Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I was going to wait till the weekend to post this, but it looks like I'll be pretty busy, so I'll update a bit early. Most of you know this story already, but who cares!

So, remember how I said in my last post that we looked at the car on Saturday, and fell in love? Well, when we told the salesman we bought Shazza from he was quite upset and disappointed that a fellow Ford dealership could be so rude.

On Monday we found out that he had gone in search of this vehicle. He decided to purchase it himself (well, the business did), from Moughan Thiem Ford. They would not budge on the price (I'm not really surprised, it was a good price), so our sales guru bought it for their agreed price.

He arranged for a truck to take it back to Rebel Ford in Elizabeth, and they put it up on ramps. Turns out it had no rego, and the two front bearings (or was it bushes?) were cactus, so at their own cost, they fixed it up. They gave it a spruce up, and called Fluffy with the good news.

Over the phone they arranged to pay out our current loan, and refinance (at a better interest rate so we are actually paying less than we were), and it was all done.

Then last night, John, the salesman, brought his partner Samantha over and delivered:

Terry! John named him for us so we kept it :-)

I was just on my way out to take Dobby to Cadets when they arrived, but apparently they all sat at the table out the back while the paperwork was signed and details finalised.

They all had a few drinks and Fluffy even handed over one of his prized Spanish port bottles (well worth it too I might add!). When I got back we talked a bit more, then eventually they took our 380 and left. It was terribly sad to see her go.

John told us that one of his workmates bought our Fairmont, which was nice as it's going to a good home.

Fluffy and I then decided to go to the Maccas not far from Dobby's cadets, and sit and eat dinner. As Fluffy had been drinking I got to drive Terry first (feels privileged!)

We picked up Dobby and came home. Everyone was so happy to have Terry.

So it just goes to show what a little "can do" attitude will achieve. We were so upset that we missed out on our dream car. Fluffy had been looking for months for something, and this last few weeks we feared we just wouldn't find what we wanted. I tried to reassure Fluffy by telling him you'll know the car when you see it, and that's exactly what happened. We knew it as soon as we saw it.

We were so lucky to find someone who is genuine, and who seemed to really want to help. All the team out there were friendly and funny, and it made the whole experience pleasurable.

The offshoot for that is, although the car yard is way across the city, we are prepared to take both vehicles back there for servicing (they are right across from a shopping centre so no drama really!). And they have a rewards program. If we recommend them to someone and they buy a car, we receive a spotters fee.

We joked last night that we were going to drive up and down Port Road, past Maughn Tiem Ford beeping, waving and yelling "Look At Me!" haha.

Well, I'm sure I've bored you enough. I really just wanted to share our story. Sometimes things really do go your way!

Oh, and Dobby got her uniform last night too, what do you think?


SOL's view said...

She looks good - stern faced and everything. :)

Glad the car worked out for you after all. Sometimes that little bit of extra service goes one heck of a long way.

Chris H said...

Awesome new Terry!
Love it.

Anonymous said...

great photo...great wally

JoeinVegas said...

Yes, it is nice to hear that someone is nice and friendly like that (and a car salesman - I had a bad experience with one just yesterday)

She looks great, I can see her hiding in the jungle.