Sunday, 24 February 2013


Yes, I've had enough now.  Get this bloody thing off my foot and let me walk properly.  I am so sick of sore hands, sore shoulders, sore hips and aching feet.

I have been trying to use the crutches as much as possible but I am still so bloody unfit and weak.  I have been trying to work from home all week.  It's hard when you need so much different stuff.  I would really like someone to get me some folders so I can organise my paper pile.  But trying to pin anyone down to ask for stuff is getting a tad difficult so I don't ask for more than I need.

Lucky for Fluffy he has had this week off.  He's the secretary of a caravan association here, and there is a Caravan and Camping show on this week.  His responsibility is to go down each morning, open the stand, put the cash tin out, liaise with folk.  He has also been spending time going around the exhibitions.

He comes home for lunch, either bringing me something or making me something quick when he gets here.  Sometimes he goes back after, sometimes he goes and runs errands, other times he has a nap.  Then he goes back in the evening and collects the cash tin and puts the signs away.  Then he makes dinner.

So some things have been a bit neglected.  I try to do a little bit here and there but it's difficult.  I can't do much.  And everything tires me out.  Just using the walking frame from the bed to the loo then into the lounge to sit first thing in the morning wears me out.

Yesterday I went out for the first time.  I had enrolled in a photography course with a friend.  Revision for me, with the hope of picking up some tips.  Mission accomplished.  She was such a gem, helping carry my bag, making sure I was comfortable.  We had a great day.  Then last night we had a double birthday party to attend.  I managed that too.  But by the end of the night (or should I say early this morning) I could hardly get myself into bed.

My foot is virtually pain free.  Lately there have been nagging sharp pains through it.  Healing over the stitches I suspect - I tend to keloid.  But the real pain is in my hands first thing in the morning, and through my "good" leg during the day.

I know, anyone who has ever used crutches has been through the same thing so I'm not telling you anything new.  I think the worst is that I'm so unfit.  Because of that I get puffed really quickly.  I could work through the pain if it didn't tire me out so bloody quickly.

Tomorrow I have a visit to the doc to get the bandage removed and a moon boot put on.  Then I believe it will be another couple of weeks before I am weight-bearing properly.  I am not sure how long till I can walk up stairs so I'll be working from home a bit longer I think.

Tomorrow will be a big day.  The doc appointment is at 8.15 then Dobby has to go to a beauty academy in the city (not far from the doctor) to fill in paperwork for a course.  Then I believe she has her orientation day as well.  Not sure how long that goes for though.  I'll wait in the car till Fluffy comes back after the paperwork is done.  He'll find out what time he has to go back and pick her up.

Then I have to make a concerted effort to do as much work as I can.  I was pretty slack last week.  It's just too hard to juggle everything.

Anyway, enough crap from me.  So over the whole lot.  Blah.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


So a few of you may know I've been battling a heel spur for a year now.  Some days it's good, others I can barely walk.  I finally bit the bullet and saw a specialist about it.  While it wasn't a bad one, it was not ever going to improve.

So we decided it had to come off.  Well.  I don't quite think I knew what I was getting myself into.  I planned to take this week off work, working from home next week and back to the office in a moon boot the week after.


Fluffy and I arrived at the hospital early yesterday, around 12.30, then had to wait almost an hour for my room.  Once it was ready I bid him farewell (he was in a one hour parking space) and made my way upstairs.  However, the room still wasn't ready.  While milling about the nurses station, I overheard two orderlies mention my name.  Seems the doctor had rearranged the schedule and I was being called for pick up.

So I had to wait a few minutes down the hall while they finished my bed, then it was all systems go.  I had one nurse helping me change, another doing my wrist band and asking me to confirm all my information, a third making my bed.  I had to go to the bathroom but our shared room was occupied, so I had to wait a bit for that to free up.

Then it was here, lie down, and we were off.

They wheeled me into the waiting bay for a bit, then took me into theatre.  Just before they put me under the clock read 1.58pm.

Next thing I woke in recovery, and the clock said 3.00pm.  Quick.  I hate coming out of anaesthetic.  I shiver, cry, never feel like I am breathing properly, and end up with a throat full of crap.  It's so annoying.  This time I just couldn't stay awake.  I dozed a bit for an hour before I went back to the room.

Once there it was the same.  I wasn't hungry, felt off, and couldn't stay awake.  But I also couldn't sleep.  I only dozed lightly until around eleven, when they gave me something to help me sleep.  Then I managed a few hours light sleep.  But what kept me awake most of the time was the need for a bed pan.  8 times between 3.00 pm and 4.00am, with five of those before ten pm.  They joked that if there was a prize for output I would win it.  At least we know my kidneys are working.

This morning I felt a little better.  I ate breakfast of semolina, half a cup of tea and a cup of juice.  I wasn't allowed to move until the physio came and got me to have a go at crutches and a walking frame.  She suggested the frame would be better for me because it's easier.  Boy, how true that is.  I struggle with it, but the crutches are even harder.

Eventually I was taken for a shower.  Aah blessed relief being mobile.  Tricky, though.  I'm not sure how I'll manage here.  Top and Tails I think.  The shower is way too small for the chair, but Fluffy will help with a solution I'm sure.  He's the thinker of the house.

So now I'm home, and been on the couch all afternoon.  The pain block they put in my leg has worn off so I'm in a bit of pain.  I am ensconced on the recliner, and don't move unless I have to go potty.  I hope tomorrow I'll be stronger.  I have to sit as much as possible with my foot raised so movement is limited for the time being.

I have to see the doctor on the 25th, after which I thought I was going to go back to work but he says he doubts I'll be mobile enough to tackle the stairs up to work.  So another week working from home.  Sigh.  Not the best idea, because I don't have a big work area here in the couch.  I'm sure I'll figure something out though.

For now, I think I'll just look forward to my next pain killer and the big sleep I'll have tonight in my own bed.

I'll keep you posted as new stuff happens...