Sunday, 3 January 2010

On the road again...

...well, we will be tomorrow.

One week down of our Great Ocean Adventure and it's been interesting. The girls have had a few issues. Dobby is not the easiest person to get on with and Hermione is not used to bossy people I think (me included I guess - we do ask a lot of the girls and expect to be obeyed) but on the whole it's been great.

After an overnight stop at Horsham we arrived at Geelong (Belmont actually) via a sidetrip through Ballarat, on Sunday 27th. The gateway to the Great Ocean Road. The afternoon was spent doing nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

We did speak to the housesitter, though, as he had a couple of questions. Apparently Dodge is the coolest cat he has ever met (of course!) and Ozzie is just devine. Good to know they are in loving hands.

We spent Monday shopping locally at Geelong, where I found a Millers having a special (oh dear...) and we spent way too much money on nothing. No surprises there really.

Tuesday was our first day of the Great Ocean Road. We drove as far as Appollo Bay, and the journey from Anglesea to Lorne took so long due to an influx of people. *note to self - never do the Great Ocean Road around Christmas...*

The place was hugely packed. Dobby wasn't terribly impressed because the coastline is rather boring on that half of the road, however she was quite taken with the sheer cliffs and forest so close to the road. She received a camera for Christmas and it has gotten quite a work out!

She was also promised new shoes, which we would pay half of, but Appollo Bay didn't have what she was after so we stopped at the Surf World at Torquay on the way home. The trip there was an adventure in itself - we went the very, very long way round! But it was worth it!

We had $100 for a pair of shoes between us, and at Torquay we found Kustoms for $50, Pollys for $30 leaving enough over for a pair of Billabong thongs for Hermione. Everyone was happy.

Wednesday we ventured west to Warrnambool. Lovely spot. The park here is tiny and terribly expensive but it's on the main road and our neighbours are great. Very funny couple.

We had a look around at the waterfront and grabbed fish and chips for dinner and ate it on the promenade.

Thursday was so much fun. We decided to do the Otway Fly air walk, up in the rain forest. We had planned to also do the Cape Ottoway Light Station, but circumstance dictated we change our plans.

See, apparently, Dobby cannot watch DVDs on winding roads. Up came the spaghetti she had for breakfast, and all we had to clean it up with were an old sheet, the dog's car seat blanket, and a packet of Wet Ones. We did okay though, but her poor new Polly shoes took the brunt of it.

She was okay after that, and it wasn't far from the Otway Fly, so we did that. Its a walkway set high up in the tree tops above the rain forest. Extremely hot and sticky day we picked for it too but it was well worth it.

After that we stopped at the 12 Apostles. I didn't get as good photos this time as previously but still, I did get some good ones.

Friday was New Years Day. After the predictable sleepless night, we decided to explore around the township of Warrnambool. Quite pleasant it was too, with a lot of little shops open. I found some great clothing bargains and myself and the girls were the beneficiaries of that. Poor Fluffy missed out. Again... :-(

Saturday was wet and windy, and after the heat of the last two days, quite a shock to the system. We didn't really pack winter clothes so poor Dobby only had one light jacket.

We ventured back to town for a quick look around, and at the local shopping mall, which is actually quite large, Fluffy bought Dobby a new hoodie jacket. However, not long after she put it on, the zipper disintegrated. She was devastated.

Today, Sunday, we took the jacket back and they swapped it no problem. Then we headed off for day 3 of the Great Ocean Road. We checked out Bay of Islands, Bay of Martyrs, and London Bridge. I got some great photos today though. Will post when we get home.

We also stopped at Port Campbell, where there was a market set up. Picked up a few bits and pieces and headed back to Warrnambool. On the way back we stopped at Cheeseworld, the Warrnambool Cheese Factory. I spent a heap of money on cheese and other stuff. Also, Fluffy and Dobby bought me black plush kitten, which Hermione has said is my Van Dodge.

Slow afternoon, and then dinner at a local bistro called Maceys. Highly recommended.

Anyway, tomorrow we head off for 3 nights at Mt Gambier, then two nights at Robe, then HOME! I am really looking forward to seeing Dodge and Ozzie again. Can't wait!

I'll check in again soon!


Anonymous said...

holiday sounds fun with late of wally.

SOL's view said...

Nothing like getting back home, is there. :D

Chris H said...

OH poor Dobby being ill. I cannot read or put my head down while travelling either or I get sick too.
I hope the rest of your holiday goes well.

Beauty Castle Shopping World (Malaysia) said...
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Micki said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Enjoy it all!