Sunday, 29 July 2012

Getting in touch with my inner criminal

Well, not really, but about the only exciting thing lately is what we did to day.  But I'll get to that shortly.

Boss left for overseas on Friday, so last Friday he presented me with an anniversary gift (I have been with the company for 5 years in August).  He recently updated his coffee maker and it came with a free milk frothed.  Before I figured how to use Fluffy's new coffee machine to make hot chocolate, I had asked boss what he was going to do with his.  So anyway, he gave me his.  I haven't needed to use it yet, but it was a lovely gesture.

Earlier this year he updated his laptop.  He also bought a second hand one from our geek for his wife to use.  Cost him $900.

Then, just a couple of weeks ago he updated again.  Then he gave his "old" one to Jane, and gave the ex-geek one to me.  There had been talk among the new people of buying me a laptop to solve my issues of sickness, days off, or leave etc.  So he organised with the geek to replicate my desktop onto the laptop.  The only thing being that I own it, not the company.

That's great.  Except while someone is in my chair (as they will be when Wally visits) I will have to leave it at work for them to use.  Ouch.  Lucky, I still have the old home Mac to use!

So, apart from that, not much has happened.  Yesterday I had to duck off to the shops, then came home, picked up Fluffy and we went up to the docs.  Apparently my iron levels are low again, and I am supposed to see the specialist about my achillies tendon.  Seems it needs a steriod injection.  Nice.  Down to Castle Plaza for a coffee together then I had a visit with the optometrist.  I have him my crap glasses I got from OPSM (don't EVER go to OPSM at Castle Plaza) and when they do the whole "is this better or worse thing" he actually showed me what my previous pair were like.  Absolutely crap.  No wonder I couldn't wear them.

Anyway, after that it was race down to Morphette Vale to pick up Dobby, back home for dinner.

Today I went for a quick visit to Marion for Dobby.  She wanted a particular jumper from Big W that they didn't have any more of.  But I was lucky enough to find a similar one in Best and Less (plus some new undies for me, about time).  Then race home and scoff a pie, pick up Dobby and off for a walk around the Old Adelaide Gaol.  That was fun.  A couple of weeks ago we did the historic walk around Adelaide, you may remember.  This tour was done by one of the ladies who did the walk.  It was good, I think I wouldn't mind doing it at night.  Wasn't scary like everyone said.  Although at one point Dobby said she felt something touch the back of her neck.  But then, she was a but jumpy.  But she was disappointed we didn't' get any ghost photographs too!

I did get some, and tried to put them up.  But after waiting an hour or more for them to upload, the screen wouldn't close and it wouldn't let me insert them.

So, if you want to see them, try this link:


Other than that, quiet here.  I'm in a nice bit of pain but trying to cut down on the amount of baths I have a week.  Mind you, if ever there was a good day for one it's today.  Perhaps I'll just have one tonight.... with a hot chocolate and good book.


SOL's view said...

Those photos are great. Looks like a great tour. Imagine sleeping there though, even if it was a B&B.

Chris H said...

Quite neat photos... is the Dr a wax figure?
one would hope so.

Thanks for the 'medal'... even if it ain't real!
How sad for Your Mum and Dad... our situation is nowhere near that bad ... YET.
Life is so unfair sometimes eh?

JoeinVegas said...

A long soak with a cuppa and a book - sounds like a relaxing evening.