Sunday, 12 September 2010

Leave me alone, I'm ill!

Well, I am. Last week Boss flew to Sydney Tuesday evening. On Tuesday I had a slight cough. I seemed to have a bit more mucous in my throat and had to keep clearing it. I have noticed over the last few years I generate a lot of either saliva or mucous. Something wet anyway. I always seem to be choking on my own spit or clearing my throat a lot.

Anyway, Tuesday it turned into a light niggly cough. By Wednesday I had a headache and sore throat, but not where it traditionally gets sore. Further down. Toward my chest. By Thursday it had turned into a rattly cough. Terribly annoying. Friday the nose started running. I took a couple of doses of medication but it just ran and ran, and by Friday afternoon it was blocked. Sigh.

Friday night I just couldn't sleep. Every half hour to hour I woke up coughing. And the headache! I don't remember having felt so bad for years. I had to go to work all week, as Boss was away, but it was difficult. Thursday I felt so bad I just wanted to lay down on the couch and rest for a bit. I felt better after my soup, but it got scary for a bit.

As you can tell, I don't get sick often. This last year or so has been the worst for my health. But this was different. I feel lethargic, light headed and this chest thing.

Fortunately as the weekend wears on it seems to be getting better. I am still coughing more but it doesn't hurt now, and the headache is gone. Finally the cough is wet, too, not just thick. It is moving stuff around now, so good news is it's not a chest infection as it's clearing up as it should.

What this does mean, however, is that I am going to be in a fine state for the 6km fun walk, as part of the City to Bay Fun Run on the weekend. Yesterday I didn't have much energy so I didn't do much. Dobby and I did the grocery shopping and she was a great help. I put it all away, made us lunch, and did a bit of washing and tidying, but not much else. Dobby had a party to go to in the evening, to the movies then back to the birthday girl's for cake, so Fluffy and I had a little time to ourselves. We had dinner at the Tonsley Hotel, and by the way, Moose, I booked us a table for Friday night.

Then we picked up Dobby at 9. She was upset because she and a friend Myrtle were the only two not sleeping over, and wanted Myrtle to sleep at our place. This is at 9pm... Fluffy said it was too late to make these plans, and I said I was sick and didn't want to pass it onto Myrtle. Equals one cranky teen. Nothing new there.

This morning all seemed to be forgiven. I felt better after a pretty good sleep last night. I stripped the bed, swept and mopped the dining room floor, and attacked the bathroom. If you saw my shower, you would understand my trouble I have cleaning it. If I tried to touch my toes in there I would hit my butt on the wall and fall face first into the other wall. So, I don't get to clean it as much. I attacked it today with the steam cleaner. Didn't do anything at all. But at least it got some attention and the floor got cleaned somewhat.

I also decided to wash the pillow top off the bed. Another mistake. Seems it is a tad too big for my machine and now has a few nibble holes in the "fitted" part, where it got caught in the door during the 1400rpm spin cycle. Oh dear. At least it's clean, apart from the patches where it has picked up the dirt that accumulates in the corners of the machine. So I ran an empty cycle through that too for good measure.

Fluffy was busy this afternoon. He has put together our old computer and spent considerable time cleaning it up, deleting old programs and stuff. He was also a little treasure and vacuumed for me. Yesterday he tried out his new Father's Day toy - the blower vac. He has only used the blower part, but did heaps of yard work with that, and clearing out the pile of dead leaves and branches under the fig tree, and weeding some of the front garden. Looks so much better!

Dobby also cleaned her room Friday. Why? Because her bed arrived Thursday. Wanna see?

This was a terrible mess before she cleaned it herself!

Because the room is small it is hard to take a good picture, but this really looks great. White bed, quite high, drawers on the trundle underneath, and a little cabinet at the foot of the bed, not visible here, has her telly on it. The wall beside her bed is covered in posters she pulled from magazines.

I also bathed the dog yesterday. He looks pretty good clean, doesn't he?

I had to go mad at him though Thursday. About 4.15 in the morning there was a loud noise that woke me up. A few seconds later there was a huge flash of lightening and a massive crack of thunder. Bang! Dobby yelled out, the animals scatterd, and Ozzie dashed about the house ending up first in Dobby's room, from which he was shooed, then into ours. Because he helps himself to the couch at night now, he has been banished back to his gated off area in the laundry. But he soon pulled that down and was very difficult to coax back out. Bad dog. This morning he once again came into our room. Don't know why, there was no storm about, and in fact the weather was beautiful all day. But, there went the sleep in anyway.

I also did a bit of ironing tonight, plus did a little in the van (cleaned the fridge, washed the floor). Now, after a hot bath and a hot lemon drink, I am plumb knackered out and ready for bed. I can't believe how tired being unwell makes you. Luckily, I am usually just fine. On the mend so tomorrow will be a better day.


SOL's view said...

The bed looks bright! Be nice if it was kept like that all the time. *dreaming*

Glad you feel a little better. xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad you're getting better. It sounded horrible and yukky. Using the steam cleaner in the shower might have cleared out your nose and chest! If Dob's quilt has shoes on it, then you better hide it from Moose! Love Rat

Anonymous said...

love wally

Jane said...

hope you are getting better… sore throat is not a lot of fun its just uncomfortable and difficult to swallow.

usually, i would take the Nim Jiom Cough Syrup ( which has a thick consistency formulation. it coats the throat and includes herbs that are particularly good for that application.

i hope it works on you as well.

Butterfly Kissez said...

I so know that awful feeling...I am home from work again today with the stuffy hubby and I are both still diseased but seems to be clearing and I hope its gone in time for work tomorrow!

Hope you are feeling better soon! I'd give you a hug but are these things transmitted via cyberspace??? Lol! Love you!

JoeinVegas said...

Sorry about the cold -
Strange, here bedside photos include pictures of men with no shirts on.

sparklingmerlot said...

Hope you feel better soon. Late winter/early spring bugs are horrible.

Just caught up with your recent posts and have to say how wonderful it was to see Melbourne through the eyes of an outsider. I even learned stuff!!

Chris H said...

Uggg to being ill... I hope you are much better now. I havn't been ill with a cold for a good two years!
If not more.
The bed is lovely, I hope your daughter can keep her room a bit tidier now!

Micki said...

I have had a very bad year health wise too, so I empathize with you. Hope you are better soon!