Friday, 28 November 2008


Well, we have bought, but not yet paid for, new computer equipment in our house. Him was lucky enough to find a refurbished lap top for $100. It's been reprogrammed and is a great little machine. Runs Windows.

I, on the other hand, bought a brand new IMac. I use Mac at work, and find it a heck of a lot easier with less hassles. Most of the time. I had to bring it to work for our geek to load the software on, and for a change he actually turned up on the day.

I took it home that night, and found Office wouldn't work on it. I also found Messenger won't work. I brought it back and got Office fixed but it still won't work Messenger, although it did just fine here at the office... which makes me think it may be out broadband.

We also updated to wireless broadband. Also not yet paid for. See, I am salary sacrificing to buy the IMac and wireless router from work. Boss asked Him to run an errand and was quite happy to pay him with the router (worth $199) for his trouble. Him, silly fellow, wouldn't hear of it. He quite rightly believes in not taking advantage of people. He thought the offer too generous and would feel bad taking it.

Anyway, I had been assured the router was safer than the broadband we had been using from an access point of view. So we didn't worry about it, for a whole week, until I noticed our usage was already up to 50% for the billing period (we are only 8 days into it!). I panicked!

I asked the geek what we can do, and he said he would talk me through it. So last night when I got home I went to have a look. It was horribly technical, and although there were notes explaining what to do on the web page, it was a little difficult to understand. So I phoned the geek. He was just on his way out to dinner with the kids, and could I call him later. Groan. Anyway, Him and I sat and read through the various pages on notes, and found what we were looking for. And hey presto! It worked. We now have a secure Internet site. We just can't use the Internet for the next 3 weeks or we will go over our usage! AAAHHH. I guess the people who live near by who have wireless connections (Him's computer did even tell us there are two...) have been having a field day with our network. Never mind. It's all fixed now.

And all I have to do now is pay for it all... yippee....

Sunday, 23 November 2008

So What Do You Do When You're Home Alone?

Well, not entirely alone. Yesterday Jr Her got to go for a sleepover. I am always willing to let her go for a sleepover. Yesterday, she was supposed to find her USB stick before she went, though, so she could give it back to her dad in exchange for another.

Anyway, she couldn't find it, they got into a fight, and so when she went, her father and I were knee deep in her room cleaning out under her desk. It was horrible! I found the USB though, and did the swap.

We finished there, then sat around watching car crash videos on the web. As you do. I was really tired and quite pissed that we had spent the time doing that when I really didn't want to. So when Him wanted to know what we were doing for dinner, I said I didn't really care, we could pick up take away.

We actually ended up going to the Tonsley Hotel. It was surprisingly good! For less than $60 we had meals, drinks and lost $5 on the pokies (last of the big spenders, us!). They had a jazz band playing too.

Then this morning, we have stripped and remade the bed, done 3 loads of laundry, Him has vacuumed the entire house and under Jr her's desk where we cleanded yesterday, and I have mopped the floors. Anyway, to sum it up, we cleaned the house. Just finished before Jr Her got home.

Now, we got to go grocery shopping. Yippee....

Friday, 21 November 2008


Well, sort of anyway. I had my 3-month weigh in today. Last time I had put on 2 kg. This time I have taken them off. After 2 years we have finally found the right level of inflation for my band, so everything should go smooth now.

I do need to be careful though, and try to up my exercise so I can shed this last ten kg. That will be enough, just ten kg. But, well, it just doesn't seem to want to go anywhere...

Also, we bought a new IMac for home this week. I am salary sacrificing to get it. I had to wait several days for the IT geek to come set it up, but he has and it now lives here on the desk. Until Monday. Apparently Office didn't load properly and it doesn't work. So he is going to look at that Monday... sure... Also, work had bought a router for our new starter in Sydney but it wouldn't work on his connection, so we are buying that as well.

Tonight, we set up a wireless router. Well, what a comedy of errors that turned out to be. We had it up and running, then Him moved something and it just wouldn't work. I sat on the phone with some Indian fellow, who I couldn't hear properly, trying everything to get it to work. Finally, he decided I had been using the wrong password. I was adamant it wouldn't work, but lo, it did. Next thing Him got the giggles and wouldn't quit. Even after I punched him in the arm! He still gets the giggles when he thinks about it. Rotten sod! Did I mention I don't like him tonight and may withhold priviledges for awhile? (to which he says "what's new?"

Anyway, the long and short of it is we now have an IMac on the desk, and hardly any cables! And Him has wireless broadband on his laptop. Of course, that only means he can use it anywhere around the house, but it is still great not to have cables running everywhere.

So, after I take the machine to work Monday for the Geek to fix, I can probably expect to not have it back for about a week... Lets see how accurate I am.

Monday, 17 November 2008


So I have a cold. Everyone gets them. Jr Her always has a blocked nose. But this one came on Thursday, Friday I was sneezing all day, Saturday and Sunday I was really sick. Today, well the nose is still running a bit.

The worst part is when the eyes and nose run. It actually hurts when the eyes start to water. There is nothing you can do except grab the tissues. I hate shopping for cold medication, as nothing really seems to stop the runny nose with me. I found Sudafeds don't do too bad a job.

On Friday I had taken medication (well, that's my excuse) and when I got to work, for the first time in 23 years, forgot to put the car in park. Of course, it rolled backwards. Luckily I leave the wheels on an angle and it didn't go far. Just enough to catch the front fender. I think I put the marks on the mirror when I rushed to open the door. There was this post...

I am convinced that car is jinxed. I have never had so many bumps and scrapes in all my driving career as I have in that car.

Anyway, I am also po'd because the Geek is supposed to be setting up my home computer "Friday or Monday" and of course I haven't seen or heard from him. Were it not for that I probably would have stayed home sick.

Anyway, it's just a head cold and not fatal, so I should quit whinging and get on with it, yes?

Catch you next time...

Saturday, 8 November 2008


So I was asked recently why I hadn't updated my blog. Well, quite simply, because nothing worth writing about has happened.

Like the Melbourne Cup. No surprises there. I put $4 each way on three horses and $4 each way on a horse for Him. Plus a $3 mystery bet. His horse lead for most of the race, only to lose it on the straight. My horses came in 4th and 5th and somewhere down the back. My boss went to a function, and in 3 sweeps, drew the same horse 3 times. On the 3rd he asked for a re-draw. Granted, he then drew a horse for me. Same horse. It came in 2nd so I scored a small windfall for nothing...

Or perhaps the time Him came home from work asking if I had heard about the boat fire outside a block of flats on Towers Terrace. Nope, didn't hear a thing. Our street joins up to Towers Terrace, and our back yard is bordered by a block of flats. Yep, the boat was outside that block of flats, someone set fire to it, and we never heard a thing. Typical.

Or maybe the storm that struck recently early in the morning. I had been having a lovely dream which featured a quiet storm in the background. Suddenly I was woken by a massive BANG and our alarm saying "Hello...." We had experienced a huge thunder clap which caused a power surge. Usually our alarm gives us a spiel about "no alarms in memory, system trouble blah blah.." This time she just said "hello..." That in itself freaked me out. Our back up battery has gone so it has continually beeped for a week now. Little chirpy thing that interrupts sleep. After that, she has been strangely quiet... I wonder if the power surge caused the back up battery to start charging again. Strange.

So, as you can see, the reason I haven't updated my blog is that nothing exciting ever happens here....