.

After dinner in the food court at 8.45 we headed home. I wasn't sure what time Fluffy would be ready so Dobby went to bed and I waited up. I had a headache and couldn't take anything as I was supposed to be driving to pick him up.

At about 10.45pm I gave him a call just to see what he wanted from me and he told me to go to bed he'd get a taxi. No problem. Quick shower, headache tablet, and vege on the couch. I was going to go to bed but remembered he didn't have a key so I would have to get up anyway to let him in. I did my best to stay awake but at 12.45am I nodded off. At 12.50am he knocked on the window to get me to let him in. Haha. Timing!

Then, on Friday morning I snapped awake at 5.55. Oops! Fluffy's alarm wasn't set! He was supposed to be up at 5.15! A very hurried dress and off to work for him. And, I had to leave early with Dobby for her doctor's appointment. A very rushed morning for all.

But, Friday evening it was great to just sit and relax. Saturday morning Fluffy went to pick up a couple of fridges from the head office and put them on his ute to take to his office Sunday. When he got back we all went to Marion. We found a carpark in Bunnings and then battled the crowds inside.

A few weeks ago we updated our phones, and Fluffy ordered a Samsung Galaxy. But they finally told him on Friday that they are no longer available in Australia. So Saturday he set out to get something else. See, we swapped phones. He is on a $29 plan and I am on $49, but he wanted a phone from the $49 group, while I wasn't worried. So my phone came in, but his didn't.

So at Allphones, the people we updated with, he checked out what was available. And they had his Galaxy. Mind you, it was the Allphones head office that told him they were no longer available! Sucky mob, won't go through them again. We are still with 3, but as you may know, they are now affiliated with Vodafone anyway.

So Dobby and I did some shopping ourselves and hooked up with him for lunch. He was so proud to show me his new phone. It's something entirely different to what he wanted because when he was shown a couple of others, this one seemed to beat all the rest, even the much revered Galaxy.

But, what he forgot, was that it was MY plan that was being updated. Which meant, that my SIM in my phone was no longer any good. And, the new plan they put him on is with Vodafone. The SIM wouldn't work in my phone.

As soon as he finished eating he had to go back down to Allphones with my phone and get them to unlock it so the SIM would work. Job done. Now his phone is keeping him happy and I have a you-beaut new more expensive plan with unlimited talk, text and stuff and 1GB of data. When the plan comes into affect. It still wasn't letting me on the internet last night...

Saturday afternoon, Dobby got a call from a friend asking if she could go for a sleep over. No worries. The mum picked her up and off she went. Aaaah, that lovely sound of silence again. Fluffy and I spent some time in the internet looking for cases for his new toy, and found a couple he liked. Nothing too flash. While at Marion I found a lovely pink sparkly leather flip case for my phone and a stick on embellished letter C. Lovely!

Anyway, Sunday, Fluffy got up early and went to work. Now I was truly in heaven! I got the floors vacuumed, the kitchen floor washed, the dog blankets washed, and then it was time to visit my friend Marg. And it's p*****g down rain! Fabulous! Quick dash into the supermarket for some flowers and off I go.

We chat for a couple hours then when I leave she gives me a little box of Lindt chocolates. MMMMM. My favourites. And a box of them for Dobby for Christmas.

I go down to pick up Dobby and while I am there we get a small hail storm! It's really weird standing on the patio, waiting for the rain and hail to stop, and only being able to see blue sky from our vantage point... very weird indeed.

We make a quick trip to Harbourtown to see if a particular shop has a particular shoe which would be ideal for the caravan, but they don't, so off to Rivers. We buy a pair each and Dobby now has her first pair of casual slip ons which she can also wear out. Very nice they are. We also stop in Ice and find 3 tops for $10 each, and two pairs of shorts for $15 each for her. happy chicken.

Maccas at the drive through then race home. I bath the dog, and then Fluffy comes in not long after while I am sorting yesterday's laundry. I still have lots to do. Dobby helps me cut up bread for chicken stuffing, and I put on a baked dinner. I also change the kitty litter tray and tidy up.

Then I pulled all my drawers out of the caravan, brought them inside and changed over my clothes. I am now officially ready for our trip. The only thing left is the last minute food items and some softdrinks.

After dinner, it's now time for a bath and book, change the dressing, then early night.

Aaah, one week to go. I'll try post on the road sometime, but don't hold your breath. I sure won't be holding mine!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Froggy Fables - Bumper Edition

So you know I didn't get to post last week. I mean to, I actually had a little to say. But, well, life gets in the way.

Last week was rather eventful in itself. Dobby had been complaining of stomach pains and she said she could feel a lump behind her belly button. I didn't really believe her. Well, that is to say, given that she had been on crutches, I thought she had just pulled a muscle. So I told her to wait a few days and see if it disappeared. It didn't.

So on the Monday after the caravan rally, her dad had a doctor's appointment and I asked them if she could go too. She did.

The doctor thought she may have a small hernia and sent her for a scan. We did the scan on Thursday, and in the mean time, a small lump started to appear inside her belly button. Just a little one. Nothing odd really.

I had an appointment on the Saturday for the doctor to get a skin check, so I took her along to that as well. He looked at the pictures and it was confirmed, she had a hernia.

He also found a spot on my back and took a biopsy.

So, Dobby has a hernia. Just a little one, about 2 cm, and the neck of the hernia is only about half a centimeter across. Hop up here on the table and lets have a look. Dobby lays down and lifts up her shirt.

Doc looks stunned for a tick and calls me over. "How long has this discharge been here?" Her naval is filled with pus. Oh dear! That's new! Doc prescribes anti-biotics and instructions to come back Monday for a follow up.

Wow, we weren't expecting that. Where did that come from? Her belly is still quite sore, so we go do a bit of shopping and buy her medication, then head home.

Saturday evening saw us over the other side of town at a birthday party for one of the blokes from the caravan club. While there we strike up conversation with another lady who we hadn't had a lot to do with. Turns out she is quite lovely and not at all like our first impressions. We both feel quite like we have made some type of contact.

That's the birthday boy. Very funny lad, and that cake was to DIE for!

Dobby is having a great night, and asks if one of the girls can come back to our place to sleep after. No worries, as we had planned to go back to that area the next day. But the friend is going out for the day, so asks if Dobby can sleep there. She has no clothes or anything but it's agreed she can. Fluffy and I take our leave about 11.45 and make the 45 minute trip back home alone.

Next morning I had promised to take Dobby to Tea Tree Plaza which is not at all far from this place, so I stop by just before eleven to collect her. She has borrowed a tee shirt from birthday boy and a pair of shorts from his daughter to wear overnight. Because for once she was actually wearing a dress!

She gets changed into the clothes I bring while I have a cup of tea and chat to birthday boy's partner, who is very lovely.

We leave just before noon and head out to the shopping centre. The sky is pretty clear so we leave the sun roof open. It promises to be about 37 degrees! What better place to be than the shopping centre.

Now, purpose of this visit? I have arranged for a meeting with one of my Blog friend Khristina. We live on opposite sides of Adelaide, but have been meaning to meet up for ages. As I had been planning to give Dobby a surprise, it was perfect we meet there.

See, for Dobby's birthday this year I had promised her another earring in her ear. But it never eventuated. So I decided that I would get it done at the same time. What do you think?

She loves it, of course! She chose a lovely silver stud with a "diamond" birthstone.

We take a look around for Christmas craft things before meeting Khris and her lovely daughter for coffee. Well, coffee and sushi. Yum!

After our coffee and chat we decide to do a spot of shopping and take the girls to Jay Jay's (Dobby's favourite store!) and I buy her a couple of tee shirts. While there birthday boy's partner phones to say Dobby had left her shoes there and she was dropping them down to the shopping centre for me. That's service with a smile!

Now, while all this is going on, Dobby is constantly checking her stomach. The little lump has blown out to almost fill her navel. It looks terrible and the weeping has intensified so much. It's all cruddy and smelly. As soon as we get home Dobby needs a shower and to clean up her belly.

We bid farewell to Khris and her beautiful daughter and head to the car. And as we drive out the driveway, it starts to rain! Whew! By the time we get home the storm is raging and roads are flooded. A few minutes more and with that sun roof up, well.....

Back home, and after her shower the wound actually starts running pus so we are forced to cover it. As she has an appointment with the doctor on Monday I tell her just to leave it and try not to worry. An angry red triangle has formed under the belly button and it's quite hot to touch.

Monday she went to school but was very quiet before she left. About ten past ten I got a call from the school saying Dobby was in the office in a good deal of discomfort, could I come get her. I phoned Boss who said to see if I could get her into the doctor.

As we are extremely busy at work, I wasn't sure if this was a good idea, but phoned them anyway. Sure, they said, bring her up now and we will squeeze her in.

I did. The doctor took one look at the mess her belly was in and told me to take her straight to the hospital as it needed to be surgically drained. If they didn't admit her I was to bring her back the next day.

So, we phoned the specialist and made an appointment for her hernia on the way to the hospital. We got there just before lunch, and were seen fairly quickly. The same doctor who saw her two weeks earlier about her ankle saw her again. He thought we looked familiar...

He put in a call to surgical registrar for an opinion, but he was on his way into theatre, so we would have to wait a bit. They decided to stop all food and drink in case he had to go in with a knife to drain her belly. Plus, they put in a drip shunt thingy. She and her dad called it a floppy thingy if my memory serves me well.

While we were waiting, she showed me an insect bite she had gotten over night. I wonder what did this?

It looked pretty certain she would be in over night, they just had to wait for the surgeon to confirm it. And we waited.

We waited, and waited. The doctor saw her about 1.00 perhaps. By 3.30 they decided to move us from our observation cubicle to another little room around the corner with two beds in it. During this time Dobby had a couple of little naps. I didn't want to eat in front of her so I had to suffer as well. I hadn't had breakfast since 6.30 and Dobby had only had a couple of crackers for morning tea (she usually skips breakfast). While she was napping at one point, a nurse offered me a cup of tea, and with it came two tiny little cellophane wrapped biscuits. I was as quiet as I could be, but next thing, the middle finger appeared over the shoulder of Dobby, who had her back to me. Tee hee. Cheeky.

And we waited. Fluffy came in at about 4.20 as he had been in the city interviewing new staff. I was getting fairly stressed at this time, because when I left work, I had fully intended going back. I left my computer on, the air conditioner on, and the front door was only locked not bolted. Boss was out of town. He phoned me about then and said that they were on their way back and he'd lock up. That was a relief.

Finally, about 5.oo the surgeon arrived. Yes, he said, there is definitely rubbish under the belly button. He couldn't find the exit point though, where it was coming from, so he suggested a very heavy barrage of anti-biotics given intravenously for the next day and see what happens. He ordered a scan for the next morning to assess the internal damage.

So, Dobby was finally allowed to eat, and so were we! The nurse brought her some lasagna and jelly, and I went off to get Maccas for Fluffy and I, and to bring back some clothes for Dobby and feed the animals.

When I got back. she was still waiting for a room... It's well after seven by this time. Boy, those parking fees sure do add up.

Anyway, just before nine she makes it up to her room. She has 4 beds in the ward, with a shared bathroom, and an accordion partition down the middle. There is no one in the bed next to hers so she has the room to herself. She changes clothes and hops into bed, settles down to watch tv until well after midnight... Fluffy and I take our leave about 9.40 or so.

Next day I decide to nip into work for two hours before I go to the hospital. Dobby phones me and says the doctor has already been. Dammit. But I had to get that stuff done for work.

When I get there Dobby is hungry and tired. But in pretty good spirits. Her scan is scheduled for eleven, and just before that I ask the nurses if there is anything to entertain her, as she's bored. They say they may as well take her for her scan now, so a lass walks us down to radiology.

The attending physician is quite intrigued with Dobby's stomach. The device causes her considerable pain but she grits her teeth and doesn't say much. He leaves the room and another lady comes in. She plunks herself down on Dobby's bed and chats to us while the technician does her thing.

It appears there is no sign of a hernia, but instead the red inflamed are is severe cellulitis, and there is an area of pus beneath her umbilicus with a clear drain to the surface. So that's what's been doing all this! And, there is no hernia.... Strange. It would appear what they thought was a hernia was in fact a lump of abscess type thing. Well, that's good.

Back in her room, she can't eat until the doctor has looked at the scan, and decided if she needs surgery. Hours later, close to 3.00, he finally puts in an appearance. Again, because she can't eat, I won't eat in front of her. Boy, this is tough! We sit and amuse ourselves. She is a good patient, just watching tv, dozing, chatting away. We get along just fine.

The surgeon says that he won't operate, but keeps her in another night for more strong drugs, and she should be okay to go home in the morning. Yes, you can eat. Yay! They bring her lunch (lovely chinese chicken noodles and ice cream with custard) and I go to the cafateria for a foccacia and juice. Not too badly priced. $7.90 for the sandwich, and I could only eat half. Dobby had a go at the rest.

Fluffy decides to save on parking I will meet him at home around 5. So I bid farewell to Dobby and make my way home. I have to laugh, cause she phones me 3 times in an hour wondering when I'll be back, because I've been gone hours!

I am not happy though. I phoned Boss to tell him she will be in overnight again, and can I have tomorrow off as well. No, I cannot. I have to go into work. It hits me like a ton of bricks and I want to cry.

I have been at this hospital for two days, and nothing is done at home. There are still dishes in the sink, mess on the floor and dining table, there is no pet food and I am tired. I really needed that extra day. But no, I have to go to work. Fluffy is very angry and tells me I need to get a medical certificate to give me the day off work. I don't. I just go with the flow. Fluffy refuses to come to the Christmas party now. I'll deal with that one later.

I send boss a short text saying I will be in at 12. I don't bother to answer his reply inquiring about Dobby.

I meet Fluffy at home, collect some things for Dobby, and back to the hospital. Only $8 for parking this trip.

Fluffy naps in the chair, Dobby watches tv and I sit and stare. At nine, after Dobby has dozed and woken again, Fluffy and I take our leave. We are very quiet on the trip home. I am as close to being depressed as I have ever been.

Another late night. I make Fluffy toast and coffee because he didn't stop for dinner, and at 10 pm I find myself ironing shirts so he has uniforms for work. Man, this sucks.

Next morning I am again up when Fluffy goes to work. I drag myself through my morning routine, making sure I am dressed for work this time. Today is a big day for Dobby. If they allow her out she will be going to Charlie's Diner for lunch with the class, and then Graduation in the evening.

She is very intense today, waiting to be told she can leave. She dashes in to the bathroom and changes, freshens up. She refuses to shower there, waiting instead till she gets home.

The doctor comes around 8.30 and tells her she is going home. One happy Dobby. We are actually out and on our way by a little after 9.00. The pharmacy sent up her medication, and I paid $20 on our way out, another $8 at the car park, and we're free.

We got as far as King William Street in the city (which, if you are not a local, is about 1km from the hospital) and the phone rang. "Is that Samantha's mum? I'm from the lab and Dobby's swab results are in. That medication we gave you is not going to work on these bugs. She needs this other one that she has had an allergic reaction to. You'll have to come back".

Great. She said that we should try this medication again as it was possible that that reaction ten years ago was related to the virus and not the medication. Sigh. Well, I'll have to come back later.

I took Dobby home for a shower, washed a few dishes, did a very quick and basic tidy up, and dropped her off at school.

I decided that, because I had told boss, via a very short text message, I would be in at 12, and it was only 11, I would go back to the hospital. When I phoned to see if the medication was ready, the lass did it up while I was talking to her. And while she was sympathetic that I had already forked out $20, she could only reduce this one to $10 and I wouldn't get a refund. Once it has left the pharmacy they won't refund. Great.

Before heading to the hospital I stopped off at the Entertainment Centre, tried to find the Ticketek Office, found it unattended, wandered around looking for someone, finally found a cashier, and picked up Dobby two tickets to see Good Charlotte. I bought them a week ago but couldn't get time to get there to pick them up.

Back to the hospital, a quick park in the 15 minute drop off zone on the other side of the hospital, and another attempt to get a refund for the other medication, and I was on my way back to work. And I took a wrong turn and had to go miles out of my way. Not a good start to the day. I was almost in tears when I got to work, and didn't even say good morning to Boss. He was not my favourite person that day.

Anyway, it's graduation day. Dobby phoned me after their lunch to ask if she could get ready at a friend's house. Sure, you can. She had already gotten the friend's mum to wait at our place while she grabbed her dress, shoes and bits and pieces, little rat.

I left work late, rushed over to pick up Dobby, and she' wasn't even dressed. So much for taking our time and not being rushed. However, she had done her hair and showered so all she had to do was put her make up and jewellery on. I did both.

And this is the result....

Sometimes it's hard to believe she is only 13. I was so proud of her. We had already spent two whole days with just our own company for the most part, and that meant some quality bonding time. So to see her looking like such a lovely lady was just a wonderful culmination of a stressful couple of days.

We rushed off down to the school and left her at the library while we took our seats inside. I don't have very good photos of the ceremony and stuff because my camera wasn't good enough to take flash photos that far away, however I have been told some are coming my way from a wonderful family we have known for years.

This is Dobby and her friends after the ceremony

And this

This is her and her teacher

A friend took this one of us

She's beautiful, isn't she?

Back to school Thursday with her school jumper for autographs. It is totally ruined but at the moment her most prized posession. She loves all the signatures and notes on it. Something to treasure for a long time.

Last day of year 7 today, and she is both excited and sad. It's the end of 6 years of friendships, teachers, experiences for a lifetime, but I know she will be the best person she can be for it. I am very proud of my big girl. Love you Dobby. xxx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ya Better Watch Out

Because Christmas is almost here. At work I have started getting the business ready for the holiday break, sending out reminder messages for people to get their orders in, finding out when people are closing etc. Means it's not too far away now.

Dobby is getting ready for her graduation in two Wednesdays. It's all happening.

This week, Dobby had a sore stomach. I told her I thought it may be a pulled muscle, although she was convinced she had a lump under her belly button. But although I had made her an appointment, I cancelled it because I thought it best to wait a few days. Sadly, though, over the course of the week, it doesn't look like it has. She thinks the lump may have shrunk a little is all. So, probably better to have it checked. Her dad has to go see the doc Monday for his script so if I can I'll see if he can take her along too. Don't like my chances though.

In other news this week, we had the Caravan Club Christmas Rally this weekend. Hermione decided at the last minute to come, and we were told there could be charges for her, aside from dinner, as she hadn't been to 3 rallies this year. But when I told Nan, she made no mention of reimbursing costs. Not even an offer. Well, I suppose I have to bare that cost, although it was not my idea for her to come. Dobby had mentioned it a couple of weeks ago and she still hadn't given us an answer.

As it turned out, I really wish she hadn't come. That is, we don't get along anymore because she thinks I boss her around, and I think she is rude and doesn't show respect.

Friday afternoon, after picking up Dobby from school at lunch time, and Hermione at 2.00, we arrived about 3.00. It was a little cool but quite a lovely sunny afternoon.

When we got there, as always, the girls disappeared. No problem, we can work faster without them. We were at the end of a row, with a lot of space between our neighbours and us. But the ground was hard gravel covered dirt, and there was no way we were going to be able to drive tent pegs into it, so we didn't extend the awning and had to pitch the tent across the way. See, the site was at the edge of a sports oval. We were right next to the pavillion, and the other vans were around the edge of the oval.

We stuck Dobby here.... to the Handicapped parking sign!

Neat and rather apt, I think!

Our neighbours had their teenage granddaughter with them, who was also named, well, for this blog, Dobby. Rather nice girl, very quiet. 16 as well.

We spent the afternoon sitting under the awning, just doing nothing. How lovely! Friday night we took the girls into town and bought fish and chips for dinner, ate that at home, and then at 8pm had a lady from the CFS come and give us a talk about fire safety when travelling. Given that we are going to the Eyre Peninsula over Christmas, this was very interesting. I must make a note to follow the safety tips on our trip.

Anyway, early Saturday morning it started to rain. Horrible it was. Everything under the awning was okay, but the chairs that were outside got wet. And apparently the dog blanket did too because when I checked it later that day it was saturated and the only way it could have been was the runoff from the rain.

By lunch time the light misty, cold, miserable rain eased off to give us a somewhat sunny afternoon. Saturday morning we had morning tea in the pavillion, and sat around telling tall tales. A friend and I went into town looking for a particular wine and wasted a good bit of time. Just us. Lovely. When we got back the kids had Kids Club where they made table decorations in preparation for our Christmas Dinner.

Fluffy and I decorated the van with some lights. It looked pretty good. I had a shower just before happy hour, so I didn't have to join the rush for the 3 showers later, and it had started to get cold.

Speaking of cold, that's the other reason I was very disappointed in Hermione. She didn't bring a coat. She didn't tell me, just lied to my face and said "I'm not cold". Mind you, she had huge goosebumps all over her. Silly child. So while I was out, I passed a second hand store and bought her a zip up jacket. She just said "thanks" when I gave it to her, then not one more word about it. Like I was supposed to do it. Later, when Nan asked her if it was Dobby's jacket, all she said was "no". Not one word about where it came from or how she got to have it. Rude.

Anyway, back to the afternoon. Guess who paid a visit? This bloke!

It was his first year doing it as our regular Santa left the club earlier in the year. I think he did a pretty good job too.

Hermione got her gift.

Then Dobby got hers.

And Fluffy got his.

This young lass is the funniest person, and she is also from Queensland. She and Fluffy share a passion for cream buns. She has threatened that when she goes back to Queensland over Christmas she will send us a pic of every bun she has - they are much easier to get up there!

This is what Fluffy and I received. He got a pack of solar Christmas lights, which he is going to hang in my kitchen window. That will be lovely, walking up the hallway in the dark and seeing those lovely lights in the window. Looking forward to getting some sun to charge the battery now!

Mine was a lovely little serving dish and a huge tube of vanilla and pineapple hand cream. It feels very lovely on too.

The girls received a bag with a pack of eyeshadow, a pack of lip gloss, a pack of nail polish, and a manicure set. Very lovely. Some of the little kids got neat gifts of balls, buckets, totem soccer sets, handbags, wonderful gifts.

Dobby was very jealous of this fellow's gift - a Kombi tin of biscuits!

After presents we sat around and ate ourselves silly and the kids played with their presents. The dogs ran amok on the oval, and so did the kids. Ozzie actually got into a fight with another dog, who resented Ozzie trying to round him up. Lucky Fluffy intervened, but scored a nip on the arm for his efforts. It didn't break the skin though.

After everything had quietened down, I sent the girls for a shower. Dobby did her usual and argued. Hermione just stood there. I said "Hermione, are you going to ignore me to?" She turned her back on me. I seethed. Later, when they came back from "doing their hair" (and not having a shower), Fluffy pulled her aside and chastised her for being rude to me. She complained to Dobby that she did nothing wrong. Dobby said, well, we both did. No, she insisted, she did nothing wrong. Hmph.

Anyway, we all straggled over to the hall for dinner. It was a wonderful spread of roast chicken, ham, pork, baked potatoes, salads, gravy, and rolls. Plenty left. We even took up containers this morning to bring home!

At the dinner there were felt pens on the tables. All the kids went mad drawing on each other.

Would you believe, the bloke across the table took a pic as well, and she smiled for him. And it was a beautiful picture! Little worm!

They had raffles through the night. Some people win everything, don't they? One bloke, who we don't particularly like because he is always big noting himself, and whatever you do he has to do better, won about 5 prizes.

He was also a joint winner in the best decorated van. Last year we won it because we were pretty much the only van that did anything. This year there were more... He copied us with a huge blow up santa thing. We didn't fire up ours this year because we didn't have the power board in the van anymore, so we just did lights.

Here are a few that were on offer:

One winner

Other winner, who copied our blow up Santa (but because his didn't have an internal light like ours, you can't see it in this photo).

This was our van this year. On the table is the little golfer mum knitted wearing a Christmas bib and hat with little lights across the top, and the bright light on the wall is a Merry Christmas sign.

Isn't she pretty?

After dinner and raffles, which we actually won one of this year - a kids activity pack, we retired to wander around the park and look at the lights.

Then back to the hall for some Christmas cake. We were all in bed by 10.30 but I heard the party continued into the wee hours as usual.

Then it rained again. All night, heavy rain. Because the dog didn't have a blanket he had to sleep in the van. As soon as I woke up, or should I say, he thought I woke up, he wanted to go for a walk. So I grabbed my jacket and his lead and took him for walkies. Lucky I did because it rained again up morning tea.

It continued to rain while we were milling about, but it seemed to ease up for morning tea, giving us enough time to dry out the chairs anyway, if nothing else...

After morning tea we all packed up and left. We got home about 1.30 or so. It was a great trip, easy, and fuss free. I had a good weekend. Now, Dobby has about the 4th layer of nail polish on, stuff spread out everywhere, Fluffy is napping, and I am uploading photos furiously for my blog.

I always end up with a headache on these trips, which I suspect if from having to make conversation and listen to what is going on around me amid all the noise. That usually gives me a headache. So, after I am done here I will probably go vege for a while before I start dinner. Tonight it's bake up with leftover salads, baked potoates, and maybe a little gravy for me... aaaaahhh.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Boring, boring then Pow!

I honestly thought this blog would be one of my most boring. I truely did. Nothing exciting at all happened through the week. Except problems at work with imports and exports, but some of you know my gripe with those, so I am not even going to go there.

So, nothing at all happend this week. Until Friday. Then this...

Yes, back to the emergency ward. In the last ten minutes of the game, which Dobby's team won, by the way, Dobby suddenly stopped playing, and limped off the court. By the time she got to us a few feet away she was positively howling. She refused to stop crying and complained of being in total agony. She said she rolled her ankle and heard a crack.

While it was being dressed with ice another player confirmed she too had heard the snap. Oh dear. We bundled her into the car and headed back to the hospital...

Apparently it was National Netball Injury Night because there were at least 4 others up there at the same time as us! And they all seemed to be ankle injuries. The girl in the bed next to Dobby had to have surgery because of a nasty break.

Luckily, no such thing for Dobby. After wheeling her in with a wheelchair, we were seen relatively quickly. She has stopped crying at this time but was still in pain. The doctor, a far nicer one than last time, but still Indian, had a feel around and said "It's not broken but the ligament is gone". Well, to me that sounds like a pretty serious thing. But, he said, get an x-ray to confirm that and we'll strap it up. Should be off for about 4 weeks.

The x-ray was clear, and the sister gave her some pills and put a piece of tight tubing on it. She said for a sprain Dobby may only need crutches for a few days then it could take her weight.

Sprain? Didn't the doc say the ligament was gone? Anyway, they were happy to get us out of there so once the technician came and fitted her with crutches we got to go home. Home about 12.30pm.

I had a look on the internet and from what I could tell Dobby only had a level one sprain. Lucky! I think it was the sound of that crack that scared her more than anything.

So, Saturday she dagged about the house, not moving anywhere without her wooden friends. Fluffy had the day off but was so tired he didn't move much. I ran a few errands but that's all. Afternoon tea up at Nan's for scones finished the day.

On a side note, remember Myrtle? The one giving Dobby a hard time? She has been a lot nicer lately, and Dobby feels they are on the way to mending their friendship. On that provisio, I made arrangements for Myrtle's mum to bring Dobby home after school, cause she couldn't walk that far... or so I thought...

Sunday Fluffy was back at work, and Dobby's friend Tiny paid a quick visit. She is really tiny now. She has lost a lot of weight and looks terriffic. They had fun. Dobby decided she was ambitious enough to hobble down to the shop. It's only one street over and down the other end, but I figured she could have a go. When they came back, she was walking! Little sod!

She did pay the price, though, because her foot was terribly sore last night. She is back on the crutches today and grateful for the lift. But we will see how she goes for the next day or so. She is eager to ditch the crutches and walk. Stubborn little thing.

Last night, I was ready for bed early. But it wasn't going to happen. After her bath Dobby comes out "can you have a look at my phone? The screen is not working". We found small traces of water in the back, but she swears it was from having wet hands handling it... hmmmm. Anyway, this phone is dead.

So we decided to take Fluffy's phone, which Dobby is buying and indeed has already paid for, and clear the stuff off it. Sounds easy, right? Well the software driver that came with it was no good.

So we had several attempts to find it online. Then it still wouldn't work. We found a forum which gave that exact problem and a suggested answer. I followed the suggestions and Lo! It worked. For a while.

While I was copying his pictures onto the program on his laptop, it stopped and I had to do it all over again. Well, that is, I closed down the program and disconnected the phone. As it was 11pm!!! I told him I was going to bed. Then my bloody computer email started playing up, it won't accept my password for my gmail account for some reason. Works fine here...

Anyway, I shut the thing down in disgust. He turned his program and phone back on and had another go, got all his stuff off his phone, and had a shower.

In bed, just about to doze off well after midnight, and I hear voices outside. I part the Venetians and have a look. There are two women, one huge tall fat chick, and a tiny thing in a black dress are stealing roses from the bushes across the road. What! They weren't even being quiet about it. Big chick pricked her finger and let out a howl. I woke Fluffy up for a look and we watched them steal these roses. As they walked away, Fluffy yelled out "Get enough?" The spun around and looked but kept going.

Then, back to bed, about to doze off again and I hear crashing from across the road. Even Fluffy woke up. Guess who? It's our flower theives again, this time going through someone's rubbish on the footpath, and next we see them they are walking back home with something under each arm. Stupid women. I don't now if they were high, drunk, or just rude. They made no effort to be quiet, were not in the least sneaky, just like it was perfectly normal to be raiding people's property late at night!

Anyway, eventually I got to sleep.... what a weekend!

Oh, almost forgot! My friend Chris H in New Zealand makes these terriffic bags, and I bought one from her for a work bag. It's fantastic, fits everything in, stays in shape and is comfy to carry. She was also good enough to make me a smaller bag to put my computer back up drive in! Aren't they lovely??

Monday, 15 November 2010

Stupid Medicos

Well, what a week it's been. Boss was in Thailand so it was very quiet on the work front. I finally got caught up with outstanding stuffs, and apart from one supplier who is very slow lately, I have finished my end of month.

On Monday poor Dobby had another severe attack of the stomach pains she has been experiencing. Plus, she had the added bonus of period pains. Poor lamb. On Tuesday, she still had some pain so I made her a doctors appointment for Thursday.

Tuesday afternoon saw me up at the plastic surgeon having yet another skin cancer removed. That's four now. Wonderful!

Dobby had guitar on Wednesday as normal. Thursday after work I took her up to the doctor. She saw the little Malaysian fellow, is really nice and very cheerful. He couldn't find anything as by then the pain had abated for the most part.

He wrote us a letter to take up to the hospital and suggested that next time she had an attack we take her to the Emergency Ward and they will give her a thorough check up.

Anyway, Friday was netball. And it rained. Again. They played pretty bad but fortunately so did the other team, so we still won. During the game Dobby complained of feeling sick and was totally off her game. By the end of it she was in a great deal of pain again.

We asked did she want us to take her up to the hospital. She was scared to go because one of the tests the doctor told her they would do is put a camera into her stomach to see what was going on. No way she wanted that. I assured her that would be a last resort thing.

Finally, the pain got the better of her and she agreed to go. I didn't give her any painkillers in case they gave her something.

After a shower and change of clothes, we got to the hospital just after 10.30pm. Poor Fluffy had been up since 5.15am. We waited. And waited. Actually, it wasn't that bad. We got seen just after 1.00am.

By this time the pain had all but abated. Fluffy napped in the waiting room while I took Dobby in. Dobby was given a vial and told to go pee. An Indian doctor came to see us. He was so soft spoken with all the voices outside the cubicle I was hard pressed to hear him. Dobby didn't even try. She just looked at me to interpret what he was asking her.

He prodded her belly, asked her about 5 questions, then left us alone for half an hour.

Eventually he came back, said he had consulted his superior and as the scan she had back in August didn't show anything, they couldn't find anything wrong. Go home and take a panadol.

WHAT???? Friggin hell! Poor Dobby was devastated. She was in tears, cause the pain came back and she still had no answers. How could it be nothing?

Anyway, we took her home and were finally in bed around 2.00am.

Saturday we were going to go to Monarto Zoo but with the late night, an early morning was out of the question. I was up at 7.00 because the cat decided to keep sharpening his claws on the carpet outside the bedroom. I left the others to sleep in.

I think Fluffy emerged around 8.30 and Dobby I woke up at 9.40. We decided instead to wander out to Westlakes for a look around.

We did a little shopping, had lunch, then came home. Fluffy fell asleep in front of the TV in the bedroom, and I actually dozed off in the lounge. Well, not quite, but you know when you can still hear what's going on around you but you are zoned out? Dobby even got up to cover me with a blanket, bless her.

Sunday Fluffy went to work, and Dobby and I did some housework. Sheets, floors, ironing. Then we had to do a grocery shop, put that away, baked cupcakes, iced those, put a roast chicken in the oven, got the laundry in, vacuumed... I finally sat down after Fluffy came home about 4.00.

Dinner was lovely and I was sure glad to go to bed last night. We were all sitting in the lounge again, though, watching a show on SBS called Manson. Dobby was supposed to go to bed but shifting her is like prying glue off a sidewalk and I was really too tired to argue. The show was very good and I admit we were all enthralled.

About half way through Dobby says "I feel sick". I told her it may have been because they just showed actually crime schene photos (although in black and white). No, she insisted, I have watched heaps of those crime shows and they don't make me sick. This has been building for a while.

Okay. So we organised an icecream container for her to take to bed after the show. But I suggested that she go see if she could throw up in the loo first. I hung around the kitchen and could hear lots of long, deep burping. I wandered back into the bedroom where Fluffy had gone to bed and sat chatting to him. He suggested she had wind, from drinking a couple of cans of softdrink.

Personally I suspect it's a combination of all the rubbish she eats while we are at work of an afternoon, and a disruptive digestive system.

Anyway, I went back to check on Dobby, and she comes up with "I think I have wind..." Duh, really? Haha.

Anyway, burping seemed to take away the urge to be sick, but she still felt very nauseous. I offered a painkiller but she is always loathe to take anything. So I turned off her light and went to bed.

Personally, I had a bad night. I just couldn't seem to get down into that deep sleep and everything disturbed me. Aaah, well, at least we had a minor sleep in today (Monday). Fluffy had to go to a conference in the city so didn't need to get up at 5.15. When I woke up at 6.10 I felt like I hadn't been to sleep.

Hopefully this week will be better....

Monday, 8 November 2010

Another step closer to Grad

So this week has flown by. I wish I had exciting stuff to keep you faithful readers enthralled but sadly I do not.

The working week was extremely busy. You know when you are feeling tired, and you look at the state of your desk and what still has to be done, and feel totally overwhelmed? That's how I have been all week. Boss has flown out to Thailand now so hopefully I can stop and collect myself for a brief moment.

It seemed to be an endless round of doctors lately. Remember last Saturday, I had two appointments, one with physio and one with the doctor. Well, this Thursday I had a visit to the lady doctor for that wonderful yearly event, followed immediately by a visit to the plastic surgeon for him to check out this thing on my forehead. Then, Saturday morning was another visit to the physio.

It must be helping because at netball of Friday it didn't hurt so much to stand for an hour. Dobby played really, really well and their team thrashed their opponents, by some obscene score. I can't remember exactly what it was. She even got a few encouraging words from fellow teammates, so she really seemed to enjoy the game. One lass in particular always yells encouragement to her teammates, and I told her mother on Friday that Dobby for one finds them very supportive, so to thank the lass.

Anyway, Fluffy actually took a day off this week. Yes, he spent Saturday with us. It was so lovely to have him around. He walked with me down the end of the street to my physio appointment, and waited outside with the dog till I was finished. Then, after Dobby had "cleaned" her room we decided to go out to Tea Tree Plaza for a look around. Huge place.

We didn't buy Dobby anything from Smiggle and she cracked up. But I explained later that I was happy to buy her the necessities, but anything like that she could use her own money. She won't spend a cent at the moment because she is buying her dad's phone off him when his new one comes in. He asked her through the week what she thought was a fair price, as she had been saving for a new one of her own. She made him an offer, he lowered it a bit, and she was happy. After this week's effort she can now afford to pay him. She just has to wait till his new one comes in later this week (fingers crossed).

Anyway, while there we had lunch at Cafe Primo. I do like the food there. It has gotten expensive but it was very enjoyable. After lunch I thought I may as well look for graduation shoes for Dobby, to go with her new black lacy dress. She decided she wants silver accessories. We looked in a few stores but didn't see anything she wanted to look interested in.

Then Fluffy spotted Spendless shoes. She likes that store. She tried on several pairs and finally settled on a lovely low-ish heel silver pair, with diamonties on the toe and instep straps. They are lovely shoes and look great on her.

Then, I spotted an accessory store that had a three for two sale. We looked at some lovely jewellery and settled on a spikey diamonte necklace, a 3-pack of little diamonte and pearl earrings, and a diamonte headband in silver like the one she wore to our wedding. All up, $43. Not too unhappy with that. Sorry, I wasn't organised enough to take any pictures. Perhaps this week if I get around to it?

We also tried to get Fluffy's lovely expensive watch fixed but they told him it would cost a lot to get it going again, which we decided we might spend on a new one. However, when he left the stand, the watch seemed to be going okay for the time being, so we left it for now.

While he was doing that I scooted across to Katies and found a knitted brown and beige little bolero jacket, $60, reduced to $15. Thank you, I'll have that!

Oh, and after all that, we went back down the other side of town and picked up the cupcake baker we had ordered. And grocery shopped. Got home all pooped out.

Sunday Fluffy was back at work. Dobby and I decided to test the cupcake maker. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting! Yummo! Sorry, no photo this time. And we tried the slushie maker we bought a while ago, but it didn't make a slushie. It did make a chilled drink but not a slushie. Have to try again sometime. Maybe not enough ice...

The usual housework followed, and then a quiet evening. I think I am going to have to take Dobby back to the doctor again. She is still complaining of pains in the stomach, and was in fact almost in tears the other night. Surely it's not still constipation cause she goes regularly. The last lot of tests didn't show anything. I think I will make her an appointment for Saturday morning and get it sorted once and for all.

I'll keep you posted...

Monday, 1 November 2010

Growing Up

Yes, it's true, Dobby is growing up. High school next year. She is looking forward to getting away from most of the girls that are giving her grief this year, and moving into a larger group of girls so she can pick her own friends. She is very positive about it.

The week that was, was in fact quite low key again this week. Sunday, when I picked up Dobby from her friend's house, they reminded me that Monday was a pupil free day. Could the friend stay over night and spend the day with Dobby? I was hesitant. But agreed. Probably won't do that again for awhile. Apparently when Fluffy got home they had left the place in quite a mess. They had also eaten me out of house and home. And used my video camera without my permission. *note to self, tidy that up and recharge it before the Christmas caravan rally in 3 weeks...*

Anyway, after work Monday I also had a doctor's appointment to take a couple of biopsies on some suspicious skin things. Again. He took one from my arm, and one from my forehead. It was freezing cold in there, and he took ages. Because the one on my forehead wouldn't stop bleeding I had to lay there for over half an hour with pressure on it. Needless to say, it bruised...

So, anyway, home for spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. Dobby's friend was collected about 9.30 and we all went to bed.

Tuesday and Wednesday Boss was in Sydney so work was slow. It always seems to go slow when he is out of the office.

Thursday Dobby had her first orientation day at high school. At first she was a bit moody because there were 4 girls from her school and 3 of them sat together and none of them came near us. She felt they were talking about her.

We all got divided up into groups and we got to visit the uniform shop. Dobby's been looking forward to that for so long. We actually spent less than Fluffy anticipated we would, so he was happy. For $247 we got one tartan skirt, one cotton blouse, two navy and one white polo tops, one pair dress shorts, and a polo and shorts PE set. Plus a pair of long socks. There is a place not far from the post office I go to for work who sells the uniforms, so we are going to pick up winter clothing from there later - long pants, jacket, jumper, and a rugby top. Its a nice uniform and looks good on Dobby.

Dobby models the dress uniform... nice, hey? This skirt looks really good with the navy blue polo top too.

As I said, she was moody at first, then we got separated and us parents went to a presentation thing while the kids sat a kind of test. She came back very happy and full of beans cause all the other girls had gathered around her and included her in the group.

After the orientation day, I had to drop her off at home, make her lunch, then race into work. The rest of the day, needless to say, went very quickly. On the way home I had to stop at CMI Toyota because Fluffy was getting a new work vehicle.

His old one had to go back and someone had to pick up the new one, but he was going to be too late to get there. He asked the fellow if I could pick it up. No problem. When I worked at Cadbury Schweppes a few years ago, I used to manage our office fleet of vehicles. Turns out the fellow who I had to see was the same guy I used to deal with then. He remembered me too. Nice to catch up. As I was waiting for him to be free, Fluffy called. I told him I was still waiting, and if he wanted to, he could stop by and drive the car home. As he wasn't far away, he decided he would do that.

Once at home, we grabbed the dog and walked down to the school. Sports day. Dobby had yellow spray in her hair, and a Sponge Bob teeshirt on. She looked great. She had phoned me in a panic because she had forgotten her hat, and school rules state she couldn't participate without one. Luckily someone loaned her one. Yellow team won overall on the day so she was happy. Walked home, and had Tacos for dinner. Yummo!

Friday Boss was back in the office. It poured rain.

After a lovely sunny week, Friday was wet. Why? Because Dobby plays netball Friday night, of course. She played in the rain for the 3rd week in a row. Although the team didn't win, she played really, really well. I am very proud of her.

Saturday she and I had to go find her bathers. After waiting for her to get up (10.30!) then to clean her room (another hour), we finally got to Marion about lunch time. Holy Heck! Surely we missed something? The place was super crowded! Not one spare car park anywhere, and more cars lined up out on the street trying to get in! Just like Christmas!

Stuff that, we headed back to Big W for a look. She didn't find anything she liked there, except some swim sorts, but we decided not to buy them yet. Next stop was back to Castle Plaza to Target. Tight finding a car park there too. But managed to get one in an empty corner.

We found the togs she wanted, and although she didn't show me what they looked like, she chose a nice one-piece in royal blue, with a frill running down the centre, gathered around the bust and hips, and adjustable straps. Also, we found a couple of pairs of cheap shorts.

I then had just enough time (after waiting for 35 other people in front of me at the checkout) to dash up to the doctor to get the results of my biopsies. Turns out the patches on my arm were changing so he froze them, but the spot above my brow, which I ignored last year, has to get surgically removed. Last year it was a patch to be frozen. See what happens when you ignore it??

Anyway, on the way back home we made another stop at Big W for the swim shorts to go over the bathers. One happy kid. Also bought a present for Fluffy for Christmas but I'm not going to say what it is here in case he reads this :-)

Sunday was quite. Fluffy had been at his course in Mawson Lakes all week, and had final exams Saturday. I don't know how he did, he won't know for another week or more, but he doesn't feel confident. Apparently there is a very high fail rate. I think he grasped the concept of the formulas by the end of the week, so I guess we'll see. Fingers crossed.

Sunday he went into work till lunch. Dobby didn't get up till 11.30 after I woke her up. We will be putting a stop to this, let me tell you! So I didn't do much. Just the sheets, some washing, and later in the day, swept the floor and vacuumed the carpeted areas. I just couldn't be bothered moving much. Read a lot. Watched TV with Fluffy in the afternoon. It was nice to have him back with us.

Oh while I think of it too, through the last couple of weeks, my two standard roses down the back have been prolifically flowering. They look so lovely so have had fresh cut roses inside for about 2 weeks now. Lucky, aren't I?

This is one of the first batch of roses. I have had 4 so far.

This is my latest bunch, which sits in the middle of my dining table and smells absolutely divine!

These are the two standard roses. The one on the right came out with even more flowers, which is where most of the above photo came from.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Is it time yet?

How much longer do you think Dobby will be at home? Ten years? Twelve? Because I could seriously get used to this "me" time I have had lately.

This week has been a struggle to get through at work. It's quiet, which means a lot of web surfing while trying to look busy, feeling like I just want to go back to bed. I took Dobby to guitar this week and surprised the heck out of everyone. Funny how predictable we become in life.

Friday she had netball again. Typical for her age group, she has been experiencing some difficulties with so called friends at school. Remember Myrtle? Well, she is being a right little pain at the moment, making Dobby's days very uncomfortable. She is part of a group of girls, who all seem to be gathering around Myrtle and leaving Dobby out. When she found another friend to hang around, that girl's friend joined Myrtle's group and they all sit around gossiping about Dobby and her friend. Argh, girl's are bitches.

Anyway, at netball, one of the girls who is part of the group plays in Dobby's team. While she herself has never been mean to Dobby, she just doesn't talk to her as much as she used to, but sits with the rest of the group and not with Dobby. At netball, Dobby was a big phobic about missing goals again, so was not as confident as normal. I don't know what her problem was because this other girl had the same issue.

But once she got her first goal she was on fire. She played 3 quarters and gave it her all. Even the coach noticed. After the game, a mutal so-called friend took the other girl aside and said, within Dobby's hearing, "Gee, Dobby is not a very good player is she". To her credit the other girl didn't answer but just gave a brief nod of her head. Poor Dobby was almost in tears.

We encouraged her as much as she could, telling her the coach was very pleased with her game.

On Saturday she had an umpire's training course to go to. She was very cranky at me (what's new) because I left her there and didn't stay, but when she phoned later in the day she said she had enjoyed it and was learning heaps. Whew.

Once I dropped her off I took some videos back, went to the Chemist, wandered down to Harvey Norman and collected a Slushie Maker we had ordered, then home for a bit. At 11.30 I picked up my lovely friend Marg, and we had lunch at Fasta Pasta at Henley Beach. She is so bright and sprightly for 77. I love spending time with her.

I bought lunch and she bought coffee and cake for dessert. They do lovely cheesecakes!

Back to her house for coffee, and she gave me a wonderful little Royal Albert tray, on which I sat the couple of other pieces I have.

Home at 3, then pick up Dobby at 3.45 from the netball courts. Fluffy had just gotten home so he came too. We took her straight around to her new friend's house for a sleepover. Aaaah, peace.

I reckon I could get used to being an Empty Nester. So could Fluffy. We just sat around, then made lazy tea - toasted sandwiches for Fluffy, nachos for me.

Today, he went to work (again) and I stayed in bed till 8. Then it was time to start the chores. I had breakfast then stripped the bed, ironed some pillowcases and Fluffy's work shirts, did some washing, then off to Officeworks for a scientific calculator for Fluffy. He is doing some course at Mawson Lakes next week.

A trip to KMart to look for work shirts next. While there I wished I had taken Dobby there for her prom dress. They have two lovely evening dress type things for around $3o. Bummer!

But anyway, I found one work top for me, which was sheer, so I bought a white singlet to wear under it, and also a sun dress for holidays, and a two-pack of bras for less than $20. All up, around $65. Not bad I thought.

Off to grab some fresh vegies and milk, then home. I made more nachos for lunch and then steam mopped the kitchen and dining room.

Soon, I will clear up the dining table of shopping bags and stuff, put the chairs back, vacuum the lounge, and change the cat litter box. Then it will be time to pick up Dobby. I hope she has enjoyed her weekend. I sure have....

Monday, 18 October 2010

It's a girl!

You know, this week was so boring I almost forgot to blog about it.

At work, it was go, go, go. But who wants to hear about work?

On the home front, Dobby didn't have to go to guitar on Wednesday cause the teacher called in sick. So we did nothing all week.

Friday night was busy though. I had to stop at the doctor on the way home to get a pill script, and get him to have a look at some spots on my arms and face. He wants to biopsy 3 of them. One, the one on my forehead, was biopsied last year and came back as sun damage to burn off. But it would appear a cancer has come up under that spot. He also burned another spot of my other arm.

Then, grabbed Barnacle Bill's for dinner, raced home, ate that, then off to Harvey Norman for a look. Man, won't do that again! The place was super crowded! It took about 7 minutes to find out that the two things I would have liked to purchase on sale were not available. So she ordered them and I had to stand in line and pay a deposit. The line was so long I waited almost half an hour! But, just before the end I called Dobby and asked her to grab a metal barmix blender I had seen earlier cheap. She didn't know the one I meant, so the girl helped her. I said "Just a cheap one" and she came back with a plastic thing. But it was only $33 so who cares. Dobby can make smoothies again.

After that it was quick run up to Anzac Highway for Dobby's first Summer netball game. Considering she is playing in an age group higher than last season, they did well. They only lost by 4 goals. It was a good game. But man, was it cold! It was about 10 degrees, windy as hell and on the verge of rain. Disaster! Poor kids.

While there we put Dobby's name down for the umpire's course next weekend. Coach Ruth said it would be good experience for her and once she's done it, she can umpire any game.

Back home at 10 pm. What a day!

Saturday I promised Dobby I would take her to look at graduation dresses. She is only graduating year 7, but it's apparently a big thing here. They have a ceremony, formal photos etc. Silly, but it is important to Dobby so off we went.

First stop though was to see if we could get a whistle for her umpire's course on the weekend. The girl behind the counter told Dobby that once she has done the course, come down to ETSA Park stadium because there is always a shortage of umpires there on Saturdays and she could make up to $30 for the day if she wanted.

Which brings me to something else interesting that happened this week. On Wednesday Dobby came into the office, plunked herself on the desk and declared she wanted to make money. She brought in her Schedule of Fees, a notebook and a pen.

As Fluffy and I have always encouraged her to do chores for money we were happy to come up with suggestions. We have done up a list of a couple of things:

Washing up - 50c a day
Bringing the washing in - 50c a day
Feeding the animals - 50c a day.

This gives her the opportunity to make $10.50 a week.

As a bonus, every day she either does work in her room, or her room is clean, she earns another $1.50. And, if she does the dog poo run on the weekend, she earns another $5.

That is a total possible earnings of $26. This week she made $20.50, because her dad backdated it to last weekend, when she had done most of the first chores. She was happy.

Anyway, when it comes to dresses, that girl is very hard to please. We looked at all these lovely little feminine dresses but she hated them all. One dress she did like and tried on, suited her. She wanted that one. Lets keep looking I said. Sure.

She turned her nose at almost every other dress. One she did try on was too small. So after hours looking at dresses we had lunch then went back to get the first one. $90 later....

But she likes it. Typically, though, when we got home and she put it on again, this was wrong, that was wrong, but she insisted she still liked it. I won't put up pics because I'd like to wait till December for the main event. But needless to say, I do actually have a daughter after all...

Later we took a trip to the video store and Sunday saw us bludge most of the day watching movies and making Christmas cards. And chocolate cup cakes. Then race down and take the movies back.

Fluffy gave Dobby her money last night. We decided to make pay day Sunday evening so she is more inclined to hang on to it for a while. We even gave her a Kombi Van money box. One happy teenager.

I have had a killer headache for a few days now, and today, Monday, it's not getting any better. But, still, I am vertical so it can't be all bad. Next week hopefully I will have something good to tell you. Or worth writing about anyway. We shall have to see.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pics from last week

So here are a couple of little photos. Not much.

This is the lovely clock Fluffy got from Boss. His dad has one similar, as does my mum. His dad's is from late 1800's but I don't think this one is. Still, it is beautiful. We haven't wound it yet to see if it works properly, or if the striker works.

This is the roll top desk we were given. It is supposed to be my birthday present but sadly my Mac is too big for it. Fluffy had another smaller one but this one didn't fit in the lounge, so the smaller one went out there and now houses Dobby's keyboard, which she plays quite a lot.

This one is my favorite. It is a lovely china display cabinet, which houses all Fluffy's watches and wind up alarm clocks. neat, hey?

And this one, is the present Boss and his wife brought me back from overseas. Apparently Mrs Boss chose it. Boss thought it was too small, but Mrs Boss said he wouldn't have liked to pay for the bigger one, so I don't know how expensive it was. But it looks lovely on my silver chain.

The photo doesn't do it much justice. It's a lovely blue sapphire with diamonds around. Well, if they're diamonds. But it is a lovely piece, about 1.5cm long. I really like it.

Well, that's about it. Hopefully something exciting will happen this week that I can blog about. So far, nothing newsworthy....

Monday, 11 October 2010

I could get used to this

I wonder what it is about Fluffy working every day that makes my weekend slower?

This week was my last week alone at work before Boss came back from overseas. Needless to say, I will miss the peace and quiet but there you go.

Dobby had guitar lessons again, and it was a struggle to get her to go this time. But she went. Luckily! It's been nice listening to her play her guitar and the keyboard. She doesn't do it seriously just plays around, but I will always encourage it.

Fluffy has decided to take whatever overtime he can get it, and sadly for us that means he is working every day. Non stop. No days off. I don't think he can keep it up personally but he is too stubborn to give up a day.

It does mean, however, that Dobby and I hang out together more. This weekend we decided that if she cleaned her room I would take her to see Diary of a Whimpy Kid. She did so I did. She also asked if I could take her to the beach. So as I had a couple of vouchers for the movies we decided to head down for the 10.40 viewing. Made it with time to sit and eat most of the popcorn before the show started.

She really enjoyed the movie too. It's a cute one, if you like kids. She does not read much. Hardly ever. But she devoured these books with a passion, so I knew she would like the pic. After that we came home, collected the dog, and headed up to Westbeach. It was so lovely out on Saturday. It got just a tad chilly by the time I was ready to go. Dobby didn't want to leave but she came without a struggle. The dog had fun but I wonder how I can teach him not to jump all over the towels and kick sand everywhere???

So, back home and on with a couple of chores before Fluffy got home. Boss had told me I could have a lovely roll top desk his mother in law had. So we made arrangements for us to pick it up Saturday evening. It is a lovely desk, a bit knocked around, and certainly not an old antique wooden one, but it is very classy and Fluffy loves it. His computer sits inside nicely and without clutter, just the way he likes it.

While we were there we noticed a couple of other bits and pieces, including a beautiful old clock, which Fluffy took a fancy to. I will put up more pics tomorrow. Anyway, yesterday morning I phoned Boss's wife and asked what would she consider a reasonable offer on a lovely china cabinet and old phone table/chair. She said I could have them, so back we went yesterday afternoon to collect them. The phone table is about to fall apart so it might need some TLC first. But the china cabinet was just right to replace the old one with one glass door (Dobby went through the other a few years ago) which houses all of Fluffy's old fob watch and travel alarm collection. It looks good. As I said, photos tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday morning my friend Marg was coming for a visit so as soon as Dobby woke up I asked if she wanted to make our planned cupcakes early so we could have them when Marg came. She agreed.

She helped me make the cakes, and we had the bright idea of dividing the mixture into 3, adding pink food colouring into one, and hot chocolate powder into the another. Then spooning them into the patty pans to make rainbow cakes. And when they were in the oven they looked great. Sadly, when they came out they all sagged in the middle and looked rather odd.

But, I did ice them anyway and this is the result:

And I can tell you, they were very moist and tasty. Yummo! Delicate little ones they are, not big at all.

Anyway, I also cut some fresh flowers from my garden before she came too:

Then, when Marg left we wandered down to the shop with the dog, get him out of the house, for some sour cream. Back home I made nachos for lunch with the leftover taco mince. Plus, I bought fresh avocados and made guacamole. I have never made that before and it was divine!

Anyway, slow afternoon then until Fluffy got home, and we picked up that furniture.

Now I am just trying to win on Ebay a dress Dobby has her heart set on for Graduation at the end of the year. I don't want to pay a fortune cause she won't wear it again, but it's the one she wants. What to do? What to do?

Monday, 4 October 2010

Aaaah, peace and quiet

This week has been one of the quietest I have had for some time. As Boss is still away I have been going slowly slowly at work. Although it's end of month, prior to that I had a couple of days where I wasn't really stressed. That helped. A trip to the accountant on the 30th to get some cheques signed, paid the bills, and that's about it. Then, Friday was my true start of end of month. It gets busy now, with customer pricing to do, bank reconciliations, invoices to get from suppliers and figures to get to the accountant.

But I only have this week of quiet before Boss comes back then I will have to make sure I am working again.

This weekend was lovely. On Thursday I got a message from Nan asking if Dobby was at home, as they were coming down this side of town and would stop in to see her if she was. She wasn't. But would she like to come back home with them for the weekend? You bet! So, 10.30 Thursday night Nan arrived to collect her.

So I had a perfectly child free weekend. We were supposed to go to Jamestown with the caravan club but Fluffy was offered overtime for the weekend. He took it. That meant, with Dobby away, and Fluffy at work, I had several hours each day alone.

Friday I worked but Boss phoned and told me to go early. I packed up at 4. Because it was too early to bring lazy tea home, when Fluffy got home after 5 we took Ozzie for a walk and bought fish and chips on the way home.

Saturday he went to work, and I pottered about the house. I had to run a few errands, so first I took Ozzie for a walk to the shop, did a spot of cleaning up, baked some biscuits, went out again to the supermarket, then had a lazy lunch out on the back patio in the sun. It was so lovely to see the sun! Then it was time to get the laundry in, vacuum the floors and wash the kitchen floor.

For dinner Saturday night I thought we could just bake some of the little snack type things I usually keep a supply of. Like Chicken Balls, Fish Fingers, and other little snack things. We ate it in the lounge watching TV.

Sunday I got up early because I was supposed to go to morning tea with my little old neighbour, but had some sewing to do before that.

See, ages ago Nan had asked me to make some arm covers for her lounge out of the leftover curtain material. Supid me agreed. So I figured while I was awake I would do them first. When Fluffy left at 5.45 I settled in at the sewing machine. I made six chair arm covers and two little pillows from the bit that was left.

Just as I was finishing up my neighbour called and cancelled. She was sick. Grr. So the pressure was off and I had the day to myself. I took Ozzie for a walk to the shop again, and picked up the fixings for cheesecake. Then pottered around the house. Cleaned up somewhat, did some laundry, remade the bed with clean sheets, and not much else.

When Fluffy came home I had showered and packed a toiletries bag, he had a quick shower, and it was off to pick up Dobby, then head over to Fairview Park for dinner with friends. It was lovely to sit around out there and just chat. We had nibbles first, then after 8 we had bbq dinner and salad. Lovely. As it was Fluffy's birthday, and a public holiday, on the Monday, we had the cheesecake for dessert and stayed over.

We all had separate rooms cause they only have 3 single beds, but it was still lovely. A slow get up this morning then head home. None of the others wanted breakfast up there so I waited till we got home too.

Now, we are home, Fluffy has opened his presents, and he has decided to clean up out the back.

As I have done most of the housework for the weekend I really don't intend to do much today. Probably catch an early night to get some of the sleep I missed out on last night (late night, different bed, you know what it's like).

So, that's my slow week. Makes for a boring blog, but man, it sure was needed! x

Sunday, 26 September 2010


So Monday was Moose's last day with us. As Boss was overseas I had to work the full day, so she opted to take herself off to the zoo followed by ice skating.

But even that couldn't go right in my house, could it?

Six fifteen I was standing in the kitchen making myself breakfast when I got a call from Fluffy. He'd forgotten his security pass into work and could I meet him halfway to drop it off? Mind you, he's been working there for 4 years, but the stupid security officer wouldn't even let anyone vouch for him, nor for some reason could they find his file in the computer system. They all have photo IDs so it should have been there.

So I don my cardigan over my pajamas and head out to the car. Darn it. It has been taking a little to fire up this last week, and this morning I didn't think it was going to start at all. Finally it caught but there was an engine warning light on the dash. Great!

I raced out to meet Fluffy at the appointed rendezvous spot, arriving just as he did. He told me to see if I could get it into Mitsubishi to get it looked at. I had to wait until eight before I could call, but they said to bring it down. That meant I was unable to get Moose into the city. I had to wait at Mitsubishi and get their courtesy bus into work.

Great start to the week. As the car is still under warranty I wasn't too worried. But, of course, it's the battery, and for them to install another and reset all the computers, there went $230. Plus, I booked it in for a service as we were going away for the long weekend. Service is this monday. And we are not going away afterall... but that's another story.

So, Monday I toddle off to work, and Moose gets a taxi to the zoo. Fluffy worked Monday because it's an overtime shift and worth some money. After work he came all the way over to my side of town and picked me up from work, taking me to pick up the car. Lovely boy, isn't he?

Then, I picked up Moose from ice skating. Home at last. She had some packing to do so had an early night after dinner.

Tuesday I thought I would sleep in a bit but Moose still came in at her usual time. No problem, I got up as I was awake anyway, playing with the cat on the bed.

So we got Dobby off to school, taking the dog for a much needed walk, then I drove Moose to the airport, where she still had a 2 hour wait for her plane. Sadly, it was the start of an epic 13 hour trip home for her! The Gladstone air port was closed, so not only did she have a stopover in Melbourne from Adelaide to Brisbane, but she was then diverted to Rockhampton and had to take a bus back to Gladstone. I got a text from her after ten pm saying she was finally home. And she had to work the next day!

Anyway, for us it was a quiet night. A quick tidy up and early night. Dobby was supposed to start guitar this week after having her cast off but as she is a member of the Student Council she was given the job of door person (stamping hands) at the school disco so she got another week off.

I brought home pies for dinner (slack I know) and she toddled off to that. We walked her down, stopping to chat to Myrtle's mum for a bit before coming home. That night I started to be aware of a strange dizzy sensation. Where when you lean down you feel like you want to keep moving. I believe it's called Vergito? Anyway, as I had had Labrynthitis some years ago, and was confined to bed, naturally I got a bit worried. I found the symptoms stayed around the rest of the week, only abating on Sunday morning slightly. Scary!

So, anyway, Dobby had fun at the disco, and Fluffy picked her up at nine afterwards. On the way home he told her we would not be going away with the caravan club for the long weekend as he opted to take up some overtime which was on offer. She spat. Of course. Seeing only that we "should consider other people for a change" and think of what she wanted. Blah Blah. I just ignored it.

Thursday off to work again, very quiet work with Boss away. he phones me each afternoon about half past three, otherwise it's very quiet.

Friday was my birthday. Now, I had already received my present from Dobby and Fluffy so for them, it was just another day. But when Fluffy went to work, I was wide awake so I chose to open my gifts from mum, Tanya and Rat.

Mum gave me these two beautifully boxed serving platters. What do you think? Sorry about the photo quality. It's pretty dark in my bedroom.

Rat gave me ten little carved wooden frogs, and Tanya gave me a rose hand lotion and lavender talcum powder. It was business as normal then, off to work. After work, however, an old school friend and his family were in town and wanted to catch up for dinner.

Dobby finished school early but she didn't phone me. I got worried. I tried to phone her mobile, no answer. I phoned home, no answer. Then I phoned Myrtle's mum and she drove over to check out things. She found Dobby sitting on the front stoop eating noodles. See, I had the house key in my car.... Poor dobby was locked out! Today of all days! She had taken all her dad's tools off his work bench to try to break into the house, then had gone to the van and made noodles in van microwave. Talk about mess! Fluffy was not a happy chappy as he had to clean it all up.

So, after a shaky start we all got ready and went to dinner. I had made a booking for eight at the Fresh Choice restaurant at Marion. We arrived early and were seated at a table for about 12 or more. I didn't actually count.

After a while we looked outside and saw the family arriving. However, they were seated across the other side of the restaurant! Stupid people! I phoned Steve, who had his back to me, and told him to look around. We waved madly and they came to join us. It was great to catch up again. His lovely wife is a facebook friend of mine and we got along just fine. Their youngest daughter is Dobby's age too.

They came back to our place for coffee, which finished the evening off nicely.

Oh, and in the afternoon, before dinner, I found a Facebook message from another old school friend! She found me, and we had been extremely close through school. She said some lovely things, and it was a wonderful reunion. I must spend a few minutes soon and "chat" to her online. We have a long time to catch up on.

So, Saturday, Fluffy went to work, and Dobby and I ran a few errands. I had to go and buy his birthday present first, then we went to Marion to drop an invoice into MediBank Private. Then we went looking for dinnersets. Mine is all in pieces, mismatched and such. I didn't want to spend a lot, so we looked through Big W. Saw a few potentials but didn't rush into anything.

Then we went to K Mart. Nothing much there. I noticed Harris Scarfe was having a sale. 40% off dinner sets. Good place to start. They were expensive but reduced to about $60. A couple took my fancy, one having stripes, another spots, a 3rd was black on the outside and green inside. But the one I chose was 50% off cause it was the last one. Reduced from $110 to $60. It was brown, with cream stripe thing at the top. The bowls were large, and the mugs were quite large too. It was a creamy, chocolaty colour. Very nice. After awhile I decided that was the one I wanted.

A young lad came up and packed it up for me to collect later after we had done some more errand running. As we walked away I heard "chink".... oh dear. Sure enough, he had dropped one of the cups, smashing it. He was so embarrassed, poor bloke. He reduced the price another ten dollars but I pointed out the whole purpose of spending that much on a dinner set was because mine was not complete.

I decided I was quite disheartened and just left it. Dobby and I tried to find a photo frame big enough for her netball photo but couldn't find one so we just went back to Castle Plaza and did some grocery shopping. Fluffy called to say he was on his way home, so we bought him a pie for lunch.

Home to unpack. I bought Dobby Sushi and I had kipper snacks (my family knows what they are) on toast with grilled cheese on top. Very tasty. I also grabbed a bowl of chips, a cup of soft drink and my book, and settled in outside.

Once we felt a bit better, I asked Dobby if she wanted to go back to Marion and I would look again at the other sets. Fluffy had said I could and he made himself comfortable in front of the telly watching the grand final, and promptly fell asleep. I woke him briefly to tell him we were going, then off we went.

After looking again at the sets in Harris Scarfe, I chose this one.

The photo really doesn't do it justice. The red on the plates is a rich red wine colour. They are made of an earthen ware type material, and are surprisingly light. We both agreed that after looking at these sets in Harris Scarfe, the others just looked cheap.

This is a size comparison for the cups - they really are quite large!

With these to offer visitors, you sure wouldn't feel embarrassed to offer them coffee!

I made Fluffy a cuppa in one, and woke him long enough for him to check it out and offer his approval. Then he promptly went back to sleep. He has not been well lately, with work putting him under a lot of stress. He doesn't sleep well, and has been not eating right either. This happened once before and he had a breakdown. I am quite worried about him...

Anyway, I wandered around outside for a while and played with the animals. Do you think someone was posing for the camera?

Dinner was lamb chops baked in the oven, with roast potatoes. Yummy!

Today, Sunday, is a very slow day. As I type this it is after ten am and I am still in my pajamas! I have done nothing more than strip the sheets off the bed and put them into the wash. Time to go take care of the hair (it needs a wash), put the second load of laundry on, then take a walk down to the shop for dog food I forgot yesterday.

After vacuuming the floor, and if I feel like it, mopping the kitchen floor, I will call it quits for the day. This dizzy stuff is almost gone but it sure is draining and I can feel a headache coming on. Don't want to over do it now, do I? *wink*