Sunday, 28 August 2011

An evening with...

So, I didn't blog last week because nothing very exciting happened. Apart from Dobby having another week off school, and me taking her to the doc, nothing at all happened.

She and I both had doctor's appointments. Hers she had to have blood tests, then when we went back for the results I saw him for my half-yearly skin check. Her tests showed nothing abnormal except a thyroid at the lower end of the scale. He wants to repeat the test in a couple of months, we we'll have a look at that when we come back from Queensland. He said once we have done that, and if it still comes back normal he'll look at the psyche side of things. In the mean time, she complained all week of being sick again, even having me pick her up from school on Thursday because she was sick. Sigh. I don't know, it sucks. She's got yet another cold now, sniffling and coughing. Stupid.

Me, well, my skin test was all clear this time. He revisited my low iron levels, asking if we ever found out the cause. We didn't. So he suggested I go back off the iron supplements and get more tests when I do Dobby's. In the mean time, he wants me to do a poo test. Nice. Yeah, I'll get around to that one day. Well, 3 days actually. Have to take 3 samples. Plus, remember last year when I said I had to take vitamin B tablets? Well, it wasn't vitamin B, but vitamin D. Sigh. I have to now get a script filled (one of these days) for something or another.

And, just to top that off he wants me to have a sleep study done. But, see, the problem we have with that is that I'm not the one with sleep apnoea. Fluffy is. So what is a test going to prove?? It's his snorning and sleeping all over my side of the bed that keeps me awake. Not that it's his fault, at all. But that's why I don't sleep well. That's what makes me tired. That and adjusting my position because my tennis elbow and fingers are hurting.

Anyway, on with the post.

This week Boss was in Sydney for important business. Because I am taking two weeks off for the October school holidays, his lovely wife has agreed to come in and cover for me. So I had my first training session with her on Thursday. During which time Dobby phoned for me to come get her. It's going to take a lot of lessons to get her up to speed with what needs to be done, but I think we can do it. If she keeps and follows her own notes as well as my folder.

I also had the rare opportunity of a girls night out. I had answered a call for Catherine to go to see Thirsty Merc with her. I also contacted another friend of mine who wanted to go as well. So, Catherine, Eve and I decided we'd go to dinner first. Turned out to be just the 3 of us, which suited us all nicely. Quite an age group too, 35, 44 and 51.

I had plenty of time to get ready, so I made an effort.

What do you think? Not great, but not bad for an old goose!

Eve and I love totally over the other side of town to Catherine and the venue, so she got dropped off here at my place. I had reminded the girls to bring their ID as the tickets had their names on it. However Eve thought I was joking and didn't bring hers. So we had to stop back at her place way up in the clouds on the way. Didn't matter, we still got the the hotel on time.

Her house is way up a windy road, which the 380 would never make in a million years, being front wheel drive with a huge turning circle. But because Fluffy and I had taken the Fairlane out to fuel up and drop Dobby off for a sleepover, before having lunch together, all was good.

When we got there, I parked in the top car park, and we met Catherine at the table. We took our time over dinner, and stayed for dessert. After a toilet break we asked the barmaid where we had to go for the show, which turned out to be a rather long walk out to the main road and around the corner. She did advise, though, that if we were parked out the car park we might want to move our car to the carpark opposite the venue because of the type of persons who hang around late at night.

Point taken, we agreed. So we trudged up to the carpark, drove around the block a couple of times till we found where we were supposed to be, and disembarked in a great spot right opposite the door. And with half an hour to spare.

Okay, so now we're standing outside waiting. It's getting cold out here too. Finally just after 8 they open the doors. Into the night club. We spy an unoccupied table (you know those tiny tall things that you rest your glasses and not much else on?) and claim that as our own. Some random young guy comes over and starts to make conversation but we're not really interested, so after awhile he wanders off. I think he just wanted to share our table but decided we were not of the sharing type.

The place starts to fill up and about 9 or so the first act starts to play. It's a lead singer, acoustic guitar, and a drummer, the band is called Radar or something. They said to find them on Facebook but I was unsuccessful. They were good.

Then nothing for an hour. Then a group called Microwave Jenny, who were just a chick singing and a bloke playing guitar. Good, but not while we were waiting impatiently for a rock group. They didn't start until after 10pm. Then, we had to stand there bored as budgies through their music which sounded a lot like folksongs. Although they did do Forget You, after which he actually claimed to have written it and we all know that was bunkum!

Anyway, finally about 11.20, when we were all thoroughly bored and sore, and tired and yawning, and fending off a group of drunks who tried to take over our table, we got what we waited for.

These guys.

Not a great photo, I know, but anyway, it was good. Not many groups actually sound good live, but these guys did. I was always a fan, now I am a huge fan. Fantastic show, that went for around an hour.

Finally we were allowed out into the cold, while we waited just a few minutes for Catherine's lift to arrive. Then I took Eve home and crashed into bed (after a couple of painkillers) at 1.30.

Epic! Today was a lovely quiet slow day. Fluffy was at work, and Dobby at Sarah's house, so I just pottered about. I did do a little grocery dash, but Dobby just told me I bought her two conditioners instead of one of each. Whoops! Who's a blonde then!

Anyway, after an afternoon on the couch with Dexter (finally finished season 3) it's time to do some random chores and put dinner in the oven. Chicken fricassee tonight. Noice!


SOL's view said...

Shame it took so long for Thirsty Merc to come on stage, but if you had waited you wouldn't have got that great car park!

See, one against the tother!

PS don't think I've ever seen a bored budgie....

Anonymous said...

Getting glammed up worked! You can still pull in the boys! I think the last concert I went to was Russell Crowe and TOFOG (thirty odd foot of grunts or the ordinary fear of god, take your pick) with Wally about 5 years ago! (must get out more!) love Rat

JoeinVegas said...

Have Fluffy get a sleep test. If he has apnia then a CPap machine would do wonders for his sleeping. I used one for years, stopped the snore and really let me rest.

Chris H said...

You look lovely!
I don't envy you the poo test... bet they are looking for evidence of blood. Could explain the low iron levels.

Anonymous said...

rock on love wally