Sunday, 30 January 2011

The world is full of frauds

Let me ask you something. Do these car badges look new to you?

Back of a Ghia badge

Bent Fairmont badge with an anchor peg missing

Back of the Fairmont badge showing almost no rubber backing

It's not real clear but in the end bar of the letter M there is a crack where it was bent to fit into the box

Back of the Ford badge. Rubber is very patchy and obviously used.

We bought these badges from eBay, for the paltry sum of $25, with free postage. Bought them as Brand New in excellent condition.

Now, as any fool can see, these are so obviously used it's not funny. There is no rubber left on the back, no adhesive, and in some cases, the anchor pegs have snapped off. The Ford badge we bought also has obvious signs of being pried off a vehicle.

And to add insult to injury, when the box turned up, it was unsealed, the items were unwrapped and indeed the long Fairmont badge was bent to fit into the box, and I had to pay postage because the sender did not pay any at all.

When we confronted him about it he swore those badges were brand new. And that he has sent items free post before and never has anyone had to pay postage. I mean, how stupid is this guy? We had several nasty back and forth's, without resolution, so I took it further.

I opened a complaint in Paypal, and he was is so cocky he will win because these items are exactly how he bought them brand new. Well, I couldn't find a link anywhere to upload photos so I had to just tell Paypal that I had proof they were used and hope they ask to see them. I also told them that I had to pay postage when I picked up the box. Fingers crossed they find in our favour. It's not that we lost a lot of money, but charlatans like this should be made accountable. He's an obvious con artist.

Anyway, apart from that, this week has been fairly quiet. Boss was away all week so I have taken it slowly. Not rushing. It's been too hot. Well, I thought it was hot but this weekend has been a scorcher! Over 40. And next week will start off the same.

I had been getting continuous headaches all week, since Saturday night, so I took myself off to the Optometrist on Thursday night. I need two types of glasses apparently. One for distance, and one for close up. I chose to order just the close ups for now. Not real close, just for reading and computer. I don't read with the book under my nose, but on the desk anyway.

Wednesday was Australia Day public holiday. Ah, God Bless public holidays. Can't get enough of them. Dobby had a sleepover from lunch time, so Fluffy did some pruning and gardening in the morning, and I did washing and stuff. Then we took Dobby for her sleepover, and went for lunch together after. That was nice. Then when we got home we loaded up the ute and took the prunings off to the dump. Man, that's a rip off! It cost us $40. I hope the landlord will be nice and reimburse us. He is pretty good like that so fingers crossed.

After that we came home, flaked out in front of the telly, and watched The A Team video. Then I cooked bacon and eggs for dinner and we just veged. It was so quiet and pleasant.

Fluffy and I both had to go to work Thursday but it was so quiet getting ready without Dobby in the house. Fluffy picked her up after work while I was at the eye doc.

This weekend was nice. Saturday we all went to Marion to source a dinner set for the new van and some black sneakers for Dobby for school. In Big W we found a pair of black Cathy Freeman branded shoes for $40. Dobby didn't really like them but tried them and chose them anyway. When we got home she put them on and promptly spent the rest of the afternoon in them, declaring them quite comfortable after all!

We looked at Corelle dinner sets. These are expensive, but lightweight and designed for caravans and such. We found two possible patterns, then Fluffy looked at some of the other cheaper sets. He said we could choose any set so long as it was not one of those heavy porcelain sets. We also looked around at other items, and he chose me a brown teatowel set and a pot mit set. We had fun thinking of things we could put in the van.

We wandered up to another exclusive kitchen store just for a look and they had Maxwell dinnerware on sale for half price. We saw a set of white china with a small black and red cherry tree design for $48. Fluffy bought it for me for the van. Good price. Lovely dinner ware.

Back home and I hemmed a dress and a skirt for Dobby's school uniform.

Today, Sunday, we zipped back to Marion early because in some catalogues Fluffy saw a combo pack of 35 kitchen starter pieces for $29 and some cotton boxers. So a quick trip to KMart to grab a set and we chose 5 pairs of boxers ($5 each!) and two satin pairs for him.

Before that, though, I found Millers. Again. They had dresses for $15 so I bought a green-patterned one, a pair of brown pants and a pair of blue denim shorts. Just for around the house.

A quick change back home into the dress and off to pick up my friend Marg. She's almost 80 but you'd never know. We took her to Fasta Pasta for lunch, Dobby and I. It was lovely. Wonderful way to pass the hot day.

Then back home, and this is what happened...

What is she doing? Yes, it's true - she's ..... IRONING! She wanted to iron her uniform ready for tomorrow. Actually, I had to iron the skirt and dress that I hemmed so was going to do it anyway, but she got out the ironing board and set it all up. After I had done the skirt and dress she did her blouse and two polo tops. Legend! She's all ready now, except she has to sort her socks. She has two pair of knee-high white socks, and they are different sizes. I noticed that she has two odd sizes together so is supposed to put them right...

And, on Australia day afternoon, while Fluffy was loading up the trailer, I pottered some more with my sculpture. What do you think now she has a bit more hair?

I rather like her, and Fluffy and Dobby just love teasing her about looking aboriginal....

Anyway, I'll let you know about the Paypal claim. Fingers crossed....


Anonymous said...

Am going to ask the obvious - why are you buying ford badges? Doesn't the "new" car have them? That guy has probably been walking the street prying them off cars then sell them on ebay! Yes she still looks indigenous! Love rat.

Anonymous said...

love wally

Froggy said...

Um, because the Fairmont doesn't have much in the way of badging, and these were cheap. Dunno, ask Fluffy? Haha.

SOL's view said...

I'm with Rat on that one. Bet he's been nicking them off other cars and selling them. :)

JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like you've been on quite a shopping spree. But having someone else iron - that's good work.

Short Poems said...

Good have nice blog :)

Chris H said...

The man who sent you those badges is a con artist for sure, I hope you win... cos you should.
Kids and ironing... it NEVER LASTS.

I like your sculpture with the extra hair.