Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wow, what a storm!

Just a quick update for interstate friends (or foe) who may (or may not) be concerned about the weather here in Adelaide.

We are fine. Bit frizzy-haired, but fine. There were a lot of trees down and across the bay got a lot of hail damage I believe but we as a family are fine.

Fluffy phoned me yesterday to tell me he heard the thunder and got up to check the dog, and couldn't find him. After calling and calling he finally found him hiding down the back yard (God only knows where, it's a weed patch down there), thoroughly wet through and shaking like nothing else. He took ages to entice him back up to the house, where he dried him off and let him stay the rest of the day inside.

Moose, visiting blister from Qld, and I went into my work for the morning, with the original view to walking up the Parade to my local shopping haunt to check it out. Well, the storm hit before we even left work. We waited most of it out, lots of thunder and lightening, then ventured out by car. No dopes here. We decided, as the weather had cooled significantly, to stop at Vinnies to purchase a pair of jeans for Moose, and even then, we couldn't get out of the car. It poured. We eventually just made a run for it.

Then we drove up to the shopping district and parked under cover. Lunch was a lovely pasta for Moose and chicken Pollo for myself at Cafe Primo then a quick look at some window shopping while walking back to the car. It was still raining. We ducked into Foodland for a few staples then decided to drive back to Clovelly Park to the Chemist Warehouse to fill Moose's script as they are often cheaper there.

Well, the roads were flooded and the rain was that heavy we could barely see the cars in front of us. Due to a couple of previous accidents, Moose was digging holes in the dashboard. but I got her there. I decided to park out the front instead of in the car park (which would have meant walking around the corner in that rain) and the gutters were so full of water the wheels were half buried!

No luck there as they have discontinued the medication she was after so we decided to stop at Terry White at Castle Plaza. This was only a short drive up the road a way, and by the time we got there, blue sky was visible. Behind us was black as anything, but above was a lovely blue!

We met a lovely Irish chemist who was able to help, and Moose found she could spend her gift card there as well, and proceeded to do so.

Then, picked up Dobby and made it back home. What an afternoon! But we weren't finished yet!

My hairdresser had phoned earlier in the day to change our existing appointments from Today (Tuesday) to last night. Mad scramble but we did it. We had been going to have Corned beef tonight done in the hot pot and chicken pieces yesterday. Ended up that we didn't have tea last night and I made quick ravioli for Dobby and Fluffy.

Anyway, they got good hair do's. I got a trim. They got the better deals.... see below....


SOL's view said...

lol. and don't they both look the same! black jackets, similar coloured hair and fuzzy features.


lookin good! their hair looks really shiny. *wonders how they do it*

**lampeclu** is this a new lamb dish for dinner?

Miss LJ said...

Sorry to here you guys got stuck int he middle of it... I was at work watching through my window and was loving all the Thunder and Lightening! Sounds like you had an OK day though, and the haircuts look great!!!

Its meant to rain some more today... so don't get caught out again!! Enjoy your time with Moose... tell her I said HI!!!

Froggy said...

Hey Miss LJ! Moose says she is having a good time and HI back! *big wave*! xx

Butterfly Kissez said...

Looking good girls! We heard about the storms you had and I thought of you...

I personally love storms so long as I can sit it out on my back deck and just watch! More often than not it usually only storms when I'm trying to get a train home!

*expol* someone who used to be Polish?

Chris H said...

I love storms! Wish I'd been there.

Anonymous said...

Glad to here all is good. The girls look cute....