Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winding down

So I've not really got much to write about this week. Compared to last week, it's been kinda slow.

Dobby has had a couple more hospital visits to check she is mending properly. The redness and swelling have gone down in her naval, and the itchy red rash from the bandages has all but gone too, leaving just scaly skin. The funny little "nubbin" of swollen skin has almost disappeared too. All in all, a great result.

When we went for her last visit on Friday morning, she saw a Lady doctor who pronounced her all but cured. They gave her another round of anti biotics just to be sure, and much to Dobby's joy there was no mention of exploration of the cause, meaning no laporascopic procedure to see what's happening. She just has to go back in January for a follow up. Fluffy can do that one.

On Monday last week, I had to leave work to take Dobby for her first hospital check up, and as we were leaving my own doctor phoned to ask if I could move a scheduled skin cancer removal from 5.00pm to earlier. As I was already off work I told them I could come now. Then I phoned the boss to tell him I would be even later back. Stuff it.

I nipped up to Blackwood, and while Dobby waited in the car I got my spot taken off. I got quite a shock when I looked up because the bit he dropped into the sample jar was easily the size of my thumbnail and just as deep. It required several stitches and I could feel him pulling so hard it almost lifted me off the table. Horrible feeling that.

Anyway, I took Dobby back to work and Fluffy collected her not long after. I stayed back until 6.00pm.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. Monday night though, Doctor Fluffy and Nurse Dobby had to dress my wound. It's in a spot that I can't even reach to scratch when it gets itchy! As the drugs had worn off it was quite painful, feeling somewhat like someone was tearing my skin apart. Very horrible. But I survived and they did a great job.

I have to have the stitches in for two weeks so Fluffy has to dress it for me each night after my bath. I don't like to ask but they (Dobby has done it too) just do it for me. They're good like that.

Thursday night Fluffy had a business dinner (after a day of meetings too, I am so proud of him getting a kind of promotion), so Dobby and I dropped him off and headed down to Marion. Took 2o minutes to find a car park. Ugh. Then I couldn't do what I wanted as there was no way I could have gotten a trolley through that crowd and I couldn't carry the kitty litter. So we just wandered around and spent a bit of money. I had stopped at Millers earlier before coming home and bought 4 tops, two pairs of pants and a dress for $120. At KMart I found a pair of pants for $10 and 2 pairs of shorts for Dobby for $5 each.

After dinner in the food court at 8.45 we headed home. I wasn't sure what time Fluffy would be ready so Dobby went to bed and I waited up. I had a headache and couldn't take anything as I was supposed to be driving to pick him up.

At about 10.45pm I gave him a call just to see what he wanted from me and he told me to go to bed he'd get a taxi. No problem. Quick shower, headache tablet, and vege on the couch. I was going to go to bed but remembered he didn't have a key so I would have to get up anyway to let him in. I did my best to stay awake but at 12.45am I nodded off. At 12.50am he knocked on the window to get me to let him in. Haha. Timing!

Then, on Friday morning I snapped awake at 5.55. Oops! Fluffy's alarm wasn't set! He was supposed to be up at 5.15! A very hurried dress and off to work for him. And, I had to leave early with Dobby for her doctor's appointment. A very rushed morning for all.

But, Friday evening it was great to just sit and relax. Saturday morning Fluffy went to pick up a couple of fridges from the head office and put them on his ute to take to his office Sunday. When he got back we all went to Marion. We found a carpark in Bunnings and then battled the crowds inside.

A few weeks ago we updated our phones, and Fluffy ordered a Samsung Galaxy. But they finally told him on Friday that they are no longer available in Australia. So Saturday he set out to get something else. See, we swapped phones. He is on a $29 plan and I am on $49, but he wanted a phone from the $49 group, while I wasn't worried. So my phone came in, but his didn't.

So at Allphones, the people we updated with, he checked out what was available. And they had his Galaxy. Mind you, it was the Allphones head office that told him they were no longer available! Sucky mob, won't go through them again. We are still with 3, but as you may know, they are now affiliated with Vodafone anyway.

So Dobby and I did some shopping ourselves and hooked up with him for lunch. He was so proud to show me his new phone. It's something entirely different to what he wanted because when he was shown a couple of others, this one seemed to beat all the rest, even the much revered Galaxy.

But, what he forgot, was that it was MY plan that was being updated. Which meant, that my SIM in my phone was no longer any good. And, the new plan they put him on is with Vodafone. The SIM wouldn't work in my phone.

As soon as he finished eating he had to go back down to Allphones with my phone and get them to unlock it so the SIM would work. Job done. Now his phone is keeping him happy and I have a you-beaut new more expensive plan with unlimited talk, text and stuff and 1GB of data. When the plan comes into affect. It still wasn't letting me on the internet last night...

Saturday afternoon, Dobby got a call from a friend asking if she could go for a sleep over. No worries. The mum picked her up and off she went. Aaaah, that lovely sound of silence again. Fluffy and I spent some time in the internet looking for cases for his new toy, and found a couple he liked. Nothing too flash. While at Marion I found a lovely pink sparkly leather flip case for my phone and a stick on embellished letter C. Lovely!

Anyway, Sunday, Fluffy got up early and went to work. Now I was truly in heaven! I got the floors vacuumed, the kitchen floor washed, the dog blankets washed, and then it was time to visit my friend Marg. And it's p*****g down rain! Fabulous! Quick dash into the supermarket for some flowers and off I go.

We chat for a couple hours then when I leave she gives me a little box of Lindt chocolates. MMMMM. My favourites. And a box of them for Dobby for Christmas.

I go down to pick up Dobby and while I am there we get a small hail storm! It's really weird standing on the patio, waiting for the rain and hail to stop, and only being able to see blue sky from our vantage point... very weird indeed.

We make a quick trip to Harbourtown to see if a particular shop has a particular shoe which would be ideal for the caravan, but they don't, so off to Rivers. We buy a pair each and Dobby now has her first pair of casual slip ons which she can also wear out. Very nice they are. We also stop in Ice and find 3 tops for $10 each, and two pairs of shorts for $15 each for her. happy chicken.

Maccas at the drive through then race home. I bath the dog, and then Fluffy comes in not long after while I am sorting yesterday's laundry. I still have lots to do. Dobby helps me cut up bread for chicken stuffing, and I put on a baked dinner. I also change the kitty litter tray and tidy up.

Then I pulled all my drawers out of the caravan, brought them inside and changed over my clothes. I am now officially ready for our trip. The only thing left is the last minute food items and some softdrinks.

After dinner, it's now time for a bath and book, change the dressing, then early night.

Aaah, one week to go. I'll try post on the road sometime, but don't hold your breath. I sure won't be holding mine!


Anonymous said...

have wally

Butterfly Kissez said...

Have a fantastic time! Wishing you and Fluffy and Dobby a tryluy blessed Christmas and please stay safe! It's also nice that you were spoiled while you were recovering from your little op. It's so nice to have loved ones to help out in times like that!

Butterfly Kissez said...

OMIGOD I think a gremlin took over my keyboard lol...I meant "truly" blessed lol...


SOL's view said...

Busy, busy week. Hope you have a great holiday and Christmas away is special. :)