Sunday, 23 December 2007 it morning already?

Whew, what a busy few days I have had. As I said, it is all winding up now, and I am starting to be able to relax. Apparently, a little too much.

On Friday we had the boss's Christmas lunch. On the balcony, 9 floors up, overlooking the racecourse. Mind, it was windy as all heck, and raining too. But hey, for the sake of a fluffy shaggy dog hair do, it was lovely.

We left the office half an hour late (not my fault, well sort of.) The salt and pepper squid was served after two pm, very nice though. Next course was steak, served around half past three, followed by dessert somewhere around five. The food was great, the company was great (my boss is hilarious when he has had a few under his belt) and apparently the wine was good too. Him had a very good time chatting with the ladies, and I got to kick back and relax for the first time in weeks.

Then, Saturday morning I had breakfast on the beach (almost literally, at a surf club). We had booked ahead, and when we got there we had to stand outside in the wind and rain because a group of about ten cyclists took our spot. After about twenty minutes the ladies managed to squeeze us into a tight corner until the cyclists decided to move on. Very loud they were but we had a great morning, and vowed to bring the newly formed Breakfast Club together again in January.

Jr Her came with me as Him was working, and we went grocery shopping afterward. What fun that was! But Kmart had Christmas stuff for half price so we purchased a couple of little bits and pieces. Then, after cleaning up most of my filing and stuff, after Him got home, we went to the other side of Adelaide for drinks. That was excellent as most of my friends were there. We finished up getting home at half past eleven and poor Him had to go to work again today. Off he goes and I go back to sleep.

Imagine my shock when I looked at the clock next - 9.45am! I have never, in my life, slept that late. Jr Her was still asleep too, but surfaced when she heard me talking to her father. She surprised me further by stripping the sheet from her bed and re-making it without a fight straight away...almost unheard of!

We cycled down to the local shopping centre today too for a bit of exercise. Now, although I have to get into the housework, all I want to do is curl up and go back to bed...must have post traumatic stress....or something...haha. Just lazy maybe...

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Slowly, slowly went the tortoise

Do you ever wish some weeks would just be over? Like this week before Christmas? I do. I don't know why I am stressed, but it seems I am. I have had a headache since last Thursday, and here it is Wednesday morning, nice and early (like 5.30am early) and I can feel it creeping back to settle in above my eyes and around my neck.

Admittedly, it has been a tough few weeks. Planning a wedding on a tiny budget, trying to save money so we can have spending money in NZ, worrying about a wedding reception next year (which apparently is just a gathering at a pub, but still has to be organised regardless). And worrying about documents like passports, airline tickets, divorce papers, and superannuation forms I forgot to fill out.

I have finally managed to get the dress to the seamstress, get my bouquet organised (it got lost in the mail) and find a cheap pair of gold shoes to wear, and figure out a new hair style with the help of my hairdresser.

I have also had to try to plan a Christmas, which I haven't done for awhile, and so far that has taken a back seat. I should sit down and make a list, at some point, of things to try to fit it between breakfast on the beach Saturday and drinks Saturday night. Somewhere along there I have to grocery shop, see a couple of friends to drop off a small gift, and pick up a hamper for another family. I think that is all anyway...

Plus it is end of month time at work, and I am still trying to learn stuff that I didn't get shown properly last time due to lack of time. I am so busy at work that I didn't get lunch yesterday until 3.00pm. And that was only after I took time out for a walk because I had to bank a cheque.

I have two and a half days left to get everything done. I am at work alone because the boss is interstate until Friday morning. Which can work both in my favour and against me. So far it has been in my favour because I get more work done. But I am frustrating him because I get stressed and make mistakes. Silly mistakes like forgetting which order we were just talking about. My mental recall is terrible at the best of times but when I am stressed it is non existent (no comments from the peanut gallery either thank you).

However, it will all be over soon and I can relax. Apart from cooking lunch Christmas day, and visiting friends for drinks in the afternoon, I don't intend doing much over Christmas. I believe visiting blister would like to go ice skating on Boxing day, and we can hit the factory outlets I found recently on Thursday, then if she wants to do Hahndorf or wherever, we can do it Friday.

Oh, but on a positive note to all this, I jumped on the scales for the first time this morning and found I have lost about a kg or so. According to the bathroom scales I am about 88.5kg. Yay!

Hey, I forgot to tell you, Him bought me an early Christmas present this weekend. He bought me a bike! Now all 3 of us have new bikes and when things slow down, we can all go for rides together. We have been for one around the local streets and it was fantastic. Sore butt though...the exercise bike doesn't hurt as much!

Monday, 10 December 2007

Ring, Ring, Why Don't You Give Me A Call...

Sorry for the poor picture quality - the camera won't cooperate! The only camera I can get to focus is the video camera, but I can't get the image to play back on the computer, and I can't find half the film clips that are on the camera...need someone who can download them properly for me.

In the mean time, this will give you a very rough idea...

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ho Hum

You know, it is so frustrating how fast time flies by. I have struggled for about the last 4 weeks with weight loss. I am exercising at an alarming rate, eating for the most part the right stuff. But still it sits on my hips. The weeks are flying by and the weight is just not shifting. It is almost enough to make one stop and eat chocolate...

The wedding plans are coming along. We have all lodged our passport applications, I sent the licence application to New Zealand today, and I will pop into the dressmaker on the weekend with the pattern and material. All we need to do now is actually book the bloody flights. And man, aren't those passports expensive!!!

Him is doing a panic because we have had to dip into our savings, so has been able to cash in some of his sick days. That will certainly help somewhat.

Add to this my bouquet seems to have gone missing. It was supposed to have been posted to me on 21 November but I have yet to see it.

Once that turns up I will be happy. From my point of view, all I will need is shoes! I am thinking gold....

Friday, 23 November 2007

Finally! Progress!

So I went to the dietitian on Wednesday. I thought I had a couple of weeks grace so really concentrate on losing weight so I have been really making an effort for the last two weeks, walking half an hour a day with a friend, doing half an hour on the exercise bike when I don't walk, and sometimes when I do. So imagine my shock when the pop up on my computer advised my appointment was the next day! EEK!!!

I have been trying desperately to watch what I eat, although I do snack before dinner because I get so hungry. Well, that's when I don't snack properly, but hey, I am good the rest of the time.

My home bathroom scales are not really my friend, even though they weigh light. That's always good but it means you get a rude shock when you go for a weigh-in.

So with that in mind, and armed with the knowledge I am improving, I trundle off to the dietitian. She is happy because I am now down to 91.3 kg. I am not happy because my scales put me at just under 91kg. However, when I jumped on them this morning they had crept down a little under that.

But essentially, I know I am doing well because my clothes fit so much better, and I feel more taut around the back, stomach and legs. No wait, impossible to feel taut around the stomach...perhaps I should say my bulge is slightly less noticeable. I told her about our trip in February and that I wanted to lose ten kg by then. She suggested i aim lower and go for about 5-7. Okay, I can live with that. But 80kg would look a lot better in a wedding dress!

Now for lunch today (before I walk up to the bank) I am having a small baked potato with baked beans and a few slivers of light cheese...mmmmm.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Boring, boring, boring...

Gee, it's been awhile since I wrote anything, but, well, my life is boring. Actually, it's not so much that my life is boring, but that it has been so consumed with life in general that I haven't had time to do anything worth writing about.

We have both picked up our wedding (and my new engagement) rings. But in typical lazy fashion I haven't gotten around to taking a photo and sticking it here on the web. I will, though, I promise...soon...

I have managed to get Him's birth certificate, so that means I can get our passports organised, once I have gotten to the post office to get our photos done...

I have also gotten hold of the magistrate's court in Brisbane to get a copy of Him's divorce papers, but the form was being emailed to me, and the email system is down at the moment (refer to previous whinges about IT geeks!)

We also went shopping on the weekend and picked a lovely red dress for Jr Her, and shiny red shoes for her to wear. And, I found a dress maker to make my dress.

Plus, I typed a rough draft of our wedding vows from some samples sent to me from the celebrant. So, now I am happy and the pressure is off a bit, I can almost relax...

I want to have a look at dress material this weekend for myself, as I a not sure if I am supposed to do that or if the dress maker does that. I guess I will have to phone her and find out at some point, won't I? Especially given that she works at one of the big material shops here close to home.

Other than that, my life is boring, boring, boring...

Oh, I almost forgot, we have decided to have a lunch time reception, followed by play time at our house for the afternoon. Can't wait for that providing the important people come. Should be a lot of fun!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Why do people stuff it for others?

I found out yesterday one of my favourite blogs has gone off the air. :-( Why? Because the wrong person read her blog. Why do people always have to stuff up things for others?

I miss her. Stupid, cause we don't even know each other. But her site was interesting, and I really felt like I had another friend.

But I want to wish her all the best, and if she wants to keep me updated through this website she is more than welcome! Besides, I am dying to know the story behind that last blog...

On a lighter note, the wedding plans are progressing nicely. I have, as I mentioned, the hat. I also have Jr Her's bouquet. Red roses, with hopefully a bit of white baby's breath. So now we know she is wearing red! I have a photographer, a location, and I think I have booked the celebrant...better confirm that one...

Monday, 5 November 2007

Lost in the vast expanse of blackness

Well, that's what appears to have happened to Him's divorce papers. I am sure they must be somewhere (although why they are not his his file I don't know). But we just can't locate them anywhwere.

We did get the opportunity to go through some rubbish in the office though.

Had a good weekend (aside from going through the office). We went ring shopping for Him on Saturday. Found a lovely one with 5 diamonds across the top. Very nice and was reduced to half price. Gotta be a good bargain. We went out to dinner at a friend's house Saturday evening and it was lovely. We ate copious amounts of appetisers like Caramel Kiss lollies, carrot sticks, caramelized onion philly dip, soy snacks, and other yummy treats. Jr Her picked some broad beans and munched quite happily on those raw.

Dinner was two very good roasts of pork and beef, baked spuds, salad and coleslaw. Followed by a very good trifle. All bad food, but all exceptionally good. We were there about 6 hours or so.

Funny story though, we used the Sat Nav to get there, and it took us through these weird back streets, when all we needed was two major turns to get to the same place...then when we used it to get us home it wouldn't work until we were out of the gully. Silly thing. But we got home just before eleven pm.

Sunday we bought Him a new pair of Colorado shoes, very nice, and in the shop was a white sheer hat I had been thinking of for a wedding hat (no veil for me). It was only $20 so I bought I just have to figure how to get it to NZ...

Thursday, 1 November 2007

New adventures

Well, things are definitely cruising on the home front. After a week in the van Him has come home. It was funny the way that happened - he asked if he could sleep over at my place. I let him (of course, sleepovers can be fun!) and he just stayed.

We have had a great week, no fights, no grumpy bits. When one of us gets a bit tense we talk to the other about what is bothering us. In my case, it's usually stress. Planning a big event can be stressful.

What big event? Well, some of you know. We are going to New Zealand in February, which is a big event in itself, but we have decided, after almost 13 years together, to get married while there.

It is something Him suggested we may look at earlier this year (to which I just laughed, cause he is never serious about getting married) but apparently he had been giving it some thought because he brought it up again on the weekend.

So we are taking the plunge. We even went out and bought a new engagement and wedding ring set for me (this one is old and very thin on the back). It is exensive by our standards, but very nice and looks good on.

It will be a very simply ceremony, with just Him, Jr Her and me, and the witnesses I will have to borrow from the hotel. I think I can get a photographer for about $875, which is ridiculous for just 70 photos, a disk and a farewell kiss...

But what holiday snaps to remember!

Friday, 26 October 2007

All quiet on the home front...

Well, things are cruising along nicely. Him is still in the van but we are a lot more open with each other, and we have had some great conversations. We still need to formulate a plan to deal with issues as they arise, but we have managed to handle the couple that have so far.

We have both managed to pull our heads in instead of starting a fight and we realise what causes the arguments and try to stop them before they start.

In Him's defence, he does come out to sit with us, but most of the time we are not doing anything he wants to do, what I mean is, I am on the computer and Sam is watching some drivel on TV. So he wanders back to bed. Sometimes he will come into the computer room with me but there is only one chair and he gets bored.

Last night I went to check the emails but he didn't hear me so thought I was playing on the computer again. We had agreed we would sit together watching TV. So, he thought I was doing something else and went back to bed. I went and got him and we ended up watching TV together until it was time for him to get ready for work. He likes to stay in bed because he doesn't always sleep properly and by staying in bed at least gets the rest he lacks when he gets up.

Well, we will see what the weekend brings. Hopefully lots of time to talk and relax. We are going for a walk tonight while Jr Her goes to Karate. That will be nice. He isn't working either so we can relax afterwards. I like relaxing...always up for that...

Will keep you posted...Oh, and to all of you, thanks for your support, it means a lot.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Relationships are hard work

Well, mine is anyway. I know it's been awhile since I added to my page. Not much has happened. Just the usual work, sleep, fight with Jr Her, fight with Him. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Until Sunday. Seems Him has been a little upset with our relationship lately, and after a day of snapping at each other, he has moved out to the caravan. He was actually going to pull the van out, and had "the talk" with our daughter saying as much.

Well, after giving it a lot of thought, he has decided to stay in the van but still in the yard for the time being. To be honest, he would probably be back inside but I suggested during a late night talk Sunday that perhaps if he stayed in the van but left it in the yard we would be able to communicate better. If we went back to normal all the old issues will still be there.

We had the opportunity to air our grievences, which helped get a better understanding of where we were heading. I get stressed because my job is stressful, then to come home and be the only person doing housework and cooking and dealing with a very pigheaded pre-teen, it's not fun.

He was feeling left out of the family, as Jr Her would go into one room to watch TV, I would be on the computer because there was nothing to watch on TV, and he was left alone in the kitchen or on the bed.

Perhaps I should explain a little further. He is back on night shift. That means we have either already left for the morning when he gets home, or we are literally on the way out the door. We try not to wake him when we get home, but often he is awake anyway, and I am doing the usual stuff - washing off the line, check the emails, take care of any phone calls that need to be taken care of, fighting with Jr her. I don't go in and spend time with him. Then I cook dinner. He doesn't like to eat too early so I put his aside and Jr Her and I eat alone. Then, I am sometimes watching TV or reading, and he is alone in the bedroom, waiting till it is time to get up and go to work.

So our paths don't cross very much. He has been working six nights a week so he sleeps on the weekend and doesn't want to do much except potter around the house.

Now, I understand he feels lonely, and I understand that he has forgotten all he ever knew about cooking. We have talked some about him helping in the kitchen or heating prepared meals for me. We have discussed spending more time together on weekends as a family, cooking or going out somewhere as well, but I think we need to actually put a plan in place.

Maybe the couple of hours we can grab tonight while Jr Her is at guides will help...

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

IT Updates

So, after putting me off yet again, twice more in fact, I finally managed to see him yesterday.

The problem with that is, it wasn't convenient. In fact, my office mate had even locked the door in case he "dropped in". He stood me up on Thursday, and sent me an email saying sorry, he would be there 12.30 Friday. Well, surprise surprise he didn't show, and didn't call.

Imagine the tizz my office buddy got into. That man presses her buttons something chronic! If it weren't so enraging it would be hilarious actually. One only has to mention IT and it send her face purple. haha.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Yesterday, about ten past ten, up he rocks, no apology, no explanation, nothing. Just waltzes in and expects us to drop everything and cater to him.

I gave him my list of expectations, most of which he just brushed off with some lame comment, which I think meant he couldn't fix them, and quickly repaired a couple of other minor issues. My office buddy was on the phone or we would have looked at her computer to see just what I was babbling on about.

We did agree that when the new edition of Office comes out this month we would look at upgrading my Mac, but at what charge I am wondering. Boss can figure that one out. We also agreed that he would look at upping the spam filters on Boss and Office Mate's computers as they get 100+ junk emails per day.

Anyway, after all this, we set a new appointment time for Monday, at which point I asked him why he kept fobbing me off. I reminded him I pay him as much as his other customers, but he doesn't put them off like he does me. What did I ever do to him? Point taken, he replies. I may fob you off again, says he, but I will phone next time. Thank you, says me.

After all that, office mate cracks a mickey, why does he need to come back at all? do we really need to set up this new programme before Boss gets back? Well, leave the IT geek to me, and I will make executive decisions. Live with it. But anyway, at the end of the day, I asked him to bring the printer cartridge with him when he came next. He sends me an email suggesting I can buy it from this particular store, and they will deliver.

I reply emailed with "Thanks for that. You told me when you dropped off the printer manual that you would look after that, that it was your job..." Will be interesting to see what he says about that...

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Why are IT geeks always arrogant?

Ours is. He is one of the most arrogant pigs I have ever met. We pay him a fortune for 24 hour service. Hah! He wouldn't know service if it bit him on the butt! And rude!

For instance, I have been trying to get him in here for well over a week. By the time he comes it will be close to two. He is unreliable, doesn't phone if he can't keep an appointment, shows up when he feels like it, and irritates my office buddy to the point where she will schedule time off when she knows he is coming.

I phoned him in September to come on the 25th. He didn't show. I phoned him on 26th, and his only response was that he was tied up. No apologies or any such thing. He promised to come on 27th. He didn't, nor did he phone.

On the 26th I had, at his request, emailed him a set of documents which we were experiencing communication issues with (I have a Mac and the rest of the world has Microsoft). He has a Mac, so of course they were going to open on his computer. On the Friday, 28th, he emailed me to say of course he could open them, and why was I sending picture documents anyway? I need to send PDFs. Perhaps, but our client (who pays our wages) asked for picture documents...Who am I to argue with them?

Anyway, on Friday I was forced to phone him as I still had not heard from him. He simply said he had car issues. Not my problem, how hard is it to pick up the phone??? He said he could come that day. Not suitable for us, come next week, and this time, phone and tell us when you are unable to come, yes? I send him a reminder email with the agreed time.

So today, about 25 minutes before the appointed hour, he phones (minor miracle!!) Guess what? He wants to reschedule because he has to be at Wingfield at 1.20. Again, not my problem and when I remind him he has put me off several times already, he laughs and says "I know"...yet, here I sit again, with a vague promise to come either at 3.30 today or "first thing in the morning". I am so angry that I am just cast aside yet again, and even that I am the one who has to deal with him as my office partner is pregnant and cannot deal with the stress levels he inflicts on her. Sigh...bloody IT geeks. So much for 24 hour service....

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Well, actually it was yesterday but I haven't had time to write anything till now. Big 4.0. You know, I don't feel it. I actually feel quite good. A little tired but now I am officially middle aged, that is to be expected!

I have had such a wonderful time. It started Friday afternoon, when I won a Foo Fighters pack. Not that that is really exciting, but to win anything is quite a buzz. It had a CD and Tshirt. Nice.

Saturday was my birthday party. Now, I am always one for a good party, and when people offer to bring stuff, so all I have to supply is the meat and bread rolls, even better! I had lots of plates of nibbles, which I think is always the best bit anyway, and a lovely friend stopped by only to drop off my gift and her two salads, (potato and coleslaw), and a big bowl of chocolates for dessert. Lucky she did cause the promised Greek salad didn't appear...but that's another story.

We dined on lovely snacks, marinated bbq steak, sausages, chicken skewers, and rissoles, bread rolls, and salads, sat around chatting and then I was told to sit and stay. Being a good dog, I did just that! A couple of lovely ladies cleared most of the dishes away, and then the lights went off.

Only to be replaced by the bright glow of 40 candles. Followed closely by Him with the fire extinguisher...

The cake was organised by my friend and neighbour, who I will call Sally (see previous posts). I will try include a photo in my next entry. Shall I tell you what it looked like anyway?

Well, we cut the cake, dished it out (leaving about 2/3 still in my fridge...) and then it was over by about half past eight. Good thing about starting a party at four!

Jr Her had a couple of little girlfriends stay over (never, never again!) and after a few squabbles they finally went to sleep just before twelve.

Next day was quiet, the girls got up and under duress cleaned up Jr Her's room and their bedding in the lounge. One went home and we took Jr Her to the other's house, where she was sleeping the night. After coffee and a chat Him and I drove to the tram station, dumped the car and boarded the tram for the city.

We walked up a few streets to the Rendezvous Allegra, 5 star, very swish. About 5 minutes after booking in (to a room on the 18th floor!!!), the concierge arrived with chocolates and a rose. There was wine in the fridge but we kept that for later. We lazed about the room for awhile, paid $17 to watch Spiderman 3, and waited for our masseuse. He arrived while the movie was on, and I think was watching it while massaging us. It was terrific!

After that we wandered a couple of streets north and found a little pub. Hot garlic bread, and a couple of drinks later we went back to the room, took a bath, and after tarting ourselves up (and watching Burkes Back Yard) we went back out to find somewhere to eat. The place at the casino I wanted to go to was closed (being Sunday), but another nearby was open. Dinner was delicious, and after we put $20 through the pokies.

About 11pm we walked back to the hotel, and got to bed about midnight. I, as always, woke up at the crack of dawn so I read for awhile, showered, made myself look reasonable (it was, after all, driver's licence photo day). When Him crawled out of bed some time later we wandered down to breakfast, which was included with our room. Cooked breakfast, with all the trimmings. Very nice.

When we had finished, we went back upstairs, collected our goods, and checked out. $307 later we made our way back to the tram. We picked up the car, went and got my licence done, then went to the house Jr Her stayed at the previous night to collect her stuff.

The, as the weather was lovely, we pottered about the back yard, doing washing, preparing the van for our weekend away (if the car gets fixed in time, but that's another story).

While we were waiting for Jr Her at the school my boss sent me a text message from France (ooh la la)which I thought was lovely! When we got home they wrapped my presents while I made some snacks. We settled in the lounge, and Jr Her proceeded to unload my presents onto me one at a time.

I have never felt so spoiled in my life. I received some of the loveliest gifts I have ever been given. perfume, frogs, vouchers, jewellery...and Saturday night seemed to be Frog Gift night. I am very blessed with friends and family.

After a dinner of chicken wings and baked potatoes, we had more cake with candles. Better get back to my diet again - I think I have lost about 2kg in the last week, which is excellent!

I do consider myself very blessed. I couldn't help but feel sad on Saturday though. Here I was planning one of the big events of my life, and none of the close family and friends I would normally spend it with were here to share it with me. I did have lots of good friends to share my day with, but it would have been just perfect with my family and friends from Queensland to share the day with. But those who did share it with me, THANKS HEAPS!!! I HAD A BLAST!!!! Those of you who weren't, you missed a great party! haha.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Well, the unthinkable has happened. The new car is now less than perfect. As you can see, I have broken the beast.

Well, when I say I, I mean We. See, I was in the Bunnings car park on the weekend, buying pipe for Him, and after a long day, and in the midst of a terrible headache, Jr Her and I were on the home stretch. A blue car went past, and when it was clear I reversed.

However, so did the blue car...

While I was checking out the front of my beast to make sure I didn't hit the car beside me, the blue car decided they liked a particular car park and reversed up to claim it. Obviously neither of us were looking at that instance.

Poor Jr Her was in tears (her first accident) and the other driver obviously thought I was at fault, cause he was rather gruff and abrupt. I kept saying "you had gone! You drove past!".

Finally, at the end of our conversation he admitted to me he had seen I was ready to pull out, but chose to reverse back to the car park anyway.

It turns out our police reports are almost identical, except for the minor fact that he put the blame onto myself (of course). Why?

He is a cop....

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Pain? What Pain?

What is it with kids that they only feel pain when it suits them? Jr Her has hurt her hip. She actually did it a few weeks ago during a Jump Rope For Heart thingy at school. At her last school she was on the jump rope jr's team, and one of the best, I might add. We were very proud.

When she started at her new school two years ago she was mortified they didn't have a jump rope team. The seniors at her old school actually competed against other schools. Well, along came the Jump Rope for Heart event and she had a chance to show the other kids how good she really is.

But then came the pain. For a couple of weeks I convinced her she had pulled a muscle in her hip. Sometimes she would be almost in tears, but still I thought it was a torn muscle. So, after being told on no uncertain terms that she wanted to go to the doctor, I relented (being the good mother that I am) and took her to the physio.

He poked and prodded, twisted and bent, until he suggested she had a weak hip, a common condition in young girls between about 8 and 12. Something called Perthe's. Anyway, I was to take her to the doctor to get a scan done. So off we go to the doctor, and she has another poke, prod and twist, and writes up the paperwork. When we got the x-rays back, they asked if she had ever had surgery cause there was something on the pictures. Looks like a piece of cotton to me, but who knows?

Then, back up to the doctor we go, to be seen by yet another health care professional, although this one had a wicked sense of humour. He asked Jr Her if she could walk like Carlie Chaplin. She did, he told her she had to walk like that all the time now. Just joking, says he. When asked if she could get out of karate, he said he had a black belt. Then proceeded to lift up his shirt, and comment that it wasn't black it was brown. Funny guy.

Anyway, turns out she has Bursitis in the tissue around the bone. He said she will be out of action for about six week. Six weeks of no karate she says! It hurts too much to do karate!

So being the good parents we are we let her off for the last couple. Her school had it's sports day today, and she was really looking forward to competing in almost everything, including some running that would have once made me blanch (being the sprinter that I was, anything over 100m was just tooooooooo far...) Along with a skipping demonstration during the lunch break.

We told the teacher she could run in two races but that was all. However, she continued to improve and protested that she was no longer sore, and could do everything just fine. We relented...

Today I received a call at lunch time from the teacher. She has hurt her hip to the point of tears. Sigh. She had gone in quite a few events, but the strain was just too much. She was told to relax and sit the rest of the day out. The teacher was going out to tell her she could turn the rope in the skipping but was not to participate.

Him says he will be speaking to her tonight about his disappointment she went behind out back and did more than we actually let her. I was just worried she has done some more damage.

....the teacher did also mention that she broke the high jump record though....(that's my girl!)

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Life's Little Hot Chocolates

Well, its been a couple of weeks since the doctor's visit. I am off to see the dietitian tomorrow. Not sure if I am looking forward to that one. I have been, for the most part, trying very hard this time. It will be interesting to see if I have lost half a kilo or something similar. The only problem is that it is a late afternoon appointment so I will have a whole day's worth of munchies to add to the weight.

However, after being told to lay off the hot chocolate at the doctor's visit, I have. But you know, I reckon he was thinking I made it with all milk. I actually don't use much milk, about 1/3 of a cup. And I use artificial sweetner. The chocolate is usually of the low fat variety (though the one in front of me at the moment is full strength, naughty me, but I felt rebellious!). Anyway, for the most part I have been good.

I am definately eating less, and my choices are a little better most of the time. I am going to go back onto the Optifast diet shakes and bars for two meals a day, starting as soon as I can get to the chemist. Hopefully that will kick start things off again nicely and give me the right incentive to really work at this. I was supposed to have lost this weight by this month, but failed miserably at that. Hopefully I can by Christmas (when there is the threat of a blister arriving from northern regions :-) ). Fingers crossed anyway!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Oh dear...

So, I had my doctor appointment this week. What is it with Doctors that they can make you feel like a naughty school girl again (in the least nice way that is). He didn't even try to smile or make me feel better, but then again, how can you feel better when you haven't lost any weight in 8 months? '

I was telling him a rough outline of my daily diet while climbing up on the examination table ready for a further inflation of my band, and mentioned among other things, my daily hot chocolate, and that I would now have to drop my avocado on toast for breakfast. He murmured that he was more worried about the hot chocolate. I said "oh, no, it's low fat hot chocolate", to which he answered dryly "I'm not convinced."

Not happy Jan as now I have to ditch my favourite hot drink. I cannot drink coffee, and am only an occasional tea drinker. But to give up my Hot Chocolate! With boobs! What a shock. So I had to bring in tea bags today, and will have to now bring milk to work. Sigh...the things we do...

On a positive note, I can no longer finish that little container of pasta I usually bring to work for lunch...

Thursday, 23 August 2007

More excuses?

Well, here I am, almost 2 weeks into my new job and I don't think I have managed to change my weight at all yet. I was hoping once I was away from the chocolate I could settle down and lose that darn weight.

But the Gods are playing tricks on me again. I don't eat chocolate anymore, and for morning tea I only have 4 cracker type biscuits, or 4 milk arrowroots, with a swipe of butter or with banana. And lunch is often a salad, or some hot leftovers. And now I have to climb stairs to get to work.

But I think I know what the problem is. I no longer work in a large office where I walked the length of the building several times a day. Now I tend to sit at a desk a lot. Not at all conducive to weight loss.

Note to self...get out for a quick walk every day, even if you don't want to! Lazy Sod! Dr appointment next week...oh dear...

Monday, 13 August 2007

Back to the diet grindstone...

Well, its time to say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new. Yep, the time has come to hang up the chocolate wrappers, and move on to the salad box. My tenure at the chocolate company is over. After 9 months, my dream run of endless chocolate has come to a close....I coulda had baby in that time!

So, now I start my new job today, I had better do so with a salad for lunch. As I am unfamiliar with the lunch room set up, this has the added advantage of making sure I get lunch in the absence of a microwave. I do have my huge travel mug though and a box of hot chocolate....low fat of course....

I have to admit I am nervous about my new job. It is a big challenge. Lots of new tasks and professionally speaking, it will be a huge step forward. But that also means probably extended hours for less pay. I am working on that one...

My sendoff from the chocolate company was lovely. I didn't realise how much I was appreciated. When the state manager says he tried to keep me (in those words) it is a boost to the old ego. I was given marble cheesecake and chocolate mud cake (my two favourites), a bag of goodies (lots of loose chocolate and a 600g box of Favourites), and also a beautiful bunch of pink tulips in a glass vase. Very nice. All day people were coming up to wish me well and give me a hug.

But I would love to be a fly on the replacement is a model. I will admit, a somewhat cluey one, but the reception desk will be quite a busy spot for a while now....haha.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Being Lazy...or Working too Hard?

You know, I had forgotten what it means to be a "stay at home" mum. I forgot how few hours there are actually in a day when you have a life again.

We just spent a few lovely days away at Normanville, a little beachside town on the Fleurieu Peninsula. It was great to wake up without an agenda and just poke along through the day. Mind, it would have been better if there was sun to poke around in!

We arrived at the caravan park Sunday before lunch, set up and proceeded to explore our surroundings. It was beautiful, warm, sunny weather. We wandered into Yankalilla for a look, spent far too much money, and wandered back to the park for a lazy afternoon sitting about. Dinner was done up in the camp kitchen, which was excellent.

Monday, well, it was so foggy we couldn't see in front of us as we drove around the hills. We searched for a good fishing spot and found one we though would be okay. However, it was over a breakwater wall of rocks, and of course, me with my dicky old knees, was the entertainment trying to hop from rock from rock. When we got to the water all we managed to catch were rocks. A highlight of that moment though was the little black seal who swam about two meters from us, stopped for a look at the silly people bundled up against the cold sitting on freezing rocks...then swam off to join his colony a bit further around.

We ended up moving to the Second Valley jetty and spent about 4 hours there standing in the cold trying to catch, well, anything except a cold. I caught the first fish, a little whiting about six inches long. Jr Her caught the next, a little sweetlip we think about the same length. Then, nothing. So we packed up and wandered back home. Dinner that night was a lovely meal at the Normanville Hotel.

Monday night the wind started up, and things were blowing around and rattling in the breeze. Our annex came unpegged and we scrabbled to resurrect it. After a bit of an argument the next morning, we ended up sitting around reading and watching DVDs. About lunch we decided to see what was at Myponga. Nothing. We drove up around the reservoir and over the dam wall, had a pie at the bakery, then came back home again. I got some washing done but as it began pouring rain just before we got home I had to race and grab it off the line. However, we were too late and it ended up in the dryer...luckily I nabbed the one which was working.

That night was dinner at the camp kitchen again, plus games in the games room - a racing car game, which Jr Her became quite good at, pool, and pin ball. Plus, an open fire to toast marshmallows over. Lovely! As I was going up to the shower, the only other people in the park, a German pair of tourists, were in the shower. So what? They were both in together and I knew what they were up to, so went back to our van. After a bit I decided I wanted my shower so Wayne suggested I go into the boys shower with him. I did, and no, we didn't!

Wednesday we were home by lunch, and after a few goes, even managed to get the van into the back yard, which we have just redone taking out the old fence and erecting a new set of gates on the car port. So now we can pop the top and access it whenever we want!

Yesterday I dropped Jr Her at school, came home and cleaned the old food out of the fridge, vacuumed the floor, re arranged the plant and stuff in the lounge room, tidied up the last of the stuff we had to put away, went to lunch with a couple of lovely older ladies, came home, put the roast in the oven, picked up Jr Her and a friend from school, went to Stratco for pipe corners, went to Brunnings and picked up some potting mix and pots, and went to an outdoors shop and swapped the chairs we had bought the week before to take away with us, because they gave us the wrong ones.

Today, I have been shopping for a couple new work tops, done grocery shopping, and made lunch. Whew! Now I have to go look at LCD televisions for the caravan, then go get Jr Her from school, and it will be time for Karate...there just aren't enough hours in a day when you aren't working....

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Yee Haw Revisited

Well, I have had complaints that there was a lot left unsaid from my previous blog. Okay, well, lets see, we ate a lovely stew (see Zapped!), we had some spicy prawns, baked veggies, apple pie and cream, and an interesting pre-packed shot called Cowboys. Not too shabby at all.

The bar was well stocked with red & white wine, but my drink of the night was raspberry cordial, lemonade and a splash of vodka. Very nice indeed! And, I only had 3!

After the meal was served we started on round one of the game. We all had our scripts to read, in various terrible accents, and learned a little about our opponents. As the game unravelled, and the alcohol flowed, the laughs grew. It was revealed that the doc was to be thrown out of town and replaced by a young pup, Rowdy had gambling debts and was trying to scheme a way out of them, Miss Forth found the Sheriff (the victim) ugly and didn't want to marry him so bought a ticket for the first stage out of town. The School Marm was doing business with the shrewed Saloon Girl, and the Sheriff had found the gold the Bandito had hidden in the hills, and he was not happy about it! But the shocks of the evening were that Sally Forth and Rowdy were actually married, although he left her the night of the wedding, and Juan was doing a line for the school marm! Hello! Didn't see that one coming!

By the end of round 3 we were told to make our accusations. Bibbi accused Juan the Bandito, after he accused her. After each time she was accused of being in cahoots with Bibbi Gunn, Miss Patience vehemently declared it was purely a business venture, that she was NOT a Madam! Hee hee. Well, in the end, as revealed earlier, Sally Forth was not as sweet and innocent as she looked.

But perhaps the funniest part of the evening is reflected in the attached photos - when the costumes start to come undone, the wigs come off, and the moustaches become detached along with the inhibitions....

Friday, 20 July 2007

Yee Haw! Howdy Pardner!

Well, here are the much awaited pics of the Wild West Murder Myster Night.

We all arrived together to find the house decked out in western theme, including a "stage" for the saloon girl to perform. The official photographers arrived, took the necessary photos and the party got under way.

Well, I have never had so much fun in all my life. We each had a role to play, and each had a script to read (Bibi Gunn sounded a lot like Marilyn Munroe, which caused much mirth), Juan the Bandito had a terrible mexican accent. Old Doc Mallard was about as sleezy as you could get, and although he aint no gynocologist, he was willing to have a look! I wasn't sure I could trust that Rowdy in a card game, and there sure weren't no jokin with that prim Miss Patience the tall, skinny school marm (who was doing business with the somewhat shrewed businesswoman Bibi Gunn). But the true surprise of the night was the sweet innocent Mail Order Bride Sally Forth. Well, she were some piece of work, pretending to be all sweet and innocent, but she was really married - to Rowdy! Together they was tryin' to con the old Sheriff (the poor victim in all of this) but it all went bad, and the sweet li'l Miss Forth done shot him!

A lot of alcohol was comsumed, some excellent grub went down with it, and a grand ole time was had by all! Yee Haw!

Monday, 16 July 2007


Well, isn't it nice to be proven right now and then? When someone is adamant it is you causing some trouble, and you deny it, isn't it nice to have back up?

A couple of times in the last few months we have blown a fuse. The landlord didn't like it when I called him at six in the morning to fix it. Wayne had gone to work and I am as electrical as, well, a frog. He came to fix it but suggested it was our security light (which is only plugged in, not hard wired) sitting on the car port roof. Rubbish, says Wayne, but if he wants to play that way, fine. We unplugged it. That recent incident was only about 2 weeks ago.

This weekend, while getting organised for a fancy dress party, including preparing a lovely hot pot stew, I nicked up to the local KMart. While in the dressing room trying on a push up bra (which was too small) Him phoned to say the power had gone again, and the landlord was being difficult about it. Apparently the landlord suggested it was something faulty at home and it must be the light. Him gave him a piece of his mind (including reminding him that the light was no longer plugged in!) and that he had better have someone here to fix it very soon.

Luckily, it was only the powerpoint fuse and not the whole box. My lovely hot pot was no longer cooking so I phoned the hostess of the fancy dress party to come grab it, which she did - 3 hours later. In the mean time, there we are sitting in the kitchen practically with visible breath it was so cold, boiling water on the stove for a coffee. Him was already unhappy because the gates he took time off work to install were not ready.

At about 4.00 I have up waiting for the electrician and ran a bath. Just as I got in, he turned up. Him went to oversee his progress, leaving the front door (opposite the bathroom) wide open. The bath water was not quite hot enough to stave off the chill, so there sat I, in the dark, trying to shave my legs. Lucky I was wearing a wig so I didn't have to worry about blow drying my hair!

But, it all ended well, because the electrician wrote in his little report that we were lucky the whole box didn't blow as it was old and legally should be updated. He fitted two new trip switches so it should never happen again, and recommended the landlord change the box. So there! I would have loved to see the look on his face when he read that report!

And the hostess nuked the stew in the microwave for an hour and it was great....but that's another story...

Thursday, 12 July 2007


Well, the bowling dinner last night was actually a lot of fun! We played two games first, and I was worried that Jr Her wouldn't play because she may not be bowling with me.

As it happened she was bowling with all the other kids so she was okay with that. Him and I ended up bowling together with a few others that were a lot of fun. We played an 8 No-Tapp. That means that anything 8 or over is a strike. One fellow even got a perfect score of 300.

Him seemed to enjoy himself and even bowled quite well. He has never really bowled much, but scored quite high. I was going great guns until something in my middle finger went pop and from that point it was white hot pain every time I let go of the ball. But I perservered and had a great time anyway.

After the games we went into the meeting room for trophy presentation. There was only 1 seat left next to my team so Him and I sat together on the other side of the room. My team mates talked their neighbours into moving and making room for us, but then one of the, um, "characters" of bowling, took one of the seats, right in front of me! Never mind. We got our trophys and the food finally arrived after 9.00pm! Man, there were some hungry people by that time. Only trouble with it was there was just not quite more platter would have done it nicely. All the favourite finger foods - hot spring rolls, vegie triangles, fish bites, cruncy potato wedges and yummy meaty calamari.

All in all, I think a great night was had by all.

Oh, and as an after thought, Jr Her lost a tooth yesterday at Vacation Care so a very weary tooth fairy had to put money in her glass before she could go to bed for the night...

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Bowling night

Well, it's Wednesday and that means bowling night. So what? Well, tonight is our mid season trophy night. And, further to that, tonight is the first trophy our team has won in yonks! First Place at that! So I am dragging the family along to watch me gloat. Doesn't happen often so I have to make the most of it.

It is a fancy dress if you feel adventurous (surrounded in make believe I am!) I thought about hiring the costume for a bit longer, but it would be a bit hard to bowl in the skirt - and besides, I look ridiculous!

We are having finger good dinner, then a mix and match bowl after that. That means our names go into a hat and we get selected for teams. I am a bit worried what Jr Her and Him will think of that. Not even sure I like the idea - I would hav loved to bowl with them instead.

I took Jr Her bowling a couple of weekends ago and by the last few frames of the 3rd game she finally had the hang of it. Poor lamb. But she has fun anyway and afterall, is that not the aim of the night?

I will let you know how it pans out....not to mention pictures of the trophy!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Changes, changes everywhere...

Well, what do you think? Had a bit of time (because I didn't stop for lunch so I took a bit of time out while waiting for the courier to come along...). I like it...something different to look at.

Speaking of different, bought myself a pair of black suede boots on the weekend. Big deal you say? But I don't wear boots. Calves the size of sumo wrestlers are not conducive to boot wearing.

But as I said in my previous blog, I will be a saloon girl next weekend and needed boots. Do you know how many styles of boots there are out there (No, Moose, that question was not directed to you! haha). Well, let me tell you, to find a pair in a size 10 was impossible. The shoes that were available were awful. So, I opted for a size 11. Comfortable, come to the bottom of the calf, and slightly higher than an ankle boot. Black suede with a faux wood grain sole and spike heel. Only trouble is they are about two inches taller than I am used to wearing! Man, my poor feet are killing me today! haha. That'll learn me.

Him had a good laugh when I modelled them last night. His comment - "you can't even walk properly in them". Charming! But sadly true.

However, I have persevered for the day and all I can say is, is it home time yet???

Friday, 6 July 2007

Playing dressups

Have you ever tried to hire a costume? Man, it can get expensive. Then again, how much do you think is reasonable to spend for a costume? See, we are going to a dinner, 3 couples, not a large gathering. It's a Wild West Murder Mystery night. Something different, as Him and I have never done this before.

So I thought I would get into the spirit and organise costumes. I am a Saloon Girl and Him is the sleazy town Dr (ha ha at that one - his favourite joke is that he is not a gynecologist but he will have a look). There is also a prim school marm, a mail order bride, a gambler, and a bandito. Should be fun.

But to hire a really good costume was nearly $100 each. So I went to the little place near home and found one - an old brown pin strip suit for Him with a bowler hat and shoe string tie, but all I could find for me was a ruffle satin skirt (that I could have made for $10) and a feather for my hair. Oh, and a knitted bright red shawl. But at least I scored both plus the security deposit for $110.

I just need to find myself fishnet stockings and a pair of spike heel boots.....

Sunday, 1 July 2007


So, what do you think? I guess you either love it or hate it. We love it, and after all, isn't that what matters? I feel a lot better now - nothing worse than having a new car and blending in with the other 5 million drivers of the same vehicle. Better to stand out, get noticed, make a statement. And we know it's the only one like it out there!

Friday, 29 June 2007

Is it over yet?

Went to the dietician a couple weeks ago, followed by an appointment with the Doctor. Found out something quite interesting...I haven't lost any more weight! Surprised? Neither was I.

But, I did tell them my theory as to huge revelation as to why I am still fat. While I was not laughed out of the room, which was somewhat comforting, I was gently told to get my act together or I would be sent off to see the psychologist. So now I have to really concentrate on leaving the chocolate alone.

And I have to admit, it is going to be a heck of a lot easier soon, as I now also have my finish date. Yep, my chocolate fantasy will be all over on 10 August. At least that means I can concentrate for the next six months on the salad deal (ech!). I can try telling myself it is only temporary but I fool would believe that. A diet of this magnitute is for life. So, I think I will allocate one day a week as slack food day. What would be a good day? Lets see...

Lazy tea is Wednesday (Bowling) and Friday (Karate), so it could be either of those, Sunday is usually curl up in front of the television with the family day, so it could be that too...

Any suggestions people? I need one day a week where I don't need to think about what I am putting into my mouth, and reward myself for all the good work I have done through the week. Actually, I think I will go with Sunday. I can still have lazy tea the other two nights if I am careful.

Wonder if that will keep the Doctor happy? More to the point, I wonder if it will be enough to help me shed this last 20 kilos...

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Out with the old, in with the new

Lets see...did anything interesting happen to me this week? Only taking posession of our new car! Man, what a car! I thought the old Magna drove like a dream, but this one, she floats.

It feels odd when you first get in the car because the driver's seat seems quite high, like you are sitting in a truck! Add to that the sat nav system blocks out part of the rear view mirror, and you get the idea that it's not that easy to see things. That and the foggy rear window as it's SO BLIMMIN COLD!

This new climate control is great! Set that temperature and never have to touch it again! Only draw back - leather seats are cold first thing in the morning...brrrr!

I promise, when we get two more things done to the car I will upload photos for you to drool over....

Friday, 15 June 2007

Winter is here!

One single degree. Only one. That's what the thermometer was reading on my front porch this morning. Brrrr! It is fair to say Winter has arrived. It has been getting steadily cooler lately but this one has really sprung itself on us unsuspecting sods. Our days have finally fined up to brilliant sunshine but man, it's weak as water. It fails to penetrate the icey chill of winter air.

My dad would be texting me to ask how the frost is down on the pumpkins if he had seen the weather reports. Funny that he hasn't yet...And there was frost on the pumpkins. Well, there would have been if the itchy grubs hadn't eaten them all a few years ago. It is funny to step outside and see a white lawn. Luckily the front half of the car, which is a temporary loan car, but that's another story, is parked under the car port (the caravan takes up the rest) so it is spared the icey windows.

Today I came to work in pants, shoes, socks, long sleeved top, cardigan, suit jacket, scarf and gloves. And I really needed an overcoat! I have a bit of a walk from the car down to the office and after thawing nicely in the car it is quite a rude shock to be outside in the shade again!

But, with the bad comes the good - weekends cuddled up under the quilt in the loungeroom watching DVDs, or dinner at an out of town pub in front of the log fire...that reminds me, I must book a table for tomorrow night...

Saturday, 9 June 2007

So ends an era

Well, this week will see the end of six and a half wonderful years. We were only going to look. That's the truth. Just look. But deep in my heart I knew it wasn't going to end there.

We did it. We have bought a new car.

There will be tears of sadness when we are forced to say goodbye to the most faithful and trusted member of the family, but it's time to move on.

While our faithful Magna Solara, Glacier Green, red highlights and red and white number plates, was being serviced, we wandered over to have a look at the new 380 Platinum. I swear we were only going to have a look. I decided I liked a colour called Storm. Very deep greeny grey. Quite pretty.

But then we test drove the Sales Manager's VRX. Leather seats, sun roof, 2800km on the clock and a brand new on road price of $45,000. Apparently they have 4000km to sell their issued vehicles or they do not get new ones. The salesman wrote a price on a piece of paper and we went away to think about it.

We even went to look at the Commodore Wagon they are advertising for a reasonable price. But it just didn't do for us what the VRX did. With the trade in on our Solara, we could afford to put in the Blue Tooth (which was one of the few features the Platinum has which the VRX did not, along with rear parking sensors) and a Sat Nav DVD player system. As well as getting the tow hitch and electric brakes fitted. Still under what we would have paid for a new Platinum. In fact, still under $30,000!

The draw back (and there is always one) - its plain old silver. Sigh. But as I told Him, I am prepared to live with it. As a concession, he has put it in both our names, and allowed me to order Personal Plates (silver with black writing). When we get the car and get the plates fitted, I will post photos for my avid readers!

Jr Her is happy because it has a sun roof (which she has always favoured since driving with a friend whose vehicle at the time had one) and rear air vents (sadly lacking on the Solara). She just has to now keep her feet off the leather seats.

Very comfy inside, lovely to drive, and handles beautifully. And only heading into its 3rd month so practically brand new. Now I am looking forward to driving a new vehicle again (it even still smells new) but not looking forward to the Gestapo doing the rounds of the vehicle after each day out. And the constant criticism of the state of the car (because I don't look behind me to see what a mess Jr Her has made in the back each trip). Never mind his company car looks like someone had a party in it....

Think I'll celebrate tomorrow and treat myself to a special piece of Jewellery at my jewellery party...either that or an extra Snake lolly...

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Cars, cars everywhere, and not a wheel to buy...

Isn't it amazing how many new cars there for just a handful of manufacturers. And how the prices vary! For just the base lines for the big 4 main manufacturers, prices can vary by several thousand.

We are in the market. Yes, we have decided it is time to trade up. Finally. Mind, it will be hard letting go of our lovely car - it could never be replaced. But it is starting to cost money, and to me that's the time to say goodbye to the most faithful member of the family (pity it wasn't that easy for others....)

With my job I have the opportunity to purcase two of the major brands at a discount (my boss is prepared to write me whatever letter I need to take advantage of the fleet discount, isn't he lovely?). This could mean the difference between a standard bottom of the range vehicle or an upgrade to something a little more luxurious.

However, and there is always a however, the one Him has his eyes on is not on my list of two.
I am pretty sure (about 110%) that he will choose the newer model of our current vehicle. And I must admit, I really, really like the look of it. Saturday Him has actually decided to take a day off work (he has been working 7 days straight to get some bills paid off, no worries with him being lazy) to come look at it. I am actually quite exicted at the prospect. It will be quite enlightening...

Although, if we wait until July we could get the new model Lumina at a discount....

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

School Bullies and their coaches

I have just had the wake up call every mother dreads. My child is somewhat akin to the coach of a bully! Well, that's not really true. But for the last year we have heard on a regular basis "this child hit me, this child punched me" etc etc. Last night Jr Her told me she was called into the office for a chat with the deputy principal, along with said child.

I was mortified to discover she is as bad as he is. She has admitted sometimes that she hits him back, but I have since found out she goads him into lashing out and then she tells the teacher he has hit her. Little worm. I made matters worse by speaking to the child before I knew all the facts, so had to ask the principal to apologise to the mother on my behalf which he has said he will do.

Sigh. I always knew my child was no angel but I didn't realise she was sooo devilish! I do hope though she can learn from this and try to be a better person. It seems it is all just a personality clash that we have gotten up in arms about because some kid was picking on our child. Stupid, stupid parents we are, yes?

Geez I feel upset now. Well, that is I feel a bit stupid. Maybe I will feel better if I have that piece of chocolate I can see looking at me there...

Monday, 21 May 2007

Weekend workload

You know, I should have lost heaps of weight on the weekend. Jr Her has not been holding up her end of our clean room deal. So, after numerous weeks of threats, bribes and tears (and that was just on My part!), I have taken drastic action. I stripped her room. Left her with just her bed, empty cupboards bar a couple of school uniforms and two changes of clothes for the weekend, and a full bookcase. Why the bookcase, you ask? Well, she hates reading. So, with no toys, a standing screen ban in place for another week, she has nothing to do but read.

Drastic measures, you think? If you had seen this cesspit before you would agree. Tell you what though, my back was killing me afterward. Six hours of solid work to clean it out. Bags and bags of rubbish, and as many bags of stuff now sitting in my hallway waiting for a new home.

She also lost her bunk bed, which has now been lowered to a standard size bed. And do you know what? After all the tears and tantrums died down, she said to me...."gee, mum, I love my clean room...." Coulda kicked her right in the bum!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Ten more weeks of unlimited chocolate...

You know, I had an epiphany last week. I finally realised why I can't seem to stop with the chocolate. See, working here is somewhat akin to a life long dream. All the chocolate I can eat and I don't have to feel guilty when I buy it. Cause I don't have to buy it. I don't usually buy chocolate because of the associted guilt. Now I don't have to worry.

Having said that, I have another ten weeks of unlimited chocolate to go. After which point I know my dream run will end. I wonder if that is why I stuff my face. I figure that I may as well indulge while I can and concentrate on the weight loss when I leave.

One positive note has been that although I don't lose any, I also don't gain, so obviously I am doing enough exercise to offset this. But I know I have to shake this feeling of "I must eat this while I can".

Still, I have noticed that I have cut down a little...there is hope for me yet!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Pizza, Pies, Pasties And The Whole Junk Food Express

Man, what am I doing! No wonder I can't shift these kilos! It seems that almost daily there is something going on at work that means a junky lunch. Like last month, there was a meeting and we all got lunch bought in. Sandwiches, which are healthy but contain bread therefore not on my food list, are on the menu. So I grab one with a chicken parmijana in the middle. Ok, not the best choice but I did ditch the foccacia it was wrapped in. Then, we had pizza! Wonderful, thin based pizzas they are too.

On Friday my bestie here at work left :-(. I am feeling quite lost without my skipping partner. Who else can I skip up the hallway with? Well, her going away lunch was - pies, pasties, sausages rolls and sandwiches. Can't possibly eat sandwiches (even if they are chicken and salad!). But that pie I ate got stuck. Or maybe it was the sausage roll...

Friday night is always slack tea at our house cause Jr Her does karate until late. Couldn't possibly cook! Then Saturday night was "Fend for Yourself" night cause I was feeling mad. Yesterday there was a meeting so they bought Sandwiches. There were some of those left, but I went for a walk to the shop and bought a pre packed pasta meal. Lovely!

Today, they are in meetings again, so we got leftover pizza. Man, they are good! I had two pieces of those plus some of the pasta I had already heated up. My belly hurts...

Um, add to that the blueberry muffin I scabbed for morning tea which was leftover from their meeting and you are beginning to get the idea....

I have been trying to do 15 minutes on the exercise bike, like at 8.00 last night in the dark...But I don't think I am going to like my next doctor's appointment. Sigh...wonder if I can catch that plane out of here real soon...

Thursday, 26 April 2007

And the excitement continues!

Man, what a week! Having a holiday in the middle of the week does terrible things to one's psyche. Like this morning, when I went to put the bins out...

I have recently been "promoted" at work, well, more like shoved out onto the reception desk. I was orignially employed as a .7 (or, seven tenths of a full working week) which was great. Then, I was moved to reception when our receptionist resigned. Which is ok. Exept I ended up volunteering for an extra hour's work per day. Good thing too, as now I am still classed as a .7, but do the work of 1.7. There were few of the receptionist's tasks which were allocated to the other girls, and I have absorbed the rest, while still maintaing my role. Which means I am on full throttle from start to finish! Which means, when I take time to de-stress, I reach for that bite of chocolate. Geez! Will this nightmare never end? What is it with me and chocolate? Surely I am not alone out there? Surely someone else has chocolate addictions when stressed?

I have stepped up the exercise (shudder at that word) marginally, though. Like Tuesday morning. Him got a phonecall at 11.30 Monday night telling him he was needed at work. So, up he gets, trundles off to work (over half an hour's drive away). When he gets there, the day shift supervisor (whom he has been replacing while he was on leave) was there. So back home he comes. Then, after getting home at 1.30am, he has to get back up at 5.15am. I tell you there is no God (sorry, God, just venting...) So, as I was awake too, I got up and jogged around the bedroom.

Yes, I am sorry to say, my jogging skills are somewhat akin to Cliffy Young, but never the less, I jogged around my bedroom for over 15 minutes...

What will I think of next? Stay tuned....

Friday, 20 April 2007

Weddings, parties, anything...

Have you noticed how much food you can actually eat at a wedding? My brother-in-law got married last weekend. It was a very lovely ceremony, complete with a slight sprinkle of rain, and a breeze that kept blowing the ceremonial candle out...all good signs, I am sure...

We travelled by plane to Brisbane, then hired a car to Gympie. It was good to drive up familiar highways. Things haven't changed that much in 5 years. We stopped off at the Big Pineapple at Nambour, and my chips got stuck. Ok. So that was lunch. Dinner that night we ate at the restaurant at the motel. Quite a lovely place, and not terribly expensive. My prawns got stuck.

Next morning was breakfast at McDonalds for something different. My hash browns got stuck. Hmmmm I can see a pattern here. We met mum and dad for coffee. They had travelled to Gympie to see us. Hot chocolate was terriffic! Forgot to ask for skinny though, but heck, its not like I had been eating a lot! We had a lovely morning, and mum's brother from Brisbane was in the area, so got to see him too.

Lunch time we ate at the food court. I ordered roast beef with gravy. My roast beef got stuck. Man, this is becoming a habit! Anyway, we got ourselves ready for the wedding, and Jr Her looked lovely in yellow and gold. Him scrubbed up well in a suit and light green shirt too. Lots of photos were taken, and we sat down to eat. Guess what? Wrong! The roast was tender, potatoes soft with crispy outsides, and I even managed to drink a couple cans of Diet Coke (sorry, Pepsi, it was all they had!). So, I finally got my first meal in 48 hours. Man, that was worth the wait. I reckon when I got home my clothes were just that bit more comfortable...

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

This could get depressing

So, doctor's appointment was, well, a disappointment. I must say I like my scales better than his. According to mine I have lost about 2kg but according to his, I have lost less than one! I ask you, where is the justice in that!

He was very good, told me to be patient, stay away from the chocolates, blah blah blah. The thought of being offered this job permanantly is scaring the pants off me! (Not a pretty sight...) I desperately need to get as far away from chocolate as possible. For example, already today I have had a large Freddo. And it's only lunch time! Sigh.

But all is not lost. I have proven to myself I can eat pretty much what I like and not put weight on. So, when I lose the weight I can let myself slide a little. Now, if I could only just lose the weight in the first place....

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Oh Dear...

Have you ever noticed how a good dose of stress affects one's eating habits? If it's not losing your keys and being late for work (then finding them tucked into a previously unknown pocket of your tiny handbag), to having a mother cat bring her brood of kittens to visit for a few days, it's putting a HUGE scrape down the side of HIM's beloved car from a wayward gatepost (I swear, it jumped out at me!)

I seem to find the need to nibble that extra caramel filled chocolate egg, or that bite sized picnic bar at morning tea. Working for a confectionary company can be a real drag sometimes. Not that it doesn't have its upsides, like being invited to the Twighlight Races for the Christmas function, or to a fancy conference centre for an awards night. But the access to a free, seemingly unending supply of chocolate products is proving lethal! True, when you are on the verge of tears because you know when you get home you are going to get in trouble for scratching the car, that chocolate bar is awfully comforting...

I have a weigh-in at the Dr on Thursday...I'll keep you posted...

Monday, 2 April 2007

Miss Me?

Well, its been a long time between drinks, so to speak! Work has a way of getting in the way of one's blog time. It seems lately I have been work, work and more work! Which makes the day go faster but man, sometimes I need some serious "me" time to unwind...and with Him and Jr Her that doesn't happen often.

And with time flying past at an alarming rate, so the doctor's appointment draws ever closer. I am sorry to say, the weight just won't go away...I wonder if it has something to do with the 3-4 caramel filled solid eggs that pass my lips through the day? Or the Pick N Mix size bar that went through there as well. Whatever it is, I was sure I had been losing a little bit of weight. But sadly, when I stepped on those scales the other day I was alarmed to find that I was back up again. Mind games! I think it all depends on what time of the day I weigh myself. Note to self...if it is after six am, don't bother....

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Sunshine, on my shoulders...

Man, driving six hours in the country with no airconditioning is not what it used to be, let me tell you.

We recently spent a long weekend in Mildura, Victoria, which was bought and paid for back when I was working full time, and could afford to take time off work. Now, with public holidays and the like, I had to forfeit 2 days pay...ouch.

But, I digress. Yep, Thursday on the way home from said work, the airconditioner blew up. Miffed, I was! I had been telling Him for sometime that something was wrong, but no, it must have been something I was doing. So, when he found out he phoned the garage, who said they would look first thing in the morning. There went our early start. All preparations stopped as did all packing, as we probably weren't going. Won't drive in the heat...

However, after discovering it was going to cost over $1000 to repair (and deciding it really wasn't that necessary to have airconditioning...) we were off. Well, by the time we got to Mildura it was after 3.00pm, and the hottest part of the day. Sun blazed, sweat soaked and tempers flared.

But you know, through it all, Jr Her sat watching her portable DVD player, playing with her Bratz dolls and generally being an alien sent to confuse her parents. We were expecting all sorts of complaints (she is not the most patient person...) but she was on her best behaviour. Thank heavens for small miracles!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

It'll be the death of me...

What is it about chocolate that makes it so attractive? Is it the smooth, creamy taste upon your tongue, or the velvety texture as it slides down your throat? Or is it some chemical additive guaranteed to make us addicted?

Whatever it is, I am in serious trouble! I have still only lost a single kilo, despite the hour long walks on Tuesday and Thursday, ten pin bowling Wednesday, the exercise bike for half an hour most other days...or playing basketball with Jr Her and Him. I tell you, it's very frustrating!

We spent a 4 day weekend interstate (that is for a whole other story another day, let me tell you!) but all I seemed to eat was chocolate. Almost every meal got stuck in my band, making it very uncomfortable. It was just easier to snack on chocolate. Although we did walk a lot, as you do on holidays, we certainly ate well too it would seem.

Positive note though, I didn't gain any weight, which I surely would have previously. Although it does depend on what time of the day I weigh myself. In the morning I can say I have lost a kilo. The evening is a different matter...

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Christmas, every dieter's Nightmare!

You know, there is something to be said for a quiet Christmas at home, just me, Him and Jr Her. The big baked dinner always comes out, but there is no social life, nibblies at parties, cake at morning tea. Only the bowl of lollies put out to nibble on through the day, and the lavish helpings of custard on the Christmas pudding for the next 3 days.

But when you are visiting family there always seems to be something. This time, Jr Her stayed at mum and dad's for the week, so Him and I got some valuable "us" time. We ate out every night (except for a bbq Christmas night at the out-laws, and a wonderful ham, chicken and salad dinner with friends on the Tuesday). We had lunch at the only eatery at the shopping centre a few times, and generally spent a lot of time walking around hand in hand like we used to ten years ago.

It is quite hard to find low fat food when you are away from you safety zones. And when you have to be careful what you eat, such as lots of moist gravy, no bread, small portions, it can be very difficult. For example, I once ordered just a small portion of roast pork smothered with gravy. She charged me the whole $6 cost of a sandwich, gave me way too much pork and drizzled the gravy on top. It was so dry I couldn't eat more than a few forkfuls. Pity.

And Christmas Lunch arrived so late I had just about eaten an arm before it was served. It was roast as well, thankfully done to perfection, but I could only eat a small amount because it was so dry. The dessert was shared with my mother (who didn't order any). Poor Him came down with the flu and we had to rush off anyway. But after painkillers and a little rest he bravely spent the rest of the day at his parents. What a trooper! His brother, future sister-in-law and 6 kids were there, as well as another brother, his wife and two daughters. It was quite a full house, but there was plenty of food flowing, and plenty of pavlova afterward. Two huge meals, lots of dessert, and lots of nibblies in between...

I think we will spend Christmas by ourselves this year...seems the safer thing to do...

Monday, 12 March 2007

This is harder than I thought...

Well, the weeks are flowing by, and you are cruising happily along. Mind you, you can still consume quite a large amount of food! Christmas means a trip north to warmer climes to visit family and you can't wait to show them how good you look.

But as the days fly you don't feel quite like you should...those pants still fit exactly the same way..oh dear...

Wonder if the new temp job at that confectionary company has anything to do with it. You know, the one that leaves chocolate samples on the desk behind you, on the reception desk, in every office...even on your desk regularly...

You know, they make a really yummy peppermint cream that just melts in your mouth, and unfortunately is very moreish! As you pop that tiny delight into you mouth, you close your eyes, sigh at the exquisite taste, and vow that this will be your last...And it is, till the next one!

Then for Christmas you receive a 36pack of sugar free softdrink (you made sure you at least chose sugar free), and a HUGE ham your family of 3 couldn't hope to get through in a month, and a stocking for Jr Her. Add said stocking to the Chrisco Hamper of chocolate, chips and softdrink that arrived a little while ago, and you are all set...nothing like a bit of temptation to challenge any fat chick.

Just before your Christmas holiday you have another appointment with the doctor. This one you are dreading...those pants are not getting any looser. With some trepidation you step up on the scale, shaking like a leaf, making jokes to distract the doctor.

The verdict is in. While you didn't put on a single kilo, you also didn't lose any. A verbal smack across the knuckles, another ml of fluid injected into your band, and you are on your way, tail between your legs, up to visit family for the Festive Season.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Positive Results - Its All Worth It!

Wow, can you believe you have been doing this for six weeks now? You feel great! And people are starting to notice - those pants are falling down in public a lot...

At your next visit to the doctor, you find you have lost 15 kg. Fantastic! You have not had any problems with the band, and you can tolerate pretty solid food now. Time to inflate the band. Oh dear, you didn't realise it wasn't inflated, did you? Well, up on the doctor's couch, and do a half sit up thing while he pushes against your belly, which I may add is still a little tender...

If you open your eyes now you will see this long needle, with that drop of saline hanging off the tip. You quickly shut your eyes again...

The port to inflate the band sits just below the skin of your abdomen. It stings a bit as he pushes the needle in to isn't too unpleasant. Four mils he injects this time. No worries, up you get, drink that cup of water to make sure it goes down okay, and pay your bill.

15kg. Wow! That is incredible and gives you so much hope...false hope....

Monday, 5 March 2007

Custard and Ice Cream! Yum!

Well, I was munching on a leftover frozen meal recently and remembered that it was from when I couldn't eat anything. I was reminded how painful it was to only have a dish of custard while my family tucked into a huge bowl of spaghetti...funny, I didn't mind too much at the time, but after a couple of weeks, I was longing to eat food with flavour again.

So, after about two weeks, you start to salivate at the smell of a cooking steak. You are advised that you may never eat red meat again - some people can't after having a band inserted. You also can't eat most bread products, seeds, grains, and a variety of other strange foods. But man, that first taste of mashed potato and gravy is heaven.

Of course, you have to vitamise everything. Bring out the old food processor again! Also, you have to eat smaller quantities, and for a few weeks actually do. I used to divide my normal evening meal into two parts, one for tonight and one for lunch tomorrow. That way, I knew I was getting a good balanced meal. So, into the food processor. I asked the dietician if you could liquify a burger...she thought I was serious....

I discovered one of my favourite meals at the time was vitamised Corned Beef, mashed potatoes, vegies and white sauce! Everything you eat is covered in gravy, which helps it blend better. So, there you are once again, standing in the kitchen, while everyone else is eating, blending up your dinner. Yay, you finally get to sit and eat, dam, you have to warm it up in the microwave...sigh. What a hassle!

Never mind, at least you feel like a grown up again and not like you should be wearing nappies...

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Soup, Soup and More Soup

So, once you get home, you are forced to drink soup. The homemade kind. Which means you either prepared some earlier in anticipation, or you stood in the kitchen, feeling sorry for yourself, hurting, hungry, and alone, wishing you were back in hospital being looked after.

I was lucky and had a great friend who picked me up from hospital and took me home, saw me comfortably in bed and rushed off to make some pumpkin soup. What a gem! Later that day she dropped in said soup, with a good luck wish and vanished again.

So, at least you get a couple of days grace before standing at the food processor...But you need rest, lots of it. Because you are not eating you are very weak. If you are lucky you have a Jr Her to help out, put the washing on, hang it out, berrate you for bending over...

Your first shower in your own shower is, well, fun. The sight of the black spots on the sticking plaster makes you queasy, and you have to wash your feet. Forget it, you aint bending down that far! Gingerly you touch the sore bits, wincing at the pain (or perhaps the thought of it). Nothing too bad. But man, you are tired! Back to bed you stagger. Not even a good show on telly. Bugger!

However, as it is still quite cool you are so cosy under the blanket, and the cat comes in to keep you warm so its not a total loss. What do you have for a snack? Cold soup because you drink it sooo slllooowwwwwllllly.

Luckily I had a birthday a few days after my hospital stay, and top of the list was a cup to keep my soup warm. I got one - a 1 litre thermous! Excellent!!! It sat proudly beside my bed all week.

Now its time to make your own soup. You have to make it yourself because it has more nutrients. Plus the fizzy vitamin you have to endure every day (those things ought to be banned as a health hazzard). So you are standing in the kitchen, pot at the ready, chopping pumpkin, peeling chicken, and cutting carrots. It all sounds sooo good, your mouth waters.

Once its cooked, you put it through the food processor till it is liquid, then through the strainer. Oh joy, what a mess! But it still smells so good. Doesn't it? Well, it does smell a bit funny. But it will tast great. And you are so hungry that anything will taste good.

About a week later, and so much soup you are orange, you stand dispondantly at the freezer, wondering which variety of soup you will warm up for lunch, and suddenly you realise, you really hate soup. You don't care if you never see a tub of soup again! Time to introduce thicker fluids. Go for the custard! Bring it on!!!

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

First words from a Fat Frog

Well, here I am...the fattest frog who ever sat on a lilly pad. Of course, it hasn't always been this way, and I am taking steps to rectify the problem. Really I am! I have done just about every diet imaginable, eaten every weird meal, and drunk every shake that exists. All without luck. So, recently I underwent the biggest step of

Yep, I had Lapband surgery. What do I think? Well, it wasn't easy. First, you have to go on a strict diet for 3 weeks - more shakes and puddings. Before you start you look longingly at the huge sub you are about to eat, telling yourself you won't miss it, you can have it again sometime. Guess what, you can't! You will never again eat fruit with skin, bread, some tough meat, seeds, nuts and potatoes in their jacket. So, having decided you don't really need any of that stuff anyway, you dive into your vanilla shakes, chocolate desserts and luke warm soup (for some reason you can't add boiling water...go figure).

Then, the big day arrives. You are nervous, well, as with any surgery. You fast all day, and really, avoid water too unless you tell the nurse exactly how much you have drunk. The appointed hour arrives, and you are wheeled down to surgery. After what seems like a lovely long nap but was really less than 40 minutes, you wake up in recovery, finding it difficult to breath. I am told it was just because of the air they pump into your body to make it easier to use the camera...

You are then wheeled into the High Dependency ward, where your blood pressure fluctuates all night, giving then nurses cause for alarm, you can't get up to go potty because you pass out every time, and have to suffer the indignitries of a bed pan (those things just aren't natural...)

A day later you are allowed to sip clear fluids, soup and juice. Once you manage to sit upright, keep your fluids down and generally look like you might be mending you are bundled off to your own private room, and man, that private bathroom, your own jammies and a tv with a remote never looked so good!

After another fitful night's sleep you are finally allowed home. Now you get to be in control of this marvelous thing called diet destiny. Where this journey takes you is totally up to you, which as you will see, is not always a good thing....