Friday, 29 June 2007

Is it over yet?

Went to the dietician a couple weeks ago, followed by an appointment with the Doctor. Found out something quite interesting...I haven't lost any more weight! Surprised? Neither was I.

But, I did tell them my theory as to huge revelation as to why I am still fat. While I was not laughed out of the room, which was somewhat comforting, I was gently told to get my act together or I would be sent off to see the psychologist. So now I have to really concentrate on leaving the chocolate alone.

And I have to admit, it is going to be a heck of a lot easier soon, as I now also have my finish date. Yep, my chocolate fantasy will be all over on 10 August. At least that means I can concentrate for the next six months on the salad deal (ech!). I can try telling myself it is only temporary but I fool would believe that. A diet of this magnitute is for life. So, I think I will allocate one day a week as slack food day. What would be a good day? Lets see...

Lazy tea is Wednesday (Bowling) and Friday (Karate), so it could be either of those, Sunday is usually curl up in front of the television with the family day, so it could be that too...

Any suggestions people? I need one day a week where I don't need to think about what I am putting into my mouth, and reward myself for all the good work I have done through the week. Actually, I think I will go with Sunday. I can still have lazy tea the other two nights if I am careful.

Wonder if that will keep the Doctor happy? More to the point, I wonder if it will be enough to help me shed this last 20 kilos...

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Out with the old, in with the new

Lets see...did anything interesting happen to me this week? Only taking posession of our new car! Man, what a car! I thought the old Magna drove like a dream, but this one, she floats.

It feels odd when you first get in the car because the driver's seat seems quite high, like you are sitting in a truck! Add to that the sat nav system blocks out part of the rear view mirror, and you get the idea that it's not that easy to see things. That and the foggy rear window as it's SO BLIMMIN COLD!

This new climate control is great! Set that temperature and never have to touch it again! Only draw back - leather seats are cold first thing in the morning...brrrr!

I promise, when we get two more things done to the car I will upload photos for you to drool over....

Friday, 15 June 2007

Winter is here!

One single degree. Only one. That's what the thermometer was reading on my front porch this morning. Brrrr! It is fair to say Winter has arrived. It has been getting steadily cooler lately but this one has really sprung itself on us unsuspecting sods. Our days have finally fined up to brilliant sunshine but man, it's weak as water. It fails to penetrate the icey chill of winter air.

My dad would be texting me to ask how the frost is down on the pumpkins if he had seen the weather reports. Funny that he hasn't yet...And there was frost on the pumpkins. Well, there would have been if the itchy grubs hadn't eaten them all a few years ago. It is funny to step outside and see a white lawn. Luckily the front half of the car, which is a temporary loan car, but that's another story, is parked under the car port (the caravan takes up the rest) so it is spared the icey windows.

Today I came to work in pants, shoes, socks, long sleeved top, cardigan, suit jacket, scarf and gloves. And I really needed an overcoat! I have a bit of a walk from the car down to the office and after thawing nicely in the car it is quite a rude shock to be outside in the shade again!

But, with the bad comes the good - weekends cuddled up under the quilt in the loungeroom watching DVDs, or dinner at an out of town pub in front of the log fire...that reminds me, I must book a table for tomorrow night...

Saturday, 9 June 2007

So ends an era

Well, this week will see the end of six and a half wonderful years. We were only going to look. That's the truth. Just look. But deep in my heart I knew it wasn't going to end there.

We did it. We have bought a new car.

There will be tears of sadness when we are forced to say goodbye to the most faithful and trusted member of the family, but it's time to move on.

While our faithful Magna Solara, Glacier Green, red highlights and red and white number plates, was being serviced, we wandered over to have a look at the new 380 Platinum. I swear we were only going to have a look. I decided I liked a colour called Storm. Very deep greeny grey. Quite pretty.

But then we test drove the Sales Manager's VRX. Leather seats, sun roof, 2800km on the clock and a brand new on road price of $45,000. Apparently they have 4000km to sell their issued vehicles or they do not get new ones. The salesman wrote a price on a piece of paper and we went away to think about it.

We even went to look at the Commodore Wagon they are advertising for a reasonable price. But it just didn't do for us what the VRX did. With the trade in on our Solara, we could afford to put in the Blue Tooth (which was one of the few features the Platinum has which the VRX did not, along with rear parking sensors) and a Sat Nav DVD player system. As well as getting the tow hitch and electric brakes fitted. Still under what we would have paid for a new Platinum. In fact, still under $30,000!

The draw back (and there is always one) - its plain old silver. Sigh. But as I told Him, I am prepared to live with it. As a concession, he has put it in both our names, and allowed me to order Personal Plates (silver with black writing). When we get the car and get the plates fitted, I will post photos for my avid readers!

Jr Her is happy because it has a sun roof (which she has always favoured since driving with a friend whose vehicle at the time had one) and rear air vents (sadly lacking on the Solara). She just has to now keep her feet off the leather seats.

Very comfy inside, lovely to drive, and handles beautifully. And only heading into its 3rd month so practically brand new. Now I am looking forward to driving a new vehicle again (it even still smells new) but not looking forward to the Gestapo doing the rounds of the vehicle after each day out. And the constant criticism of the state of the car (because I don't look behind me to see what a mess Jr Her has made in the back each trip). Never mind his company car looks like someone had a party in it....

Think I'll celebrate tomorrow and treat myself to a special piece of Jewellery at my jewellery party...either that or an extra Snake lolly...

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Cars, cars everywhere, and not a wheel to buy...

Isn't it amazing how many new cars there for just a handful of manufacturers. And how the prices vary! For just the base lines for the big 4 main manufacturers, prices can vary by several thousand.

We are in the market. Yes, we have decided it is time to trade up. Finally. Mind, it will be hard letting go of our lovely car - it could never be replaced. But it is starting to cost money, and to me that's the time to say goodbye to the most faithful member of the family (pity it wasn't that easy for others....)

With my job I have the opportunity to purcase two of the major brands at a discount (my boss is prepared to write me whatever letter I need to take advantage of the fleet discount, isn't he lovely?). This could mean the difference between a standard bottom of the range vehicle or an upgrade to something a little more luxurious.

However, and there is always a however, the one Him has his eyes on is not on my list of two.
I am pretty sure (about 110%) that he will choose the newer model of our current vehicle. And I must admit, I really, really like the look of it. Saturday Him has actually decided to take a day off work (he has been working 7 days straight to get some bills paid off, no worries with him being lazy) to come look at it. I am actually quite exicted at the prospect. It will be quite enlightening...

Although, if we wait until July we could get the new model Lumina at a discount....