Friday, 24 October 2008

Too old to party...

So last night was the Triple M party, to cap off their "Date My Dad" promotion. Two kids wrote in to say their dad needed a date, so Triple M's breakfast trio Kym, Ali and Dzelde took up the cause.

They asked ladies to apply, then the Dad selected his favourite 4, with another to be chosen a few days later. Then they kitted the chosen ladies out with new wardrobes and sent them off on dates with Dad. It was apparently a lot of fun, and a huge success.

Listeners were asked to go online and vote for their favourite girl. I did, and was lucky to be one of the few selected to come along to the party where Dad was announcing his choice of lady to get to know better.

Well, Him and I toddled along last night, and while we were standing at the door waiting to get in, the Dad walked past, smiled and said hello to me. Him and I just looked at each other. Inside, we got given a wrist band (green for single, red for taken and orange for keeping options open..) and a drink card each with 4 drinks.

We went to the bar, then found an empty spot, in front of the stage. While standing there chatting and looking around, one of the breakfast team, Kym, walked past, gave me a big smile and said hello. Okay, Him and I looked at each other again... Maybe I have a familiar type face? I am Facebook friends with him, but so are 4999 other people...

A little while later Ali stopped to chat to us. She is lovely! She asked our opinion of the special guests that night, Pete Murry and Vanessa Amorossi. Him said he wanted to take Vanessa home. Ally joked "Me first!" Him suggested she could take her home and he would come too! She made light of that, and checked his wrist band (red). It was very funny.

Anyway, while standing around a little later, Dzelde walked past and gave me a huge grin and hello. Man, this is strange! So I introduced myself and said I was a Facebook friend of his. "No wonder you look familiar" he says. He stood and talked to us for a bit. Very funny, approachable man. Extremely talented as a disc jockey too.

Well, the night got under way with meeting the ladies, the family, then Vanessa came on. More girls, and Pete Murry sang. He is very funny live too. Then Dad announced his choice of lucky lady.

The only bad spot of the evening was when two drunk blondes decided to push Him aside, and dance right in front of us. This wouldn't have been an issue if one didn't have a handbag which was literally poking me in the arm, stomach, side. She didn't relent despite my none too subtle shoving her aside. Drinks were slopping everywhere too. Two lovely ladies in front of them wore drinks down their backs too. Not much, but enough for them to excuse themselves past me and join their friends behind me. The, two other drunken dollies pushed past the gent beside me (pushing him back into me, standing on my foot, for which he was mortified). At the same time Hand Bag lady gave my other foot a stomp for good measure.

But on a good note, the chick that pushed the fellow next to me tried to take a photo of her friend, and he "accidentally" gave her elbow a shove. Ha ha. I liked that one. I think she was too drunk to notice.

Well, after the show we left (apparently just before the Dad and his ladies decided to do the Funky Wombat) and leave before the crowd. I have to say, after 3 hours standing in one spot, I could barely walk to the car (way down the back of the parking lot!) We were given little gift bags on the way out, totally directed at men though, with Bourbon and coke sample, 15% voucher for a men's salon, movie pass to see Rocknrolla, and a drinks card for Thursday night at The Highway. Oh, and a tiny sample of Fruchocs! I bags that one!

All in all, a very memorable night, and one I am not likely to forget.

Here's a link to our photo on the night with Dzelde...

Here's a link to the website where you can find more info about the evening, pictures, videos etc. Worth a look!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Ramblings of all things IT

So, we were looking at IT stuff recently. Our IT geek, who has been mentioned in previous blogs, organised an old Mac for Jr Her, for a carton of beer. It's not a bad machine, and she likes it (probably because it's new, but whatever works). Well, she would if she ever got the chance to use it.

We had to bring it in because it was full of rubbish and wouldn't read her memory stick. He said to bring it back he would clean it up for her. We did. It sat on the front seat of the car for a week. Then Him went away, and I had to take it out of the car so we could pick him up from the airport. It sat in the office for several days. Finally we got told to bring it back he was coming. It sat here in the office for 3 days. FINALLY he came and fixed it. Now she has a usable computer.

Until we tried to upload the printer driver. Now it wants a password. No one remembers putting a password in, but it won't accept the driver without a password. So I had to bring it back so he could take out the need for a password.

It sat in the car for 3 days. He is supposed to be here again today. Lets see if he does.

We did buy ourselves a new Epsom printer so Jr Her could have our old one. It's pretty good. Now, we found about the school computer option where the government will pay half of the cost of a new computer up to the value of $750. So, next year we were going to update her beer computer with our old computer, and buy ourselves a new IMac.

Now, we have decided to buy ourselves a new Macbook laptop and just use that for all our stuff, and give her our old machine. Then next year update hers with a new IMac. I have one at work and its fantastic! We will probably get our new laptop through salary sacrifice here at work, which of course, means using the geek to source the computer and load all the software for me.

Wonder how long that will take.....

Friday, 10 October 2008

Scary kids

So today is the last day of holiday care for Jr Her. It's dress up day. Halloween theme. She wanted to come as a zombie, complete with bandages. Now, given our shortage of time, and bandages, she started her make up herself this morning and came up with....

A corpse bride. She looks fantastic. We took pictures of her complete, then decided she needed a veil, so took pictures after said veil was placed.

She is so happy, which is very unusual for her, with the outcome and I hope she has a good day. Poor lamb is going on a Guides camp tonight, and as nature always does, guess what she got yesterday. Very heavy, very messy. But being the trooper she is, she never complains about it (just everything else besides).

Well, feedback on her costume will be much appreciated. Tell her what you think....

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Wild Weekend (not)...

Well, what an interesting weekend it was. We decided to take the van for a run, first time this year, down to the Lower Lakes, so booked ourselves into the Lake Albert Caravan Park. We had no idea what this was going to be like but heck, it's away!

I was lucky enough to get off work early on Friday, and Him and Jr Her stayed home, so when I got there they were all hooked up ready to do. All I had to do was collect the last of my stuff and jump in the car.

We made good time, leaving just on 4.00 pm, and had a smooth trip down. It had rained and we figured every time we take the van away it rains, so who cares. After a dinner stop in Tailem Bend we continued to Meningie. We arrived at 6.15pm. and had the van all set up, sitting outside at 7.15pm.

We were on a lovely big site, backed onto Lake Albert, and enjoyed watching the sun set and the pelicans drift in. The amenities block was right near us, and we had no neighbours. Funny thing about caravan parks and long weekends..all the campers arrive in droves with loud cars, loud music, kids.... on this occasion we also got surrounded by dogs! But for once, we didn't hear our neighbours at all.

On Saturday, Him's birthday, we slept in, crawled out of bed, took care of breakfast etc then did the present bit. Him seemed to really like his loot - shirt and cap from his Warbird Adventure Flight the week before, tin of his favourite biscuits, and Bunnings vouchers. Then for the rest of the day we just sat. Well, we did go for a walk around the park, along the beach, drove into Meningie, but all in all we just sat.

Him cooked chicken burgers and bacon for dinner which we put onto toasted buns with salad. Very tasty. And with all that sitting around we fell into bed quite early, after changing our clocks for daylight saving, that is.

Sunday we again slept late. Did the breakfast thing then just sat again. Until Jr Her nagged us to go to the Cheese Factory for a look. Turns out it is a small "museum" to use the word loosely, with a lovely restaurant and coffee lounge attached. We had lunch there and the chicken baguette I ordered filled both Jr Her and myself. Very nice food, the weather was perfect, and we just sat. Again. After lunch we went for a walk down the esplanade along the lakeside. There are some lovely houses there too, and some for sale.

Through the night Sunday we were woken up by horrible wind and rain. We grabbed the chairs and towels, toddled off to the loo (and got stuck in the rain on the way back) then back to bed. We packed up and came home Monday morning, and although it was windy, Him did a terrific job of getting us home in one piece. He even backed the van into the carport, around the stobie pole, down and s-shaped drive, past the floodlights, and onto two planks of wood stopping spot in the middle, all in one go. Man, he's good!

Then it was just unpacking the van, doing all the washing I usually do on weekends (clothes, sheets, towels) plus the clothes and towels from the van, and tidying up around the place. It was a lovely relaxing weekend, and I am looking forward to the next one!