Friday, 31 December 2010


Well, here we are, one week into our holiday and what a week it's been. When we set off on Friday it was warming up, and by the time we got to Point Turtin it was in the high 30's. Hot. The wind was hot, the awning got the afternoon shade, and there was no way to cool off. We thought Dobby could go for a swim but there were only rocks under the pier and silty muddy sand further along, which Dobby and I sunk halfway up our calves in. Won't do that again!

Then, Christmas day saw wind and rain. We thought that would be the end of our lovely outdoor Christmas lunch but it fined up later. It was also hot and sticky. We feasted on prawns, crackers, dips, nuts and nibblies. Even the dog enjoyed himself.

Boxing day was cold, wet and windy. So was the next day. Tuesday finally saw some lovely weather but it was too late to rig up lines for fishing, so my fishing holiday was for nought. We did do plenty of relaxing because there was simply nothing else to do.

One present I did score for Christmas was an SLR camera with two lenses. Wow. And an 8-session class to learn how to use it. Can't wait! As I am only on a little Internet connection which will quickly take up all it's value, I won't post photos just yet, but I will put some up when we get home.

Anyway, Wednesday we moved up to Port Augusta. What a dump. Everything has bars, locks, high gates, messages to lock up your valuables. Sends out a great vibe! But the pub close to the caravan park had lovely meals and we were happy. We set off early the next morning, and took about five and a half hours to get to Ceduna.

This place is worse than Port Augusta. There are no shops to speak of, except for the local Retravision, which doubles as a camping store, clothing store, gadget store. Everything! Fluffy realised he didn't have a charger for his work phone (there has always been a Nokia charger in the van but somewhere along the line it's not here now), and Lo! They had one of those too.

It was so hot here, we had the airconditioning going flat stick and it couldn't keep the van cool. The fridge wasn't even cold. Luckily the freezer didn't thaw out. We are right across from the beach and I took some lovely sunset photos last night. Again, I'll pop those up at a later date, when I can score some free Internet. Point Turtin had some but everyone else charges like a wounded bull.

Anyway, the Freemantle Doctor came through last night so things are somewhat cooler today. Windy though! We have two whole days here, and there is f***k all to do so not sure where we will head today. Grocery shopping first I think. Stock up on supplies. Then, well... I don't even have phone reception out here. Fluffy and Dobby do, with 3 network, but now I am on Vodafone I got nuttin'.

Anyway, the washing machine is calling me. I'll check in again soon. Bye!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year you 3! Try and stay cool wherever you are celebrating! Prawns and blue lagoons for us tonight! Have a good one and might see you next year! Love Rat

SOL's view said...

Well, that sounds somewhat disappointing. Hope you managed to get yourself some fun anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

love wally

JoeinVegas said...

I hope the washing machine call was OK, you didn't come back.

Happy New Year!!