Sunday, 3 May 2009

Forgot something!

I just remembered what I was going to tell you all about being spoiled! The previous blog was the start of it!

I needed new work pants as my two black pair were starting to get loose (I should hope so, too, as one was a size 18, if only a small 18!). Anyway, Him had won a $75 voucher for KMart and we gave it to Jr Her for her birthday. We offered to buy it back so she could have spending money for Sydney, she accepted.

So, I had a $75 voucher to go shopping with, and KMart had buy one, get 60% off the second. Him is great to take shopping when the mood strikes. He goes off looking for things for me and seems to get a kick out of me choosing his picks. So, we all wandered around and he was finding all sorts of black and grey trousers for me. He also picked a white pin striped blouse, a little red top and a black silky top with lace insert in the front. I could only take 6 items in with me, so he waited outside with a huge soft cardigan (my old work cardi was a size 24...)

One pair of those pants didn't fit and one top didn't fit. Back we go for another look. He found another two pairs of pants, a red blouse and a purple/slate cotton top with elastic around the bottom.

Back to the change room and one of the pants fitted, as did the red shirt and purple top. So then I had to choose what I was going to buy. No I didn't, Him said I could have the lot!

I ended up with 3 pair of black pants, the silky black top, the purple slate top, the white pin stripe blouse, and the lovely snuggly cardi! How lucky am I??? Jr Her got a white pair of Dunlop Volleys, and I also bought shampoo for everyone. My purchases totalled $225, for which I paid $168, and as it was, 3 of those items were already reduced, like the black top that was $35 was reduced to $23, and it was one of the ones I got 60% off. I think a pair of pants was reduced from $35 to $25 as well. Not a bad day's shopping, I would say... :-)

Now the only problem I have is what to wear to work first? I think one of the pairs of pants, a different top I already had, and my cardi. Yep, that's what it will be tomorrow!


Miss LJ said...

Lucky you!!! Sounds like a great shopping trip, and so nice to have choices for what to wear to work. I got a few new cardies from Target a few weeks ago, and theya re the best, so warma dn cuddly. Have a good day at work.

Chris H said...

How neat,.... I love shopping ! Guess EVERYONE knows that eh? lol
Glad you got some good gear.