Sunday, 19 September 2010

Extra Terrestrials and ouchies!

What a week it has been. I think Monday was the only normal day in the week. A clean on the weekend, and a quick grocery shop and we were ready for our interstate visitor.

Moose came down from Queensland on Tuesday. I worked the full day, acheived heaps, and after a very fast meal of hot chicken sandwiches for the family it was off to the airport to collect her. I arrived a bit early so parked at the servo so I didn't have to pay. I was also given the work phone to hang on to as Boss is going overseas, so I spent a bit of time playing with that setting up the voice mail etc.

I collected Moose about 6.15 pm, and we came home to relax. It was lovely to see her again, and she came baring gifts. She bought me my birthday presents - an old-style Kermit The Frog telephone (which was supposed to work properly when she bought it but she thinks it only works intermittently now), a Pin The Lips On The Frog party game, two lovely shot glasses with sand in them and frogs on the top, and a frog growth chart. Also a necklace in a frog box.

Wednesday I got to work a half day, and when I finished I raced home to collect Moose. She had played with the dog, gotten the washing off the line and generally relaxed. We had a few errands to run so we went to a couple of local shopping centres and picked up dinner (Maccas) on the way home. Then we raced off to Mitcham Shopping Centre to see The Last Air Bender. I had won tickets from one of my Facebook Friends.

It was a really excellent movie and the effects were fantastic. We saw it in 3D too. I am not sure what all the fuss is about, as this movie would be just as good in 2D.

Thursday I had to work in the morning again. Dobby had an appointment with the Women's and Children's hospital to get her splint removed. As I had to work Moose took her. I got a text at 10.30 to say she was home, Dobby was at school and we could go shopping.

So I finished up quickly at lunch time, then home to collect Moose. We had lunch at Montezuma's followed by a trip to Harbourtown. Now, being the bargain hunter I am, I had lots of fun. I swapped one of the dresses which had a broken zipper for a totally different one. I also picked a $10 summer dress, long with spaghetti straps, for Dobby. Sadly though it turned out to be too small. At JayJays I bought 4 t-shirts for the niece and nephew (2 each) and 2 for Dobby ( 2 for $15) plus another dress reduced to $15. Further along I found a satiny dress for $15 for her. Both of these fit her well.

Moose did better - she bought 3 pairs of jeans and a top for less than $21. Bargain!

After Harbourtown we shopped at the bakery for cream buns and dinner of lamb chops.

Friday I worked another half day. I had managed to do everything I needed before Boss travelled overseas so I was pretty chuffed. I picked up Moose and we drove to the tram stop, and took the tram into the Central Markets.

It was an experience for Moose. Smells, sounds, people. She enjoyed herself and I bought fresh fruit for fruit salad. Home to chop it up and change, then out to dinner. We went to the Tonsley Hotel again, but sadly this time they didn't give us the booth I had specifically requested. However, the food was great and everyone had a good night.

Saturday we decided to head down to Hahndorf for a look. It's been a while since we went there last. We had morning tea at a bakery there, then after more shopping we headed out to Melba's Chocolate Factory. Moose can't each chocolate, but she still found plenty to see. She and Fluffy watched a fellow tossing brittle licorice pieces. Very interesting.

Sunday was an early start as we did the 6km walk leg of the City to Bay Fun Run. That was the reason Moose was here.

Unfortunately we got off to a bad start. We must have left it a bit late because Fluffy headed down toward Glenelg to meet me at a particular place, and I dropped the girls off near the shopping centre we leave from. However, all the entrances to Anzac Highway were closed. I drove round and round trying to figure how to get to the spot I was supposed to meet Fluffy. He didn't have his phone so I was quite upset at how to let him know I couldn't get there. I was so distressed I was even crying. Disappointing, I know!

Eventually I raced back to the start line. I had the numbers you pin on your shirt in the car with me so the other two couldn't even start the walk. Luckily, they were delayed and I made it back in time. But although we waited there was no sign of Fluffy.

We started the walk, not in a hurry, and just around the 3km mark we spotted Fluffy waiting beside the road. As I was carrying his number he joined us for the rest of the walk. He had managed to park along side Anzac Highway and walked up and down trying to see us.

After the race (we finished together, in one hour 13 mins) we went back to KFC while Fluffy walked back to his car. He then drove back to collect my car from close to the shopping centre, and came back to pick us up.

My friend Leanne was supposed to meet us after the race but she had to go home, so we moseyed on home. A quick change of clothes, and we just dagged about for a bit. Fluffy and I were in the carport, looking at my scooter, when I asked him if it would start. We have been having trouble starting it, which is why I hadn't ridden it for some time.

He got it going and I had no excuse. I jumped on and took it around the block. I was terribly nervous. But then I decided to go for a second lap. Mistake. I panicked when I went around the corner, and lost control. I hit the gutter and went sprawling in the gravel. The bike was still running so I dusted myself off, picked up the bike, and got back on it. Very slowly and shakily I made it home. Then promptly panicked again and lost it in the front yard! I really wasn't very good at this.

Time to review the damage. The side of the bike is all scratched, but not too bad.

I have skinned my palm quite badly, grazed my knee, grazed my elbow and have a graze on my butt cheek which will bruise. The hand one is quite nasty and is extremely painful. But, that's life.

After my lovely husband patched me up very gently, I had to change yet again (cause my other change of clothes were now somewhat dusty) and we headed off to Dobby's netball club awards ceremony.

They called up each of the clubs, and a player was awarded an award from one of their benefactors, and a Coach's award. Dobby's team got up and their coach said some lovely words. He explained how they finished fourth, made it to the semifinals, and drew the game. Then, in overtime the other team won. It was that team that won the Grand Final, so they sure gave them a run for their money.

Then the awards. The first award from the benefactor went to a very worthy young lady who was always in the middle of the play. The Coach's Award went to....

Dobby! I should have done what I always did when she scored a goal and yelled out "That's my boy!" But I didn't. I was very proud of her, winning the award in her first season. The coach said he awarded it to the girl who struggled at first with adjusting to the way he wanted her to play but in the end she adapted very well and played very well. Nice!

Then, take a drive back to pick up Fluffy's car, and home. As I have a sore hand they decided to buy dinner. Barnacle Bills'. I sure won't whinge about that!

Now, pain killers and a hot shower, then early night I think. Big week....


Anonymous said...

Well it sure has been some week. I have spent all my money and my port is going home extremely full. Thanks for an entertaining time once again, and the laundry/dog sitting bill will be left on your pillow :-P Maybe (if you play your cards right) it could happen again next year... ;-)
lubs ya xxx moose

Miss LJ said...

Wow, what a busy week you've had. Hepas sorry about Sat... i was rather annoyed havin to drive, but there was not much I could do about it, and didn't end up getting back home until about 2.
Bugga about falling off the boike! Hope you are doing Ok today... and are feeling better soon. My hip and hammy;s are playing up after the walk yesterday and gardening on Saturday... has been a busy weekend for me too!
Take care, and hope to see you soon! When is moose heading home/

Anonymous said...

love wally

SOL's view said...

Oh dear. Poor little scooter. How come Moose didn't have a go then??? :D

Amazing what you can do with one hand, hey.

Anonymous said...

Blame the scooter, because you thought it was cursed when it used to start by itself! Now it doesn't like you riding it! Congrats to Dob for her award! Glad you showed Moose a good time(did she buy any shoes?) Have a great day on friday and don't do anything silly! Love Rat.

Froggy said...

Moose left town today, Tuesday. Yes, my scooter is cursed (thanks, Rat!) and yes, Moose bought shoes.

Friday will be spent at work but I don't intend to work tooooo hard... going out to dinner Friday night. Should be good!

JoeinVegas said...

Why aren't you using the scooter? First it starts by itself and now it will not start?
I don't understand why you exchanged a dress with a broken zipper for another dress with a broken zipper, unless you just don't like zipping.
Good for Dobby! Nice to know she is working hard, even at play

Froggy said...

Joe, I exchanged a dress with a broken zipper for one without a zipper...

Scooter goes fine, I just forgot how to ride it.