Monday, 14 September 2009

I need another holiday

So we had this busy weekend, right. We had chosen some new bedroom wardrobes from Ikea but all the pieces weren't in until Friday so Fluffy toddled off to pick them up. They were so heavy he had to wait until Dobby came home from school to take them out of the ute.

Anyway, he got them out and into the carport ready for the big job on Saturday. Friday night we managed to move the existing furniture around to clear some space ready to assemble this huge 3 door wardrobe. We got up early Saturday and discovered we need to lay it down to put it together. So, we ended up balancing it across the bed. Tricky, but with a little help here and there from Dobby we managed to assemble it ourselves. We got it into position and chose where we would put rails, shelves and basket drawers.

We also discovered they had given us, for 2 3-door wardrobes, 4 glass doors and 2 wood-look, instead of only 2 mirrors! Shock! Their loss and our gain I guess, but ugh, who needs that many mirrors? Anyway, we had two glass and one wood door up and ready when Dobby and I had to leave to go to a fundraising afternoon. I hadn't had lunch so did pig out a bit on snacks but who cares?

When we got home I helped Fluffy do a few more little things, still in my little black dress, and found he had assembled the smaller 2-door space filling wardrobe we had bought as well. It was still in the kitchen and bits of other furniture was hanging messily about here and there too.

We cleaned out the remaining furniture ready for removal (clothes, junk, personal care, you know the stuff you manage to accumulate over the years...)

About this time our Hermoine and her nan arrived for her first sleepover. I chatted to Nan for about an hour, while Fluffy struggled to move the rest of the furniture outside mostly by himself!

We pretty much left the girls to get to know eachother, and all we heard (up till 11pm when I texted Dobby to ask for a bit of quiet) was giggle, giggle, giggle. Fair to say they hit it off!

After dinner of pizza, I helped Fluffy arrange the old furniture out in the car port safely so it won't get ruined by rain. Then we watched the Crows get beaten by Collingwood because of a penalty in the last minute! Stupid Pies!

Anyway, Sunday, we had the space to assemble wardrobe 2. It went okay and Fluffy gave me leave when we had the bulk done to take the girls out to buy a plastic drawer set to fit into the filler wardrobe to put all my make up and bits and pieces in. Quite effective it is too! But, it too has a mirror! Gads!

The girls had fun, and took this pic while on our way out to the shop. I also stopped at Stratco where they had cheap potplants and bought 12 little plants for $1.99 each! Excellent!

After we got home we pottered around a bit more and put some more stuff away while the girls played with the dog. Fluffy had put all his shelves and drawers in, and loaded up his clothes and stuff.

Anyway, I took the girls to see the movie Up after that, and when we got home we loaded up the ute with an old television we had no use for, and I got an unused DVD player and computer flat screen, chucked the girls in the back and drove across Adelaide to Salisbury to take Hermoine home.

We stayed there long enough for Fluffy to set up the tv, DVD player and screen for Nan. She was over the moon! She even baked us a batch of very scrummy oat and sultana cookies (I have had two while I typed this!).

We finally got home about 7.00 and I tried to fry up some salt and pepper squid and fish bites, but I don't know if the oil just didn't heat properly but it went soggy and horrid anyway... but, everyone ate it anyway, they are good like that! lol!

We pottered around filling cupboards and tidying up, and Fluffy set up the tv and set top box on a shelf in his wardrobe, so we have the telly back in the bedroom, behind closed doors too! Excellent!

It was after eleven when we got to bed last night too, and man, I am exhausted! But, I do have a lovely new room, if somewhat surrounded by bloody mirrors, but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post some pics... after I finish putting away the leftover junk we didn't have a home for, and potting my new plants ready for next weekend.


SOL's view said...

whew! i'm tired jez readin it!

**cheve** assemble it, cheves, and don't be tardy!!

Anonymous said...

glad it was great weekend. she is a cutie...proud of you wally

Butterfly Kissez said...

I'm with Sol...I feel exhausted too after reading all that weekend was much the my space for details later

*socked* this weekend really socked it to you!