Saturday, 8 January 2011

A pictorial view of our holiday...

After many, many hours, and two photos at a time, I have finally managed to upload some holiday snaps for you to see.

First of all, this one was taken Christmas Eve at Point Turtin. Lovely, isn't she?

This one is of my bestest ever Christmas present. It even came with an 8-week photography course! *Loves my man!* It also came with a 200ml zoom lens. He is looking at buying me a 500ml too.

So, naturally, I had to test it out...

This was Dobby and I taken by another lady and her daughter. Can you see what's behind us on those rocks?

No? It's a seal! And not just any old seal, no, this one has a lovely blonde hair-do! He was quite happy to lay there and watch us watching him!

Anyway, when I got my camera, Dobby was a tad jealous. Not really, but she is always taking pictures with her little one. In the camera bag in the van is Fluffy's digital semi-SLR camera, which cost a small fortune, and I had been teaching myself to use previously. He asked her if she wanted a go. She has had a ball taking pictures with it. I fear if we were to go into competition she would beat me...

This is Dobby and her dad at Point Turton. Sweet photo, isn't it?

We have friends in Stansbury, so we took a drive over to see them. This is a shot of the foreshore. Pretty, hey?

Dobby made friends with a dead shark thing. I keep forgetting it's name, but Fluffy knows.

This is the Big Galah on the way between Port Augusta and Ceduna. We had been following a huge van since Port Augusta and they too pulled in here. Turns out they were going to Streaky Bay. We took a walk through the park and think we found them, but we weren't sure as no one was around. I'm not sure which is the big galah in this pic - the pink bird, the one under it, or the one off to the side... :-)

The caravan park at Ceduna was right across from the beach, and we managed to get a couple of lovely sunset photos on New Year's Eve.

On the way into Streaky Bay we encountered a wonderful storm. I have always said the clouds over here in SA are far prettier than the clouds in Queensland, and these did not disappoint.

These pelicans liked to hang around the fish cleaning areas (there were about 5 dotted along the foreshore) and people threw scraps at them.

In Coffin Bay, a local gent was wandering around with this juvenile Alexandrina Parrot on his shoulder. I overheard part of his conversation with our neighbours, and I believe he was from around the Central Queensland area, but I could be mistaken?

Coffin Bay is a lovely little area, although there are not many places to eat. We did get into the pub on one night, for Schnitzels. But it was terribly crowded and we had to eat outside. Nice though.

This is the foreshore. We had takeaway here on the last evening. Everyone comes to eat, play, socialise. Lovely spot.

In Port Lincoln, we were on the hunt for a comforter for Dobby, as her gran gave her money to buy one. She found one at KMart which took her fancy, and I found this at a little bedding place around the corner...

In the van it's huge, but on my bed at home it's not so big. Soft and warm though, too warm for summer!

Coffin Bay had a little lookout, but the trees had grown so tall it was almost impossible to see anything, so Dobby tried to get a better photo. Also, the camera she has been using has a better zoom than mine.

Last stop was Whyalla, and outside town had this museum. We didn't go and check it out, but it did look interesting.

And when we got home, Dodge was so affectionate, he kept following us around purring and meowing. Every room we went in he followed. I couldn't resist this pic...


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Nice trip! Did you try any oysters at coffin bay? They are always selling coffin bay oysters at the fish market here. And I thought I was married to the big galah! Love Rat

SOL's view said...

Rog looks soooo cute.

And I had to stop and think about that seal for a bit. Then I realised that Fluffy doesn't have blonde hair.... *ducks*

Lol. Glad you had a good trip after the earlier disappointment. :)

Chris H said...

Your trip photos are neat! And I am envious of your awesome new camera!

JoeinVegas said...

Nice pictures - thanks for sharing your trip.