Thursday, 31 January 2008


Thank you all for your interesting ideas for jewelery...spiderwebs, hearts and guns...sounds all so, um, great! :-)

But I already have the jewelery covered. SOL, what did you have as something borrowed at your wedding? Or was it too long ago to remember? Well, never mind. The dressmaker is making me a wrap to pick up on Saturday. Just hope it looks never knows...

I am not nervous. Not yet. Just worried because I only have two weeks worth of pay to juggle to get the money into the account. And pay two extra weeks rent, and pay the house sitter...sigh.

But on the other hand, only two weeks till holidays! Yippee!

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The countdown begins...

Don't you hate it when some much anticipated even creeps up on you? Or is it worse when that time seems to drag?

I haven't decided which is happening to me yet. It seems like eons ago we were first planning our trip to New Zealand, and now it is but two short weeks away. I am sure I have forgotten stuff...

Lets see...picked up the dress on Saturday but the zipper was wrong so I had to drop that back yesterday. She is fixing it today and I have to pick it back up after work.

Have a hair appointment next Monday to erase the grey bits, and get some colour put into Jr Her's as well. Not sure what Him has in mind. His hair is getting quite long at the back. Makes him look years younger. Quite sexy if I do say so myself.

Tickets are booked, accommodation is booked. Just need to get the car booked. And to pack. I will have to do that on the last weekend before we go cause we are both working right up to the day before travel. Eep!

But come Thursday 21st, I know it will all fall together. Oh, I am having trouble with the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Mum just laughed when I said the "old" was the bride...

I found a beautiful little blue bird brooch mum gave me when I was 5, which takes care of old and blue...the jewellery mum gave me for my 40th is the new...wonder what I can borrow, and who I can borrow it from???

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Sad day to be an Aussie

Well, I heard the news as I was driving to work this morning. Another young actor bites the dust. Now, while this doesn't affect me personally, I can feel a certain empathy for his family.

Especially his two-year-old daughter. She will never know her daddy. Sure, she will have a record of all his movies, clippings of his short but illustrious career, but she will never know who he was as a person. That is what makes me sad.

They say there were pills involved. Why is it always sordid when people die in the limelight? Why is there always speculation about drug abuse, suicide, and the like. It is highly probable he was taking sleeping pills and medication for pneumonia, which proved a lethal concoction. Whatever the reason, it is a tragic mistake.

And lets face it, the media will report what they like. Such as the interesting report I read that he died in the apartment of a certain skinny ex-child actress who was overseas at the time...where did that one come from?

Unless someone writes a book of his life, we are actually unlikely to know the whole truth, so lets be satisfied with the fact Australia and indeed the world has lost a bright and shining star at the peak of his career, and a little girl has lost her daddy. There really isn't any more to say...

Monday, 21 January 2008

Hello out there!

So, I am having a little bludge day today. The boss has gone to Sydney for the week. That means I can slow down a notch. Hopefully.

Well, the holiday plans are all but finished. Bought travel insurance this morning, have a final fitting for the dress on Wednesday, now just have to save some more money...Always a catch.

It was weird on Saturday, trying on the dress. I don't know what did it but when I got home I had a little cry. I wonder if it was because it has taken me 13 years to get to this point - trying on wedding dresses. Or perhaps it was because the dress is just a shade short of perfect and I wanted it to be perfect. Maybe it was just because I as excited about the whole thing and have no one to share it with.

I am trying to keep it very low cost, and to do it with little fuss, and therfore haven't gone out on vast shopping trips, traipsing around shops and malls, I have tried to do what I can over the net and on the cheap. I wonder if I have done it properly? I guess when I put it all together all will be revealed.

All that is left is Him's shirt. He has sort of decided to forego the suit. Only thing then is to decide - black shirt, black pants, red tie? Cream shirt, black pants red tie? Red shirt, black pants, black tie? Probabaly the first option actually...

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Fun's over already...

Doesn't time fly when you are having fun? Or, in my case, days off. Tomorrow I am back to work. It seems such a long time since I had any time off work, and now my two weeks are up.

It has been an interesting two weeks though. A sibling visited from Qld the first week. That was fun. We shopped an awful lot. She was supposed to get in Christmas Eve afternoon, giving us a couple hours to relax before going out to dinner. However, the best laid plans and all that...her flight was delayed and she had enough time to get changed and slap make up on before our reservation (which I actually delayed too). But dinner was lovely. Funny how changeable the Adelaide weather is. When she arrived it was quite cold. We all had jackets on and it was very windy. By the time she left we were cooking slowly in 40 degree heat!

She met a friend of mine, whom I shall name Sally (as in Forth, see previous blog). Sally is very much into the spiritual, being somewhat in tune with the cosmos. Her children are becoming clairvoyant, which I find a little freaky. But Sally is quite an interesting chick, and having just moved this week from the street behind us to suburbs far distant, I shall miss her dearly.

Well, that first week we shopped a lot, ate out a bit, and basically wore ourselves out. So, after she left for soggier climes I decided I would chill out for the remaining week. However, in 40 degree heat, that isn't really possible. Jr Her and I managed to do some stuff together, like spend the gift vouchers we received for Christmas and birthdays. Man, I picked up some booty! Very happy Jan!

We all, as a family, made an expedition to the beach, Jr Her sporting her new wetsuit and boogie board. A friend made a return visit to hospital with complications from a hip replacement, so we visited her quickly yesterday (at her house, not the hospital) and gave her a healing crystal key ring. She gave Jr Her a photo album for her to make up with wedding photos. Very special I think.

I did manage to get some housework done. Floors, kitchen table, Jr Her's room...but that's all. Even with the air conditioner on it has been really hot and that means headache weather for me. Not fun. Nothing like the debilitating sogginess of Qld, which meant a headache constantly for the whole summer. But just that stuffy, stiff neck, painful head thing that takes a few days to get rid of.

Jr Her had a friend for a sleepover and told her we would be going to the beach (???) So I had to take them for a swim too. It was lovely but hate the sand that comes with it. But what else do you do when it's 40 degrees???

Oh, bought 3 new DVD's - Wild Hogs, Happily Never After, and Open Season from Target's big sale. Jr Her is happy...

And managed to pick up two sets of luxury 400tc sheets. But even that was an adventure. Bought one set, chocolate brown (very nice), and decided to go back for another. Picked a lavender set. When I got them home they had a hole in the bottom sheet. So, back we go and swap them. No more lavender left. What colour? There are so many colours I can't decide. So I pick an egg plant purple set. When I get them home the bottom sheet is a different dye lot and therefore colour to the rest. It won't be noticeable when they are on the bed, but I know it's there...and it bugs me. Never mind. Too late now...

Man, I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow....Oh, and I have put on a couple of kg from lack of exercise and excess of food too..surprise surprise! sigh...