Sunday, 17 July 2011


Well, almost anyway. Dobby did a great job keeping her room clean all week, until yesterday when we had to move some more stuff from the office to her room. She hasn't sorted it yet, as she got a call to go for a sleepover, and lets face it, what teen would refuse that?

So, I drove down and dropped her off, raced back home, packed up the stuff (most of it anyway) for the Salvos. I phoned them to order a pick up service, but they weren't interested in the desk (which was the newest of the lot and in great condition, and could have fetched them $80 or more!) so Fluffy and I put the pantry and bookcase outside Friday night and left the desk in the office, off to one side allowing Dobby access to her wardrobes to clean out.

On the way to the Salvos I stopped at the pet store. $137 later, one big bag of dog food, one bag of cat food, one collar and one chasey toy for the cat as well, I made it home. By this time it was almost 4 and Fluffy came home.

He complained about the mess (the rest of the house had bits and pieces strewn around it waiting movement as well) so he got in a helped me. He did the loungeroom and I did some more in the office. Then he came in and helped me clear the desk and put my stuff back on it. So, I am back online after two weeks off! I love it!

Then, because we were both knackered, we ordered Pizza and veged in front of the telly for the rest of the evening.

Today, I took it very slow, being home alone and all that. Dobby is getting dropped off soon, but I have managed a load of washing (although it's raining outside today so it won't dry anyway), steam mopped the floor, sorted through the hundred odd emails that were waiting for me, put the desk on eBay for sale, and moved my craft stuff into the office here beside my desk.

Now, while I am working on mum's photo scrapbook album I can do it here without making a huge mess out in the dining room.

So, If you don't mind, I'll must finish my lunch quickly before Dobby gets home, and play a couple computer games while doing so. Catch ya later.

Oh, by the way, thank you all for the lovely comments last blog. I am feeling the love! xx And, last thursday night, I got home after the other two. While I was in the kitchen, Fluffy made me a cup of tea. As we were all standing around talking, he also took the potatoes I had just gotten out to peel, and peeled them himself. Then, he also sliced them up for me. It was great!


Anonymous said...

well wally

Anonymous said...

I'd love a room like that, where I can put the computer, all my crafty stuff, books, crap, so I got somewhere to do the crafty things. Even want a huge desk with shelves like some of the teachers have got at school to put it all in! I want four bedrooms in the next house so I can make a room like that! Husband has been told! Love Rat

SOL's view said...

You had a very productive weekend it seems.

Much more so than mine!

JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like it is all settling - and sounds like a typical teenager's room.

Chris H said...

You have been a busy bee havn't ya!