Sunday, 15 July 2012

It's been a while

Since I've been on here.  Just because no one really reads this, and the gossip that I have I share with SOL every day anyway.

But, out of a sense of duty,  here I find myself again.

So, what can I waffle on about?  Oh, I know.  Things are on the move at work.  You may know that the business was up for sale.  A portion of that has been sold, and my new "boss" in Sydney has some great ideas for moving forward.

One of my biggest bug bears has been my lack of back up.  If I am sick or have to go away the pressure is really on me, as there is no one to really do my job in my absence.  The Boss's wife comes in when I am on leave to do invoicing, but even that is difficult for her (she is not a young lady anymore) and it's a lot to expect her to do.

So I try to limit the time I actually take off.

The new people have had two sets of visitors in the office recently, with the view of one of them, being single and flexible, can just jump on a plane and fill in for me.  She was in my office for a week, is also visiting again for two days  next week.  The other, the "other" boss himself, was over for three days.  We had some lovely chats (he is young and forward thinking) and when my friend Wally comes to visit, this fellow aims to spend the first three days of the week learning the basics of my job, so I can take the Thursday and Friday off and he'll "drive" my chair.  So long as I am contactable, it should work...

A few other suggestions that have been bandied about have been a laptop (so that if I am home sick I can still action the emails and other issues that arise, or if I have to stay home for personal reasons), and relieving me of some of my work load.

I am a bit reluctant to do that, because although there are days when I am pushed to the limit, there are others when I find myself slowing down.  If too much gets taken off I would find it necessary to drop a few hours (although I doubt it would ever come to that) so we'll play that one by ear.

But on the whole, their main focus has been on support for me.  It's all positive.

In other news, the frogs are doing well.  Now and then I am lucky enough to hear them croak.  Yesterday, while veging out here in the office, I heard them loud and clear.  Usually they are very quiet.  Dobby has been home on school holidays for two weeks (she goes back to school tomorrow, lucky her) and she said she has heard them croak quite a bit.  Nice.  They are fat frogs now, so I am trying to cut back on what I feed them.  But it's so much fun watching them it would be very easy to over feed them.  As it is, I have changed to feeding them every 3 days instead of 2.  There are still 3 distinct sizes, Tub-O-Lard being the biggest, Niggs being next and Petite the smallest.  However, Petite has grown a lot through hand feeding her (she only eats one cricket to Tubb's 3!).  Some times when you look at all three spread across the tank, it's hard to pick who is who.

The caravan club has it's AGM the weekend Wally comes to visit, so being the good friends we are, we are dragging her along with is.  I have to go to the meeting and I don't want to miss out on spending time, so it makes sense.  Plus, Fluffy is taking Dobby up Friday night, and Wally and I are going up Saturday, so we get some girlie time to sit and watch telly and eat take away.  Heaven! lol!

Well, it's almost eleven.  I am still sitting here in my jammies.  It's getting quite cold, and I have to pop out to buy crickets and Raspberry Fruchocs plus if I can find one, a cheap fan heater to put under my desk.  It's always cold in there even with the heater on.  Brrr!

So, catch you later.  Perhaps next week I'll have some more gossip to pass on.  Don't hold your breath though... :-)


Anonymous said...

love wally

Anonymous said...

love wally

SOL's view said...

I love looking at photos of the froggies. They are soooo greeen. And that can't be easy for them. :D

Look out club when you and Wally get together!

sparklingmerlot said...

I read you!! Well, I do when you post :)

JoeinVegas said...

Crickets and raspberries. Hope you didn't mix up who got what when you got home.

sparklingmerlot said...

And I'm still trying to read!!

Butterfly Kissez said...

I read you! I hope you keep on posting although i have been a little rremiss myself! Love hearings the gossip!