Friday, 23 November 2007

Finally! Progress!

So I went to the dietitian on Wednesday. I thought I had a couple of weeks grace so really concentrate on losing weight so I have been really making an effort for the last two weeks, walking half an hour a day with a friend, doing half an hour on the exercise bike when I don't walk, and sometimes when I do. So imagine my shock when the pop up on my computer advised my appointment was the next day! EEK!!!

I have been trying desperately to watch what I eat, although I do snack before dinner because I get so hungry. Well, that's when I don't snack properly, but hey, I am good the rest of the time.

My home bathroom scales are not really my friend, even though they weigh light. That's always good but it means you get a rude shock when you go for a weigh-in.

So with that in mind, and armed with the knowledge I am improving, I trundle off to the dietitian. She is happy because I am now down to 91.3 kg. I am not happy because my scales put me at just under 91kg. However, when I jumped on them this morning they had crept down a little under that.

But essentially, I know I am doing well because my clothes fit so much better, and I feel more taut around the back, stomach and legs. No wait, impossible to feel taut around the stomach...perhaps I should say my bulge is slightly less noticeable. I told her about our trip in February and that I wanted to lose ten kg by then. She suggested i aim lower and go for about 5-7. Okay, I can live with that. But 80kg would look a lot better in a wedding dress!

Now for lunch today (before I walk up to the bank) I am having a small baked potato with baked beans and a few slivers of light cheese...mmmmm.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Boring, boring, boring...

Gee, it's been awhile since I wrote anything, but, well, my life is boring. Actually, it's not so much that my life is boring, but that it has been so consumed with life in general that I haven't had time to do anything worth writing about.

We have both picked up our wedding (and my new engagement) rings. But in typical lazy fashion I haven't gotten around to taking a photo and sticking it here on the web. I will, though, I promise...soon...

I have managed to get Him's birth certificate, so that means I can get our passports organised, once I have gotten to the post office to get our photos done...

I have also gotten hold of the magistrate's court in Brisbane to get a copy of Him's divorce papers, but the form was being emailed to me, and the email system is down at the moment (refer to previous whinges about IT geeks!)

We also went shopping on the weekend and picked a lovely red dress for Jr Her, and shiny red shoes for her to wear. And, I found a dress maker to make my dress.

Plus, I typed a rough draft of our wedding vows from some samples sent to me from the celebrant. So, now I am happy and the pressure is off a bit, I can almost relax...

I want to have a look at dress material this weekend for myself, as I a not sure if I am supposed to do that or if the dress maker does that. I guess I will have to phone her and find out at some point, won't I? Especially given that she works at one of the big material shops here close to home.

Other than that, my life is boring, boring, boring...

Oh, I almost forgot, we have decided to have a lunch time reception, followed by play time at our house for the afternoon. Can't wait for that providing the important people come. Should be a lot of fun!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Why do people stuff it for others?

I found out yesterday one of my favourite blogs has gone off the air. :-( Why? Because the wrong person read her blog. Why do people always have to stuff up things for others?

I miss her. Stupid, cause we don't even know each other. But her site was interesting, and I really felt like I had another friend.

But I want to wish her all the best, and if she wants to keep me updated through this website she is more than welcome! Besides, I am dying to know the story behind that last blog...

On a lighter note, the wedding plans are progressing nicely. I have, as I mentioned, the hat. I also have Jr Her's bouquet. Red roses, with hopefully a bit of white baby's breath. So now we know she is wearing red! I have a photographer, a location, and I think I have booked the celebrant...better confirm that one...

Monday, 5 November 2007

Lost in the vast expanse of blackness

Well, that's what appears to have happened to Him's divorce papers. I am sure they must be somewhere (although why they are not his his file I don't know). But we just can't locate them anywhwere.

We did get the opportunity to go through some rubbish in the office though.

Had a good weekend (aside from going through the office). We went ring shopping for Him on Saturday. Found a lovely one with 5 diamonds across the top. Very nice and was reduced to half price. Gotta be a good bargain. We went out to dinner at a friend's house Saturday evening and it was lovely. We ate copious amounts of appetisers like Caramel Kiss lollies, carrot sticks, caramelized onion philly dip, soy snacks, and other yummy treats. Jr Her picked some broad beans and munched quite happily on those raw.

Dinner was two very good roasts of pork and beef, baked spuds, salad and coleslaw. Followed by a very good trifle. All bad food, but all exceptionally good. We were there about 6 hours or so.

Funny story though, we used the Sat Nav to get there, and it took us through these weird back streets, when all we needed was two major turns to get to the same place...then when we used it to get us home it wouldn't work until we were out of the gully. Silly thing. But we got home just before eleven pm.

Sunday we bought Him a new pair of Colorado shoes, very nice, and in the shop was a white sheer hat I had been thinking of for a wedding hat (no veil for me). It was only $20 so I bought I just have to figure how to get it to NZ...

Thursday, 1 November 2007

New adventures

Well, things are definitely cruising on the home front. After a week in the van Him has come home. It was funny the way that happened - he asked if he could sleep over at my place. I let him (of course, sleepovers can be fun!) and he just stayed.

We have had a great week, no fights, no grumpy bits. When one of us gets a bit tense we talk to the other about what is bothering us. In my case, it's usually stress. Planning a big event can be stressful.

What big event? Well, some of you know. We are going to New Zealand in February, which is a big event in itself, but we have decided, after almost 13 years together, to get married while there.

It is something Him suggested we may look at earlier this year (to which I just laughed, cause he is never serious about getting married) but apparently he had been giving it some thought because he brought it up again on the weekend.

So we are taking the plunge. We even went out and bought a new engagement and wedding ring set for me (this one is old and very thin on the back). It is exensive by our standards, but very nice and looks good on.

It will be a very simply ceremony, with just Him, Jr Her and me, and the witnesses I will have to borrow from the hotel. I think I can get a photographer for about $875, which is ridiculous for just 70 photos, a disk and a farewell kiss...

But what holiday snaps to remember!