Sunday, 26 September 2010


So Monday was Moose's last day with us. As Boss was overseas I had to work the full day, so she opted to take herself off to the zoo followed by ice skating.

But even that couldn't go right in my house, could it?

Six fifteen I was standing in the kitchen making myself breakfast when I got a call from Fluffy. He'd forgotten his security pass into work and could I meet him halfway to drop it off? Mind you, he's been working there for 4 years, but the stupid security officer wouldn't even let anyone vouch for him, nor for some reason could they find his file in the computer system. They all have photo IDs so it should have been there.

So I don my cardigan over my pajamas and head out to the car. Darn it. It has been taking a little to fire up this last week, and this morning I didn't think it was going to start at all. Finally it caught but there was an engine warning light on the dash. Great!

I raced out to meet Fluffy at the appointed rendezvous spot, arriving just as he did. He told me to see if I could get it into Mitsubishi to get it looked at. I had to wait until eight before I could call, but they said to bring it down. That meant I was unable to get Moose into the city. I had to wait at Mitsubishi and get their courtesy bus into work.

Great start to the week. As the car is still under warranty I wasn't too worried. But, of course, it's the battery, and for them to install another and reset all the computers, there went $230. Plus, I booked it in for a service as we were going away for the long weekend. Service is this monday. And we are not going away afterall... but that's another story.

So, Monday I toddle off to work, and Moose gets a taxi to the zoo. Fluffy worked Monday because it's an overtime shift and worth some money. After work he came all the way over to my side of town and picked me up from work, taking me to pick up the car. Lovely boy, isn't he?

Then, I picked up Moose from ice skating. Home at last. She had some packing to do so had an early night after dinner.

Tuesday I thought I would sleep in a bit but Moose still came in at her usual time. No problem, I got up as I was awake anyway, playing with the cat on the bed.

So we got Dobby off to school, taking the dog for a much needed walk, then I drove Moose to the airport, where she still had a 2 hour wait for her plane. Sadly, it was the start of an epic 13 hour trip home for her! The Gladstone air port was closed, so not only did she have a stopover in Melbourne from Adelaide to Brisbane, but she was then diverted to Rockhampton and had to take a bus back to Gladstone. I got a text from her after ten pm saying she was finally home. And she had to work the next day!

Anyway, for us it was a quiet night. A quick tidy up and early night. Dobby was supposed to start guitar this week after having her cast off but as she is a member of the Student Council she was given the job of door person (stamping hands) at the school disco so she got another week off.

I brought home pies for dinner (slack I know) and she toddled off to that. We walked her down, stopping to chat to Myrtle's mum for a bit before coming home. That night I started to be aware of a strange dizzy sensation. Where when you lean down you feel like you want to keep moving. I believe it's called Vergito? Anyway, as I had had Labrynthitis some years ago, and was confined to bed, naturally I got a bit worried. I found the symptoms stayed around the rest of the week, only abating on Sunday morning slightly. Scary!

So, anyway, Dobby had fun at the disco, and Fluffy picked her up at nine afterwards. On the way home he told her we would not be going away with the caravan club for the long weekend as he opted to take up some overtime which was on offer. She spat. Of course. Seeing only that we "should consider other people for a change" and think of what she wanted. Blah Blah. I just ignored it.

Thursday off to work again, very quiet work with Boss away. he phones me each afternoon about half past three, otherwise it's very quiet.

Friday was my birthday. Now, I had already received my present from Dobby and Fluffy so for them, it was just another day. But when Fluffy went to work, I was wide awake so I chose to open my gifts from mum, Tanya and Rat.

Mum gave me these two beautifully boxed serving platters. What do you think? Sorry about the photo quality. It's pretty dark in my bedroom.

Rat gave me ten little carved wooden frogs, and Tanya gave me a rose hand lotion and lavender talcum powder. It was business as normal then, off to work. After work, however, an old school friend and his family were in town and wanted to catch up for dinner.

Dobby finished school early but she didn't phone me. I got worried. I tried to phone her mobile, no answer. I phoned home, no answer. Then I phoned Myrtle's mum and she drove over to check out things. She found Dobby sitting on the front stoop eating noodles. See, I had the house key in my car.... Poor dobby was locked out! Today of all days! She had taken all her dad's tools off his work bench to try to break into the house, then had gone to the van and made noodles in van microwave. Talk about mess! Fluffy was not a happy chappy as he had to clean it all up.

So, after a shaky start we all got ready and went to dinner. I had made a booking for eight at the Fresh Choice restaurant at Marion. We arrived early and were seated at a table for about 12 or more. I didn't actually count.

After a while we looked outside and saw the family arriving. However, they were seated across the other side of the restaurant! Stupid people! I phoned Steve, who had his back to me, and told him to look around. We waved madly and they came to join us. It was great to catch up again. His lovely wife is a facebook friend of mine and we got along just fine. Their youngest daughter is Dobby's age too.

They came back to our place for coffee, which finished the evening off nicely.

Oh, and in the afternoon, before dinner, I found a Facebook message from another old school friend! She found me, and we had been extremely close through school. She said some lovely things, and it was a wonderful reunion. I must spend a few minutes soon and "chat" to her online. We have a long time to catch up on.

So, Saturday, Fluffy went to work, and Dobby and I ran a few errands. I had to go and buy his birthday present first, then we went to Marion to drop an invoice into MediBank Private. Then we went looking for dinnersets. Mine is all in pieces, mismatched and such. I didn't want to spend a lot, so we looked through Big W. Saw a few potentials but didn't rush into anything.

Then we went to K Mart. Nothing much there. I noticed Harris Scarfe was having a sale. 40% off dinner sets. Good place to start. They were expensive but reduced to about $60. A couple took my fancy, one having stripes, another spots, a 3rd was black on the outside and green inside. But the one I chose was 50% off cause it was the last one. Reduced from $110 to $60. It was brown, with cream stripe thing at the top. The bowls were large, and the mugs were quite large too. It was a creamy, chocolaty colour. Very nice. After awhile I decided that was the one I wanted.

A young lad came up and packed it up for me to collect later after we had done some more errand running. As we walked away I heard "chink".... oh dear. Sure enough, he had dropped one of the cups, smashing it. He was so embarrassed, poor bloke. He reduced the price another ten dollars but I pointed out the whole purpose of spending that much on a dinner set was because mine was not complete.

I decided I was quite disheartened and just left it. Dobby and I tried to find a photo frame big enough for her netball photo but couldn't find one so we just went back to Castle Plaza and did some grocery shopping. Fluffy called to say he was on his way home, so we bought him a pie for lunch.

Home to unpack. I bought Dobby Sushi and I had kipper snacks (my family knows what they are) on toast with grilled cheese on top. Very tasty. I also grabbed a bowl of chips, a cup of soft drink and my book, and settled in outside.

Once we felt a bit better, I asked Dobby if she wanted to go back to Marion and I would look again at the other sets. Fluffy had said I could and he made himself comfortable in front of the telly watching the grand final, and promptly fell asleep. I woke him briefly to tell him we were going, then off we went.

After looking again at the sets in Harris Scarfe, I chose this one.

The photo really doesn't do it justice. The red on the plates is a rich red wine colour. They are made of an earthen ware type material, and are surprisingly light. We both agreed that after looking at these sets in Harris Scarfe, the others just looked cheap.

This is a size comparison for the cups - they really are quite large!

With these to offer visitors, you sure wouldn't feel embarrassed to offer them coffee!

I made Fluffy a cuppa in one, and woke him long enough for him to check it out and offer his approval. Then he promptly went back to sleep. He has not been well lately, with work putting him under a lot of stress. He doesn't sleep well, and has been not eating right either. This happened once before and he had a breakdown. I am quite worried about him...

Anyway, I wandered around outside for a while and played with the animals. Do you think someone was posing for the camera?

Dinner was lamb chops baked in the oven, with roast potatoes. Yummy!

Today, Sunday, is a very slow day. As I type this it is after ten am and I am still in my pajamas! I have done nothing more than strip the sheets off the bed and put them into the wash. Time to go take care of the hair (it needs a wash), put the second load of laundry on, then take a walk down to the shop for dog food I forgot yesterday.

After vacuuming the floor, and if I feel like it, mopping the kitchen floor, I will call it quits for the day. This dizzy stuff is almost gone but it sure is draining and I can feel a headache coming on. Don't want to over do it now, do I? *wink*

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Extra Terrestrials and ouchies!

What a week it has been. I think Monday was the only normal day in the week. A clean on the weekend, and a quick grocery shop and we were ready for our interstate visitor.

Moose came down from Queensland on Tuesday. I worked the full day, acheived heaps, and after a very fast meal of hot chicken sandwiches for the family it was off to the airport to collect her. I arrived a bit early so parked at the servo so I didn't have to pay. I was also given the work phone to hang on to as Boss is going overseas, so I spent a bit of time playing with that setting up the voice mail etc.

I collected Moose about 6.15 pm, and we came home to relax. It was lovely to see her again, and she came baring gifts. She bought me my birthday presents - an old-style Kermit The Frog telephone (which was supposed to work properly when she bought it but she thinks it only works intermittently now), a Pin The Lips On The Frog party game, two lovely shot glasses with sand in them and frogs on the top, and a frog growth chart. Also a necklace in a frog box.

Wednesday I got to work a half day, and when I finished I raced home to collect Moose. She had played with the dog, gotten the washing off the line and generally relaxed. We had a few errands to run so we went to a couple of local shopping centres and picked up dinner (Maccas) on the way home. Then we raced off to Mitcham Shopping Centre to see The Last Air Bender. I had won tickets from one of my Facebook Friends.

It was a really excellent movie and the effects were fantastic. We saw it in 3D too. I am not sure what all the fuss is about, as this movie would be just as good in 2D.

Thursday I had to work in the morning again. Dobby had an appointment with the Women's and Children's hospital to get her splint removed. As I had to work Moose took her. I got a text at 10.30 to say she was home, Dobby was at school and we could go shopping.

So I finished up quickly at lunch time, then home to collect Moose. We had lunch at Montezuma's followed by a trip to Harbourtown. Now, being the bargain hunter I am, I had lots of fun. I swapped one of the dresses which had a broken zipper for a totally different one. I also picked a $10 summer dress, long with spaghetti straps, for Dobby. Sadly though it turned out to be too small. At JayJays I bought 4 t-shirts for the niece and nephew (2 each) and 2 for Dobby ( 2 for $15) plus another dress reduced to $15. Further along I found a satiny dress for $15 for her. Both of these fit her well.

Moose did better - she bought 3 pairs of jeans and a top for less than $21. Bargain!

After Harbourtown we shopped at the bakery for cream buns and dinner of lamb chops.

Friday I worked another half day. I had managed to do everything I needed before Boss travelled overseas so I was pretty chuffed. I picked up Moose and we drove to the tram stop, and took the tram into the Central Markets.

It was an experience for Moose. Smells, sounds, people. She enjoyed herself and I bought fresh fruit for fruit salad. Home to chop it up and change, then out to dinner. We went to the Tonsley Hotel again, but sadly this time they didn't give us the booth I had specifically requested. However, the food was great and everyone had a good night.

Saturday we decided to head down to Hahndorf for a look. It's been a while since we went there last. We had morning tea at a bakery there, then after more shopping we headed out to Melba's Chocolate Factory. Moose can't each chocolate, but she still found plenty to see. She and Fluffy watched a fellow tossing brittle licorice pieces. Very interesting.

Sunday was an early start as we did the 6km walk leg of the City to Bay Fun Run. That was the reason Moose was here.

Unfortunately we got off to a bad start. We must have left it a bit late because Fluffy headed down toward Glenelg to meet me at a particular place, and I dropped the girls off near the shopping centre we leave from. However, all the entrances to Anzac Highway were closed. I drove round and round trying to figure how to get to the spot I was supposed to meet Fluffy. He didn't have his phone so I was quite upset at how to let him know I couldn't get there. I was so distressed I was even crying. Disappointing, I know!

Eventually I raced back to the start line. I had the numbers you pin on your shirt in the car with me so the other two couldn't even start the walk. Luckily, they were delayed and I made it back in time. But although we waited there was no sign of Fluffy.

We started the walk, not in a hurry, and just around the 3km mark we spotted Fluffy waiting beside the road. As I was carrying his number he joined us for the rest of the walk. He had managed to park along side Anzac Highway and walked up and down trying to see us.

After the race (we finished together, in one hour 13 mins) we went back to KFC while Fluffy walked back to his car. He then drove back to collect my car from close to the shopping centre, and came back to pick us up.

My friend Leanne was supposed to meet us after the race but she had to go home, so we moseyed on home. A quick change of clothes, and we just dagged about for a bit. Fluffy and I were in the carport, looking at my scooter, when I asked him if it would start. We have been having trouble starting it, which is why I hadn't ridden it for some time.

He got it going and I had no excuse. I jumped on and took it around the block. I was terribly nervous. But then I decided to go for a second lap. Mistake. I panicked when I went around the corner, and lost control. I hit the gutter and went sprawling in the gravel. The bike was still running so I dusted myself off, picked up the bike, and got back on it. Very slowly and shakily I made it home. Then promptly panicked again and lost it in the front yard! I really wasn't very good at this.

Time to review the damage. The side of the bike is all scratched, but not too bad.

I have skinned my palm quite badly, grazed my knee, grazed my elbow and have a graze on my butt cheek which will bruise. The hand one is quite nasty and is extremely painful. But, that's life.

After my lovely husband patched me up very gently, I had to change yet again (cause my other change of clothes were now somewhat dusty) and we headed off to Dobby's netball club awards ceremony.

They called up each of the clubs, and a player was awarded an award from one of their benefactors, and a Coach's award. Dobby's team got up and their coach said some lovely words. He explained how they finished fourth, made it to the semifinals, and drew the game. Then, in overtime the other team won. It was that team that won the Grand Final, so they sure gave them a run for their money.

Then the awards. The first award from the benefactor went to a very worthy young lady who was always in the middle of the play. The Coach's Award went to....

Dobby! I should have done what I always did when she scored a goal and yelled out "That's my boy!" But I didn't. I was very proud of her, winning the award in her first season. The coach said he awarded it to the girl who struggled at first with adjusting to the way he wanted her to play but in the end she adapted very well and played very well. Nice!

Then, take a drive back to pick up Fluffy's car, and home. As I have a sore hand they decided to buy dinner. Barnacle Bills'. I sure won't whinge about that!

Now, pain killers and a hot shower, then early night I think. Big week....

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Leave me alone, I'm ill!

Well, I am. Last week Boss flew to Sydney Tuesday evening. On Tuesday I had a slight cough. I seemed to have a bit more mucous in my throat and had to keep clearing it. I have noticed over the last few years I generate a lot of either saliva or mucous. Something wet anyway. I always seem to be choking on my own spit or clearing my throat a lot.

Anyway, Tuesday it turned into a light niggly cough. By Wednesday I had a headache and sore throat, but not where it traditionally gets sore. Further down. Toward my chest. By Thursday it had turned into a rattly cough. Terribly annoying. Friday the nose started running. I took a couple of doses of medication but it just ran and ran, and by Friday afternoon it was blocked. Sigh.

Friday night I just couldn't sleep. Every half hour to hour I woke up coughing. And the headache! I don't remember having felt so bad for years. I had to go to work all week, as Boss was away, but it was difficult. Thursday I felt so bad I just wanted to lay down on the couch and rest for a bit. I felt better after my soup, but it got scary for a bit.

As you can tell, I don't get sick often. This last year or so has been the worst for my health. But this was different. I feel lethargic, light headed and this chest thing.

Fortunately as the weekend wears on it seems to be getting better. I am still coughing more but it doesn't hurt now, and the headache is gone. Finally the cough is wet, too, not just thick. It is moving stuff around now, so good news is it's not a chest infection as it's clearing up as it should.

What this does mean, however, is that I am going to be in a fine state for the 6km fun walk, as part of the City to Bay Fun Run on the weekend. Yesterday I didn't have much energy so I didn't do much. Dobby and I did the grocery shopping and she was a great help. I put it all away, made us lunch, and did a bit of washing and tidying, but not much else. Dobby had a party to go to in the evening, to the movies then back to the birthday girl's for cake, so Fluffy and I had a little time to ourselves. We had dinner at the Tonsley Hotel, and by the way, Moose, I booked us a table for Friday night.

Then we picked up Dobby at 9. She was upset because she and a friend Myrtle were the only two not sleeping over, and wanted Myrtle to sleep at our place. This is at 9pm... Fluffy said it was too late to make these plans, and I said I was sick and didn't want to pass it onto Myrtle. Equals one cranky teen. Nothing new there.

This morning all seemed to be forgiven. I felt better after a pretty good sleep last night. I stripped the bed, swept and mopped the dining room floor, and attacked the bathroom. If you saw my shower, you would understand my trouble I have cleaning it. If I tried to touch my toes in there I would hit my butt on the wall and fall face first into the other wall. So, I don't get to clean it as much. I attacked it today with the steam cleaner. Didn't do anything at all. But at least it got some attention and the floor got cleaned somewhat.

I also decided to wash the pillow top off the bed. Another mistake. Seems it is a tad too big for my machine and now has a few nibble holes in the "fitted" part, where it got caught in the door during the 1400rpm spin cycle. Oh dear. At least it's clean, apart from the patches where it has picked up the dirt that accumulates in the corners of the machine. So I ran an empty cycle through that too for good measure.

Fluffy was busy this afternoon. He has put together our old computer and spent considerable time cleaning it up, deleting old programs and stuff. He was also a little treasure and vacuumed for me. Yesterday he tried out his new Father's Day toy - the blower vac. He has only used the blower part, but did heaps of yard work with that, and clearing out the pile of dead leaves and branches under the fig tree, and weeding some of the front garden. Looks so much better!

Dobby also cleaned her room Friday. Why? Because her bed arrived Thursday. Wanna see?

This was a terrible mess before she cleaned it herself!

Because the room is small it is hard to take a good picture, but this really looks great. White bed, quite high, drawers on the trundle underneath, and a little cabinet at the foot of the bed, not visible here, has her telly on it. The wall beside her bed is covered in posters she pulled from magazines.

I also bathed the dog yesterday. He looks pretty good clean, doesn't he?

I had to go mad at him though Thursday. About 4.15 in the morning there was a loud noise that woke me up. A few seconds later there was a huge flash of lightening and a massive crack of thunder. Bang! Dobby yelled out, the animals scatterd, and Ozzie dashed about the house ending up first in Dobby's room, from which he was shooed, then into ours. Because he helps himself to the couch at night now, he has been banished back to his gated off area in the laundry. But he soon pulled that down and was very difficult to coax back out. Bad dog. This morning he once again came into our room. Don't know why, there was no storm about, and in fact the weather was beautiful all day. But, there went the sleep in anyway.

I also did a bit of ironing tonight, plus did a little in the van (cleaned the fridge, washed the floor). Now, after a hot bath and a hot lemon drink, I am plumb knackered out and ready for bed. I can't believe how tired being unwell makes you. Luckily, I am usually just fine. On the mend so tomorrow will be a better day.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

It's Showtime!

So this week, so far as my weeks go, has been relatively slow. It didn't start that way though.

Monday evening saw us at our last appointment with our family counsellor. She has pronounced us "cured" and ready to face the world as a family on our own. Apparently we have made sufficient headway to be able to tackle the next few teen years without too much trouble. And, of course, if we do encounter difficulties, we are always welcome back.

Dobby also had her netball team breakup dinner - across the other side of town. So, immediately after the doctor's at North Adelaide we had to head off to Marion, and we had about 15 minutes to get there! While driving past the Adelaide Oval, on King William street, I even managed to get a speeding ticket for my trouble. For some reason, I forgot it was 50km through there and was, I thought, legally doing 61km. Next thing flash, flash, flash. Sure enough, on Thursday it arrived in the mail. Oh well, live and learn.

We were a bit late for dinner, but we had a wonderful evening. She has had a great team this year, and her coach was magnificent. The girls presented him with a nut hamper and a lovely bottle of wine. Dobby is Facebook friends with most of her team, so hopefully they will stay in touch. Some are doing summer netball, and Dobby wants to too, so I had better find out how before too long...

Tuesday was okay, as was Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, well, the weather turned horrid. It has been raining on and off for so long now we all have webbed feet and mould growing between our toes. But Friday, well, that just took the cake.

We had vicious winds, heavy rain, thunder and the works. Why? Because it was the first day of the Royal Adelaide Show, of course. I think, in the 9 years we have lived here, I can not really remember a year where it hasn't rained on the first day of the show. Aah, the joys of spring.

This year, we went because I had won a family pass from Triple M. Speaking of Triple M, Friday was also the last day of Adelaide's (and my) favourite breakfast show team's 8 year stint on radio. They were such a lovely, funny threesome, I just can't imagine what next week is going to bring. I know it will take ages to get used to something new....

Anyway, I had this pass. We had made arrangements to take Hermione, out of the goodness of our hearts, because she doesn't get to go often. Winning the pass meant we could get in for free. Almost. It was two adults and two children under 15. Hermione has just turned 16... Oh well.

Anyway, we were going to go on the Saturday but when I saw the weather forecast I said no way! I would rather go Sunday. Even up to about Wednesday I wasn't sure, but then I told Fluffy, that although it was Father's Day, I just didn't want to spend Saturday out in the rain.

Hermione was furious and told the world on Facebook how p* o*'d she was at me. That really made me angry. I mean, here we are, taking her to the show, and that's what I get? We certainly didn't have to! I would have been just as happy staying at home! We always seem to waste so much money at the show. She complained that she had planned to do homework all day Sunday and go to the show Saturday.

Anyway, when Nan dropped her off on Friday evening, after a particularly nasty afternoon at work, working late when I was supposed to finish early, I was not in the mood for what I saw on Facebook. So, Fluffy took Bruno outside so he could have a smoke, Dobby went into the bedroom to set up the computer for Hermione, and I sat down with Nan and Hermione and gave Hermione a piece of my mind.

I pointed out that it didn't take a genius to figure out that she was at our house for a certain number of hours over the weekend. The proportion of hours we would be at the show, and she would have to do homework, was irrelevant because she was still there the same amount of time.

I told her that this was my house and I would like to think that I got to make the decisions on where we went and when, and I would not be held to ransom. I also told her that I was offended with her putting that out there on Facebook. I did not want to spend the day in the rain, and it was my right to not spend the day in the rain. Nan made her apologise to me.

I also suggested that when she had homework she stay at home. My weekends are the only time I get to do things as a family, and run errands, and pay bills, and do shopping, and to have to put everything on hold so she could do homework did not fit well with me. As it turned out, the little weed only did about two hours Saturday afternoon. And I think a lot of that was spent playing with Dobby.

Anyway, Saturday, it bucketed down rain all day. It was a truely miserable day. We went into the city first thing, as Fluffy wanted to get my birthday gift. We had originally ordered one from JB HiFi at Marion, but they coudn't get it in, so we chose to go to the Telstra store in the city, as they had them for $50 off.

What am I looking for? The new Telstra THub telephone.

Its a phone, with a small pad, about the size of an address book, which allows you to access some internet sites, organise your contacts, use the phone hands free through the pad, and play radio, and pictures on the pad. It's quite a neat little unit.

Anyway, When we spoke to JB, we told them that the Telstra store had them for $50 off. That's RRP of $299 less $50, is $249. JB had them for $288. The fellow who served us told us he could do it for $50 off, making it $238. Great! Put us down for one!

However, he phoned me (and I really must get back to him this week) saying he was having difficulty and if we wanted we could go to the Telstra shop and get one. So we went for a look.

We were all set to buy one for $249, but had to wait and wait to be served. Stuff this, says Fluffy, so we walked down Rundle Street for a bit, then back up to the mall. We walked up and window shopped a bit, then came upon a JB HiFi store there!

Fluffy wandered over to talk to someone, while the girls and I perused the "Buy 2 get 1 free" bin of DVDs.

Next thing, Fluffy comes back with one! And they gave it to him for $238! Bonus!

Next stop lunch, then home so Hermione could do her homework.

However, about 3.30 the power went off. Luckily, it flickered a few times first so Hermione was able to save her work before the computer went off.

The girls just sat around listening to music, Fluffy went to bed, and I sat around and tried to read. So much for our roast dinner! Eventually, after filling the house with candles, I caved in and ordered pizza. The power came back after seven!

Even so, the wind still blew and the rain, well, rained. This morning, Sunday, it turned up sunny. The forecast was for showers with sunny periods.

We made our way to the show, and Fluffy came too. I am glad he did. We just wandered around and looked at stuff. We usually check out the showbag pavilion, to get an idea of what the girls want then go off and do other stuff. When we are ready to leave to head back to the pavilion.

It's a formula that always works and we used it again today. I bought a few bits and pieces, like a jar of bath salts for me, soap for Dobby and Fluffy, a mug for Fluffy, a dress for Dobby, a Gadget Man number plat for Fluffy. He bought me a jewellery set comprising ring, earrings, necklace and bracelet for $20, and he also got himself a caricature done of him driving along with the van behind. The artist spelled gadget wrong, but we don't care. The pic is great, don't you think? The whole picture was too large to scan, but you get the idea.

Anyway, eventually we had had enough and wandered home. Well, that is, we took Hermione home.

You know that little person sure knows how to push buttons now. She was fine all day, fine all the way home. Then, when she got home, suddenly she is all over Nan, "I've got a headache"...

Then, while we were sitting around having a cuppa, suddenly she is moaning with her head burried in her arms.

I just looked at her and said "why don't you just get a Panadol?". "Yeah, I'll do that". And then made a point of coming over to where I was sitting and getting a glass from the cabinet behind my head. I know for a fact there are cups in the cupboard under the counter she could have used for a drink of water to take her tablet.

Then, "I'm going to lay down" she snorts and stomps off. I called her back "What?" "How about you take your stuff with you?" She had dumped her showbags in a pile on the kitchen floor.

The look she gave me was pure poison "I was going to get those later" she whinged and picked them up and stomped off to her room. Bah, no such thing as thanks for the weekend, never a word from the ungrateful little cow. I wonder why I bother sometimes.

So, anyway, we noticed while in one of the pavilions, that it had been raining. By the time we got to Nan's place, it had started again and it set it. It's been raining again since. Thank you, God, for the lovely weather we had at the show.

Meatloaf in the oven, fries in the oven, and vegetable au gratin in the oven. Yep, that's dinner ready for my man on Father's day. Icecream and custard for dessert. Yummo!