Monday, 11 April 2011

Ho Hum

Well, I really have nothing to blog about this week. I am sure you don't want to hear all about the hassles I have been having at work, which sadly is all I have to blog about.

So, other than that, it's been quiet. I have been quiet on the camera, although I did take a few photos on the weekend, none of them are blog worthy. Just trying to capture the rain, and a couple of the dew on the lemon tree leaves in the early morning sun. But even those are not that great.

Dobby went for a sleepover Friday night. She spent the day Saturday there, coming home about 4. So I took the opportunity to go buy her some birthday gifts. She's 14 next week. My how time flies...

I also bought myself a cardi from Millers, with a 25% off voucher it only cost about $26. And it's very warm.

I didn't even do much in the way of house work on the weekend. Saturday, after I came home, I did the ironing, 2 loads of washing (although it was raining) and sat and watched Dexter all afternoon until Fluffy got home and it was time to pick up Dobby.

Sunday she cleaned her room. Took her all day but she knew it had to be done or the party was off. She did it. Then last night she had to work on an assignment. They are learning about Greek Gods.

Now, I am wondering why they are learning all this stuff? Shouldn't they be focusing on real history? Like the formation of this great nation? I believe she touched on it one year in Primary school but that's about it. Surely there is so much more relevant stuff they could learn, other than some mythical creatures that form the basis of someone's religion?

Anyway, she had to cut out a whole heap of names (probably about 50), and make them fit on a piece of green poster card. I trimmed them up for her yesterday while watching more Dexter, so that they would fit. Then last night we sat there with a printout of the family tree of these Greek Gods, and a ruler, and laid them all out in their proper areas. I tell you, my old body is not what it used to be.

My back and hips were so painful I could barely stand. I have never felt such pain. Today I am still struggling. I had to get down on my knees just now to fetch a piece of paper from behind the printer table, and I was almost in tears. Stupid, hey. We still have to draw the lines connecting the proper people to the right parents, but that's tonight's task.

Anyway, once we finished, I settled in to watch League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I hadn't seen that before. Quite enjoyed it really.

Well, now this week I am going for my weigh in. I've been on a diet for the last 3 weeks, 4 this Friday, and it'll be interesting. According to my scales I had lost about 4 kg at one point, but then today it's only 2. So I must have lost a heap in the first week or so then put some back on. I'll have to really concentrate this week to make sure that the scales reflect the hard work I have actually done.

I'll let you know next week. I'll actually have stuff to blog about then.


SOL's view said...

Yes, I wonder too. I did that sort of stuff in Grade 8 as part of the Ancient History component, then Australia in the Modern History part. Wonder if they will do it that way? Mind our ancient stuff was less gods and more lifestyle for Romans, and Chinese.

Love Extraordinary Gentlemen. That's the one with Shaun Connery, right? I found it fun. Only thinking about that this morning when I remarked that a scene from the movie I was looking at reminded me of the bow of the Nautilus.


Froggy said...

Yes, we studied ancient Greece and Rome, and I quite enjoyed that. Cause it involved art somewhat. But Gods and Goddesses? Really?

And I LOVED the bow of the Nautilus! And the car! I want one!

Anonymous said...

I love that white car too! Imagine cruising around town in that! Might be a pain polishing all the silver embellishments though! So they still teach useless stuff. But knowledge about the gods might come in handy for trivial pursuit one day! Love Rat.