Monday, 7 February 2011


Not really much to report this week. Nothing earth shattering. We had to take the Falcon back to get the LCD screen replaced. They had to hold onto it a bit longer because the one they put in was just as bad as the one they took out.

In other news, we went to Studio 2000 to have a viewing of our photos we had taken. Boy, those people really know how to screw you. But the lass that was our sales rep was a family friend. Fluffy agreed on a package which saw us now officially broke. But in April we will have some lovely shots. The very last ones I think we will have done. Although I am not supposed to, I have included a sample...

I don't have any of the photos of Dobby yet. She had them with her when I scanned these. But I'll have a look at putting some up later.

Dobby also started back at netball this week. There were tears. She is very nervous because a couple of the girls who gave her trouble last year are on her team. This day the key offender (whom in previous posts I have named Myrtle) was also hanging around, although she doesn't play netball.

Dobby had a friend with her, and that friend asked on of the girls which court they were playing on. The girl answered with a look "That one. Dobby should know that". At which point Dobby burst into tears. She put her foot down and said "I can't do this. I won't play". I talked to her and told her to not let them beat her. Get out there and play. This went back and forth a bit. The lass with the acid tongue looked extremely frightened and couldn't understand why Dobby was crying. Anyway, when the game began I pushed Dobby toward the coach and she joined the team. Although she didn't play the first quarter she played the remaining 3 and did really, really well. Scored a couple of goals, and put all her effort into it. It's still a joy to watch her play. I did have a bit of a giggle though, because the poor kid had terrible chaffing so by the end of the game she could hardly walk.

Saturday Fluffy worked. Dobby had that friend over Friday night, and we took her some Saturday. Then she had another over Saturday night who was picked up Sunday. Sunday for me was spent doing housework.

As you know, we have the caravan up for sale. There are a number of people "watching" it online, and one wanted to come have a look. So I had to clean our stuff out of it. Except for the things we will need this weekend at Tanunda that is. It looks much better. Then I realised I had to clean the fridge, microwave, grill, floors... well it's done now.

That fellow is coming to have a look tonight. Guess we'll see how it turns out....

Then our own house had to be done. Plus the ironing. I did it all and even managed a few minutes to sit and vege in the late afternoon. As a wonderful surprise I got a phone call from Wally in Gladstone on Sunday morning and we chatted for about an hour and a half. Man, I miss that girl! We have discussed taking a girlie weekend to Melbourne later in the year to see the King Tut exhibition. I think that would be ace!

Otherwise, I can't really think of anything else that happened. Mind you, my brain is asleep - it is Monday morning afterall!

On that note, better get back to work. Catch you next week!

PS Still no resolution for the drop kick who conned us with those badges.


SOL's view said...

Busy weekend! All those sleepovers! :D

Chris H said...

What lovely photos chick.

Anonymous said...

love wally

JoeinVegas said...

Sorry she has problems with bullies - not much she can change except for her attitude.