Friday, 20 July 2007

Yee Haw! Howdy Pardner!

Well, here are the much awaited pics of the Wild West Murder Myster Night.

We all arrived together to find the house decked out in western theme, including a "stage" for the saloon girl to perform. The official photographers arrived, took the necessary photos and the party got under way.

Well, I have never had so much fun in all my life. We each had a role to play, and each had a script to read (Bibi Gunn sounded a lot like Marilyn Munroe, which caused much mirth), Juan the Bandito had a terrible mexican accent. Old Doc Mallard was about as sleezy as you could get, and although he aint no gynocologist, he was willing to have a look! I wasn't sure I could trust that Rowdy in a card game, and there sure weren't no jokin with that prim Miss Patience the tall, skinny school marm (who was doing business with the somewhat shrewed businesswoman Bibi Gunn). But the true surprise of the night was the sweet innocent Mail Order Bride Sally Forth. Well, she were some piece of work, pretending to be all sweet and innocent, but she was really married - to Rowdy! Together they was tryin' to con the old Sheriff (the poor victim in all of this) but it all went bad, and the sweet li'l Miss Forth done shot him!

A lot of alcohol was comsumed, some excellent grub went down with it, and a grand ole time was had by all! Yee Haw!


Anonymous said...

Hey what a great read!! Sounds like you had tons of fun!! and you know, you look great as a blonde... ;-D

Froggy said...

yes, well, thanks! But I don't think I will be changing my hair style too soon...people might get the wrong idea...haha.

SOL's view said...

Well, gollee l'l lady, shore done look like you had yerself some fun.

So much left unsaid in the story line though.....