Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Yee Haw Revisited

Well, I have had complaints that there was a lot left unsaid from my previous blog. Okay, well, lets see, we ate a lovely stew (see Zapped!), we had some spicy prawns, baked veggies, apple pie and cream, and an interesting pre-packed shot called Cowboys. Not too shabby at all.

The bar was well stocked with red & white wine, but my drink of the night was raspberry cordial, lemonade and a splash of vodka. Very nice indeed! And, I only had 3!

After the meal was served we started on round one of the game. We all had our scripts to read, in various terrible accents, and learned a little about our opponents. As the game unravelled, and the alcohol flowed, the laughs grew. It was revealed that the doc was to be thrown out of town and replaced by a young pup, Rowdy had gambling debts and was trying to scheme a way out of them, Miss Forth found the Sheriff (the victim) ugly and didn't want to marry him so bought a ticket for the first stage out of town. The School Marm was doing business with the shrewed Saloon Girl, and the Sheriff had found the gold the Bandito had hidden in the hills, and he was not happy about it! But the shocks of the evening were that Sally Forth and Rowdy were actually married, although he left her the night of the wedding, and Juan was doing a line for the school marm! Hello! Didn't see that one coming!

By the end of round 3 we were told to make our accusations. Bibbi accused Juan the Bandito, after he accused her. After each time she was accused of being in cahoots with Bibbi Gunn, Miss Patience vehemently declared it was purely a business venture, that she was NOT a Madam! Hee hee. Well, in the end, as revealed earlier, Sally Forth was not as sweet and innocent as she looked.

But perhaps the funniest part of the evening is reflected in the attached photos - when the costumes start to come undone, the wigs come off, and the moustaches become detached along with the inhibitions....

Friday, 20 July 2007

Yee Haw! Howdy Pardner!

Well, here are the much awaited pics of the Wild West Murder Myster Night.

We all arrived together to find the house decked out in western theme, including a "stage" for the saloon girl to perform. The official photographers arrived, took the necessary photos and the party got under way.

Well, I have never had so much fun in all my life. We each had a role to play, and each had a script to read (Bibi Gunn sounded a lot like Marilyn Munroe, which caused much mirth), Juan the Bandito had a terrible mexican accent. Old Doc Mallard was about as sleezy as you could get, and although he aint no gynocologist, he was willing to have a look! I wasn't sure I could trust that Rowdy in a card game, and there sure weren't no jokin with that prim Miss Patience the tall, skinny school marm (who was doing business with the somewhat shrewed businesswoman Bibi Gunn). But the true surprise of the night was the sweet innocent Mail Order Bride Sally Forth. Well, she were some piece of work, pretending to be all sweet and innocent, but she was really married - to Rowdy! Together they was tryin' to con the old Sheriff (the poor victim in all of this) but it all went bad, and the sweet li'l Miss Forth done shot him!

A lot of alcohol was comsumed, some excellent grub went down with it, and a grand ole time was had by all! Yee Haw!

Monday, 16 July 2007


Well, isn't it nice to be proven right now and then? When someone is adamant it is you causing some trouble, and you deny it, isn't it nice to have back up?

A couple of times in the last few months we have blown a fuse. The landlord didn't like it when I called him at six in the morning to fix it. Wayne had gone to work and I am as electrical as, well, a frog. He came to fix it but suggested it was our security light (which is only plugged in, not hard wired) sitting on the car port roof. Rubbish, says Wayne, but if he wants to play that way, fine. We unplugged it. That recent incident was only about 2 weeks ago.

This weekend, while getting organised for a fancy dress party, including preparing a lovely hot pot stew, I nicked up to the local KMart. While in the dressing room trying on a push up bra (which was too small) Him phoned to say the power had gone again, and the landlord was being difficult about it. Apparently the landlord suggested it was something faulty at home and it must be the light. Him gave him a piece of his mind (including reminding him that the light was no longer plugged in!) and that he had better have someone here to fix it very soon.

Luckily, it was only the powerpoint fuse and not the whole box. My lovely hot pot was no longer cooking so I phoned the hostess of the fancy dress party to come grab it, which she did - 3 hours later. In the mean time, there we are sitting in the kitchen practically with visible breath it was so cold, boiling water on the stove for a coffee. Him was already unhappy because the gates he took time off work to install were not ready.

At about 4.00 I have up waiting for the electrician and ran a bath. Just as I got in, he turned up. Him went to oversee his progress, leaving the front door (opposite the bathroom) wide open. The bath water was not quite hot enough to stave off the chill, so there sat I, in the dark, trying to shave my legs. Lucky I was wearing a wig so I didn't have to worry about blow drying my hair!

But, it all ended well, because the electrician wrote in his little report that we were lucky the whole box didn't blow as it was old and legally should be updated. He fitted two new trip switches so it should never happen again, and recommended the landlord change the box. So there! I would have loved to see the look on his face when he read that report!

And the hostess nuked the stew in the microwave for an hour and it was great....but that's another story...

Thursday, 12 July 2007


Well, the bowling dinner last night was actually a lot of fun! We played two games first, and I was worried that Jr Her wouldn't play because she may not be bowling with me.

As it happened she was bowling with all the other kids so she was okay with that. Him and I ended up bowling together with a few others that were a lot of fun. We played an 8 No-Tapp. That means that anything 8 or over is a strike. One fellow even got a perfect score of 300.

Him seemed to enjoy himself and even bowled quite well. He has never really bowled much, but scored quite high. I was going great guns until something in my middle finger went pop and from that point it was white hot pain every time I let go of the ball. But I perservered and had a great time anyway.

After the games we went into the meeting room for trophy presentation. There was only 1 seat left next to my team so Him and I sat together on the other side of the room. My team mates talked their neighbours into moving and making room for us, but then one of the, um, "characters" of bowling, took one of the seats, right in front of me! Never mind. We got our trophys and the food finally arrived after 9.00pm! Man, there were some hungry people by that time. Only trouble with it was there was just not quite enough...one more platter would have done it nicely. All the favourite finger foods - hot spring rolls, vegie triangles, fish bites, cruncy potato wedges and yummy meaty calamari.

All in all, I think a great night was had by all.

Oh, and as an after thought, Jr Her lost a tooth yesterday at Vacation Care so a very weary tooth fairy had to put money in her glass before she could go to bed for the night...

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Bowling night

Well, it's Wednesday and that means bowling night. So what? Well, tonight is our mid season trophy night. And, further to that, tonight is the first trophy our team has won in yonks! First Place at that! So I am dragging the family along to watch me gloat. Doesn't happen often so I have to make the most of it.

It is a fancy dress if you feel adventurous (surrounded in make believe I am!) I thought about hiring the costume for a bit longer, but it would be a bit hard to bowl in the skirt - and besides, I look ridiculous!

We are having finger good dinner, then a mix and match bowl after that. That means our names go into a hat and we get selected for teams. I am a bit worried what Jr Her and Him will think of that. Not even sure I like the idea - I would hav loved to bowl with them instead.

I took Jr Her bowling a couple of weekends ago and by the last few frames of the 3rd game she finally had the hang of it. Poor lamb. But she has fun anyway and afterall, is that not the aim of the night?

I will let you know how it pans out....not to mention pictures of the trophy!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Changes, changes everywhere...

Well, what do you think? Had a bit of time (because I didn't stop for lunch so I took a bit of time out while waiting for the courier to come along...). I like it...something different to look at.

Speaking of different, bought myself a pair of black suede boots on the weekend. Big deal you say? But I don't wear boots. Calves the size of sumo wrestlers are not conducive to boot wearing.

But as I said in my previous blog, I will be a saloon girl next weekend and needed boots. Do you know how many styles of boots there are out there (No, Moose, that question was not directed to you! haha). Well, let me tell you, to find a pair in a size 10 was impossible. The shoes that were available were awful. So, I opted for a size 11. Comfortable, come to the bottom of the calf, and slightly higher than an ankle boot. Black suede with a faux wood grain sole and spike heel. Only trouble is they are about two inches taller than I am used to wearing! Man, my poor feet are killing me today! haha. That'll learn me.

Him had a good laugh when I modelled them last night. His comment - "you can't even walk properly in them". Charming! But sadly true.

However, I have persevered for the day and all I can say is, is it home time yet???

Friday, 6 July 2007

Playing dressups

Have you ever tried to hire a costume? Man, it can get expensive. Then again, how much do you think is reasonable to spend for a costume? See, we are going to a dinner, 3 couples, not a large gathering. It's a Wild West Murder Mystery night. Something different, as Him and I have never done this before.

So I thought I would get into the spirit and organise costumes. I am a Saloon Girl and Him is the sleazy town Dr (ha ha at that one - his favourite joke is that he is not a gynecologist but he will have a look). There is also a prim school marm, a mail order bride, a gambler, and a bandito. Should be fun.

But to hire a really good costume was nearly $100 each. So I went to the little place near home and found one - an old brown pin strip suit for Him with a bowler hat and shoe string tie, but all I could find for me was a ruffle satin skirt (that I could have made for $10) and a feather for my hair. Oh, and a knitted bright red shawl. But at least I scored both plus the security deposit for $110.

I just need to find myself fishnet stockings and a pair of spike heel boots.....

Sunday, 1 July 2007


So, what do you think? I guess you either love it or hate it. We love it, and after all, isn't that what matters? I feel a lot better now - nothing worse than having a new car and blending in with the other 5 million drivers of the same vehicle. Better to stand out, get noticed, make a statement. And we know it's the only one like it out there!