Sunday, 28 April 2013

Where does the time go?

It seems only yesterday I was sitting here all day with that stupid moon boot on.

But it came off about two weeks ago.  The first day or two I thought I was doing great.  The foot wasn't sore at all and it felt good to be free.  But as the first week passed, the sole of my heel started to hurt.  I thought with dread that it was the "other" heel spur I have, which till now has been dormant.

That first Saturday I was fortunate enough to be invited to photograph an engagement party of dear friends from the club.  The night was a long one, and while I didn't get as many good photos as I would have liked, the happy couple were pleased with the results.  During the course of the evening, however, my foot was hurting to the point of being barely able to walk by the finish (at one am!).  It's all been downhill from there.  So much pain.  Not so much the sole of the heel, but the entire area, with the skin around the scar contracting and the whole area being super sensitive and aching non stop.  And the worst bit is that it has played havoc with my right knee to the point I can no longer figure which hurts most, the ankle or the knee.

 I spent the entire week (evenings of course) working on a slideshow, and after losing it once and having to start again, I completed it in the early hours of Saturday morning.  The couple were due at lunch time to view the results.  

But in between there were issues with Dobby.  Monday we had a huge fight (nothing unusual) and Tuesday she decided to spend time with a friend.  She sent me a text message to say she was going to spend the night with her and would be home the next day (Wednesday).  By then she had calmed down and all was good.

Her birthday was Thursday and in the evening we had presents.  An old friend of hers had come back to town so came for the day.  She and I got matching piercings on our nostrils and Dobby got her eyebrows waxed.

Friday she sent me a lovely text message full of love and inspiration.  I was very moved.

Friday night I had to go and pick up her cake from the other side of Adelaide.

On the Saturday, she reminded me she was having friends over for dinner and a sleep over.  I sent her and her dad out to pick up sandwiches for us all (including the happy couple) for lunch and munchies for her sleep over.

The slideshow was shown and went off beautifully, and once they had left it was time for a quick clean up.  Dobby's friends started arriving around four, the cake was cut, and at five-thirty we headed off to the restaurant.  I love buffet.  The girls (six of them) had a table to themselves and Fluffy and I could kid ourselves it was date night.  We had a great time.  They came home, ensconced themselves in the loungeroom, and Fluffy and I headed off into the bedroom to watch TV.

The cake was white mud, with white chocolate ganache under the fondant.  Very, very tasty!  Expensive, though. Next morning I had forgotten to plan anything for breakfast so I got Fluffy to go get some bread, eggs and juice.  I think everyone enjoyed the boiled eggs and toast.

Once the last lass was picked up it was time to let the hectic week slip away and relax.

This last week then has been work, rest and play.  We had Anzac Day on Thursday here in Australia and New Zealand, and from our family's point of view, it meant the State Rally that the organisation he has been the secretary off.  A lot of people went on the Wednesday to make the Dawn Service, where we stop to remember our fallen war heroes, past and present.  The Anzac tradition began in WWI with the invasion of Turkey where we lost something like eight thousand young men.

Fluffy, Dobby and her friend headed down around 8.30 Thursday.  I have had a head cold so I did not much at all.  Just rested here in the couch.  I did a few odd jobs in preparation for the weekend but tried to rest my foot.

Friday I headed off to work, and had permission to finish early.  My bride from the engagement party works not far away, and her fiancee was already at Victor Harbour (at the rally) so she walked to my office and we closed up for the weekend around 3.30pm.

At home it was just enough time to feed the cat and get the laundry in, and off we went.  This rally was a meeting of about 18 clubs who are all members of the Association of Caravan Clubs of SA (ACCSA).  So there were going to be around 120 caravans participating.

The weather has been cold and wet for the better part of two weeks, but Friday was sunny and warm.  A very pleasant surprise.  We got to the rally around 5.15 and it was time to wander around and say hello to all our friends.  We thought our last rally was going to be in Port Broughton back in January, so it was lovely to see some of them again.

Friday night I ducked up to the local take away for hot chips, and then back home to enjoy them.  A chat from the local CFS (Country Fire Service) about what to do when we're travelling and encounter a bush fire, then around the camp fire again after that.

Fluffy was kept busy with his official duties, such as organising Kids Club and helping set up.  I actually didn't see much of him all weekend. Saturday morning we had morning tea in the big marquee.  There seemed to be something going on weekend.  There was treasurer time, club game (which none of our club participated in) Kids Club (Fluffy took them around to the museum as it looked like it was going to rain).

All weekend I could barely walk.  I feel like my heel is on fire and my knee keeps locking up on me which causes great pain.  But I try not to whinge about it because Fluffy gets angry and I slow everyone up.  But I am going to have to address it very soon before it gets much worse.

At one point on Saturday some of the ladies in our club expressed surprise that I had not entered in the photography competition.  One of them offered me the use of her laptop and internet so I could download some pics from Facebook (I don't keep any with me digitally).  So I had to then race into Big W to print them off and get them back before 1.00 pm when judging would commence.  I could only manage two of my favourites.  No problem, though, it was at least something.

We had some other members come for the day so we did what we always do - sat around in the shade chin wagging.  It was a lovely afternoon.  We had Happy Hour there, and then dinner in the evening, which was put on by ACCSA.  We were treated to a very nice roast dinner with all the trimmings, and pavlova for dessert.  A lot of the other clubs had jumped in through the course of the day and put their tables into the tent and we (Family and Friends), being the laid back bunch we are, found no room left in the tent.  We set our tables up outside the end door of the tent (and got told off by some old farts for "blocking the fire exit" which we actually weren't - some folk just like to complain about something).  The weather held out beautifully.  While it was spotty cloudy, the rain did not appear.

After dinner we were treated to a couple of musicians (one of whom played violin) and bush dancing.  Some of us wandered to the camp fire and Fluffy set up the slide show for whoever wanted to see it.  The audience seemed to enjoy it.

After crashing close to midnight, the rain wasn't far behind.  It rained on and off all night then.

This morning we packed up as much as we could before morning tea.  After morning tea we gathered for "farewell".  The winners of the kids club were announced.  The kids were given a match box and a sheet of paper and told to fill the box with as much as they could.  The winners were all from another club (not the one with all the kids, ironically!) and two of the three were from the one family.  They obviously had help from the parents, but hey, if that's what they want to do, so be it.  Our kids (Family and Friends kids that is) were busy out playing and socialising so most of them didn't even finish the task.

The winners of the photo comp were announced.  The Caravanning winner was a lovely photo from an older lady.  And the winner of the Landscape category was moi.    Then the raffles were drawn and I won one of those too.  Legend.  I chose a red plastic box (excellent for the van) that was filled with some grocery items including chocolates.  That was all I saw - red box and chocolates!)

Yesterday evening, before we had dinner, the bride's family and Fluffy and I were standing around talking.  Suddenly the bride ran off and came back with a lovely gift for us, as this was our last rally.

Isn't it beautiful?  It is just so special as we really bonded with this family.  They are real genuine, lovely, funny open people.  And they said they'd come visit us when we move.

After final farewells it was time to come home.  I was so glad to sit here and type this tonight because I can barely walk after the entire weekend on my feet.  The toilet block was not close, and at rallies we seem to spend hours and hours walking around or standing around.  Then to sit for over an hour in the car driving, and expect to walk again at the end, is quite difficult.  I am really struggling.  I want to give it time to see if it's just the nerve endings firing and re-finding themselves, or if it is something more sinister.  So I'll just battle through for the next week and see what happens.

In the mean time, it's now time to settle down and get this move to Sydney organised.  Time will be up before we know it!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Almost there

So, only about two and a half weeks left.  I am enjoying the fact that I can drive now.  Every day I improve, and it's liberating.

Being back at work this week sucks though.  Well, it's good, because I can catch up properly, and am far more organised.  But, well, it's work.  And who really wants to be there I ask you? lol.

I managed the stairs with the crutches just fine on Monday.  Tuesday I walked (well, okay, hobbled) around the office a bit without them, because they have started to hurt under my arms.  The right one feels like it's pinching.  When I got home I asked Fluffy if I had a mark, and it turns out I have a lump under my left armpit.  Whoops.  The right one hurts to touch but the left has the lump.  Curious.

So I only use the crutches here and there.  Today, Wednesday, I have hardly used them at all.  I walked up and down the stairs without them today.  My foot feels okay.  It niggles a bit but nothing serious.

It's been a very busy time for Dobby.  She has a job now.  She works Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at a local fish and chip shop, packing food orders.  She likes it.  She also started her further schooling at a beauty college one and a half days a week.  She goes Mondays and Wednesday nights.  Plus, on the weekend she had her friend Tiny (friends since year two) Friday and Saturday night.  Pity she had to work.

They went to Comicon on Saturday for a few hours, then had to walk home from the supermarket (Fluffy couldn't find them so he left them there), then was on her feet for four hours Saturday night.  Poor kid could hardly walk :-).

She was supposed to work last night, but texted me just before she left school to say she had been sick. She still felt bad but when I got home she was dressed for work.  When she got there she spoke to the boss and said she didn't want to chuck a sickie (her words) and he said that was fine, go home.  She did.  She didn't feel better until around eight.  This morning she seemed fine, although she made the comment her stomach still felt bad.  She has a doctor appointment Saturday to get it seen to.  She has been experiencing pain and irregular bowels for some time now, so there is the possibility she has to be tested for celiac disease or Chrons.  Sigh.

I'm not sure how I'm feeling.  I have felt headachy since Monday, kinda stuffy.  Tired.  Run down.  I wonder if that's the whole swollen gland thing?  Maybe I am fighting an infection somewhere?  Who knows.  If it's still there Saturday I'll see if I can get in the same time as Dobby.

Anyway that's it from me.  Just a little update to let you know I'm still here.  Till next time...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Is so close I can almost taste it.  This saga is almost over.

So I got the moon boot two and a half weeks ago.  On the weekend I took one of the wedges out and am putting weight on my heel.

Actually, this weekend was a huge step forward.  We went to Sydney to start looking around in preparation for our move.  We found a lovely spot we think we'd all like so that's one thing sorted.  Can't do anything more until closer to the time now.

The motel work booked for us was the Sebel Hawksebury Valley Resort.  It looks fantastic.  And it was lovely too, but our room must have not caught up to the rest.  We had a big kingsized bed which was very comfortable, and the bathroom and toilet were new (spa, too, but I couldn't manage that yet unfortunately!).  But the lounge area had a rickety old sofa bed that Dobby slept on, a single leather old fashioned arm chair and a desk chair.  A huge cabinet filled one wall, and it housed the fridge (no mini bar as promised though), and nothing else.  Not even a table.  So when we ordered room service Fluffy had to sit at the desk and Dobby and I had to put the tray of food on her bed and eat there.

Anyway, the resort was halfway between the suburb we wanted to check out and work, so it was well placed.  But our room was up stairs.  Lots of them.  I could either walk the long way around or tackle them.  I tackled them.  And won.  It helped having Fluffy around for support, but he was pleased with my progress.  Coupled with being able to put weight on my foot I'm so much more mobile now.

Even going through the airport (on the way in via a wheelchair, and on crutches on the way back) was a big step.  They are massive places, airports!

Anyway, the weekend was productive.  We found some lovely spots, visited Parramatta (huge shopping centre there), had a very good dinner with my future work colleagues on Monday night at the Motel, a business meeting Tuesday to sort out some stuff with the accountants etc, and got home last night.  Poor Fluffy had to go back to work today after four weeks off.  I feel very bad for him.

Oh, another step forward, I drove today.  So I'm all set to go!  Next Monday I'm going back to work myself.  I'm keen to get myself organised in there so I can do all that needs to be done properly.  I need routine and I just haven't had it here at home.  Too hard working from the dining table.  I need to spread out and have what I need at my fingertips instead of in folders and files tucked here and there.

So, with that in mind, all that's left is to plod along here for the rest of the week.  I have a mammogram booked for Friday that I'll take myself off to (hopefully I can stand there long enough for them to squash me good and proper without tiring too easily).  Then Dobby starts working for Barnacle Bill's fish and chip shop on Friday night.  She is now employed (but still on trial) Friday nights and Saturday nights.  Will be a huge curb to her social life but she knows it's not forever.  Keen as!

Well that's it for now.  If I get some time over the weekend to find photos I will stick some up here.  Bit hard now though.  Till next time, toodleoo!

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Yes, I've had enough now.  Get this bloody thing off my foot and let me walk properly.  I am so sick of sore hands, sore shoulders, sore hips and aching feet.

I have been trying to use the crutches as much as possible but I am still so bloody unfit and weak.  I have been trying to work from home all week.  It's hard when you need so much different stuff.  I would really like someone to get me some folders so I can organise my paper pile.  But trying to pin anyone down to ask for stuff is getting a tad difficult so I don't ask for more than I need.

Lucky for Fluffy he has had this week off.  He's the secretary of a caravan association here, and there is a Caravan and Camping show on this week.  His responsibility is to go down each morning, open the stand, put the cash tin out, liaise with folk.  He has also been spending time going around the exhibitions.

He comes home for lunch, either bringing me something or making me something quick when he gets here.  Sometimes he goes back after, sometimes he goes and runs errands, other times he has a nap.  Then he goes back in the evening and collects the cash tin and puts the signs away.  Then he makes dinner.

So some things have been a bit neglected.  I try to do a little bit here and there but it's difficult.  I can't do much.  And everything tires me out.  Just using the walking frame from the bed to the loo then into the lounge to sit first thing in the morning wears me out.

Yesterday I went out for the first time.  I had enrolled in a photography course with a friend.  Revision for me, with the hope of picking up some tips.  Mission accomplished.  She was such a gem, helping carry my bag, making sure I was comfortable.  We had a great day.  Then last night we had a double birthday party to attend.  I managed that too.  But by the end of the night (or should I say early this morning) I could hardly get myself into bed.

My foot is virtually pain free.  Lately there have been nagging sharp pains through it.  Healing over the stitches I suspect - I tend to keloid.  But the real pain is in my hands first thing in the morning, and through my "good" leg during the day.

I know, anyone who has ever used crutches has been through the same thing so I'm not telling you anything new.  I think the worst is that I'm so unfit.  Because of that I get puffed really quickly.  I could work through the pain if it didn't tire me out so bloody quickly.

Tomorrow I have a visit to the doc to get the bandage removed and a moon boot put on.  Then I believe it will be another couple of weeks before I am weight-bearing properly.  I am not sure how long till I can walk up stairs so I'll be working from home a bit longer I think.

Tomorrow will be a big day.  The doc appointment is at 8.15 then Dobby has to go to a beauty academy in the city (not far from the doctor) to fill in paperwork for a course.  Then I believe she has her orientation day as well.  Not sure how long that goes for though.  I'll wait in the car till Fluffy comes back after the paperwork is done.  He'll find out what time he has to go back and pick her up.

Then I have to make a concerted effort to do as much work as I can.  I was pretty slack last week.  It's just too hard to juggle everything.

Anyway, enough crap from me.  So over the whole lot.  Blah.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


So a few of you may know I've been battling a heel spur for a year now.  Some days it's good, others I can barely walk.  I finally bit the bullet and saw a specialist about it.  While it wasn't a bad one, it was not ever going to improve.

So we decided it had to come off.  Well.  I don't quite think I knew what I was getting myself into.  I planned to take this week off work, working from home next week and back to the office in a moon boot the week after.


Fluffy and I arrived at the hospital early yesterday, around 12.30, then had to wait almost an hour for my room.  Once it was ready I bid him farewell (he was in a one hour parking space) and made my way upstairs.  However, the room still wasn't ready.  While milling about the nurses station, I overheard two orderlies mention my name.  Seems the doctor had rearranged the schedule and I was being called for pick up.

So I had to wait a few minutes down the hall while they finished my bed, then it was all systems go.  I had one nurse helping me change, another doing my wrist band and asking me to confirm all my information, a third making my bed.  I had to go to the bathroom but our shared room was occupied, so I had to wait a bit for that to free up.

Then it was here, lie down, and we were off.

They wheeled me into the waiting bay for a bit, then took me into theatre.  Just before they put me under the clock read 1.58pm.

Next thing I woke in recovery, and the clock said 3.00pm.  Quick.  I hate coming out of anaesthetic.  I shiver, cry, never feel like I am breathing properly, and end up with a throat full of crap.  It's so annoying.  This time I just couldn't stay awake.  I dozed a bit for an hour before I went back to the room.

Once there it was the same.  I wasn't hungry, felt off, and couldn't stay awake.  But I also couldn't sleep.  I only dozed lightly until around eleven, when they gave me something to help me sleep.  Then I managed a few hours light sleep.  But what kept me awake most of the time was the need for a bed pan.  8 times between 3.00 pm and 4.00am, with five of those before ten pm.  They joked that if there was a prize for output I would win it.  At least we know my kidneys are working.

This morning I felt a little better.  I ate breakfast of semolina, half a cup of tea and a cup of juice.  I wasn't allowed to move until the physio came and got me to have a go at crutches and a walking frame.  She suggested the frame would be better for me because it's easier.  Boy, how true that is.  I struggle with it, but the crutches are even harder.

Eventually I was taken for a shower.  Aah blessed relief being mobile.  Tricky, though.  I'm not sure how I'll manage here.  Top and Tails I think.  The shower is way too small for the chair, but Fluffy will help with a solution I'm sure.  He's the thinker of the house.

So now I'm home, and been on the couch all afternoon.  The pain block they put in my leg has worn off so I'm in a bit of pain.  I am ensconced on the recliner, and don't move unless I have to go potty.  I hope tomorrow I'll be stronger.  I have to sit as much as possible with my foot raised so movement is limited for the time being.

I have to see the doctor on the 25th, after which I thought I was going to go back to work but he says he doubts I'll be mobile enough to tackle the stairs up to work.  So another week working from home.  Sigh.  Not the best idea, because I don't have a big work area here in the couch.  I'm sure I'll figure something out though.

For now, I think I'll just look forward to my next pain killer and the big sleep I'll have tonight in my own bed.

I'll keep you posted as new stuff happens...

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Bah Humbug

So, Christmas has rolled around for another year.  I always have a bit of a giggle because it seems every year to be a mad dash for one day.  Shops are so crowded you can't get a park then take hours to get through the register, work gets super busy.  It's like the whole world goes mad, and for what?  A single day of the year?

Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas as much as the rest of the world.  But admittedly, it doesn't have the same connotations.  There are only three of us.  We don't celebrate with other family or other people.  That's a geographical thing though.  We live in a different state to the rest of the family.

Anyway, this year, the build up to Christmas was the usual frenetic hive of activity.  I got everything done I needed to do at work, and was very happy to divert the phone to the boss an hour later than I was supposed to.

We had a work Christmas party this year, with both old and new bosses, plus Fluffy and Dobby.  It was fun.  The food at Singapore House was lovely.  I had red curried prawns.  Great!

There was the usual round of sending out Christmas emails to everyone, making sure customers had their orders in before the break so we could make sure they got them in our absence.  Getting shipping organised is fun too.  We have many tanks on the water and luckily this year I have the work lap top so I can go online and check emails etc.  Lucky because there was an issue with one of them.

So this holidays, I have done.....nothing.  And boy, did I need the break.  I finished at two on the Friday, and didn't move again.  I had done all the necessary shopping (apart from a few perishables I picked up Christmas Eve).  We had nowhere to go and nothing to do.  Fluffy finished early too, so we all just relaxed.

Saturday I decided we were going to Lobethal to do the Lobethal Lights festival.  Well, to look at the lights.  But, as is typical for us, that did not go well either.  We got a park miles away from anything, and took up a spot outside the Bank SA, as per the website, to wait for the bus.  There were a few busses further up the street, but nothing our way.  So eventually, after the appointed hour, we realised that the busses were leaving from up the road.  We were not happy as we'd been waiting about forty minutes.  When we got up there, everyone was cranky.  So we sat and waited for the next round of busses.  Nothing.  After the appointed hour, we realised the busses left from where we were before.  Not happy Jan!  We eventually went back down the road to wait, about midway between the two places.  Another hour of sitting doing nothing.  Screw this.  I took Dobby into the markets for a look.

Eventually we got a bus, and sat right up the back.  It was a tight squeeze in there, but we got to do what we came for.  And that was drive all around Lobethal, way too fast to take any photos, for about half an hour.  We couldn't wait to get home.  I made the comment that if we were different people we would have handled that totally different.  Instead of all getting grumpy we should have explored the rest of the festival and just caught the next bus.  But no, it's far easier to get cranky it seems.

Christmas Eve we stepped out for a bit, Fluffy finished work early again, and we just relaxed again.  Christmas Day Dobby slept in, despite going to bed early.  We had home made bacon and egg mcmuffins (well Fluffy did), Dobby had toasted muffins with tomato sauce and cheese, and I had bacon and an egg.  Then we did presents.

So once the present thing is done the rest of the day is an anticlimax.  I always get looked after at Christmas, though, by Fluffy and the rest of the family.  This year, Mother gave me a Target voucher and a Proud's Jeweller voucher, SOL gave me a box with 4 bath bombs from Lush.  The best thing about those is that you don't need to use a full one, you just crumble some into the tub.  Wonderful!  Fluffy gave me a very fine white gold chain (I have a couple of silver pendants and only a chunky chain to put them on), a silver silhouette heart necklace and earrings set, and a lovely Citizen gold watch with mother of pearl face.  I really did very well.  Oh, he also bought me a new hair dryer!  Rat also gave me a kitty mouse pad and a lovely tin door hanger with a cat motif.  I won't hang it till I get to our new house.

As I was doing lunch, cutting up ham, cooking chilli prawns, etc, Dobby and I had a fight.  Then Fluffy got angry at me and I embarrassed myself my bursting out crying.  I left them to have lunch by themselves and sat outside for an hour.  I came in to clean up.  I got my chilli prawns at 3.00pm.  Stupid of me.

So that day was a write off.  But Boxing Day was better.  We all just sat outside for ages, did nothing.  Ate plenty.  The weather is lovely and it has been so nice to just stop.  Today, the first shopping day, I had the pleasure (??) of taking Dobby shopping.  She was given a Supre vocher that just HAD to be spent today.  We bought Fluffy an external hard drive, checked out a few other bits and bobs, went to Supre, and then grocery shopping.  Home again Now to kick back and do nothing until it's time to cook chilli for dinner.  Bought corn chips, tortillas, salad fixings, and Fluffy is picking up sour cream.  Should be a great night.  Oh, followed by mango cheesecake.  Just doesn't get any better, no siree bob!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Untitled No 1

I can never think of anything witty to title my posts so I give up.

This week has been interesting.  Kind of.  The usual work stuff, of course.  Archiving.  Well, finishing the archiving.

I had done most of it is preparation of Rocket's visit from interstate Melbourne Cup week.  But as he got called home I didn't get it finished (I had planned to get his help with the last bit).

When I finally got some time, I finished it off and got that all ready.  He flew back in on Saturday.

However, Friday afternoon I got a call from the school.  "I have something to tell you that you may not like.  Dobby left the school at lunch time and did not sign out or return to the school.  We have looked around the school grounds for her but she's not here".  Great.  Her dad was never at school so how do I handle this one?

I called her.  No answer.  Called again.  Many times.  Eventually she sent me a message "I'm in class, what do you want?".  Hmm.  No you're not, says I.  Where are you?

Turns out her friend and her thought it would be a good idea to take off after their excursion.  Silly girls.  She told me some sob story about having a fight at school with the other girls, not being friends, and wanting to leave the school.  I got upset, because I don't know how to handle this type of situation.

Anyway, when I got home I stuck my head in her room and said when she's ready to talk come see me.

Later, she did.  And we had a very good, adult, conversation.  She told me the truth.  There was no fight, she and her friend just decided to leave.  This is the same friend who she has been with when she's broken curfew - 4 times.  I pointed out this was number 5.  She knew.  But she likes this girl.  After speaking to the girls mother, I now understand the lass has some mental health issues.  She likes Dobby as she seems to understand her and have patience with her where her other friends have turned their backs on her (she is quite high maintenance sometimes, but hopefully medication will sort that out in the near future).

Anyway, I told Dobby that if she wants to continue her friendship she has to take responsibility for doing the right thing and making the proper choices.  She has said she will.  Today she had to face the principal, and was given a three-lesson internal suspension.  It goes on her previously clear record and she's saying she has learned her lesson.  Guess we'll see.

Anyway, over the weekend, this friend asked if she could go stay with her.  Actually, her mother did.  This friend was upset because she felt she had convinced Dobby to wag, and gotten her in trouble.  I felt it was probably good for them to get together, under the careful eye of the mum.  And besides, I wanted some time alone with Fluffy.  Works for everyone I say.

We dropped her off after lunch, and set about looking for a new camera bag.  Fluffy suggested a back pack.  My problem is that with my joint issues I struggle with heavy bags and stuff.  So he suggested the back pack because we could all carry it.

We found one, which hold a laptop against the back part, then has space at the top for other stuff (my ipad, purse, and other stuff will fit in this), and the camera equipment goes in a bit at the bottom of the front section.  You have to lay the bag down to get to the gear or it will fall out, but it's a great idea.  The bag is black, with yellow interior.  Comes with a good warranty, and she gave us $5 off.  Nice.  Fluffy also bought me a little zipped pouch thing to hold SD cars, card reader and notebook.

Then we went home to relax.  I took my time to get ready, and we tarted ourselves up and set off for the Perfect Cup cafe in Melbourne Street.  Rocket was flying in at eight in order to pick up the stuff and car early the next morning.  We decided, Fluffy and I, to have dinner first.  This place is part of the Meridien Hotel, where Rocket was staying.

Parking was minimal so being the cheeky people we are, we used the motel car park.  Well, we were meeting someone who was booked into the motel so why not?  We were told before hand that there were two large groups having functions so meals would be late.  We didn't care - we had all night.  We found a lovely plush leather lounge and got comfortable inside.  The waitress set a table for us outside, but it was right outside the party group.  The weather was perfect so we just sat in the little bar area for awhile and had a drink (bottle of merlot for the man and juice for me).  Our starters arrived while we were sitting there, so we ate them there.  Very nice.  It was a share plate, with chicken tenders, salt and pepper squid, spring rolls, and another roll cut up.  Very, very good.  Would do as a meal on it's own.

Eventually when the sun had gone down a bit we ventured out to the patio.  Our meals came not long after - steak for him and Cesar Salad for me.  I couldn't finish it.  We had not long finished when Rocket told us he had arrived and was on his way.  I told him we had bought the lobster and a few bottles of champagne and charged it to his room, was that okay?  No worries, he said.  Heh.

After dinner Fluffy and I went back to the quiet bar area to our previous seat and Rocket saw us when he walked past.  He came and said hello then checked in.  He joined us, had the last glass of wine in Fluffy's bottle, then told us to put our meals on his room tab.  Nice!  Then he bought another round of drinks.

The bar area closed at 9.30pm so we packed up and walked down Melbourne Street to The Lion hotel. This place has won awards but it was packed.  Outside though, we found a relatively quiet table area.  The boys had to line up to get in the door so they bought double drinks and eventually, after I had thought they had picked up a couple of birds, they returned to the table.

We had a lovely evening, and it was only when Rocket said he was getting a bit chilly that we realised it was almost one AM.  A lovely evening.  We walked back to the motel and he used his gate key to let us out of the car park, bidding us farewell and expressing his gratitude for a great night.  He said that after the last week (with the accident last week and all) it was the first time he had relaxed and had a drink, and actually laughed.  We felt honoured.

Sunday morning Fluffy and I just sat around and relaxed.  I was even still in my jammies at eleven.  We just sat outside and did nothing.  We even talked a bit.  When I say that, I mean, we are not great conversationists.  We just enjoy each other's company.  But we seemed to have plenty to chat about.  It was very pleasant.

But all good things must come to an end and after I made us lunch we headed off to the shop and to pick up Dobby.  She had a good weekend, although she did realise she probably should have spent the time doing an assignment.  Sigh.  Some things never change...