Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Slowly, slowly went the tortoise

Do you ever wish some weeks would just be over? Like this week before Christmas? I do. I don't know why I am stressed, but it seems I am. I have had a headache since last Thursday, and here it is Wednesday morning, nice and early (like 5.30am early) and I can feel it creeping back to settle in above my eyes and around my neck.

Admittedly, it has been a tough few weeks. Planning a wedding on a tiny budget, trying to save money so we can have spending money in NZ, worrying about a wedding reception next year (which apparently is just a gathering at a pub, but still has to be organised regardless). And worrying about documents like passports, airline tickets, divorce papers, and superannuation forms I forgot to fill out.

I have finally managed to get the dress to the seamstress, get my bouquet organised (it got lost in the mail) and find a cheap pair of gold shoes to wear, and figure out a new hair style with the help of my hairdresser.

I have also had to try to plan a Christmas, which I haven't done for awhile, and so far that has taken a back seat. I should sit down and make a list, at some point, of things to try to fit it between breakfast on the beach Saturday and drinks Saturday night. Somewhere along there I have to grocery shop, see a couple of friends to drop off a small gift, and pick up a hamper for another family. I think that is all anyway...

Plus it is end of month time at work, and I am still trying to learn stuff that I didn't get shown properly last time due to lack of time. I am so busy at work that I didn't get lunch yesterday until 3.00pm. And that was only after I took time out for a walk because I had to bank a cheque.

I have two and a half days left to get everything done. I am at work alone because the boss is interstate until Friday morning. Which can work both in my favour and against me. So far it has been in my favour because I get more work done. But I am frustrating him because I get stressed and make mistakes. Silly mistakes like forgetting which order we were just talking about. My mental recall is terrible at the best of times but when I am stressed it is non existent (no comments from the peanut gallery either thank you).

However, it will all be over soon and I can relax. Apart from cooking lunch Christmas day, and visiting friends for drinks in the afternoon, I don't intend doing much over Christmas. I believe visiting blister would like to go ice skating on Boxing day, and we can hit the factory outlets I found recently on Thursday, then if she wants to do Hahndorf or wherever, we can do it Friday.

Oh, but on a positive note to all this, I jumped on the scales for the first time this morning and found I have lost about a kg or so. According to the bathroom scales I am about 88.5kg. Yay!

Hey, I forgot to tell you, Him bought me an early Christmas present this weekend. He bought me a bike! Now all 3 of us have new bikes and when things slow down, we can all go for rides together. We have been for one around the local streets and it was fantastic. Sore butt though...the exercise bike doesn't hurt as much!


SOL's view said...

Maybe a quick jump on the bike and a tear around the street by yourself could be the headache breaker????

Congrats on the continual shedding....

Hmmm sounds like a cat.....

Anonymous said...

hey arent we supposed to be going to the amusement park instead of skating? i seem to recall someones lack of enthusiasm, so it was changed to checking out the park - carousel especially!! ha ha ha yes hahndorf is on the list - so is hopefully plenty of shopping... :-D