Monday, 14 November 2011


Well, today's probably not the best day to update my blog. Feeling rather down, cause, well basically I have a teenager! Anyway, I'll try make it interesting for ya.

So, this week saw a lot of changes. Fluffy has been surfing the used car sales pages for months, looking for something different to tow the caravan with. The Fairmont is a 2000 model, and won't last forever. But we still owe a bit on the Mitsubishi. Ideally, we would like 4WD to cope.

So he got a payout figure from the finance people, and we did some math, and figured we could spend a certain amount. He hit the pages with renewed vigour.

We were also deciding on what to do with the existing cars. Do we trade both in on a replacement, and look for something cheap and nasty for Dobby and I to drive, with the view to give it to Dobby when she has her license? Yes, probably.

The last couple of weeks have seen us look at a couple of possibilities. One was a Mercedes 4WD. Very nice. Diesel so the KM wasn't too important (they are considered not run in until 100,00km). We ummed and aaaahed, then kept looking.

Next to consider was a little blue Holden Barina for Dobby and I. Good price, low KM, neat little unit. So we decided to trade in the Fairmont and pay cash for the difference.

As it will be Dobby's, she has decided it's practically hers now. Pfft. I don't own a car now it would appear :-). Anyway, she has given her a name...So, Meet..... Shazza

It's a manual so it will be easy for Dobby to learn properly how to drive in. She loves it, and it's lovely to drive. We paid a deposit and made arrangements to pick it up Saturday.

But, with a caravan rally looming, and one we have to attend, the hunt has stepped up for a replacement for the Fairmont.

We looked at two Jeeps, but were advised that being short wheel base they would struggle with our heavy van, even though the tow capacity is supposed to be more than capable.

We looked at a Hyundai Taracan, but have balked at the $6000 replacement gearbox that a lot of this model seem to experience.

Next on the list was a Nissan Pathfinder. Nice vehicle. We took it for a drive, and it's quite nice. Close inspection shows it's been knocked around a bit, but overall a nice tidy car.

We were offered $14,000 for our Mitsubishi. Twice.

Then Fluffy found The One. We showed up on Saturday all set to sign the deal. We were looking at the most magnificent Ford Territory. A sweet blue colour all over, black suede look upholstery, low KM, and around our price range. Took it for a test drive, and were so excited. It has a cargo cage at the back, all the bells and whistles, turbo, looks real mickey mouse.

BUT they were only prepared to offer us $9000 for ours. What?? How can two different people offer $14000 and he only advise $9000. Wayne told him that's an insult. The smart alec, whom I might add we had to wait 15 minutes for because he was in the loo, just said, "well, if you think you can do better somewhere else, you're welcome to do that". So we did. We just walked out. We were all prepared to buy that car.

We were all almost in tears, let me tell you.

So, we went to pick up Shazza instead. The saleman there was very sympathetic. Another Ford dealer they are. And let me tell you, they were sooo nice. They bent over backwards to make our Shazza experience pleasurable.

They took Fluffy out to show him another Territory, which paled in comparison, though. They said if they don't have the car for us, they'll do their best to get one just like it.

He took Fluffy for a drive in this other Territory, too, and they have agreed to match the $14000 for our old car.

We agreed to think about it. Fluffy phoned the sales rep yesterday saying he had seen another similar vehicle, and the bloke told him they would have a look to get him something similar.

Well, after all this we had to then drive Dobby (in Shazza) to a sleepover way down South. So, we drove from home to Hahndorf, from Hahndorf up to Elizabeth, back home briefly, then down to Seaford Rise and back home. Felt like we were on the road all day!

Sunday, Dobby was away, and Fluffy went to work. I was invited out to a friend's place. We have only met person to person once, but been Facebook friends for some time, and she has a blog (check it out). I got to meet 6 of her friends, who are all mad keen quilters. I felt a bit odd barging in on their Christmas party, but I was welcomed, with gifts, laughter, great company, and great food too. Lots of it! Khris even made us all table runners and matching coasters. Now, I'll tell you, she asked me on Thursday what colour dining room I had... so that's how quickly she made my runner set! We had games as well, and the prizes were all things she had made. I scored two little bags, a pin cushion, and our Secret Santa Sisters gift was a basket of all sorts of goodies. So lovely!

Then by the time I got home Dobby was home. The evening was quiet, until Dobby started to get naughty. She wouldn't do something, can't remember what, so I threatened to take her laptop off her. She protested, got very nasty, and it turned into a fight. I ripped the laptop out of her embrace, and the mouse USB got broken in the scuffle. So Fluffy got mad too. Well, perhaps my mood may have misread him, but I thought he was angry at me for breaking it. I got that impression anyway, so we had a fight too.

Dobby called me all sorts of lovely things and stormed off to bed.

This morning was no better. She couldn't find a shoe, which had gone down behind her bed. She was throwing things around, and swearing, and blamed me for throwing it there (for the record, I didn't).

Anyway, I think I came to work to escape today. Hopefully the end of day will bring some good news. Keep you posted...


SOL's view said...

Oh dear. It's no wonder some mothers eat their young. :)

So defs thinking of getting rid of the magna then? Shame that.

Anonymous said...

love wally

JoeinVegas said...

Ah, the days of a teenager. Sorry. It will get better in about 15 years.

Chris H said...

OMG you met Khris! I read her blog... known her for a while now. But of course never met her! Say 'Hi' to her from me if you see her again!

Dobby ... typical teenager.