Monday, 5 September 2011

Happy Father's Day yesterday

So this blog will be small. Not a lot to report. As I am going away in October, I have been training Mrs Boss to do my job. It's a trial. I don't mind training her at all, but it's a slow process. She can only spare me a few hours at a time, and each task takes several hours just to show her, not leaving her any time to do the job on her own.

We are hoping from this Wednesday that she can stay longer and will therefore be able to take in more of the tasks. There are some things she will do every day, others only once, but each of them require a written set of instructions, which have to take into account her lack of skill with Excel, which we use for almost everything. I know she finds it a trial too so I try to make it as easy as I can.

Dobby started music in place of the dreaded Dance at school last week. She is quite keen this time, although I don't think she fully realises that "being part of the band" means she will be required to play in public... Hmmmm...well, while she's keen I'm not going to burst her bubble. She is also looking forward to learning the theory side of music, which to be honest, was the only subject I did really well at in school.

She also had Friday off, as it's Royal Adelaide Show time. The whole town goes into party mode for ten days. The schools give their kids one day off in that time so they can attend. I wonder, really, how they are supposed to go when the parents often still have to work?

Anyway, today is also a Student Free Day for her, so her friend's mum took today off work and is taking them. Whew! I get out of it for another year. Mind, she has a huge list of showbags to collect! Haha! Punishment!

I am working solo at the moment while the boss is away, and for me that means heaps of work getting done (except while typing this of course). Because I am training I am so far behind with my own work. I can't set tasks yet for Mrs Boss to do while I continue doing other things. Add to that, that most of my "other things" involve the computer, and we have a little problem.

However, I know we can get there in the end.

This weekend was so lovely, just to sit still for a bit. Saturday we took a drive up to Gawler to pick up some bottles of Ned Kelly drink. Never heard of it? Check this out. We tried it some time ago, and Fluffy really liked it. It's like a sweet carbonated wine. Friends of ours had been to the show and bought it for us, so we popped in and picked it up.

A very late lunch (or early dinner if you like) at Villis and we were home and relaxing by 4.30pm.

Sunday was Father's Day. I made breakfast for everyone (including Dobby who managed to drag herself out of bed reasonably early) and we sat outside while she gave her dad his gifts. Nothing flash because he's so difficult to buy for. We got him a few DVDs, a large Toblerone choclate block, and a box of Fererro Rocher chocolates.

Later, Dobby had been asking if she could have her tragis pierced. That's the little nobby bit in front of the ear. She thought I had agreed but really I had just been listening to her waffle while she talked about it. Anyway, she pointed out that because she wants to play netball she will only have this weekend to do it before it's too late, because you have to let it heal sometime before you can remove it, which she would have to do for sport.

So we trudged down to Marion, as she also had to buy a gift for a friend whose party she will miss on the weekend. I got a rude shock when I went to pay for it. It was 3 times what I had envisioned, but she is happy anwyay. She chose a tiny black spike. I don't have a pic, but apparently she does.

Then onto the jewellery store for something for the friend. That done, we wandered over to Bunnings because I had told Fluffy I had seen a tool box I would like to buy him. However, he saw it and mentioned he had seen a better, cheaper one, advertised recently at Repco, so off we toddled over there.

Yep, that's the one he wanted, so he left a happy dad. We also stopped in Dick Smith for a sticky and priced small laptops and wireless printers.

Back home and it was a semi lazy afternoon for me, but busy for Fluffy who cleaned the Fairlane and the back patio. I did the ironing, mopped the kitchen and dining room, and did the litter tray, then cooked dinner. Fluffy chose spaghetti bolognaise for some reason. Dobby agreed to vacuum the lounge because I paid for her earring.

After Underbelly it was time for a shower and off to bed...


SOL's view said...

At least that piercing can be hidden. :) Probably the first of many.

Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

JoeinVegas said...

How many holes in the ear does that make?
Yes, better than a tattoo as the holes heal.

Anonymous said...

love wally