Thursday, 19 June 2008

Quick update

So it seems the neck is on the mend. I wrote her a note to take to the teacher, excusing her from physical activity for the rest of the week. It causes discomfort when she leans on her arm on her desk, or when she moves too quickly. But otherwise, it looks okay.

I had physio myself last night to loosen up my neck and shoulder muscles. Took her a whole hour, and then I have to go back because she had only done half the job. Don't feel too bad for it this morning though. She has given me some exercises but it is nice to have movement back again in the shoulders.

We had a great day Tuesday for the teacher's strike. We worked until about 1.00. I got Jr Her to help with a few things, but mostly she played on the Internet. Then, the boss told us to just go home and do what we wanted (because I had mentioned that the zoo had half price tickets, and he thought we might like to go there instead). But Jr Her wanted to go to Officeworks (she, like myself and Miss LJ, is a stationary junkie!) She scored a few little bits and pieces and was happy.

Before Officeworks we went to KFC for lunch, and shared a breast pieces lunch box, but I bit a chunk out of my tongue, so that was quite sore for a few days.

After Office works we took back a video then went to the Ascot Park library, to look for a book on Aboriginal languages for the boss. I walked out with 7 books and 2 DVDs. One book was on languages, but the rest were reading for me. The movies were Jr Her's.

We were home by about 3.00 and just dagged about for the rest of the day. It's nice to kick back now and then isn't it?

I next get to kick back on Friday as the boss is working from his beach house. However, there is so much work still to do I am not sure I will be able to slow down. Still, working makes the day go faster, yes?

Well, speaking of which, it's time to leave. Have a great day everyone!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Monday morning wake up call

So at 5.45 this morning I hear "Mu-u-umm?". Hate that sound. Should never have been invented. Scowling, thinking it was a case of "I can't sleep" I grumbled into Jr Her's bedroom.

"I hurt my neck and now I can't move"...."What!?". "I moved my neck one way, it went click and now I can't move it. It hurts." Oh dear. Seems that someone has done herself a neck injury. Luckily, she can still move everything else, just not her neck. I tried to get her to sit up but it caused enough agony for her to go from whimpering to outright screaming.

I went back in and work up Him. He came in and we tried to coax her into a few different positions but it only didn't hurt so much with both her hands under her neck. Anyway, Him climbed up on the bunk and managed to support her while we slipped the tri-pillow behind her neck. Then, with his help she was able to sit up and keep the pillow supporting her neck, then wiggle her way to the edge of the bunk. Then it was just a matter of sliding down the steps.

We got her laying on the couch in the lounge, and I gave her a painkiller and a banana. She was comfortable, and eventually tried sitting up. That was okay, so then she moved around a little.

By 8.00, when I could phone the physio, Him had taken the car into the car dealer to get the blue tooth fitted, but no one answered at the physio. Jr Her and I got dressed and went there but the car park was desserted. Just our luck we thought. But the door opened when we tried.... Apparently she had just gotten in. By this time Jr Her has a lot more movement.

Apparently, she had locked the joint. It had started to free itself so the physio just helped it along. Eventually, one heat pillow and several dollars later, I dropped her off with her father at the car yard and went to work.

When I just phoned now she was feeling much better, and had eaten lunch and taking a nap on the couch. Unusual for her to sleep through the day. But she is almost out of pain, just feeling sorry for herself.

Tomorrow should be interesting too. The teachers in SA are on strike. Turns out that Out Of School Hours Care is not running cause other people have found alternative arrangements. Where does that leave me? With a child at work with me. Luckily I have a great boss who is happy for her to come in for a few hours, then he has give us a couple of tasks - a trip to Officworks and the library for research. Should be good for her, and a chance for me to do work stuff on work time, not mine.

Keep you posted...

Friday, 13 June 2008

Quiet on the home front

So whatever it is bothering Wally didn't last this time. I made a vet appointment for Tuesday night, but by Sunday it had gone. I dunno, stupid cat. I have started him on that you-beaut food so I will give it a couple of weeks to settle down then see how he goes.

I didn't end up taking him to the vet, as it had cleared up again. So, guess we'll take it as it comes.

All else is quiet at home. Put another scratch in the car the other day. That makes 3 in about 18 months, when I had never had anything all the years I had been driving. Must be dementia....

This time I was reversing out of a tight car park and scraped the concrete pillar. I have to go back up there again today, but I think I'll risk the rain and walk....

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Spoke too soon

Or so it would appear. Seems the little bloke is not good after all. Today, there it was again. This time more red than anything.

And tonight, he even had a runny poo for the first time I can remember. I wonder if the new food didn't agree with him, although of them was to promote healthy urinary tract. I don't know.

Anyway, he has an appointment at the vet on Tuesday evening, so hopefully he will sort him out. I understand he may need to stay overnight so they can get a sample from him too. Money, money, money. But hey, it's what you do, right?

The funny thing is, he is more playful this week than he has been for a long time. Even tonight, he went for a red pee, a runny poo, then took off down the hall looking for a game. Silly fellow.

Guess we'll see. Hopefully now that I am reassured that they don't resort to surgery often now I won't be as stressed as I would have been. I believe it's mainly diet change now. Fingers crossed anyway, cause tonight we are child free...don't need stress tonight.

Jr Her has gone for a sleepover tonight, gets home after lunch tomorrow then at two goes to the footy with friends. Wow, won't know myself....

Friday, 6 June 2008

Updating...well, life I guess...

So it's not that I have anything to say, just that it's been awhile since my last blog.

Walter P Catt is definitely on the mend. He has had all his antibiotics, and doesn't seem to have any problems anymore (horrible little shit for worrying me like that). Hopefully he will settle down now and stick to this diet we have him on. I went out during the week and bought him a bag of Healthy Weight Management flavoured food (Purina 1, his favourite) and a bag of Gum Health and Promotes Urinary Health something or other, in a flavour which escapes me. Hopefully the little bloke will respond by losing a little weight and cleaning up the plaque on his teeth. If he would eat the meat chunks I give him that wouldn't be a problem.

Feeling a little off today. After managing to avoid them for some time, it would appear I have finally picked up Jr Her's cold. Not bad, though. Just a stuffy nose (not even blocked properly) and an icky throat. Hopefully it won't get any worse. Just feel off, know what I mean? At least it's a long weekend and I can relax an extra day. I have a Tupperware party Saturday afternoon, and that's about it.

We are picking up half a cow this weekend. It is expensive to outlay, but works out to be about $5 per kg, and it comes already packaged however you want it. In our case, we get it packaged for two people (Jr Her and I share a steak or piece of meat). Works well, We also buy ten chickens, which he chops up and prepares for us too. Excellent. And it's good meat.

Well, better get on with trying to do some work. Always work to do. And it's end of month. More work to do...Boss is in Sydney this week and China next week, so it's quiet here. Lots to do but the pressure is off.

Maybe a sleep would be good about now...zzzzz Just kidding!

Have a great long weekend.xx