Monday, 30 May 2011

Cough Cough

So we've had a rather slow week this last week. Not much to write about so it'll be a short one.

The only exciting thing to happen was Fluffy got sick. Sad, isn't it? He never gets sick. When he phoned me Thursday before I had even left work and said he was almost home, he'd left work early because he wasn't' feeling well, I knew he had to be sick.

I made him a doctor's appointment for the next day and put him to bed.

Friday I had made arrangements to meet my walking buddy (with whom I never get time to go walking) to meet for a quick cuppa up at the local deli. Fluffy's appointment was for just before that so I was hoping he'd phone before I left. He did.

He said the doctor sent him straight down for an x-ray, which he got immediately, and after the radiologist phoned the doctor straight away. He has pneumonia and a cracked rib. Poor baby, no wonder he's in pain.

When he gets sick he does it properly. Anyway, the doc was quite worried and surprised that Fluffy had lasted that long before seeking help. Apparently his lungs were full of shadowy deposits of gunk. The doc gave him antibiotics and ordered him to bed, with strict instructions that if it was no better Saturday he was to phone the doc, who would admit him to hospital. In the mean time he was bedridden till at least Tuesday.

So, Fluffy has spent the weekend reading and resting. He got up a few times to tinker, but soon headed back to bed.

I took Dobby out for the day Saturday. We were supposed to meet a friend for lunch but she too is ill so I went out early and ran some errands, munchies for Fluffy at the cheap grocery store, and magazines and stuff from the Newsagents to keep Fluffy occupied. Then I picked up Dobby and took her out to Harbourtown to spend her Smiggle voucher and find new school shoes (3rd pair this year, can you believe it? The soles keep coming off them, and they are all different brands!). Anyway, we found the shoes, spent the voucher, and toddled off home.

She was supposed to have a friend over Saturday night but with Fluffy ill we decided not to do that, so the friend offered to take Dobby instead. So a little after 4 I dropped her off.

Then went home to assemble a TV shelving unit thing (sorry, forgot photos). I cooked some dodgy fish and potatos for Fluffy and I, took his into him, and settled in front of the telly. He had dinner in bed Friday night, Breakfast in bed Saturday, I bought Subway for lunch Saturday and he got that in bed too, then dinner Saturday night.

Sunday I got up fairly early to take care of some more housework and cleaning up. Fluffy at breakfast with me at the table then did a little tidying while I was doing other chores. He retired back to bed and after making some sandwiches for Fluffy's lunch, I went to pick up Dobby and her friend and take them to the movies. I had won a double pass to see Burke and Hare (see trailer here). Very, very funny.

Then, we went looking for a pencil case for the friend, and to JayJays for both girls. Dobby got very distressed because she couldn't find anything she liked to fit. She has put on a couple of kg recently... so her mood soured terribly. Sigh...

We stopped for a very late lunch at Maccas and I took the friend home. Then Dobby cheered up a little and we made our way home.

Boy, did I get a shock when I checked the bank account. I don't go shopping much (well, little stuff here and there) but this weekend, after buying lunches, movie munchies, groceries, magazines, a fluffy robe for Fluffy, pajamas for myself, I went through a heck of a lot of money.

Anyway, the weekend wasn't over for me. More housework with ironing and cooking, room service for Fluffy, and then by the time it was bedtime I was exhausted. I made two more pages of mother's scrap book and fell into bed about ten. Whew.

So, there you go. Boring week for the most part. Next week will be interesting, we're going costume hunting!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wild and Wooly

And not just my hair, although today I do look like that mangy dog I was accused of being a few years ago, before I learned how to do my hair properly.

Anyway, the week that was was not terribly exciting. Usualy boring stuff of work, work and more work. Dobby had a netball thing on for school, which meant an excursion to Etsa Stadium (where the famed Thunderbirds play from), which finished at 3.00pm. Therefore I got to leave early. Boy, did I need that. But after I had to take her to the Uniform shop for a top up of school uniforms (she has put on a little weight already this year) and a new school bag. Her original bag was just too small and last year's was too heavy. She is really happy with the one from the school itself. Quite big and still extremely heavy but necessary.

Then, because it was actually this weekend that we were going away, I got to leave Friday at 3.00 again. I had to stop at the accountant's office on the way home, so it was lovely to beat everyone home.

Fluffy bought himself a little 6-bottle wine fridge for the caravan, and it was dispatched on Monday. Plenty of time for it to arrive, yes? Well, all week he made enquiries. He told them when it arrives to hold it at the depot. They put it on a truck. Then he told them he wasn't home so take it off the truck. They said how many times do I need to tell you we can't take it off the truck. Your mistake, you fix it he said.

Then, when I got home at 3.30, I told him it hadn't arrived but there was a card left in the letter box advising they had been.

He was straight back on the phone telling the chick that we were leaving at 5.00 and it had better be here. No, we can't do it. Yes, he said, your mistake. You will do it. It arrived at 4.55... One happy Fluffy.

We did leave on time, and by 5.20 were on the freeway. One part of our journeys I always hate is the freeway. It's steep, winding, and full of maniacs. I am of late a very nervy person and I don't relax until we pass the Hahndorf exit, some 15km or so out of Adelaide.

This time was our first with the Fairmont pulling the new van. The Mitsubishi pulled our old van up there no sweat. The Fairmont struggled, indeed getting quite hot at one point. But the other car would not be able to pull the new van. At least we know we can do it, but I think it will struggle a bit. Mind you, it does pull it at all other times without blinking an eyelid.

We arrived about 6.30pm, it was dark and cold and there was no one at all in sight. Only a half dozen vans were there, so we picked our site and set up. By the time we had finished the others started wandering back from the nearby pub.

We all gathered, as we usually do, outside someone's van for drinkies. I popped in and out, as I usually do. It was getting toward "that time" and I wasn't feeling very comfortable. And with good reason, when they came, they came with gusto and that was it for me for the evening.

The showers for the back half of the little caravan park consisted of a row of 3 unisex ensuites. They had a shower and toilet in each room, with plenty of space. Very clean and lovely too. And the showers were nice.

Saturday we had morning cuppa, club game, then some of us formed a convoy (we were able to play this time because they didn't go 4-wheel-driving). We just drove around. Wellington offers a caravan park, a pub, a service station and a ferry across the river. South Australian ferries look like this. Scroll down to Wellington. We decided not to take the van across one but come down the inland road, which was a bit of fun because the road wasn't as good. But it was probably quicker anyway.

But we took the convoy of cars across for something to do this day.

On the way back we stopped at the Courthouse Museum for something to do. I took these photos:

There was the usual stuff inside, and while it was lovely and interesting, it wasn't really worth photographing. I thought the above were more visually appealing. We had an icecream and headed back to camp.

Happy hour then, and we watched the weather start to turn. I took some photos:

and after Fluffy, Dobby and I went to the pub for dinner. It was rather expensive but huge serves (none of us finished our meals) and the food was to die for. But a large group of young persons (man, I must be getting old) came in and one lass in particular had a horribly loud voice. With all of them shouting at once, and a group of drunk men shouting out from the pokies room, after only 45 minutes we took our leave.

A local made a comment about the imminent weather and we also heard rumblings from some other locals through the day, so we decided that all of us should batten down in case the nasty weather dropped in for a visit.

We managed to secure the hall across the road from the park for a few hours after dinner, but we didn't stay long. Most people wanted to be sure to be indoors before the "storm" struck.

Well, it was a little blowy, and actually got warmer as the evening progressed. In fact, I had to kick off the blanket and open the window.

I got up to go to the loo at 1am, and at 1.15 it started raining steadily. It rained quite a bit through the night but we saw no wild weather.

Until we headed home. Then we hit it.

Up through the tunnels was foggy, wet and the cross winds were killer. We made it home safely though, and Fluffy put the van away. But while he did I had to stand in the rain with the radio and direct him. He has to manoeuvre it around the front yard, and it's difficult to see the fence, tree, house etc so I get to be his eyes on the ground. I got wet. He didn't.

He is a legend at putting the van away, though. It seems to get easier as he figures out is landmarks etc. We hadn't packed much in it this time so it didn't take long to unpack it. Then I did some ironing, swept the floor, and took a couple hours to flake out on the bed watching old sit-coms (Lucille Ball, Green Acres). It was fabulous. And the best part? The cat missed me. Makes it all worthwhile...

Monday, 16 May 2011


So this week was the weekend away that almost was. See, we were all set to go away this last weekend, but then Thursday night realised we had our dates mixed up! We had the car hooked up, groceries purchased, and even got the new dog bed:

Then, Fluffy happened to phone one of the other members, and we realised we had totally mixed up the dates. It's next weekend! Face palm for sure!

Anyway, it's a good thing too. The week and indeed the weekend, was cold and wet. We seem to be in a permanant state of cold lately. Can't seem to get warm. I took these recently on the way home from work, just with the phone camera so they're not great, but you get my drift anyway.

Also, Dobby has changed guitar nights. She now goes on Monday evenings at 5, just before I get home. Why? Because she has joined school netball. We were unsure when they were playing, just that it was Wednesday.

Turns out she plays after school Wednesdays so now I have to pick her up from the local sports stadium. Luckily it's not far away, and hopefully she'll be just ready to go when I get there. She is worried about waiting on her own for me. She'll be fine once she gets into the swing of it, but these funny little insecurities are beginning to pop up now more than ever. Refuses to take public transport now because she doesn't like taking a bus on her own. She used to go with friends. Then she discovered the "school" bus, and takes that. Never mind, I prefer she takes that one anyway, gets her home earlier!

Note to self - forgot to leave money for guitar for tonight. Du-oh! Blonde.

Anyway, remember last week I said I had to visit the sign writer for Fluffy? This is what he got done.

Luckily he phoned me because what he wanted wouldn't have fitted. I decided to measure it while talking to him and he realised it didn't fit. So I told him what he needed. Unfortunately he didn't speak to the fellow again and I had to give him the changes.

Anyway, what do you think? I had to guess at the colour too. Well, Fluffy told the guy he wanted it in blue. Blue, I asked? Why? The new van colours are silver and maroon.... Oh....of course! We had the last van for ten years so it's difficult to get used to new stuff. But when I picked the colour from memory, and we stuck it up there, it's pretty close to the maroon tick above the word Stirling. Doesn't look it in this pic, but it is.

Anyway, another week down and a weekend spent bludging. Shopping again. I found some crafty things to add to my collection for mum's scrap book, and Dobby needed new netball shoes (her others had no sole left and holes in the sides).

Plus, I don't know if anyone else watched the Eurovision contest over the weekend? We did. I LOVED it. Particularly loved Serbia.

Final Eurovision 2011 - Serbia HD by alexandru2006

Dobby liked Denmark...

and I also liked Iceland

But it sure was hard to choose! Another good one was Ukraine. Check them all out. Fantastic!

Anyway, I'm at work so I had better go do some, yes?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

So it's been a relatively slow week. But given that we are going to go away for a short trip next weekend, this weekend meant a lot of extra work. Mainly just remaking the beds and putting stuff back into the van that comes out (towels, clothes, sheets etc) and making sure the housework gets done because I can't leave it another week so to speak.

So Saturday was pretty full on. I was feeling pretty bad because Fluffy had decided to work all weekend, and he didn't take Dobby shopping on Thursday night for a Mother's Day gift. I figured they didn't really care, and because I already had one little gift that Dobby picked for me last weekend, that I was set.

Admittedly, a lot of it was hormonal, but I was feeling terrible anyway. Then, when I had my weekend all planned, Fluffy asked me to go shopping Saturday and get us all track pants for the caravan. We have only had summer gear in the van so our clothes needed updating.

I agreed just to nip up to the local KMart and see what I could do, because I had so many other chores to take care of.

Then, before I left, he asked me could I go to a sign writer in our area, and wait while he put together some lettering for the van. Sigh. Okay, sure.

A little earlier Sarah's mum had asked if I could take Sarah for the weekend because she had stuff on and Sarah would be spending most of the day Saturday and a portion of Saturday evening alone, and she would be better off with people. She's 13 but can function on her own. Of course, I said yes.

So once she came (an hour later than the time mentioned, which meant I spent an hour not wanting to start anything so we could go out as soon as she arrived!) we went up to KMart.

I found us all trackies, and Dobby found some genie style pants for $10 that she loved. Maccas for lunch, then before we went home I got Fluffy to check if that bloke was ready for us yet. No, he'd be another half to three quarters of an hour yet.

So I took the girls around the corner to the video shop. Wasted half an hour there, and made our way back to the sign writers. I didn't want to go all the way home and come all the way back out. May as well wait. So we did. Another half hour. Finally he came back, and I went inside. Fluffy had faxed across what he wanted so all I had to do was pick out the blue for Fluffy. Blue, I said? Our van is maroon and silver...

And, of course, the only piece of maroon he had was two small pieces. She he had to fiddle and fix until he could get it to fit. Then he had to cut and assemble it. Long story short, I was inside for another 45 minutes. The girls were waiting in the car all that time.

Back home and I find Fluffy getting the washing in. Earlier in the day I had tried to clean the oven. Another chore Fluffy said needed doing. We put cleaner in Friday night, but Saturday it didn't shift much at all. I lack strength in my fingers now so couldn't scrub it like it needed. Fluffy did. He did a fantastic job and it looks like new.

The problem was that I needed the oven for dinner. Luckily we have a microwave/convection oven, so I used that. Chicken curry and rice for dinner. Yummo!

So Fluffy did a wonderful job on the oven and I had to dirty it Sunday night with roast potatoes :-)

Anyway, after doing chores all day Saturday, including cutting out the material for two cushions for the van, I was pretty miffed and tired.

Fluffy got a bit upset at me because I explained my frustration. I got angry at him, (sorry Fluffy) and tried to tell him why I was frustrated, that I was so busy and he had given me extra chores which really upset the rhythm of my day. After dinner he asked would I like him to sit with me while I finished the cushions. I would love that. So he did. It was nice. This is the end result:

He loves them. The fit right in. I made them like pillow cases, and the back is the brown fabric of the couches.

Then, after I finished those, he asked would I like to have a go at a table topper. Not quite a runner, and not a table cloth. So between the two of us we designed this:

We both hate the bright colour of the table (admittedly not quite as "yellow" as it looks here but bright anyway) so we put together this cover. Looks great we think.

Stuff cleaning up, we just went to bed.

Sunday he wished me happy Mother's day before he went to work. He also told me he had stopped on the way home after work Saturday and bought me a present, and gently chastised me for thinking he didn't love me enough to buy me a gift. Silly me (feels bad).

Sunday the girls slept in late, so I got up and made myself breakfast. Did some more housework. When they got up they had just enough time to scoff some toast before Sarah's mum came to get her.

As soon as they left Dobby and I headed down to Marion to pick up a few more things - slippers for Fluffy (and me), a couple more pairs of the genie pants (dubbed penis pants by Sarah because she thought they made it look like Dobby had one...) and a bite to eat.

KMart down at Marion didn't have any of the pants so we had to go back up to Kurrulta Park, where we had been yesterday. And to Coles for bread.

Back home and Dobby gave me my card she made and the $100 Millers gift voucher Fluffy had bought me, plus the gift set of bath products Dobby had bought last weekend.

Then it was straight back to work. And, I had to go back out again and return the videos and pick up cheese and milk I had forgotten earlier... this blonde brain thing I am having is sure driving me crazy! In between I put a lovely roast into the saucepan for a slow steam. Lovely! Vacuumed the lounge as well.

Dinner was beautiful, and afterwards Fluffy sat with me while I did two pages of mother's scrap book.

Well, what a weekend. I am quite looking forward to doing nothing this weekend. Fluffy is home today (he went to work for a short period this morning to do a couple of little things) and when I just spoke to him he said he was going to wash the floors for me. He has also said he'd get the washing off the line for me today. Aaah, lovely!

All I have to do now is the ironing while he takes Dobby to guitar tonight (new day new time).

Early night for me I think...

Monday, 2 May 2011

Nice and easy

So I don't have too much to write about this week. My last post was after the long weekend so since then not much has happened.

Work was only 3 days, which is always good. If I were in Qld I would also be at home today, but since that's not the case, I find myself writing this at work.

Dobby was home on holidays last week, complaining because she was bored. So what do bored teenagers do? Eat. Lots of it. I had to go do a grocery shop on the weekend. Whew that kid can clean out a pantry faster than I can fill it.

Prior to the long weekend I had bought her a couple of bras, but unfortunately one set of two were on the wrong hanger, and were indeed 10A sized instead of 14C. So on Wednesday I took them back. Now, I'm not sure how scanners work, but when we looked at the docket, the only entry for "2" of anything was the same brand as the bras, but scanned at $18.95.

When I returned them, the lass scanned them and they came up at $12.95. What the! Not sure how that happened but luckily she refunded me the total cost of $18.95. Unless they changed the pricing Easter Saturday...

Fluffy decided because he had a week off he'd work all weekend, so Dobby and I had to put up with each other. We do that a lot now. This Saturday, I charged her with cleaning her room while I nipped down to the chemist and cheap grocery shop next to the chemist. Then took off to Coles to do some grocery shopping. Gone for a while I was. Dobby's sort of done her room. As she had gotten lots of vouchers and things for her birthday I promised her I would take her shopping after I got home.

She wanted a friend to come too so she was waiting for said friend. Who didn't turn up. Nor did she leave her a message to say she couldn't make it. Given this girl's circumstances I really wasn't upset at her. And although Dobby was disappointed, she didn't make a fuss.

Because just before I left another friend's mum left me a message asking if Dobby could come over Saturday night for a sleepover. Naturally she accepted...

So, after we unpacked the groceries we headed down to Marion shopping centre. We decided to stop for lunch first and found a quiet expensive little cafe. Mind you, it was probably quiet because it was expensive, because the place was packed. I wonder what it is about rainy days that brings everyone to the shopping centres??

Anyway, we dined on lasagna and very tasty fries. Then I popped to Angus & Robertson (one of the few remaining) and bought myself two $12 crime books. Then we headed north to JayJays so Dobby could spend her $100 in vouchers she had.

We took our time. I scored several singlets and two tees from the $3.50 table (bargain!) and Dobby found two light jumpers, which came to a total of $34. I was very proud of her not spending all her money at once.

Back to Big W and a quick look for an album to start Mother's scrap book with. I have decided that for her 70th birthday next year I am going to put all her favourite pictures together in one place. She joked she'd be dead by then and wouldn't be able to enjoy it. That's ok, says I, I'll inherit it back, won't I? No worries, done deal! Haha.

Anyway, Dobby helped me choose a lovely purple and flowered album for $30 and then some pretty paper, a pack of 48 sheets for $11, and some of the paper even matched the album! Bonus!

A trip to Gloss to spend most of her voucher and we were knackered. We decided we needed a drink so stopped at Spargos, and I treated us to a glass of dessert - Black Forrest for me and Tirimisu for Dobby. She decided she doesn't like alcohol... it gave her a bit of an upset stomach. Neither of us could finish our dessert, they were both very rich.

Home again, and we had just enough time to drop off her stuff and grab her overnight bag before heading over to her friend's house for a sleepover. We passed Fluffy at the end of the street so exchanged a couple of quick words with him and we were off.

This poor friend has been celebrating her birthday since the Wednesday before, so at 2am was up throwing up. Too much sugar, not enough sleep, so she totally passed out Sunday morning. The mum (who doesn't live there, she was staying with Dad) phoned me to say she'd bring Dobby home as she lives near by. That was very nice of her I thought.

Fluffy and I had bacon and eggs for dinner Saturday night, and veged in front of the telly giggling our silly asses off to Funniest Home Videos. It was nice and relaxing.

Sunday he went to work again, and I did a little housework before Dobby came home. Then we pretty much did nothing. How lovely it is to sit around and not move for a while...

Sadly, though, it makes for a boring blog. But I think sometimes I would rather have a boring blog and hectic weekend, yes? Hope you don't mind though...