Monday, 1 February 2010

Weekend side trips

...Can prove quite beneficial.

After a slack week at work (the boss was away and it was pre-end of month rush), I quite looked forward to a slow weekend. We seem to be always away and I quite relish my weekends at home lately.

This weekend, we decided a trip to Marion shopping centre was in order. The lovely little dust buster vacuum we bought recently wouldn't charge so we toddled off to Harvey Norman to get it swapped for another, which they did no problem, and then wandered over to the shopping centre. Dobby had the last bit of her gift voucher to do away with, and I wanted to find a Steam Boat cooking pan.

Dobby bought herself some hair bits and pieces and earrings, seeming to be quite happy with her purchases. We looked everywhere for a steam boat but it would appear Adelaide hasn't heard of them. No one has them. Fluffy found one later online at Deals Direct, which I think I will save up for and take the chance with.

After lunch we came home and veged for the rest of the afternoon. Aah, I do like to do that!

Sunday we did a spot of housework, with Fluffy chipping in nicely to help. On Saturday he decided he would like to take a drive up to Gawler to drop off his old bbq to new friends we made at the caravan club, whom I shall name Skeed's mum and Skeed's dad.

So, after a quick grocery shop (which was only a few bags but still cost $180) we grabbed the cheese platter we bought, a bottle of chilled white wine, and a bottle of red for a Bench Warming gift (they are getting new benches in 3 weeks) and threw the bbq into the boot.

We got up there just after 3 and they had only just gotten home! Their daughters had Little Athletics and both won medals - good work!

We spent a lovely afternoon up at Gawler, munching on cheese, Fluffy imbibing a few glasses of wine topped off with a couple of Ned Kelly's, and enjoying ourselves imensely. Turns out one of the daughters has a green tree frog as a pet (so jealous!)

Then, when we were leaving I checked my phone and discovered Nan had left a message. She was home now. I gave her a call and she asked did we want to stop in on the way home. They live about 15 minutes from Gawler on the way home. Sure, why not, we may as well.

Great, says Nan, I'll pop on a batch of scones! What a love! So, after indulging in cheese and crackers all afternoon we were being treated to fresh hot scones with jam and cream.

Gotta love lazy weekends! Needless to say I didn't need to cook dinner. Dobby ended up having an Easy Mac cause she hadn't eaten much, and I was a bit peckish and had a small piece of lasagne. Fluffy doesn't eat much so he was quite happy.

Wonderful, relaxing weekend and I actually feel somewhat refreshed. Amazing!


SOL's view said...

mmmm. Have to love those lazy weekends!

Anonymous said...

what you doing this weekend?? love wally