Sunday, 10 January 2010

For your viewing pleasure

I have finally put up some pics. Most of you will see them on my Facebook Page, but here are some anyway.

Some of the rocks on the Great Ocean Road.

Hermione and Dobby on the Great Ocean Adventure.

Sorry it's on it's side, but this is the rainforest too at Ottway Fly, a huge walking platform set high in the treetops above this spectacular scenery.

Ottway National Park rainforest (aka Wally's dunny door)

Somewhere on the Great Ocean Road. Dobby took this pic.

Fluffy and I at Bay of Islands.

One of the lovely rock formations at Bay of Martyrs (I think).

12 Apostles. Looks a little different from my painting!

Family shot at Mt Gambier Blue Lake. A family was taking pics so I offered to take one of all of them, and they returned the favour.

Smile! At Mt Gambier.

The Blue Lake. This pic doesn't actually do it justice, it's a lot darker blue.

Cute little shop in the main street of Robe.

The beach at Robe, at the bottom end of the main street.

Big Lobster (or Crayfish, as I think they called it) at Kingston S.E.


Anonymous said...

photo's a great. My dunny door still looks great. love wally

Chris H said...

How weird, we have a 'Bay of Islands' and 'Blue Lake' here too! Lovely photos chick.

SOL's view said...

The photos are lovely. Sounds like you had a good trip. I'm glad you're back. Sometimes talking to myself gets a little dull. :)

Janey said...

Beautiful photos, sounds like you had a great time. Hugs xxx

Micki said...

The photos are wonderful! I would have loved to see all of it in person!

Khris said...

Awesome pics...I am jealous...must get over that way one day...hugs Khris