Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Well, that was amazing.

Last night I had to take Dobby for her 3rd jab for her cervical cancer immunisation. I almost forgot. I was almost home when I remembered. So I had to race to the school and pick her up than race up to the doctor's surgery. It was a mad house too up there. People everywhere!

Anyway, while there she made some comment about the needle I had in my face. The doctor picked up on it and said he'd check to see if my results were in from the biopsies on Saturday.

They were. Amazing...

The patch on my forehead was sundamage, which they plan to treat by burning it off. I think I will leave that one alone for now...

The other on my lip is a basell cell carcinoma - my skin cancer of choice it would appear. So, as I am still "young and beautiful" according to the doctor, I am getting referred to a plastic surgeon. About $300 later I will have a lovely scar for my efforts. But I think I will look at that after Christmas, when things settle down a bit.

So, this morning I had my weigh in with my surgeon. As I said before, I reckon I had put on about 3kg in all. Imagine my surprise when I got on the scales today to find - my weight was exactly the same as it was last visit. Which means I managed to lose all that added weight in just one week.

Which inspires me to stick with this for a few more kilos... it's not hard and if I take it one week at a time, I will be fine by my next visit in February!

Don't you love surprises?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Was that the weekend?

So I had a pretty busy weekend. Lets not get excited and say it was eventful. Just seemed to fly by that's all.

Friday I stopped off on the way home to give blood. My pulse rate was up slightly when the interview first started, but after awhile it had come down to an acceptable level. Whew. That's okay then. I also mentioned that I had taken some medication the night before for a headache. She spent ages checking that up but didn't say much. Then, I mentioned in passing about having a biopsy the next day. Proceedings scream to a halt. It seems that if you have a procedure like that scheduled they won't take blood in case they have to do a removal, because with any procedure I could bleed and need a transplant. Then, I have to wait 4 weeks after the procedure before I can give blood. My next appointment is booked for January so I think I will just leave it till then.

Came outside and was greeted by a parking ticket. For $56! Because, although I checked the signs, my addled brain read "ticketed parking between 8 and 4 weekdays". It also read the sign below that "ticketed parking between 8 and 6 weekends." What it didn't read was the No Stopping sign 4-6 weekdays. Bugger!!!!

Saturday I had another doctor appointment. I think I may as well put that place as my permanent address. I seem to be spending a lot of time there lately. On the way up I stopped at Big W. Mum wanted to get my nephew an MP3 player as he steals his sisters a lot. I told her as we would have to load the music for her I would look out down here for one. So, I stopped at Big W to see if they had any cheapies.

No such luck. So while I was there I bought another kiddie gate to keep the dog out of the cat's littler box (ew), a pair of shorts and two tees for said nephew, a tee, shorts and thongs for his sister.

I was a good girl and didn't do any shopping for myself, although I did get a pair of shorts and a tee for Dobby, but as her room is a disgrace again she is not getting them till she does something about that.

Then, up to the doctor. I got the results of my blood tests, and my iron level is again high. It usually is lately. And, surprise, surprise! my hormone levels were low. Gee, really? He sent me for a repeat of one of the tests. Sigh.

I had two suspected skin cancers biopsied on my face. One on my forehead and one on my top lip. Bloody hell, the anesthetic needle hurts more than the procedure would have! Made my eyes water. And my face was covered with Betadine. I had to pay for my procedure then go to the bathroom and try to clean it off. Lovely! I had a fat lip to try speak with too. And, the one on my forehead kept bleeding.

I bought Barnacle Bill's for lunch, then headed home feeling sorry for myself. After lunch I decided to brush the dog, and leaning over made the forehead one bleed again. I could feel it running down my face. Fluffy was busy with the caravan and had stuff all over his hands, so I rushed into the laundry to find something in the first aid kit to clean myself up with and do you think I could find even a bandaid?

I went into the bathroom to clean up and when I saw all the blood, of course, being a female, I almost passed out. Had to lay on the bathroom floor. Bless Dobby, she poked her hand around the corner of the door with an alcohol wipe to clean some of the blood off with.

I asked her to take the main bag of bandages outside and ask her father to find something sticky to put over it. I stayed on the floor.

He cleaned himself up and found a piece of gauze and some tape and came and fixed me up. Sigh. I didn't feel too good after that, and as the afternoon wore on I felt tired and headachey. But I wasn't game to take anything for it in case it made it bleed again.

Anyway, it's all okay now. I have two little black spots on my face to show for my troubles. Yesterday we had a visit from a lovely couple we don't see often enough who stayed for coffee. It was great to see them again. I did housework and found a little time to read a bit. Not much though. It was too bloody cold to get comfortable enough.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my weekend. I will stop by briefly tomorrow to tell you what the doctor says at my weigh in... won't be good anyway....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

EEK! How did that happen!

So I find myself back on the diet treadmill again.

I knew recently that I had been indulging in my comfort eating again. No big wonder then that I had put a bit of weight on. Nothing serious, but when I got on the scales yesterday it seems I have put on about 3kg. My scales are notoriously inaccurate, but that's the gist of it. I knew in advance it would be a gain anyway.

So, Monday this week I decided to bite the bullet. I have a visit with my surgeon next Tuesday and wasn't prepared to have him go mad at me for such a big gain.

I trudged up to Coles and had a look at the diet shakes. I found two products which were reduced so decided to buy two cans of each, and some snack bars of the same brand.

When I got them home and read them properly it seems they are the powdered drink to be taken half an hour before meals, which expand in your stomach to reduce your actual food intake and keep you fuller longer.

Considering I am already on reduced food levels, i decided to just have the shake as a meal. I started yesterday morning, having a shake with low fat milk and a cup of tea for breakfast.

For morning tea I had two small sticks of raspberry licorice. By 11 I was hungry, but held out until about 12.2o. I had another shake with 4 Vita Wheats with butter and vegemite for lunch, followed by about 750 mls water through the afternoon.

For afternoon tea I had a couple of spoons of yoghurt and one of the snack bars.

Dinner last night, I had a shake before tea then marinated lamb chop with mashed potatoe and pumpkin and peas. Very nice. I was hungry when I went to bed but apart from a cup of milo I resisted the urge to splurge.

Today I have had the shake and a cup of tea for breakfast, and two raspberry licorice sticks for norming tea. I am hungry now, but not terribly so. My boss has just shown me what he bought in for us for morning tea - some type of apple cake which looks horribly delicious. I will have that and a sachet of low fat hot choclate (dash of skim milk and the rest water).

Lunch will be a shake and crackers again.

Hopefully I can delay that till about 1.00 or so. Oh, and I went for a longer walk yesterday and will do so again today if the weather stays nice.

Fingers crossed if I keep this up I can lose at least one of those extra kg before Tuesday. Fingers crossed anyway....

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Time flies when you're having fun

Well, again, I probably have nothing to blog about, but as I waffle on some here hopefully something will come to me.

We had a quiet week, just work and stuff. Friday Fluffy went for some blood tests and I went on Saturday for blood tests too. I was very proud of Fluffy, given his needle phobia...

I also had to go to the doc for a script and referral to my surgeon (who is going to be cross with me because I have put on about 3 kg). Anyway, I asked the GP about two suspicious spots on my face, and he wants to do a biopsy next weekend. Great! Those things hurt and bleed quite a good bit. And on my face! If they are skin cancers they are not the usual Basel Cell cancers I have had before. These are different.

Anyway, Fluffy went back to the doc on Monday for a follow up visit and got told he was healthy as a horse. Great news. Till I got home last night and there was a message from the doctor's surgery saying they want him to do some follow up tests...

Fluffy also worked on the weekend, so Dobby and I hung out together. Before the doc we stopped at the pet shop for dog food, dropped some stuff at a friend's house, had blood tests, and had lunch at Barnacle Bill's in Blackwood.

After the doc we went to Marion and I bought her a pair of silver stud earrings for $5 and a silver chain ID bracelet for $45 (half price). She was happy.

Sunday we wandered to Target as Fluffy said he had seen some sheer tog cover type tops cheap. I had a look and found one that wasn't particularly cheap but was quite acceptable anyway.

I also found a pair of white sandals for summer reduced to $15, some assorted personal care stuff like lip glosses and body creams for Hermoine for Christmas plus a bag to put them in, plus Dobby nagged me for a pair of joggers. Like she needs anymore. But, with the promise of working for them I relented. They are high tops and very, very colourful!

Prior to Target I stopped at Millers and put some stuff on laybye... a turquoise top with sequins, a turquoise crocheted jacket, a pair of white pants, and a turquoise and white crushed skirt. Very nice outfit and got Dobby's seal of approval.

Anyway, a lot of money later we went home and Dobby had to clean her room, sweep the kitchen and dining room, and vacuum the back half of the house. It was nice to sit outside in the sun while she worked...

Monday, 12 October 2009

blah blah blah

So I have had requests to update my blog. Well, here it is. Updated.

Nothing happens at my house most of the time.

I go to work.

I come home.

I go back again the next day.

About the only thing is that Dobby has had her second surgery on her gum, and got the all clear from the dentist Friday that things are going swimmingly. She reckons she can even tell that they are helping. Go figure.

I did have a lingerie party this weekend. That was nice. About six ladies turned up, plus two outside orders. Always a bonus! I managed to get $80 to spend, plus a half price garment.

I bought a lovely top, purple and orange type colours, with a round neckline with purple sequins. For my half price garment I bought a long purple and black halterneck. I just hope it fits and looks okay...

She also had a box of reduced garments. I bought:

A pair of orange and black bikinis for Dobby for $20
A pair of blue leggings and a top for myself for $45 for both
A blue satin nightgown for $20
A long black dress for Dobby for $50 (this was half price).

Bargain, I would say.

Anyway, on Sunday we moved the van. When we got home from Meningie last weekend we pulled it through to the back yard and left it there while Fluffy did some work on it.

Yesterday, because the mowers are coming today, we had to put it back where it belonged. No small feat.

See the grass is soft and the ground is soggy from so much rain. The van weights 1.5 tonne. We had to spin it around 180 degrees, without hitting trees or getting stuck in the ground.

Fluffy got out his old hand winch, but had to pull it apart first, to get it working again. Then he used it to pull the van forward partway, so we could spin it freely. Then it was a matter of laying a continous road of bits of metal plating, pushing a few feet, then relaying it again, to run the jockey wheel on. We did that. Then Fluffy got the ute and pulled it around properly and parked it up. Job done.

Other than that, I really struggled Sunday. I woke up, well, I didn't really wake up at all. I got up after 8 on Sunday but struggled to wake up. Even my skin felt tired. I did some washing, washed the dog, took an exercise bike to a friend's house, and moved the van.

In the afternoon I settled in to read while Bathurst was on, and fell asleep! And I was still tired at 9. Sigh. Hate this....

Anyway, that's about it for my week. I hope I have something better to write soon! :-)

Thursday, 8 October 2009


You know, I hate writing when I feel negative. I try not to do it. I can think more clearly when I am in a good space.

But lately, I always seem to be feeling low. Flat. Not negative in a "poor me" way. Well, probably a little bit, but mostly in a tired, flat, no energy way. That's how I have been feeling lately. I am actually on the verge of losing my job because of it. I make mistakes, forget to do things, don't smile anymore, and am the bitch from hell.

So I went to the doc last week and he put me onto some herbal thing to try to bring my hormones back into line. He says give it a few weeks and I should feel better. I bloody hope so, cause I ain't feeling so hot at the moment.

Anyway, I wanted to stop by quickly to tell you about my weekend away.

We had been thinking of joining a caravan club, and found they were staying at the Lake Albert Caravan Park at Meningie over the long weekend. After trying a few other places, we decided to book into there as well, and take the dog. We could then decide for ourselves whether we wanted to check out the club. We had been in contact with other members who told us to look for the crowd gathering at ten am, but they themselves weren't going.

Fluffy packed up Hermoine, Dobby, and Oz, and I skipped off work a couple of hours early and headed down before dark. Poor Oz was a bit freaked out by the caravan following, and was quite unsettled coming through the tunnels (the car revs because it uses a lower gear, and he didn't like that). The girls had to put up with him walking all over their laps and pulling their headphones out until he kind of settled.

We stopped at Tailem Bend for a pie and the dog seemed much more settled after that.

It was about 5 when we got to the park, so we set up and let the girls go exploring. It takes a while to get the whole kit set up but it looks great - double awning and the tent. Sadly, it rained overnight and the table and chairs got a bit wet, but the girls were dry. So was Oz, he slept in the tent with them

The weekend went well. Saturday morning, while we were pondering whether to make ourselves known, a gent about our age wandered over to us and introduced himself. He had been told we were there and interested in having a look, so invited us over to join in morning tea. That made up our mind for us.

The people are lovely and we spent the weekend hanging out with them on and off. We had games on Saturday afternoon, which was throwing wooden discs at a "jack", and Fluffy and I made it to the finals play off. Everyone reckoned we let the winning fellow, a funny pomm, psyche us out. Maybe!

Hermoine's gran had baked numerous cakes and stuff so we handed those out at lunch and afternoon tea on Sunday.

Sunday was Fluffy's birthday, so we did the present thing before morning tea. Then the group headed up to Coorong for a picnic. As we were not allowed to take the dog, we left Hermoine and Dobby for two hours. They went for a swim and took the dog. He enjoyed it.

We had the chocolate cake Gran had baked for Fluffy's birthday for morning tea on Monday before we left. Everyone enjoyed it.

It was a good weekend. The next rally is in November in Tenunda. We have been invited to go. We attend 3 rallies with the group, then the committee decide if we can join. I don't think we will have any problems, as we seemed to get on with everyone. Even the girls made a couple of new friends in the group.

Guess we'll see what happens...