Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ho Hum

You know, it is so frustrating how fast time flies by. I have struggled for about the last 4 weeks with weight loss. I am exercising at an alarming rate, eating for the most part the right stuff. But still it sits on my hips. The weeks are flying by and the weight is just not shifting. It is almost enough to make one stop and eat chocolate...

The wedding plans are coming along. We have all lodged our passport applications, I sent the licence application to New Zealand today, and I will pop into the dressmaker on the weekend with the pattern and material. All we need to do now is actually book the bloody flights. And man, aren't those passports expensive!!!

Him is doing a panic because we have had to dip into our savings, so has been able to cash in some of his sick days. That will certainly help somewhat.

Add to this my bouquet seems to have gone missing. It was supposed to have been posted to me on 21 November but I have yet to see it.

Once that turns up I will be happy. From my point of view, all I will need is shoes! I am thinking gold....

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