Sunday, 14 October 2012


Yeah, me too.  I don't really have anything to blog about anymore.  And no one reads this anyway (except you 3, you know who you are). 

So, what's been happening lately?  Stuff all.  I had the iron infusion, as posted about in my last blog.  I had my birthday.  Nothing terribly exciting there.

The infusion seems to have worked a bit.  I do feel a bit more alert.  I feel like doing the housework now.  Well, when I say I feel like it, I am actually getting  more done than normal.  It's only my back and ankle that stop me from doing more.

Recently we had a rally to Padthaway.  Not going to bother putting up photos here, there wasn't much to take photos of.  But it was a good rally.  I took the Friday off, as did Fluffy, and Dobby was home from school, so we drove down early Friday morning.  It took 4 hours.  With two stops.  And one where I thought I had to vomit because I stupidly thought I could eat chicken.  Sheesh.

Anyway, we got there and were greeted (well, Fluffy was) with a little white paper bag holding assorted brochures, a sprig of Lavender, and two chocolates stapled to the side.  Lovely.

Our site was small but plenty of room for the awning and the tent.  But the weather couldn't decide if it wanted to be sunny or rainy, so we put up two walls of the annex.  Not annex material, more like shade cloth.  It helped protect against the wind and rain.

Saturday most of us trundled the half hour or so into Naracoorte for the day.  But, somewhat surprisingly for a small SA town, everything closed at lunch time.  I mean, when you go into a bakery at 11.30 and they say "the sandwich bar is closed, as we are closing in half an hour", it's a bit of a shock, right? 

We wandered over to the "Tiny Train" ride at the local caravan park, and all the kids had a ride around this track sitting on the back of the carriages.  They enjoyed it.  Then we all drove down to the Naracoorte Caves for a tour of the Victoria Caves. 

These were lovely, and we had a guided tour.  Our Forward Planner had been quoted a particular price, then we all lined up to pay.  The first two went, and when it came to me, I was going to be charged over $60 for the three of us.  This was way more than we were quoted so I questioned it.  Turned out the price he was quoted was waaay under what we should have been charged.  After much negotiation, they came up with a new price which was less than the adult price we were quoted but more than the kids price.  Everyone was happy and we made our way down to the cave entrance.  One of the club young couples was on dog minding duty and off we went.

It was very interesting and lovely.  On a couple of occasions our guide turned out the lights.  Pitch black.  I occasionally get claustrophobia but there was no reason to with these.  It was wet down there, due to the recent rain, but very lovely.

I did well with walking around the caves, even up ladder-like steps.  But the last bit, on the exit of the cave, was a 45-degree angle and that killed my calves.  And everyone else's I think.

Anyway, we exited, thanked our guide profousely and the rest of the team made their way off to the pub for dinner.  As we had Ozzie we chose to go home instead.  I had bought a pasta bake from the supermarket so I put that on. 

Sunday we had pancake breakfast.  That was fun.  There is always some left over but surprisingly this time, not that many.  Only about a dozen.

After that we just sat around.  Another couple and their daughter and future son-in-law (AKA the dog minders from yesterday) decided that because it was the mum's birthday, they, and us, would go for a drive to the two local wineries.  I thought we might stop and sample some of the food but no one did.  We bought a few bottles and I took a couple of photos, and headed back.  The weather sucked anyway.

There was happy hour, and then dinner.  But I started to feel ill.  In fact, I developed a headache, chills and a not very happy tummy.  It was no better Monday, and indeed the tummy thing settled in for the week.  I suspect food poisoning because no one else got it.  If so, the only thing I can say I ate that no one else did was maple syrup on my pancake.  So perhaps I have to get rid of that?

Anyway last week I had my counterpart from Sydney in the office.  He did his usual thing putting my accounts into MYOB, then on the Wednesday started teaching me to use it.  Crash course.  I think I'll be okay with is.  I have some more to do on Monday so I guess we'll see wont we?

Other than that, I had a follow up doctor visit yesterday and he took some more blood.  Literally.  I had just missed the nurse and as I had fasted just in case he wanted to do follow up tests, he took the blood himself.  So much quicker than the nurse. 

Dobby has a friend over and they want to go to the beach.  I'm off to lunch today with my 80 year old friend, and then I'll take them after that.  Unless her dad takes them while I'm out.  Leave that up to him to decide.  We (when I say we I mean mostly he) have been doing work around the yard.  Cutting back vines, throwing out rubbish.  Yesterday he got in and scrubbed my shower.  I can't do it, I can't get down there.  He did a great job.  I did the rest of the bathroom.  Through the week I'll tackle other stuff.

Until then, it's time to go see about getting changed for lunch.  Don't know what I'll wear - nothing fits me anymore.  Sure I'll find something in huge baby tent....

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SOL's view said...

So, how did the tent work for you?? :D

Sounds like a fun weekend despite the weather, although the tummy bug could have decided to pick on someone else!