Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lake Albert

So just a short post today, and then only because it was requested.

This last week has been odd.  I've been kind of sick with a cold, but the tablets the doc has me on for pain seem to be working wonders on my back.  That's great.  I haven't made my appointment with the pain clinic yet, because I'm too lazy I think...

This weekend, though, has made me wonder if I shouldn't.  Thursday night Fluffy and I did some shopping.  Dobby went to the shopping centre after school with friends, and stayed to watch a movie.  Fluffy and I went to do the grocery shopping and pick her up when she'd finished.

We walked in, and before we could even grab a bite to eat, he said he just wanted to stop at the phone store to find out if they had any help for him with getting his phone to play music through blue tooth in the car (which runs through is stereo).

Forty five minutes later we were done.  They talked him into a new phone and updating his plan.  Sucker.  Haha.  He is very happy though with his new phone.  He's gone onto a plan similar to mine, but he gets a discount and I'm still paying for his previous handset with my plan.  Something wrong with this picture I'm sure.

Anyway, after walking around aimlessly while he did that we had not time to shop.  So it was a nice sit down meal while we waited for Dobby.

That meant that she and I had to shop Friday night.  She was supposed to find beads for Kids Club she was hosting at the rally on the weekend, but she couldn't find any.  We stopped at the cheap shop and she found paper and pens to make Chatterboxes instead.  While there though, she got some ideas for other crafty things they can  make.  Good O then, that'll keep them amused next time.

Then we had to do the grocery shopping.  By the end of the night, going home and unpacking it all, preparing dinner etc, my back was quite sore.

We decided that we would leave for Meningie early Saturday.  It was a long weekend, but Meningie is a couple hours drive away.  So we were up with the chooks Saturday and ready to go before six-thirty.

Unfortunately we had a bit of a snag.  Fluffy is an ace at pulling the van out of the tight spot it has to go in.  But it was dark, and the landlord hasn't picked up the garden rubbish he said he would get, so that was blocking part of the way.  During his struggle to get the van out, Fluffy accidentally hit the front veranda support with the awning on the van.  And it was stuck.  If he went forward, the back of the van would hit.  If he went back he ran the possibility of ripping up the awning.

Being the legend that he is he gently ran it forward, back, forward, back, until it was clear enough for him to pull the van out away from the house.  We were then on the road just a few minutes from our preferred time.

The run down was lovely.  Not much traffic.  A quick stop at Tailem Bend for fuel and food, and we were on the road again.

We arrived not long after eight, and found someone had parked their car on our site.  They were in the shower... but apparently the car had been there all night, according to our neighbours.  Odd.  Anyway, eventually he moved it and we could set up.

Because it was a smaller site, we only needed to roll out the awning and put up Dobby's tent.  Too easy.  Time to wander around and see who was about before morning cuppa even.

After cuppa Dobby did her thing with the kids.  She had help from another teen, and they decided to take the kids for a walk first.  Then back to camp to make the Chatterboxes (folded paper with numbers, colours and affirmations written on them).

The kids seemed to have fun, and indeed some of the Chatterboxes made further appearances over the course of the weekend.

We had plenty of time after that for lazing about.  The only thing left was Happy Hour at four, and club hosted dinner (sausages with a bring a plate salad) at six thirty.  A lovely, lazy day.  But boy, was it cold!

I took plenty of photos of the sunset (as usual).  Not bothering to put them up here, you've all seen them on Facebook.

Sunday it was sooo bloody cold in the morning.  I think it got down to about 3 degrees.  My Achilles tendon started to hurt a bit, as it does when I am on my feet a lot.

Morning tea was at ten, followed by treasurer time (where we pay our fees) and Club Game.  I don't recall doing too much standing around.

I did walk into town though, with one of the other mums and Dobby, so perhaps that contributed, but through the course of the day my foot was so sore I could hardly walk on it.  I hate limping.  It becomes habit.  I have been trying to walk normally and not limp for some time, but the nipping pain that lingers still makes it hard.  How it was impossible.

The rest of the day was so quiet.  Fluffy had a nap, I almost did.  Most of the families went for a drive, and the family of the lass who helped her with Kids club (who was also sharing her tent for the night) took her with them for the afternoon.  Aaah, bliss.  Nothing to do, no time limit, plenty of nibblies.  I just spent the time reading, and downloading a couple of extra books onto the iPad.

Dinner was toasted sandwiches, then we had the SAPI Mini Olympics.  That was fun.  I stood there taking photos, but did participate in one event.  I sucked at it, but it was still fun.  All the cool people ended up on the Swedish team.  They are the funniest of the group.  Each team member was given a country and an event.  Mine was Germany, Archery.  The events were things like throwing little bean bags into rings or the furtherest across the room.  Where I was standing as a popular spot...  I narrowly missed a few bean bags to the feet.

They also had bouncing a tennis ball in team relays, twirling hula hoops, and throwing plastic plates (discus).  Dobby one a medal for shot put (throwing the little bean bags the furtherest).  It was actually a fun night, but then  most of our Socials are.

Sweden won, followed by France.  Australia and Germany tied third and Jamaica came last.  I had a laugh though because Inga from Sweden kept telling the Jamaican kids their flag was upsidedown... and they believed her...

Monday morning was pack up time.  It's always hard to leave.  This time I got to go home with a bite to the finger from Bruce the Galah.  It's come up in a suspicious spot now, so might have to keep an eye on it.

There is no rally in July, but we are all gathering for a Port River Dolphin Cruise so I'll make sure I have the camera out for that.  After that is the AGM rally, where we will officially become the Family and Friends Caravan and Camping Club.  Very exciting....


SOL's view said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Very relaxing this time round - you usually seem to be very busy at those things.

The photos are great. :)

Butterfly Kissez said...

I loved the photos too! Sounds like an awesome weekend as always. Like you I have had a really bad cold all weekend but never mind...almost back to normal again!