Tuesday, 29 May 2007

School Bullies and their coaches

I have just had the wake up call every mother dreads. My child is somewhat akin to the coach of a bully! Well, that's not really true. But for the last year we have heard on a regular basis "this child hit me, this child punched me" etc etc. Last night Jr Her told me she was called into the office for a chat with the deputy principal, along with said child.

I was mortified to discover she is as bad as he is. She has admitted sometimes that she hits him back, but I have since found out she goads him into lashing out and then she tells the teacher he has hit her. Little worm. I made matters worse by speaking to the child before I knew all the facts, so had to ask the principal to apologise to the mother on my behalf which he has said he will do.

Sigh. I always knew my child was no angel but I didn't realise she was sooo devilish! I do hope though she can learn from this and try to be a better person. It seems it is all just a personality clash that we have gotten up in arms about because some kid was picking on our child. Stupid, stupid parents we are, yes?

Geez I feel upset now. Well, that is I feel a bit stupid. Maybe I will feel better if I have that piece of chocolate I can see looking at me there...

Monday, 21 May 2007

Weekend workload

You know, I should have lost heaps of weight on the weekend. Jr Her has not been holding up her end of our clean room deal. So, after numerous weeks of threats, bribes and tears (and that was just on My part!), I have taken drastic action. I stripped her room. Left her with just her bed, empty cupboards bar a couple of school uniforms and two changes of clothes for the weekend, and a full bookcase. Why the bookcase, you ask? Well, she hates reading. So, with no toys, a standing screen ban in place for another week, she has nothing to do but read.

Drastic measures, you think? If you had seen this cesspit before you would agree. Tell you what though, my back was killing me afterward. Six hours of solid work to clean it out. Bags and bags of rubbish, and as many bags of stuff now sitting in my hallway waiting for a new home.

She also lost her bunk bed, which has now been lowered to a standard size bed. And do you know what? After all the tears and tantrums died down, she said to me...."gee, mum, I love my clean room...." Coulda kicked her right in the bum!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Ten more weeks of unlimited chocolate...

You know, I had an epiphany last week. I finally realised why I can't seem to stop with the chocolate. See, working here is somewhat akin to a life long dream. All the chocolate I can eat and I don't have to feel guilty when I buy it. Cause I don't have to buy it. I don't usually buy chocolate because of the associted guilt. Now I don't have to worry.

Having said that, I have another ten weeks of unlimited chocolate to go. After which point I know my dream run will end. I wonder if that is why I stuff my face. I figure that I may as well indulge while I can and concentrate on the weight loss when I leave.

One positive note has been that although I don't lose any, I also don't gain, so obviously I am doing enough exercise to offset this. But I know I have to shake this feeling of "I must eat this while I can".

Still, I have noticed that I have cut down a little...there is hope for me yet!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Pizza, Pies, Pasties And The Whole Junk Food Express

Man, what am I doing! No wonder I can't shift these kilos! It seems that almost daily there is something going on at work that means a junky lunch. Like last month, there was a meeting and we all got lunch bought in. Sandwiches, which are healthy but contain bread therefore not on my food list, are on the menu. So I grab one with a chicken parmijana in the middle. Ok, not the best choice but I did ditch the foccacia it was wrapped in. Then, we had pizza! Wonderful, thin based pizzas they are too.

On Friday my bestie here at work left :-(. I am feeling quite lost without my skipping partner. Who else can I skip up the hallway with? Well, her going away lunch was - pies, pasties, sausages rolls and sandwiches. Can't possibly eat sandwiches (even if they are chicken and salad!). But that pie I ate got stuck. Or maybe it was the sausage roll...

Friday night is always slack tea at our house cause Jr Her does karate until late. Couldn't possibly cook! Then Saturday night was "Fend for Yourself" night cause I was feeling mad. Yesterday there was a meeting so they bought Sandwiches. There were some of those left, but I went for a walk to the shop and bought a pre packed pasta meal. Lovely!

Today, they are in meetings again, so we got leftover pizza. Man, they are good! I had two pieces of those plus some of the pasta I had already heated up. My belly hurts...

Um, add to that the blueberry muffin I scabbed for morning tea which was leftover from their meeting and you are beginning to get the idea....

I have been trying to do 15 minutes on the exercise bike, like at 8.00 last night in the dark...But I don't think I am going to like my next doctor's appointment. Sigh...wonder if I can catch that plane out of here real soon...