Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Thank God for long weekends!

Well, this week has just been so hectic, that the weekend was true bliss. Boss has been away so I have had the office to myself and I believe I am almost caught up. Almost.

Last Monday was Dobby's birthday, as you know, and she spent the day with a friend. They cleaned up their mess, which is what we wanted, so she had a great birthday. After we got home, and the friend was duely collected, we took her to dinner at Montezuma's Restaurant. It's a Mexican place, and her first time there. Although I love the food, I don't think the other two will go again.

It took them half an hour to take our order. Another half to deliver it. An hour to come see if we wanted dessert, then another 20 minutes to come back to take our dessert order. And the place was hardly occupied, so they can't say they were run off their feet.

Fluffy, again, forgot his glasses so ordered on my suggestion, which I don't think was a good idea. When his food arrived, it was one small taco, a bowl of some dodgey salad stuff which he hated, and a bowl of a bean dip type of stuff. Dobby ordered nachoes, which she said weren't too bad, and I ordered a side of guacamole to share. It cost $5 and was probably the equivalent of one avocado...

I ordered my usual prawn and tomato dish, which I love, so I was happy.

After dinner we wandered home for a relatively early night.

Tuesday we were supposed to have a fellow stop by after work but as it turned out Fluffy was able to meet him on his way home. And Monday and Tuesday was a whirlwind for me of getting insurance ready, making calls, getting things organised.

Wednesday was guitar. Wednesday was also a very special day.

New Van Day. Yes, Wednesday was the day Fluffy picked up the new van. Originally I was to go with him but as I was the only one at work I couldn't. Dobby was home so she went. Apparently they got home just before me, as I met them out on the street.

Fluffy handed me the walkie talkie and away he went. It only took a few goes to get it, but he managed to park it on the front lawn, it's new home.

This van is somewhat larger than the last. Certainly taller - I can barely reach the clips that hold the pop top down! I can stand upright in this one without touching the ceiling. And it's a bit longer too. Duel axle, so a bit harder to maneuver, but Fluffy has had heaps of experience with this stuff so aced it, of course.

Then, after putting some minted lamb chops and oven fries in the oven, it was time to fill her up! And we did. Although not completely. I have free cupboards! And, for the first time since Fluffy made himself a wine cellar, Dobby has room to store her stuff.

Under my bed was almost completely emtpy until this morning, when Fluffy decided some of the outside things can now go under there. Bummer.

Anyway, I had to work Thursday, so Fluffy and Dobby finished the van off. Not that there was much to do, it was pretty much done Wednesday evening.

Friday and we were off. We weren't sure where Polish Hill was, but I found a place called Polish Hill River on the map so we headed north. It's a two-hour drive up the new Northern Expressway, and not a hard drive either. The old Falcon pulled the van quite nicely. I suggested to Fluffy that we turn off this particular road, then take another as the map showed something that may be where we should be.

Turns out I was right on the money. We were the last to arrive, everyone else arriving the night before. We found ourselves a site, and set up. Only took about half an hour, including the tent.

Then we just sat back. Friday was, of course, Good Friday, so I planned to make prawns with creamy chili sauce and macadamia nuts. Only the sauce was way too thin. Served with Fettuccine. I must say, the others had two servings, so it mustn't have been too bad! And no, SOL, the sauce didn't curdle either.

Friday itself was spent socialising, chatting, sitting around and doing nothing. I could get used to that. Friday evening was video night in the huge shed. I think they watched National Treasure. I didn't. I had a new bed to try out so I got a shower, and grabbed my book, and climbed into bed. Holy crap it was cold! Anyone would think it was winter!

Saturday morning, after a very cosy comfy night, we all met up for coffee at ten, as per the SAPI club tradition. There were only 9 vans altogether, so it was lovely. We had Treasurer time, kids club, and a quick trip into Clare to grab microwave dishes and a loud shirt for Fluffy (I'll explain later) before lunch with some other members at the winery next door.

On Friday, Dobby and I went for a walk around the winery and took these photos:

It is a lovely winery but very expensive, and certainly not worth what you pay. But that's the norm isn't it? Still it was nice to sit around a chat with friends. Fluffy bought me a polo top and I talked him into buying himself a lovely striped rugby jumper.

The afternoon was again very lazy. Dinner was a combined hot pot. Everyone made something and we all shared it around. I didn't realise how many different variations you could get of chicken curry! I didn't have much but what I had was nice. We decided next time to do a combined dessert instead for something different.

Just after dinner all the boys suddenly got up and left. None of the ladies knew what was going on, but knowing our boys, it was going to be something funny. And it was. All the boys entered wearing their loud shirts, one wearing a sarong instead. Very funny. When it was time for the group photo, they all decided to lick Fluffy's balding head. Ew.

After dinner we retired to the fireside, while the kids again watched movies in the shed.

Sunday we all got up early, and I wandered off to take a few more pics:

But I had to hurry as the Easter Bunny was going to pay a visit soon. The kids went wild, and after the obligatory group photo, were sent outside to hunt for Easter Eggs, which according to club tradition, were divided up between them as fairly as possible.

Then the Easter Bunny arrived, and all the kids chased him around the area.

Then he got up on stage and handed out a bunny to everyone. Even I got one! The kids got a pack of 10 little ones and a small bunny. The adults got a medium sized bunny.

Dobby had a sudden stomach pain, which confined her to the van for about half an hour. As a result she missed the Easter Bunny's visit. At the request of one of the ladies, he paid a special visit to the van to give her her eggs.

Some of the group decided to head out for a 4WD experience, but Fluffy and I and a couple of other people stayed behind to relax. It was wonderful! So quiet! We were out in the middle of the bush, with just the winery for neighbours, plenty of native birds for company. Aaah.

The others returned about 4pm, and settled in for the usual Happy Hour. Then dinner and back to the fireside.

Monday was Anzac Day and as 3 of the group were military or ex military, all except us and a couple of other kids headed off to the dawn service. I heard them leave then went back to sleep. They arrived back about 8 or so and we all went back up for morning tea.

As most people were tired not much was done on Monday. A couple of groups went home early because they had to work or had visitors coming, but most of us stayed another day.

Dinner for a lot of us was take away from the local fish and chip shop. Talk about lazy!

This morning we were all packed up and ready well before morning tea. Only three vans weren't but we all stayed around to chat. Then at eleven it was time to go. After 4 whole days of sitting and doing nothing, it was very sad to go home.

But, home it was, to unpack, update the blog, post some photos of Facebook, and see my kitty. Roger had missed me it seems because he was very smoochy.

So, now before I think about going back to work tomorrow, it's time for a soak in a hot tub, and a last cup of tea I think....


SOL's view said...

The photos are great. You seem to be getting plenty of practice.

The weekend sounds lovely. Just what you need after the last few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Was hoping to see the loud shirts and licking head photo! The bunny looks more like a mouse! Love the leafy pattern on your van cushions! Love Rat

JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like the new one worked out.