Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

So I had every intention of posting a few Christmas pics here today, of the dog with his Christmas hat with the lights, and the cat playing with his new toy, but, ya know, I just couldn't be bothered. They will have to wait until our return from the Great Ocean Adventure.

This week has been rather good. It certainly went very quickly. Monday and Tuesday were work days, but the excitement of impending holidays meant it was rather more interesting. The Boss and I made sure we had everything done on time, and when Fluffy arrived just before 1pm Wednesday we closed up shop and took off. After a quick petrol stop we climbed to the 9th floor of Air Apartments and retired to the balcony.

Lunch was a long and lovely affair, prawn and avocado wantons (very tasty), steak and salad, and mince pie with icecream and meringue. Very nice. Fluffy and Boss went glass for glass and I admit, when Boss, a seasoned plonk, was slurring his words, Fluffy was visually unaffected. Just happy. He makes a happy drunk.

About half past six we departed for friends who had taken possession of Dobby at noon, and there a party was in full swing too. We stayed for more food, and when Dobby's whines of "I've been here for hours! I want to go home" got too much, we made for our own domicile.

All in all, a lovely way to begin holidays.

Christmas Eve was spent battling the shopping centre for carpark just so we could acquire macadamias and milk. I had asked Fluffy to pick some up earlier in the week but he was unable to locate macadamias at the small local shops he went to. So, on the busiest day of the year, we were forced to brave the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre. We decided it was probably a good idea to partake of refreshments while there, so we stopped for coffee and cake too.

Dobby was quite excited about Christmas so went to bed early. I woke up at four to the sound of banging outside. I went for a look but didn't find anything suspicious. Unfortunately for me I woke up Dobby. Mistake. At five she got up for a loo break. At five-thirty she gave up and turned on the telly. At six she woke us up. I shooed her out but at six-forty five mum rang. Okay, I admitted defeat and crawled out of bed.

Quick wash of the hair, don the new black summer dress, and a cuppa and it was present time. Man, I sure did well! Dobby was swimming in wrapping paper, as we always buy her lots of little things and wrap them separately, so she feels thoroughly spoiled. Fluffy got some much needed money and some other bits and bobs, including a new drill I bought him.

I received some wonderful gifts. So, apart from the scooter and eternity ring, I also received:

* Bath gel gift set from sister
* Home baked biscuits from another sister (Yummo!!!!)
* Much needed socks and a heart shaped egg ring from Bestie (Dobby loved her necklace, too! x)
* Frog pin and earrings from Mother
* Stencil kit from Mother
* Pate dish and knife from Walking Buddy
* A bonk from the hubby *note to self - don't leave a half-written blog open while attending the washing....*
* 3 frogs sitting on a park bench in the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" pose
* A huge basket (which will come in handy) with shower gel, moisturiser, lip balm, body scrub and a soft fluffy robe
* $100 gift voucher for a facial and massage from the local beauty spot.

So, all in all a wonderful Christmas. Then, we just chilled out for a while. Pottered about the place. I eventually swept and mopped the kitchen dining area, vacuumed the house, stripped the sheets off the bed and remade it with a bottom sheet and blanket (the house sitter will bring his own bedding), put unneeded stuff away, did two loads of laundry, and made sure I had everything we needed for our Great Ocean Adventure.

Dobby played with the million gifts she received for most of the day. Fluffy did some last minute things in the van.

Hermione arrived about four and she and Nan, and Nan's daughter and granddaughters stayed for a coffee.

For dinner we had a roast beef, salad, baked potatoes (cubed not whole, but seasoned with herb and garlic seasoning), and chili prawns with macadamias (see we had to get those nuts, just wouldn't have worked without them). Dessert was plum pudding with icecream and custard.

Plenty of food, and plenty of leftovers to take away. I made sandwiches for the road too.

Then, after everyone had their showers I put the towels through the wash and now they are in the dryer I can go to bed. There will be clothes in the hamper for two weeks, but I am not comfortable leaving them on the line for the house sitter to bring in. If it were a woman I may be but it isn't.

So, anyway, this is my last post for a bit. I will check back in a couple of days, probably from Geelong, to let you know how we are traveling.

Until then, Merry Christmas gang! xxx

Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas giveaway

So I found this give-away through another friend's blog page.

I really liked it because one of the prizes is - a Colleen. Now, what better name than that???

Have a look at this lovely little Irish blog. It's lovely!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Jingle bells...

It's almost upon us. That one day of the year we seem to spend most money on, give the biggest build up to... but for me, it's just another day. Well, what I mean is, someone still has to cook, do the washing, clean the house.

It is good for kids, I admit. But once everyone has opened their presents, it's all over. We always spend it by ourselves here in Adelaide. Our friends all have families and friends of their own, so we are always just we three. It's just another day to me.

This year, however, it will be especially busy. It's the day before the Great Ocean Adventure. Which means the van has to be packed, washing done after everyone has showered. House cleaned to perfection ready for the house sitter, blah blah blah. Plus, cook lunch, clean up the mess the present-opening has made, change the litter tray, vacuum the floor and mop the kitchen. Who needs it?

The family have in their usual order for lunch - a roast beef, baked potatoes, salad, and chilli prawns with macadamias. No worries there. The leftover roast will go toward sandwiches to take for lunch on the way to Horsham Boxing day.

We aim to be on the road at nine that morning. I have already said that I will need all hands on deck to achieve that goal. Hope we can do it - it's a long drive...

We have plenty of nibblies to take. This weekend Hermione came over Friday so I could take her to the hair dresser. I will post photos of her and Dobby another time - when Dobby gets over her hissy fits and actually lets me take one.

When Nan dropped her off she also dropped off Fluffy's Christmas gift - a basket filled with chocolate balls, apricot slice, cockles and a little bag of a chocolate treat.

Plus a large round fruit cake.

Plus a larger round chocolate cake.

We have managed to eat half the chocolate cake and I hope when they drop in later they will have more.

When we took Hermione home yesterday we also left Dobby with them. Aaaah. Blessed silence. We went straight to friend's house for lunch, then made our way to another friend for afternoon tea. We got home about six thoroughly full. Later I did manage baked beans on toast for dinner.

I went shopping yesterday at Millers (before we took the girls home) and they had $16.95 specials again. I bought a pair of bathers, a cover for them, a black and white sun dress, a white and olive blouse, and olive 3/4 pants. Lovely!

Last night I also made white Christmas. With glace ginger. Very nice. Today I made rum balls. I also popped over to a friend's house to drop off her gift, then Fluffy and I wandered down to Castle Plaza and bought a small mobile broadband stick. Not much value to it, but it will mean I can keep you all up to date with our travels, if not upload pics till we get home.

We had lunch while there and when we got home made arrangements for the house sitter to come over and pick up the key. Then I did another load of laundry, changed the litter tray, remade the stripped bed, and tidied up somewhat.

Now Nan will be dropping Dobby off any time and the peace will end... sadly.

So anyway, until I get a spare minute to blog again, Merry Christmas to you all and may your house be filled with love.


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Is it holiday time yet?

My how time flies when you're having fun. Well, it seems to anyway.

We actually had a party last night to go to. At the Christmas rally we got invited to a sausage sizzle at a member's house. Well, it was great. There was a lot of people there, and we even knew some of them, so we plenty of people to chat to. Dobby knew a few of the kids and one was an older child whom she knew from the club so she was happy. We arrived about 5.15pm, and left after 10.3o. Ate sooo much (no sausages for me though, it would have gotten in the way of all the other junk I was eating!) So, good company, good food, great night.

Today was housework day. Dobby got up and made the first half of a batch of shake and pour pancakes, which meant I finished it and cleaned up the mess after. I did 3 loads of washing (and one of those I had to put through the rinse again cause someone left a chapstick in her pocket and it blocked the drain on the machine so the clothes didn't spin out).

I also swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room, changed the sheets on the bed, did about two hours ironing, and cleaned the loo and changed the litter tray. Now I just have to get the washing off the line. Fluffy vacuumed the floors for me and tidied the office, and Dobby cleaned her room (for a change).

I have also been playing with Fluffy's new digital SLR type camera. What do you think?

Now, Fluffy is on day shift for his last week of work, Hermione is coming Friday and Friday night I am taking the girls to the hair dresser. Saturday we are taking them home before lunch and Dobby is staying the night, then Fluffy and I get to go to a friends place for a lovely lunch. Hermione's nan is bringing the girls home Sunday afternoon.

Then, on 23rd I have the work breakup. Fluffy will take Dobby up to friends at lunch time, and as they are having a bbq that night, she will help set up and/or entertain their little boy. Probably a bit of both. Then, when we pick her up after my work do, we will stay for a drink.

Then, it's CHRISTMAS! Man, where did the year go????

Sigh. I need a holiday!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Sunburn really sucks

So we went to Goolwa for the weekend this weekend. It was supposed to be our first Official club entry, but as it turned out, we only received the actual application form this weekend to join, and paid half our membership. But, pay we did, and join we did! Hopefully we will be approved and badged up at the next rally in Aldinga January long weekend! Woot!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get off work early on Friday and we left home about 1.30. Had a good run down the Expressway and got there about 2.40. Our site was small, or so we thought, but it turned out the people who pulled in before us, who were beside us, actually had half our site. Anyway, because it was only Dobby we put up the smaller tent, which was jammed up against the back of the van behind us. Sorry about that. He was fine with it though.

We decided to go for dinner with some of the other club members Friday night, and it was lovely. Good food, and we were the young ones, all the others were old but it was a lot of fun.

Saturday I helped Fluffy finish off decorating the van. We put lights around the awning and across the top of the van, and a sign saying Merry Christmas with lights behind it on the wall, plus the Piece De Resistance, a blow up Santa on a motorbike. And would you believe, I didn't even THINK to get a photo! D'oh! Stupid me.

Anyway, We had morning tea with the club Saturday morning, followed almost immediately by Cub Games. We lost on the first round this time. Happy about that, but we were expected to stay for the whole round. As I was not really prepared, and got called out of something else to attend, I didn't have a hat or sun screen and now I have a very red face with huge white owl eyes from wearing sunnies. I look ridiculous!

After games was Kids Club. We had about an hour to spare between them so I took Dobby for a dash into town to see if we could get a cheap pair of shorts for her (she wanted to swim again but felt uncomfortable in just the bikini and rashi). We did. I also bought a few other little bits and pieces and made it back in time to have a quick bite before Dobby dashed off for Kids Club.

We finished the van at that time. Then Dobby went swimming again while we went for a walk around.

We all got changed for dinner and headed off to the scout hall at 4.00pm. Needless to say, I looked stupid with my sunburn, but the dress I got to wear for the first time looked nice.

Santa came and gave presents to the kids. He looked at Samantha, who stands as tall as myself and is a lady's size 12, and exclaimed "My, you're a big girl!". We cacked ourselves laughing because she has a mild Santa/Clown phobia and gets embarrassed easily. She kept asking "do I have to sit on his knee?" We assured her she didn't. We got it wrong! She did! Haha. It was funny.

Then all the ladies lined up to receive our gifts and we all sat on Santa's lap (apparently he loves my hair and the earrings I was wearing).

Then the men lined up for their gifts and they had to sit on Santa's lap too. Very, very funny.

We had dinner, and it was very nice. Cold ham, turky, two baked potatoes, side salads, rolls, and gravy. Very tasty. Then, hot pudding and custard for dessert. (I had two). We also had raffles, and on about 4 occasions I was one number out. Never mind. It was a very great night.

Sunday we had morning tea before we left, and we won the best decorated van. Wasn't really a contest - only a couple other vans had anything on them, and they weren't much. Hopefully next year everyone will get into it. We won a set of solar fairy lights. Lovely!

We were home by about 1.30. Lazy afternoon then, washing and putting stuff away, reading, trying to make the pain in my face go away.... :-(

I get two weeks break then do it all again for our Great Ocean Road treck. Joy...

Monday, 30 November 2009

Up with the times

We had to be up early Sunday.

Isn't that always the way?

So we did. See, we got a new airconditioner installed. I had mentioned to the Landlord that I was worried about our old Rank Arena unit, with several fires around Adelaide being caused from faulty units.

He agreed it was old and brought a tradesman around last week for a quote. Landlord bought the unit and this bloke showed up at 8.30 Sunday morning to install it.

He left about 1.00...

But, we now have a you-beaut state-of-the-art Kelvinator reverse cycle unit. The installer said it's a very powerful unit that will do the whole house if we leave it open. I did find out one thing - if I keep hold of my beloved spot at the dining table I will get blown away... it is quite strong. But hey, now all we need is some hot weather to try it out!

We took Hermione home yesterday afternoon and stayed for almost two hours chatting. Home made scones, home made jam, cream, cup of tea... aaah.... very nice. Fluffy loved the fruit cake they left with us and has put his order in for more, if we supply the ingredients. Deal!

We pick up Scooter this afternoon. I just hope Fluffy understands the techno crap the fellow dishes out about what was wrong. I have to drop him off then come back and pick up Dobby from after school care. I hope he remembers to ask to get details. He has a couple of questions himself, and I want answers....

Keep you posted...

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Thar she blows!

So this weather is crazy this weekend! Yesterday it dawned beautiful and sunny with the promise of a lovely warm day.

But by the time I left work it was pouring! The sky was black and it was windy.

Today, it is so windy it's gale force and we have periods of lovely blue sky followed very quickly by cloud bursts. That's the only way I can describe it!

I got a call to say my scooter is ready for pick up, but I took pity on Fluffy and told them we would pick it up Monday instead of today - I fear he would get blown right off the road today! I am not sure what was wrong with it. They said the it had an automatic fuel tap and they put a manual one one. Whatever that means. They also claim it was not full when we bought it. I don't believe that, the guage did not read 1/4 of a tank! That's ridiculous. Luckily, the arrogant bloke who fixed it is the one who will be there on Monday so Fluffy can pick his brains.

Today, Hermione and Dobby went to a birthday party at the Ice Arena. Brrr. After we dropped them off we wandered down to Harbourtown to pick up my eternity ring. What do you think? Sorry it's a bit blurry, but it's the top ring anyway.

We also bought a couple of towels from Designer Direct for the van. And a coffee.

Now, back home where it's warm and cosy, ready for a cuppa I think. Yep, sounds like a plan...

Friday, 27 November 2009


So I got a phone call about 2.45 yesterday afternoon. From the school. Someone has hurt her arm, it's swollen, can I come get her.

I left work and raced off to the school. Ever notice how you only get caught in traffic when you're in a hurry? I think I got every red light possible on the way home, and caught behind two buses!

Anyway, I picked her up. Apparently she was quite pale for awhile but she was flushed when I got there. Her friend Tiny and her were swinging on an office chair, when Tiny pulled the lever to move the back of the chair forward, hunching Dobby forward. Then she swung the chair with the inevitable result. Dobby went flying.

She landed awkwardly on her arm, with her foot across it. It did look quite a bit swollen. I took her to the doctor, who proceded to twist and squeeze her arm, declaring it wasn't broken, and because she had had ice on it for an hour or so by this time, the pain had receded. He said if it was no better or indeed worse tomorrow (today) to take her back and he would send her for an x-ray.

When we got home I put it in a sling for her and she toddled off to watch tv. She took the sling off after awhile because it was hurting her neck. Later in the evening she found the pain was coming back quite badly. My little trooper, who makes a wonderful patient who is always on her best behaviour, refused pain killers though.

She found it too difficult to climb her bunk up into bed so slept on the mattress on the floor.

This morning she is in a fair deal of pain. It is sending shooting pain down her fingers now, and all the surrounding muscles are quite sore. She is still convinced it's fractured. Back on went the sling, with an unused dish sponge cushioning it behind her neck.

As she has a dentist appointment this afternoon I am not sure how she will go if she needs to go back to the doctor. Hermione is also coming tonight so I hope it settles down.

I'll find out this afternoon I guess how the day progresses...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Scooter's gone to hospital

Yes, it has. I don't know what the issue with self starting was, but Fluffy and I both got told we were dreaming because it's impossible. Quite rudely too.

Anyway, Fluffy phoned them yesterday with our latest problems. We took it for a drive down to the local learner driver centre. It was closed but around the back we found a desserted basketball court, which suited me no end. I spent some time learning how to turn, and getting lots of confidence. Feeling pretty good now!

I noticed that although when I got on it only had 18km on the clock, but had used half a tank of petrol.

So, anyway, Fluffy rode it home and I got home way before him in the car. I wandered down the street to find him sitting there quite angry. Apparently it kept cutting out. Stopping in mid lane. Very frustrating.

And, it had used almost all the petrol.

So, Fluffy phoned them and was told they couldn't collect it, he had to take it down to them.

I phoned them and said our issues had not been resolved. I again mentioned it self-starting, to which I was rudely told that's impossible. A lady this time. I conceded it could be that the remote, across the other side of the house and buried in my handbag, may have been responsible, but that aside the other issues had not been resolved.

She went away to check. Yes, she said, your husband is bringing it down. No, he can't! He has come off night shift, has not been to bed, can you imagine him riding it down South Road (the busines, main road in Adelaide) with it stopping all the time? It can't be ridden!!

Oh, very sorry, she says, yes, we will come and pick it up. And, I mentioned, the other bloke told Fluffy that there would be a set of books with it - service and manuals etc. Well, we didn't get anything. Oh dear, well, we will put a set under the seat for you when it comes in.

It was quite funny because she went from being quite rude and up front to bending over backward to help in a blink of an eye. I guess she figured I was getting cranky...

Anyway, some young kid who looked like he didn't give a toss picked it up yesterday and took him off to hospital. Just waiting to see now what the issue was...

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


It would appear the scooter is haunted.

At least, that's Dobby's impression. See, on the weekend she came running inside to tell us that the scooter was running briefly. We laughed her off, that's a ridiculous notion! It's parked there, under the tree, beside the car. How could it be running? Pffft.

Later, she said she heard it beep (the alarm beeps as does the scooter when it turns off, so you know it's turned off...). I couldn't hear it.

Next thing, she comes running in puffing "it's going again! I just flicked that button to turn it off!" That button being the red cut-off button that turns it off immediately.

Fluffy goes out to investigate. He came back some time later saying it was warm so maybe it had been on, but we didn't know how. Maybe the rain had shorted something, even though it's covered? I went back out with him to investigate because I am a stickybeak afterall.

I took my keys with me. Him had tried to start it with his remote. It wouldn't start. He turned it off, turned it on, set the alarm, set the alarm off, all things. When I took mine out, he found it worked. The bike still wouldn't start with the remote, but it did something else it couldn't do earlier, but what it was escapes me.

Anyway, it is designed to start with either the brake held in and the key turned, or with a button on the remote. It won't start with the kick stand down.

So, as a precaution, we put the kick stand down.

It stayed quiet.

Until last night.

When I walked Fluffy out on his way to work the bike was puttering away again. And it had been for a few minutes at least because the exhaust was hot. That's dangerous because it was covered with a nylon car cover.

Him had shifted it a few days ago and put it back on the full stand, not the kick stand.

I was lying awake last night wondering what was going on and the only conclusion I can think of is that the remote was in my bag, and something was pressing on it, and the bike was within range and started. That's the only thing I can think of.

Anyway, Fluffy just phoned to say he would meet me down at the learner driver centre with the scooter after work today so I can go for a practice off road. Eeep!

Monday, 23 November 2009

that was the weekend?

I must have missed it. Suddenly I woke up and it was Monday again.

Last week went fairly quickly because I was quite busy at work. For a change. Then Saturday we did some housework and wandered to Bunnings to get some plants for my empty pots, and do a bit of grocery shopping on the way home.

Dobby had a sleepover Saturday night so we drove down to Reynella and dropped her off. They had a big tent set up outside. It was supposed to be a pool party but the weather turned cold and wet. I doubted that would stop them. I was right.

Fluffy and I stopped off at Nando's on the way home for dinner (spicey hot chicken, good stuff!). I thought we might laze in front of the telly for the night but Fluffy decided we would clean out under the bed in the van. So we did. One job done anyway.

Sunday we did some more housework and went down to pick up Dobby. She was just getting changed when we got there and still dripping wet and cold because her change of clothes got wet.

Anyway, we stopped at spotlight on the way back for some tassles, Fluffy wants to make tie backs for the caravan curtains. Or should I say he wants me to make them. Sigh. And the stuff was expensive. I tell you, we have wasted so much money lately, we are bordering on broke! Anyway, we got home and I did some more pottering around then off to an Undercoverwear party at Belair with Dobby, who I might add, had only an hour or so sleep all night.

The party was great, just the hostess, her daughter, Dobby and I and two of the daughters friends who turned up much later. I spent more money. Sigh...

then, home to cook dinner. I managed to keep Dobby awake until about seven then she crashed. I even struggled to get her up this morning.

We all got up and dragged ourselves up to begin the working week again....

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A bikie

...I am not. Sadly. I knew I would be woeful, but I even surprised myself.

If someone had a video camera it surely would turn up on Funniest Home Videos. I got on. I realised I cannot touch the ground. Fluffy reprimanded me gently about not trying it out at the shop. Dutifully chastised, I found I can drop one foot on the ground. Not two. That's okay, one is all I need.

I sat astride, gingerly let go of the handbrake, and pulled on the throttle. And took off. Wobbling all over the place, trying to put on the brake and forgetting to let go of the throttle.

*Note to self - apologise to neighbours for the marks on their fence...*

I got back on and tried again. Well, I can speed down the road doing 30kph. Bravo! Now, to stop further down the road I must remember to ease back on the throttle and when almost stopped, apply the handbrake, and remember not to let myself wobble...

I did several laps up and down the street and can almost turn the bike around. I know I should have stayed longer but there is much to do. I hope I am not too nervous tomorrow.

Fluffy said he will take me down to the learner driver depot on the weekend so I can practice without traffic.

At least I got my helmet on without any fuss... one should always look for the positives...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


So, what do you think? So many people have laughed at me for getting a scooter, but the people who count are supportive, so thanks guys!

Now all I have to do is learn how to ride it and I'll be set!

Sunday, 15 November 2009


Wow, what a weekend I just had.

Dobby went for a sleepover to Hermione's house Friday night. She stayed two nights. Utter Bliss! We bought KFC for her to take with her, dropped her off and then Fluffy and I drove down toward Brighton in search of somewhere to eat. I had a massive headache again (the heat I think) and we just couldn't find a carpark in Glenelg or Brighton. So we drove up Morphett Road to the Morphett Arms Hotel and had a lovely dinner there, just the two of us.

After dinner we wandered home and watched TV then went to bed.

Saturday we decided to go to Harbourtown to get Fluffy some casual footwear. He had thongs but they broke last summer so he has been wearing the Volleys he got for his birthday in October. We went to Rivers and found him two pair of casual slide type sandals and a pair of rubber thongs for the caravan.

I found a long dress in Sparkles which is black, knitted material (t-shirt material) with crocheting down the back. Very nice.

We stopped at Coffee Club for morning tea then I decided to look in Sheils, as I often do, to get ideas for an eternity ring. I had looked at several previously, mainly inlaid small diamonds, in a 'V' shape or straight line, to fit around the engagement ring, usually priced about $450.

In Sheils we looked at a group of 5 diamonds arranged in a claw setting semi circle. I hadn't considered something like this before. It sat grouped around the engagement ring setting quite nicely, and the diamonds were approximately the same size. However, it was priced at $1200.

But, Sheils were having a 50% off sale. So I got the ring for $614. It's in being sized but I will have it in about ten days. God Bless interest free!

After that we stopped at the cheap shop to find decorations for the van. The next rally we are going on is a Christmas rally, and I mentioned there was a prize for the best decorated... oh dear. Fluffy had a field day! I also had to find something for two parties Dobby is going to over the next two weekends. I found some nice little jewellery pieces. And a ladies gift for the Christmas rally.

We then stopped at a friend's place so Fluffy could pick up his laptop, the friend's husband was repairing for him. We stayed a couple of hours and it was lovely. On the way home we decided to window shop at a place Fluffy found my Christmas present. The owners were just leaving and saw us looking in the window, came back and opened up for us.

See, I am getting a Zoot scooter for Christmas. A 50cc step through. Black with red accents. We have just looked and decided what to buy, but haven't done anything about it yet. Fluffy is cashing in his sick leave and that will pay for it.

Back home and we parked ourselves in front of the telly to watch The Bank Job, and I stuck some chips, fish and mini spring rolls into the oven to eat while watching the movie.

Sunday morning Dodge woke me up early again playing around to get my attention (the little shit) so I got up and started the washing. Actually, I didn't start the washing, I put away the last of the Chrisco hamper into the pantry, cleaned the toilet window sill, dusted off the frogs on the sill, and cleaned the toilet. While dusting one of the frogs fell and landed on the knuckle of my toe. Bloody hell it hurts now!

After Fluffy got up I did the washing, he vacuumed the floor, and we made our way to Marion. He showed me the Zoot display there as well and we chatted to the lady who opened up the shop yesterday for us.

We had a look in Best and Less for swimmers, didn't find any, but I found a pair of shorts each for Hermione and Dobby. I also found 4 for $10 undies, quite nice lacey ones too, for me, and a pair of wide band undies for Dobby.

We moved down to Big W and they didn't have any reasonable togs either. I bought two more pairs of knickers for Dobby. On the way out I stopped at Millers and bought a long sundress for $28. Bargain! Nice colours - oranges, purples... very pretty.

We stopped off at Foodland on the way home for a few basics and settled down to watch some golf before the peace was broken by the return of Dobby. Nan, Hermione and Bruno stayed for awhile and then they left. Now, an hour or so later, it's time to start dinner. I probably should get the washing off the line too, but man, it's hot out there!

Anyway, when I get my wheels and my diamonds I will try post photos. My camera doesn't take close up's very well so I won't promise anything!

Monday, 9 November 2009


Well, although we all seemed to be snappy this weekend, it was a bloody hoot.

Friday Fluffy took the van up early and set it all up ready for us that evening. Remember he has just come of night shift. Tenunda is almost two hours drive from our house, and he did it 3 times that day. I guess that gives him reason to be picky. I had a screaming headache and he didn't want to cook the sausages for tea so I had to go into the township and find a takeaway.

I got real mad at that. And I got lost. So I got snappy. Poor Hermione probably wondered what hit her. Anyway, after paying $28 for 4 pieces of fish, chips and gravy, we sat around and ate. It was late so we didn't do much else.

As we travelled with the group, we were toward the end of the double row. About ten pm or so some of the more "shandied up" of the group ventured up toward our end of the row and decided to check out the newbie site. Soon more gravitated up our end and it was bloody hysterical because Fluffy was in his element showing them all the modifications he had done. One bloke reckoned he wanted to marry Fluffy. What a scream! At one point he had 7 women in the van (none of which were me). They have dubbed his van the Swiss Army Van. It stuck...

Anyway, our new friend Nan (I shall call her for this blog) we had met on the first rally, stopped by for what seems to have become her ritual late night cup of coffee. She didn't leave until after eleven....

The tent was horribly quiet and it turns out the girls crashed about nine (with the dog) and didn't hear about 10 drunks milling about the campsite. Aah to be young and ignorant.

Saturday the girls were itching to get into the pool. Friday evening they went to the office to inquire as to when it would be ready. They were told lunch time Saturday. Lots of huffiness followed that. So Saturday they noticed the pool bloke checking the chemical levels and asked again. Not long, says he.

We went up to morning tea, said hi to all the drunks from last night and sat around chatting with some of the regulars. It was nice to be remembered. The girls quickly changed into their bathers and waited very impatiently for the pool to be ready. About 11.15 it was. They disappeared.

Fluffy and I walked up to the kiosk for an icecream. It was blimmin hot and we needed to cool off. We sat around outside in the shade for a bit and Fluffy asked if I wanted to go check out the path that was supposed to lead out to the pub. I said I had told the girls I would take them when they finished their swim. Fluffy said okay he was going for a walk.

He was gone almost two hours! I was left sitting around. Couldn't go anywhere or do anything because the girls were in the pool (opposite our site). Bloody men. Turns out, when he finally got back to tell me, he had gone on the walk himself! And, as poetic justice, it was a long, steep, hot walk and he got blisters. Hah! We didn't take the girls.

We had happy hour sitting in the shade of a stage thing that was opposite our sites. That was fun. It extended quite late and eventually we wandered off to make tea. As we had all been nibbling on munchies during happy hour we weren't particularly hungry. The girls had grabbed a pack of 20 little bags of chips and taken it back to the pool (they were there all day, and Dobby looks like a little tomato despite the sun cream). So I just made them nachos for tea.

After dinner we went back for games. That was fun! We played that disc throwing game again, and again we made it to the finals. We played the fellow who introduced us to the club in the first place. His wife was in Melbourne shopping (lucky girl) so it was just him. He beat us in the final (story of our life hey) and rubbed it in all weekend! very funny!

We stayed on after games and shared stories of favourite or memorable places we had been to on our travels.

Eventually we made our way back to camp. I was tired from the big weekend and we found we had a problem with the sullage drain not working. It was dark and late and Dobby was in one of her moods so they went out to the tent to bed (whew) about half nine. Fluffy and I continued to try to unplug the sullage pipe. Our friend nan wandered in yet again and parked herself down while we unblocked the pipe. There was a wad of melted cheese blocking it. And a grape it seems...

I went for a shower and left Fluffy and nan chatting. When I got back I had a cuppa and joined them. The group next door were still sitting drinking after eleven when we finally got to bed. So much for that early night.... I woke up briefly at twelve to roll over and everything was quiet...

Sunday morning I went for an early shower and fought again with the girls who just wouldn't get moving. We sat them down later and told then that we expected better and if they wanted to come away for two weeks they had better be prepared to do what we want. Dobby came back from her shower in such a better mood she was very cooperative and well behaved.

Fluffy started breakfast while they were up there and we had almost finished before Hermione came back. Wonder what took her so long. Anyway, after breakfast they both cleaned up their stuff without being told and we packed up.

We had morning tea with the club again at ten, and everyone went back to packing up. We left just after eleven after bidding everyone farewell until December Christmas Rally and headed to Lyndoch to the german bakery. We met up with half the travellers there too. It cost me $40 for 4 pies, 4 flavored milks and 2 gingerbread men! Bloody hell, this weekend cost us a small fortune!

We made it back to Smithfield to meet Hermione's lift but he didn't answer his phone so we had to take her all the way back to our place. He picked her up at half five....

Well, it was definitely an early night last night, and back to work today. It's going to be soooo hot this week I am grateful for the airconditioning. Not looking foward to losing all my garden plants again but I just can't keep the water up to them. I think I will find some geraniums and plant them in the pots. Yep, nothing kills those things!

So, until next weekend, stay cool and have fun!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Where did all that money go?

So Saturday I took Hermoine and Dobby shopping. Hermoine needed new bras and as I had time and money (and because I offered) I got the job.

Dobby hadn't cleaned up her room so it looked like she was going to miss out big time until she got in Friday evening and did it, and finished it early Saturday. Lucky save... We wandered out to Salisbury and collected Hermoine at the appointed hour and took her back to Harbourtown.

Now, here we did a whole lot of bargain hunting. Our first stop was Cotton On Body because I knew we could get cheap bras there. We did. I bought her 3 for $10 each. Dobby also scored a pair of black shorts.

Next stop was swimmers. We looked at a few places, and Ice had bikinis for $10. One pair fitted Hermoine. I thought they were a bit on the skimpy side, but she assured me she was allowed (turns out she wasn't...) but for $10 who cares? They also had a 3 for $10 rack, so I bought them matching white jackets with a colourful skull and flower motiff on the back and front. Plus a skirt for Dobby. Looks great on her legs.

Then they wanted to go to Jay Jays. On the way we passed another store that had bathers for $20 a pair. I bought her a sky blue pair and Dobby a bright yellow. Again, I should have taken more care because on the way out after my purchase I found a tankini for $10 dearer. I should have bought those...

Anyway, at Jay Jays they didn't really find much so we went to Sparkles. Always good for a bargain there. I bought Moose two pair of the jeans she liked but couldn't get up in Qld, so she was happy. I also bought Hermoine a shirt that said something like Do Not Disburb, already disturbed enough or something..... she liked it. And a pair of pj's for me...

Then, I think that was all, it was lunch time. Lunch was not-very-nice nachos from an indian place, and cost me as much as the bras! There went the last of my money.

But the girls were happy. All day from lunch on, well, all weekend really, they were making jokes about indian curry. Strange two they are.

Saturday night Hermoine had tickets for a magic show. We dropped the girls off inside and Fluffy and I walked down the road to find a cafe. Found one and stopped in for coffee and cake. It was quite funny because Fluffy is a cheesecake fan. He ordered coffee and a piece of cheesecake. The lass took his order. My cake arrived, but not his. There was a moment of amusement when someone dropped a plate with an almighty crash.

Then, they were all looking in the cabinet, one came out and looked from the other side. We watched, and I started to laugh. Sure enough, the lass came over and told him they were out of cheesecake. Normally they have at least 3 varieties. Not tonight. He had mudcake. When my hot chocolate arrived he stole my marshmallow so the lass grabbed me another, bless her!

Anyway, after coffee we wandered back to the theatre. There were people milling about outside so we thought perhaps they had finished early but inquiries revealed it was intermission. Smartly, the girls stayed inside, just in case we were not outside. Clever decision! I was proud....

They eventually finished and we took them home. Dobby had said earlier they planned to watch a movie after they got home but they ended up sitting up on her bed chatting. When I was ready for bed after ten, I looked in on them and they were both asleep.

Sunday we stopped off at a girlfriend's place for morning tea. It was closer to lunch because she had asked me to pick up a zipper from Spotlight on my way, which doesn't open until eleven. We took a bun and had a lovely chat. Then a quick stop at the grocery shop and back home.

The girls played outside with the dog or sat in Dobby's room chatting till Nan came to collect Hermoine after three. They stayed for coffee and a look through my wedding album, and then all was quiet. Aaah, blessed silence... we dagged about till dinner then early nights. Fluffy fell asleep in front of Bones. I had a bath and went to bed myself....

This weekend we are off to Tenunda. That will be another story...

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Well, that was amazing.

Last night I had to take Dobby for her 3rd jab for her cervical cancer immunisation. I almost forgot. I was almost home when I remembered. So I had to race to the school and pick her up than race up to the doctor's surgery. It was a mad house too up there. People everywhere!

Anyway, while there she made some comment about the needle I had in my face. The doctor picked up on it and said he'd check to see if my results were in from the biopsies on Saturday.

They were. Amazing...

The patch on my forehead was sundamage, which they plan to treat by burning it off. I think I will leave that one alone for now...

The other on my lip is a basell cell carcinoma - my skin cancer of choice it would appear. So, as I am still "young and beautiful" according to the doctor, I am getting referred to a plastic surgeon. About $300 later I will have a lovely scar for my efforts. But I think I will look at that after Christmas, when things settle down a bit.

So, this morning I had my weigh in with my surgeon. As I said before, I reckon I had put on about 3kg in all. Imagine my surprise when I got on the scales today to find - my weight was exactly the same as it was last visit. Which means I managed to lose all that added weight in just one week.

Which inspires me to stick with this for a few more kilos... it's not hard and if I take it one week at a time, I will be fine by my next visit in February!

Don't you love surprises?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Was that the weekend?

So I had a pretty busy weekend. Lets not get excited and say it was eventful. Just seemed to fly by that's all.

Friday I stopped off on the way home to give blood. My pulse rate was up slightly when the interview first started, but after awhile it had come down to an acceptable level. Whew. That's okay then. I also mentioned that I had taken some medication the night before for a headache. She spent ages checking that up but didn't say much. Then, I mentioned in passing about having a biopsy the next day. Proceedings scream to a halt. It seems that if you have a procedure like that scheduled they won't take blood in case they have to do a removal, because with any procedure I could bleed and need a transplant. Then, I have to wait 4 weeks after the procedure before I can give blood. My next appointment is booked for January so I think I will just leave it till then.

Came outside and was greeted by a parking ticket. For $56! Because, although I checked the signs, my addled brain read "ticketed parking between 8 and 4 weekdays". It also read the sign below that "ticketed parking between 8 and 6 weekends." What it didn't read was the No Stopping sign 4-6 weekdays. Bugger!!!!

Saturday I had another doctor appointment. I think I may as well put that place as my permanent address. I seem to be spending a lot of time there lately. On the way up I stopped at Big W. Mum wanted to get my nephew an MP3 player as he steals his sisters a lot. I told her as we would have to load the music for her I would look out down here for one. So, I stopped at Big W to see if they had any cheapies.

No such luck. So while I was there I bought another kiddie gate to keep the dog out of the cat's littler box (ew), a pair of shorts and two tees for said nephew, a tee, shorts and thongs for his sister.

I was a good girl and didn't do any shopping for myself, although I did get a pair of shorts and a tee for Dobby, but as her room is a disgrace again she is not getting them till she does something about that.

Then, up to the doctor. I got the results of my blood tests, and my iron level is again high. It usually is lately. And, surprise, surprise! my hormone levels were low. Gee, really? He sent me for a repeat of one of the tests. Sigh.

I had two suspected skin cancers biopsied on my face. One on my forehead and one on my top lip. Bloody hell, the anesthetic needle hurts more than the procedure would have! Made my eyes water. And my face was covered with Betadine. I had to pay for my procedure then go to the bathroom and try to clean it off. Lovely! I had a fat lip to try speak with too. And, the one on my forehead kept bleeding.

I bought Barnacle Bill's for lunch, then headed home feeling sorry for myself. After lunch I decided to brush the dog, and leaning over made the forehead one bleed again. I could feel it running down my face. Fluffy was busy with the caravan and had stuff all over his hands, so I rushed into the laundry to find something in the first aid kit to clean myself up with and do you think I could find even a bandaid?

I went into the bathroom to clean up and when I saw all the blood, of course, being a female, I almost passed out. Had to lay on the bathroom floor. Bless Dobby, she poked her hand around the corner of the door with an alcohol wipe to clean some of the blood off with.

I asked her to take the main bag of bandages outside and ask her father to find something sticky to put over it. I stayed on the floor.

He cleaned himself up and found a piece of gauze and some tape and came and fixed me up. Sigh. I didn't feel too good after that, and as the afternoon wore on I felt tired and headachey. But I wasn't game to take anything for it in case it made it bleed again.

Anyway, it's all okay now. I have two little black spots on my face to show for my troubles. Yesterday we had a visit from a lovely couple we don't see often enough who stayed for coffee. It was great to see them again. I did housework and found a little time to read a bit. Not much though. It was too bloody cold to get comfortable enough.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my weekend. I will stop by briefly tomorrow to tell you what the doctor says at my weigh in... won't be good anyway....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

EEK! How did that happen!

So I find myself back on the diet treadmill again.

I knew recently that I had been indulging in my comfort eating again. No big wonder then that I had put a bit of weight on. Nothing serious, but when I got on the scales yesterday it seems I have put on about 3kg. My scales are notoriously inaccurate, but that's the gist of it. I knew in advance it would be a gain anyway.

So, Monday this week I decided to bite the bullet. I have a visit with my surgeon next Tuesday and wasn't prepared to have him go mad at me for such a big gain.

I trudged up to Coles and had a look at the diet shakes. I found two products which were reduced so decided to buy two cans of each, and some snack bars of the same brand.

When I got them home and read them properly it seems they are the powdered drink to be taken half an hour before meals, which expand in your stomach to reduce your actual food intake and keep you fuller longer.

Considering I am already on reduced food levels, i decided to just have the shake as a meal. I started yesterday morning, having a shake with low fat milk and a cup of tea for breakfast.

For morning tea I had two small sticks of raspberry licorice. By 11 I was hungry, but held out until about 12.2o. I had another shake with 4 Vita Wheats with butter and vegemite for lunch, followed by about 750 mls water through the afternoon.

For afternoon tea I had a couple of spoons of yoghurt and one of the snack bars.

Dinner last night, I had a shake before tea then marinated lamb chop with mashed potatoe and pumpkin and peas. Very nice. I was hungry when I went to bed but apart from a cup of milo I resisted the urge to splurge.

Today I have had the shake and a cup of tea for breakfast, and two raspberry licorice sticks for norming tea. I am hungry now, but not terribly so. My boss has just shown me what he bought in for us for morning tea - some type of apple cake which looks horribly delicious. I will have that and a sachet of low fat hot choclate (dash of skim milk and the rest water).

Lunch will be a shake and crackers again.

Hopefully I can delay that till about 1.00 or so. Oh, and I went for a longer walk yesterday and will do so again today if the weather stays nice.

Fingers crossed if I keep this up I can lose at least one of those extra kg before Tuesday. Fingers crossed anyway....

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Time flies when you're having fun

Well, again, I probably have nothing to blog about, but as I waffle on some here hopefully something will come to me.

We had a quiet week, just work and stuff. Friday Fluffy went for some blood tests and I went on Saturday for blood tests too. I was very proud of Fluffy, given his needle phobia...

I also had to go to the doc for a script and referral to my surgeon (who is going to be cross with me because I have put on about 3 kg). Anyway, I asked the GP about two suspicious spots on my face, and he wants to do a biopsy next weekend. Great! Those things hurt and bleed quite a good bit. And on my face! If they are skin cancers they are not the usual Basel Cell cancers I have had before. These are different.

Anyway, Fluffy went back to the doc on Monday for a follow up visit and got told he was healthy as a horse. Great news. Till I got home last night and there was a message from the doctor's surgery saying they want him to do some follow up tests...

Fluffy also worked on the weekend, so Dobby and I hung out together. Before the doc we stopped at the pet shop for dog food, dropped some stuff at a friend's house, had blood tests, and had lunch at Barnacle Bill's in Blackwood.

After the doc we went to Marion and I bought her a pair of silver stud earrings for $5 and a silver chain ID bracelet for $45 (half price). She was happy.

Sunday we wandered to Target as Fluffy said he had seen some sheer tog cover type tops cheap. I had a look and found one that wasn't particularly cheap but was quite acceptable anyway.

I also found a pair of white sandals for summer reduced to $15, some assorted personal care stuff like lip glosses and body creams for Hermoine for Christmas plus a bag to put them in, plus Dobby nagged me for a pair of joggers. Like she needs anymore. But, with the promise of working for them I relented. They are high tops and very, very colourful!

Prior to Target I stopped at Millers and put some stuff on laybye... a turquoise top with sequins, a turquoise crocheted jacket, a pair of white pants, and a turquoise and white crushed skirt. Very nice outfit and got Dobby's seal of approval.

Anyway, a lot of money later we went home and Dobby had to clean her room, sweep the kitchen and dining room, and vacuum the back half of the house. It was nice to sit outside in the sun while she worked...

Monday, 12 October 2009

blah blah blah

So I have had requests to update my blog. Well, here it is. Updated.

Nothing happens at my house most of the time.

I go to work.

I come home.

I go back again the next day.

About the only thing is that Dobby has had her second surgery on her gum, and got the all clear from the dentist Friday that things are going swimmingly. She reckons she can even tell that they are helping. Go figure.

I did have a lingerie party this weekend. That was nice. About six ladies turned up, plus two outside orders. Always a bonus! I managed to get $80 to spend, plus a half price garment.

I bought a lovely top, purple and orange type colours, with a round neckline with purple sequins. For my half price garment I bought a long purple and black halterneck. I just hope it fits and looks okay...

She also had a box of reduced garments. I bought:

A pair of orange and black bikinis for Dobby for $20
A pair of blue leggings and a top for myself for $45 for both
A blue satin nightgown for $20
A long black dress for Dobby for $50 (this was half price).

Bargain, I would say.

Anyway, on Sunday we moved the van. When we got home from Meningie last weekend we pulled it through to the back yard and left it there while Fluffy did some work on it.

Yesterday, because the mowers are coming today, we had to put it back where it belonged. No small feat.

See the grass is soft and the ground is soggy from so much rain. The van weights 1.5 tonne. We had to spin it around 180 degrees, without hitting trees or getting stuck in the ground.

Fluffy got out his old hand winch, but had to pull it apart first, to get it working again. Then he used it to pull the van forward partway, so we could spin it freely. Then it was a matter of laying a continous road of bits of metal plating, pushing a few feet, then relaying it again, to run the jockey wheel on. We did that. Then Fluffy got the ute and pulled it around properly and parked it up. Job done.

Other than that, I really struggled Sunday. I woke up, well, I didn't really wake up at all. I got up after 8 on Sunday but struggled to wake up. Even my skin felt tired. I did some washing, washed the dog, took an exercise bike to a friend's house, and moved the van.

In the afternoon I settled in to read while Bathurst was on, and fell asleep! And I was still tired at 9. Sigh. Hate this....

Anyway, that's about it for my week. I hope I have something better to write soon! :-)

Thursday, 8 October 2009


You know, I hate writing when I feel negative. I try not to do it. I can think more clearly when I am in a good space.

But lately, I always seem to be feeling low. Flat. Not negative in a "poor me" way. Well, probably a little bit, but mostly in a tired, flat, no energy way. That's how I have been feeling lately. I am actually on the verge of losing my job because of it. I make mistakes, forget to do things, don't smile anymore, and am the bitch from hell.

So I went to the doc last week and he put me onto some herbal thing to try to bring my hormones back into line. He says give it a few weeks and I should feel better. I bloody hope so, cause I ain't feeling so hot at the moment.

Anyway, I wanted to stop by quickly to tell you about my weekend away.

We had been thinking of joining a caravan club, and found they were staying at the Lake Albert Caravan Park at Meningie over the long weekend. After trying a few other places, we decided to book into there as well, and take the dog. We could then decide for ourselves whether we wanted to check out the club. We had been in contact with other members who told us to look for the crowd gathering at ten am, but they themselves weren't going.

Fluffy packed up Hermoine, Dobby, and Oz, and I skipped off work a couple of hours early and headed down before dark. Poor Oz was a bit freaked out by the caravan following, and was quite unsettled coming through the tunnels (the car revs because it uses a lower gear, and he didn't like that). The girls had to put up with him walking all over their laps and pulling their headphones out until he kind of settled.

We stopped at Tailem Bend for a pie and the dog seemed much more settled after that.

It was about 5 when we got to the park, so we set up and let the girls go exploring. It takes a while to get the whole kit set up but it looks great - double awning and the tent. Sadly, it rained overnight and the table and chairs got a bit wet, but the girls were dry. So was Oz, he slept in the tent with them

The weekend went well. Saturday morning, while we were pondering whether to make ourselves known, a gent about our age wandered over to us and introduced himself. He had been told we were there and interested in having a look, so invited us over to join in morning tea. That made up our mind for us.

The people are lovely and we spent the weekend hanging out with them on and off. We had games on Saturday afternoon, which was throwing wooden discs at a "jack", and Fluffy and I made it to the finals play off. Everyone reckoned we let the winning fellow, a funny pomm, psyche us out. Maybe!

Hermoine's gran had baked numerous cakes and stuff so we handed those out at lunch and afternoon tea on Sunday.

Sunday was Fluffy's birthday, so we did the present thing before morning tea. Then the group headed up to Coorong for a picnic. As we were not allowed to take the dog, we left Hermoine and Dobby for two hours. They went for a swim and took the dog. He enjoyed it.

We had the chocolate cake Gran had baked for Fluffy's birthday for morning tea on Monday before we left. Everyone enjoyed it.

It was a good weekend. The next rally is in November in Tenunda. We have been invited to go. We attend 3 rallies with the group, then the committee decide if we can join. I don't think we will have any problems, as we seemed to get on with everyone. Even the girls made a couple of new friends in the group.

Guess we'll see what happens...

Friday, 25 September 2009

Still need that holiday!

So Moose left this morning. We had to get up before 4 am to get her to the airport, cause there's usually a queue. There wasn't today of course. But we had breakfast at Gloria Jean's, so that was nice. We left her at the departure gate and I think we got home just as her plane was taking off.

Today, though, I have to go to work. For a whole day. I am sure I don't know how I will cope. You know, some days I wish I drank coffee...

We had a very busy week. Saturday I had to shop and clean the house, and she arrived Saturday evening. Sunday was a lovely day, we did the 6km walk leg of the City To Bay, which I may have already mentioned. What a fiasco that was. We planned our day meticulously, with me dropping Moose and Dobby at the walk start and Fluffy and I driving on to Glenelg. We left my car there, and Fluffy drove us back to the start line.

That was fine, until we finished the walk, and somewhat battleworn, got back to the car only to discover I had left the car keys in Fluffy's work ute, back at the start line. He had to take a taxi back and pick them up. He was not amused...

That took an hour or so, so it was home for a quick shower and then had guests over for nibblies before moving to the Watermark Hotel for dinner. That was lovely but the price has gone up so I don't think we will go there again.

Monday has already been covered in my previous blog. Tuesday I went to work and Fluffy dropped Moose at the ice skating rink. No, he actually dropped her off at Designer Direct for some time killing. Then, after work at lunch time I picked her up and we made our way to Harbourtown. We shopped for a bit, and I picked up a couple of tees for Fluffy and Dobby, then the power went out and we had to leave. It was still raining...

Dinner Tuesday night was chicken pieces and baked potatoes. Very nice.

Wednesday morning I went to work and Fluffy dropped Moose off at the zoo. I finished work at one and picked her up. Back to Harbourtown to finish what we had started Tuesday. I found cheap skinny jeans for Dobby and a lovely purple satin shirt for her to wear to the disco Wednesday night. Corned beef sandwiches for dinner. She had a friend over to go to the disco with, and at the end of the night, they had a massive fight (as usual) with Dobby ending up in tears. Turns out she is hormonal (and apparently in pain this time) but they made friends again yesterday.

Thursday was my birthday so I didn't have to go to work. I still got up early and got Dobby ready for school. We all walked her down, and then Moose and I went to Marion shopping centre. We shopped around a bit and had lunch at the food court. Then we raced up to a friend's house to pick up some Body Shop Party things Dobby and I had ordered, and back to the school to pick her up at lunch time.

We ate a quick lunch, opened my birthday presents, then we had to take Dobby for gum surgery. They had to go into the soft palette, make quite a hole, and expose her hidden eye tooth. Poor lamb. It was pretty rough on her because she had been laying with her head down for over and hour, and was dizzy when she got up. Then, they took her into another room to glue the brace onto the exposed tooth. He had several attempts but the gum bled too much and he aborted the effort, but not before the pain killers had worn off and he had caused significant discomfort to Dobby. She came out crying.

When we got home I ran her a bath and she made herself comfortable in front of the telly, but after awhile felt fine and was back to her bouncy self, even managing the guts of an apple and custard tart with ice cream for dinner.

Oh yes, I got some lovely birthday gifts. I scored frog painted place-mats and matching coasters, frog bath mat, frog garden twirler, very expensive face lift treatment, pyjama bottoms (very much needed), jewel box and jewellery, little frog tea cup and saucer, and a date/address organiser book. Very sweet!

Anyway, after a long and exhausting week I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. I hope. I have to strip the van ready for our trip next weekend, and clean the house, but if I can get all that done Saturday I can relax Sunday. After I have done the ironing and shopped for our trip...

I need a holiday....

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wow, what a storm!

Just a quick update for interstate friends (or foe) who may (or may not) be concerned about the weather here in Adelaide.

We are fine. Bit frizzy-haired, but fine. There were a lot of trees down and across the bay got a lot of hail damage I believe but we as a family are fine.

Fluffy phoned me yesterday to tell me he heard the thunder and got up to check the dog, and couldn't find him. After calling and calling he finally found him hiding down the back yard (God only knows where, it's a weed patch down there), thoroughly wet through and shaking like nothing else. He took ages to entice him back up to the house, where he dried him off and let him stay the rest of the day inside.

Moose, visiting blister from Qld, and I went into my work for the morning, with the original view to walking up the Parade to my local shopping haunt to check it out. Well, the storm hit before we even left work. We waited most of it out, lots of thunder and lightening, then ventured out by car. No dopes here. We decided, as the weather had cooled significantly, to stop at Vinnies to purchase a pair of jeans for Moose, and even then, we couldn't get out of the car. It poured. We eventually just made a run for it.

Then we drove up to the shopping district and parked under cover. Lunch was a lovely pasta for Moose and chicken Pollo for myself at Cafe Primo then a quick look at some window shopping while walking back to the car. It was still raining. We ducked into Foodland for a few staples then decided to drive back to Clovelly Park to the Chemist Warehouse to fill Moose's script as they are often cheaper there.

Well, the roads were flooded and the rain was that heavy we could barely see the cars in front of us. Due to a couple of previous accidents, Moose was digging holes in the dashboard. but I got her there. I decided to park out the front instead of in the car park (which would have meant walking around the corner in that rain) and the gutters were so full of water the wheels were half buried!

No luck there as they have discontinued the medication she was after so we decided to stop at Terry White at Castle Plaza. This was only a short drive up the road a way, and by the time we got there, blue sky was visible. Behind us was black as anything, but above was a lovely blue!

We met a lovely Irish chemist who was able to help, and Moose found she could spend her gift card there as well, and proceeded to do so.

Then, picked up Dobby and made it back home. What an afternoon! But we weren't finished yet!

My hairdresser had phoned earlier in the day to change our existing appointments from Today (Tuesday) to last night. Mad scramble but we did it. We had been going to have Corned beef tonight done in the hot pot and chicken pieces yesterday. Ended up that we didn't have tea last night and I made quick ravioli for Dobby and Fluffy.

Anyway, they got good hair do's. I got a trim. They got the better deals.... see below....

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pics of the room

So this is my Hall of Mirrors. As you can see, you can't see the cupboard for the mirrors!

(note the hairy little assistant in the corner playing on the cane boxes)

This is the view from the door, with Fluffy's wardrobe on the left. We managed to get the TV into this cupboard. The next wardrobe is all but empty at the moment but I have a stack of shelves in there with thin drawers I am slowly putting my make up and personal stuff in.

This shot is standing in front of that little cup holder in the previous pic, looking back toward the corner. These are my wardrobes. All those creepy mirrors....

Hello! This is looking at the same corner from my side of the bed. Check out Dodge playing. He loves the mirrors. doesn't play with his reflection as a kitten would, but he loves playing around the bottom of them. On the wall above the bed is .... another mirror. This one is just a few months older than Fluffy. Bloody ancient! There is still some stuff lying around as you can see, but we hope to have that gone by the weekend. Fingers crossed....

Monday, 14 September 2009

I need another holiday

So we had this busy weekend, right. We had chosen some new bedroom wardrobes from Ikea but all the pieces weren't in until Friday so Fluffy toddled off to pick them up. They were so heavy he had to wait until Dobby came home from school to take them out of the ute.

Anyway, he got them out and into the carport ready for the big job on Saturday. Friday night we managed to move the existing furniture around to clear some space ready to assemble this huge 3 door wardrobe. We got up early Saturday and discovered we need to lay it down to put it together. So, we ended up balancing it across the bed. Tricky, but with a little help here and there from Dobby we managed to assemble it ourselves. We got it into position and chose where we would put rails, shelves and basket drawers.

We also discovered they had given us, for 2 3-door wardrobes, 4 glass doors and 2 wood-look, instead of only 2 mirrors! Shock! Their loss and our gain I guess, but ugh, who needs that many mirrors? Anyway, we had two glass and one wood door up and ready when Dobby and I had to leave to go to a fundraising afternoon. I hadn't had lunch so did pig out a bit on snacks but who cares?

When we got home I helped Fluffy do a few more little things, still in my little black dress, and found he had assembled the smaller 2-door space filling wardrobe we had bought as well. It was still in the kitchen and bits of other furniture was hanging messily about here and there too.

We cleaned out the remaining furniture ready for removal (clothes, junk, personal care, you know the stuff you manage to accumulate over the years...)

About this time our Hermoine and her nan arrived for her first sleepover. I chatted to Nan for about an hour, while Fluffy struggled to move the rest of the furniture outside mostly by himself!

We pretty much left the girls to get to know eachother, and all we heard (up till 11pm when I texted Dobby to ask for a bit of quiet) was giggle, giggle, giggle. Fair to say they hit it off!

After dinner of pizza, I helped Fluffy arrange the old furniture out in the car port safely so it won't get ruined by rain. Then we watched the Crows get beaten by Collingwood because of a penalty in the last minute! Stupid Pies!

Anyway, Sunday, we had the space to assemble wardrobe 2. It went okay and Fluffy gave me leave when we had the bulk done to take the girls out to buy a plastic drawer set to fit into the filler wardrobe to put all my make up and bits and pieces in. Quite effective it is too! But, it too has a mirror! Gads!

The girls had fun, and took this pic while on our way out to the shop. I also stopped at Stratco where they had cheap potplants and bought 12 little plants for $1.99 each! Excellent!

After we got home we pottered around a bit more and put some more stuff away while the girls played with the dog. Fluffy had put all his shelves and drawers in, and loaded up his clothes and stuff.

Anyway, I took the girls to see the movie Up after that, and when we got home we loaded up the ute with an old television we had no use for, and I got an unused DVD player and computer flat screen, chucked the girls in the back and drove across Adelaide to Salisbury to take Hermoine home.

We stayed there long enough for Fluffy to set up the tv, DVD player and screen for Nan. She was over the moon! She even baked us a batch of very scrummy oat and sultana cookies (I have had two while I typed this!).

We finally got home about 7.00 and I tried to fry up some salt and pepper squid and fish bites, but I don't know if the oil just didn't heat properly but it went soggy and horrid anyway... but, everyone ate it anyway, they are good like that! lol!

We pottered around filling cupboards and tidying up, and Fluffy set up the tv and set top box on a shelf in his wardrobe, so we have the telly back in the bedroom, behind closed doors too! Excellent!

It was after eleven when we got to bed last night too, and man, I am exhausted! But, I do have a lovely new room, if somewhat surrounded by bloody mirrors, but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post some pics... after I finish putting away the leftover junk we didn't have a home for, and potting my new plants ready for next weekend.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Have you ever felt some things were just as they were meant to be? Ever clicked with someone and knew in an instant the relationship was going to work?

Well, that's what happened to me today. I rushed home from work a little early to meet our Time For Kids child, and even arriving home at 4.45 I didn't make it. They were early.

But, it didn't take very long to figure out this relationship was meant to be. Our child, lets call her Hermoine, is a lovely young lady. Charming, whitty, somewhat shy, intelligent, classy and all together very nice. And her nan is just the loveliest lady. She does a lot of volunteer work and also is a dog sitter.

They were here for over an hour and a half, and we all felt the whole "click" thing. Nan is someone who would fit in very well with my circle of friends. Friendly, kind, caring, funny and a great lady, I like her a lot! I think this set up will work for all parties in a lot of ways. And I don't think I am exaggerating when I say I think we have made friends for life.

I have always believed in God, and Nan is a very devout Christian, and Hermoine goes to a Christian college. I think we have all be placed in this situation for a reason, and it just feels very right.

I am quite optimistic about this set up, to the point where I suggested this weekend we were free if Hermoine felt comfortable visiting so soon. As Dobby and I have plans for Saturday afternoon I suggested either Hermoine could visit Saturday evening and stay or come over Sunday if she felt it was too soon. She opted to stay Saturday night. That's very encouraging!

As our friendship progresses I will keep you posted....

Monday, 7 September 2009

Just a quick one

So, I'm sitting here at work, minding my own business, when someone knocks on the door. He's holding a HUGE bunch of flowers, and it's actually for me!

Turns out, one of my customers (from Queensland, who always gives me a weather report) has sent me a thankyou boquet for getting him an emergency order, and thus saving him over $1000.

Aren't they lovely? And, being lillies, they are one of my favourite flowers (my workspace smells heavenly!)

*feeling rather special*

Saturday, 5 September 2009

How embarrassment...

So most of you know Dobby plays netball for her school. She has played 3 out of the last 4 years, I think, or is it 4 out of 5. Anyway, she loves the game and fears they will lose without her playing. They're going to lose anyway, though, as they have never won a game yet. But, she is one of their best players.

Now, wouldn't it be nice of the school was actually behind their team? For a start, no one but a few parents seem to take the game seriously. We usually manage to just scrape together enough girls to make a team, and on two occasions have had to borrow from our opponents, with one team making us forfeit because not enough players bothered to turn up, and it was a home game!!! And, no one bothers to let the coach know when they are likely to be going to miss a game. Now, I don't know about you, but for us, we believe if you join a team then you commit to that team and all that goes with it - early rising, turning up for practice, wearing a presentable uniform, good reason for not playing etc. Dobby will play even when sick. The only game she missed was when she had surgery on her gum.

My gripe today is that the school does not support their team. Our uniforms are a maroon netball skirt supplied by the school and the kid's own white school polo shirt. Now, Dobby is a big girl. She wears a ladies size 12. The biggest skirt they could get for her is a kids size 16. It barely does up! And one girl wears a HUGE white tee, usually tied in a not, and her skirt is held together with a safety pin as it is way too small (she is short but quite round). So, when we play we look like a motley crew. They did buy them new bibs for this season so can't quite complain.

Our grounds are the worst we have ever played on. The court is old and cracked, and the lines are all but invisible. How the umpire is supposed to be able to see when the ball is out is beyond me.

Some schools have a coffee van on hand, others have a bbq or small stall running. Ours does not. Some schools have real uniforms and plenty of balls, ours do not. And some schools have their sports shed in one place where it can be found.

We all turned up for a game this morning and the sports shed is gone. No one seems to know where it was moved to, or what happened to the equipment stored inside. The school receptionist suggested we see if the equipment was moved into the gym, but lo, no one has a key! The vice principal who handles the sport cannot be contacted, and once again we are made to look like fools.

Today was the last game of the season, and how embarrassing was it to turn up and not even know where the equipment had gone? No one bothered to tell our coach, and no one bothered to make sure they showed up this morning to support the team on it's final game of the season.

The school simply does not support it's netball team. I seriously hope Dobby does not play next year because it's just too painfully humiliating to go through this every week.

Anyway, here are the girls and their mascot, who, I might add, was the toast of the day!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

WHAT???!!! I Can't Hear You!

So, why do musicians think that turning the music up so loud that the guitars blend into one ear piercing screech which overtakes the singer makes a good rock concert?

We went to see Alice Cooper last night. Thought our tickets were pretty good too, and the people who had the seats in between our two sets were good enough to swap with Fluffy and I as well, so that was nice.

Oh, by the way, we took Dobby's friend Tiny with us, we had no other takers and she has expressed an interest earlier in the day, so why not? Their first rock concert...

Anyway, we were sitting there, watching the crowd come and go. About ten minutes to eight a heavy metal band called Electric Mary (A Melbourne band, if I am not mistaken) took to the stage. From that moment on I didn't hear a word he sang. It was all screaming guitars and noise to me.

Dobby actually liked their music, but I think she thought she was listening to Alice, not realising bands have a support group to open the show. But she liked it anyay.

Then, after a short break Alice came on. Well, everyone immediately stood up. And there went the show for us. I had Miss Tall and Beanie Boy in front of me and could not see a thing other than the elevated drummer.

Alice's music didn't seem to be as deafening as the other, perhaps they actually had his mike turned up so you could hear him. Dobby and Tiny were straining to see anything, and both sat at some time or another. I sat through the first half because i just could not see anything. So I sat and enjoyed the music.

When we got there, Tiny spent her $20 on a program come poster, which she was happy with. They spent some time both going over that looking at pictures and reading what the songs were.

Before Alice came on I took the girls to the concession stand and made it to the front of the line only to find I had to go get cash. So, I sent the girls back to stand in line and nipped off to the ATM. Cash in hand, I got back to find the girls almost at the front. I bought Dobby a tee-shirt and Tiny a key ring. I would have liked a shirt myself but didn't have enough money.

Anyway, back to the show. I decided to stand to see if I could catch a glimpse of anything. Occasionally I got to see what he was up to, and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I will try to find a DVD of this tour because although I couldn't see anything, I did enjoy the show.

We made our exit via the side door and some people behind the girls were commenting that they sat through it and how rude blah blah, the girls said it would be good if people sat down so they could SEE! They were miffed...

But, sore feet and ringing ears later, we got home about eleven and were all in bed by half past.

But man, my ears are still ringing this morning....

PS The room is STILL clean! That's one week today! AMAZING!!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I am amazed..

So here we are, day 3, and ..... IT"S STILL CLEAN!!! Having said that, I thought I had better check, and apart from two wardrobe doors hanging open, there is not a thing out of place, even the towel has gone back into the bathroom.

See, to me, that epitomizes laziness. her room is about 4 steps from the bathroom, but she still leaves her towel on the bedroom floor. but, since her shower Sunday night, it has been hung on the door where it goes. Astounding!

Anyway, so this weekend we are off to see Alice Cooper, thanks to a very generous benefactor who thinks I am a good person (*smiles sweetly*).

I will definitely be updating you on that one! I got asked by one friend if we were going to dress up. The thought hadn't occurred to me, but can anyone who knows us imagine Fluffy dressing up? CACK! Not a chance!

Speaking of Fluffy, it's time to go wake him up and make his supper.

Night all! xxx

Monday, 24 August 2009

I need a holiday

So what a weekend. It was busy. I mean, our weekends usually are, but this time, I need a holiday to recover.

Saturday we took Dobby to her netball game, then flew down to Marion so I could make MediBank Private before they closed at 11. I got there, got her payment schedule for braces sorted out.

Meanwhile, Fluffy and Dobby parked the car, and I kept looking for them to come back so I could get hime to go across the mall to the Medicare office. No sign of them. I have to phone him when I am done to find him. They had gone to Supacheap. Meanwhile the queue was out the door at Medicare. Guess where we didn't go.

Anyway, I had wanted to find myself a pair of 3/4 pants for work. I only have one good pair left. So we went to look in Big W. I tried lots on but only one fitted any good, and they were denim so not for work, but with a pricetag of $5 they were coming with me anyway! I also bought myself a pair of long leggings. Never thought I would, but I had bought a black dress that was just a bit too short so I thought they would look nice under it. They do!

Then we wandered up to the kitchen shop so Fluffy could look for a certain wine bottle cooler. We found one, and I bought it to put away for Father's day. We had something to eat as well, then did a huge grocery shop, and got home after 2.00. Usual cleaning and dagging about Saturday afternoon.

Then Sunday, we took Dobby down to register for a netball team. We have talked about it for a long time, and decided we would just do it. Probably a lot of others we could sign her up to, but this one looked okay. Only $60 registration, she gets a top and we buy her a red skirt. She is disappointed they don't have the traditional netball uniform, but has to wear those horrible skirts again. But the coordinator seemed nice. From the first week in September she will train Tuesday night and play Friday nights.

Then when we got home I, with Fluffy's help later in the afternoon, cleaned Dobby's room.

Now, for most of you, that would be a case of "so what?" Well, those who know Dobby know what a HUGE task this is. I mean, I wish I had taken before and after shots. You literally could not get in the door the floor was full of books, clothes, broken stuff, toys, more clothes, papers. You name it and it was there. We had nagged her for weeks, screen banned her, took her phone off her. But nothing worked.

Now, we are a step closer to getting our Time for Kids child, and there was no way we were meeting anyone with the room looking like THAT!

So, it took all day, and I stripped the bookcase, (she now only has two shelves of books, the rest are sewing kit, craft kit, knick knacks), stripped every drawer (she now has a spare for her Time for Kids child to use), emptied the wardrobes (we threw out 12 bags of books, shoes, clothes to the second hand shop), and Him did under her bunk.

He also vacuumed her floor (took ten minutes while I dished up dinner) and put the keyboard into her room on her desk. It looks great! It was backbreaking work, and Fluffy had pulled a black muscle on Saturday bringing in the groceries. And my back and hamstring muscles have all seized up and I could barely walk this morning. Things we do...

Pity it will only last a few days....

Thursday, 20 August 2009


So I have decided to give my family different monikers. Silly, I know. It's just the Him and Jr Her don't quite do it for me anymore. They sound, well, lame.

So, I thought I would, from now on, refer to them by our family nicknames. Therefore, Jr Her is now going to be referred to as Dobby. How did she get that nickname? Well, she would come home from school and complain all the kids called her Big Eyes. Her eyes are her best feature mind you. At that time the second Harry Potter movie had just come out, and who has big eyes, big ears and dirty clothes? Right. Dobby.

So, when her father started referring to her as Dobby, she retaliated by naming him - Fluffy. The big 3-headed dog from Philosopher's Stone. For years it was "Hi Dob." "Hi Fluff". And she still gets called Dobby mostly, although some times she gets called by the name her school friends gave her - Barney.

But, for all future references here they will now be called Dobby and Fluffy.

My nick name? I got stuck with.... Hagrid.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

More new stuff

So yesterday was Him's day off. Never, ever, give him a day off! Jr her was sick, but went to school anyway (I got a text from them around two-thirty saying she wasn't there! Turns out it was the kid beneath her on the roll book!). Anyway, before I left work, Him phoned me to say that because Jr Her wasn't well, could we have take away for dinner.

Hey, I am always up for a non-cook night! Jr Her has the flu, by the way, and last night the poor lamb was shivering, temperature, flushed cheeks, sore throat, cough. I even let the netball coach know she wouldn't be playing today! But this morning, apart from a croaky voice, you wouldn't even know she was sick! She played netball too, but because only 4 girls turned up (you should have seen the coach, she was livid!) we had to forfeit, but played a scratch game with no scores using a couple of the other team's spares.

Anyway, when he phoned yesterday he says "I've been busy...." What a surprise I got when I got home! We had recently bought, as you know, the Plasma (not LCD as originally stated, my mistake), along with a freezer. So Him borrowed the other work ute and picked that up yesterday. And, when we were waiting for Jr Her to get her braces fitted on Tuesday we strolled about Bunnings, which is across the road from the dental surgery.

While there we saw a relatively cheap ($299) outdoor setting. Good price, nice setting, so we thought we might have to buy that. The old one had ripped chairs and only two were worth sitting on.

So, he had also gone down and picked that up. While there we noticed a folding banana lounge in the same fabric. We thought the price was $39, but Him asked an attendant anyway. Sure enough, that's the price! But, as they didn't have another out back, he gave us the display stock for $30. Neat! Matches the table and chairs perfectly!

He also spent a further $80 odd on a plastic outdoor pool lounge which is sitting beside the carport, so if I want to sit alone and sun bake I can! We are a bit reluctant to leave the other matching chair in the weather, see.

So, he had completely rearranged the back patio, cleaning up lots of stuff, and vacuuming the piece of carpet at the back door where the dog sits (and consequently coats in black hair). It looks great! What do you think? If you click on the pic and enlarge it, you can even see both the banana lounges (and Jr Her's odd socks!)

As we have had lovely weather, last night after a trip to McDonalds for take away, we all sat outside at the new table for dinner. Great! Then, today we all lounged outside again. My matching banana lounge is great, and I can still sit with the family.

Roger isn't usually allowed out unless we are, so we can watch where he goes. He mostly just sits around in the long grass beside the house, or playing in the niche beneath the gum tree.

Doesn't he look lovely? It's one of the rare times we were able to see his face!

Well, the other two have gone to take the ute back (second time today, last time they got to Glenelg and realised they didn't have the keys to the other ute!) and it's lovely and quiet for a bit. Time to go do some heavy duty reading! Catch ya!

UPDATED 16/08/09

So today, it's blowing a gale! Last night it rained and the new furniture got wet, as did the dog house and the cupboard at the end of the patio, so all 3 of us struggled with some sheets of fencing tin and Him closed in one half of the end of the patio, just enough to keep the rain off the junk cupboard and hopefully protect things that end a bit.

He also bought some sail rail and put the extra awning from the caravan from the roof where the new outdoor setting is, so it keeps the rain and sun off that part of the patio.

And, we juggled the old freezer out, scrubbed the floor (it was thick with grease and old cat hair) and moved the fridge over, putting the new freezer beside the stove. Looks great! Jr Her got the job of filling all the drawers with stuff out of the old freezer.

Dinner tonight is a roast lamb with rosmemary sauce done in the hot pot. Smells good, hope it tastes as good!