Wednesday, 11 April 2007

This could get depressing

So, doctor's appointment was, well, a disappointment. I must say I like my scales better than his. According to mine I have lost about 2kg but according to his, I have lost less than one! I ask you, where is the justice in that!

He was very good, told me to be patient, stay away from the chocolates, blah blah blah. The thought of being offered this job permanantly is scaring the pants off me! (Not a pretty sight...) I desperately need to get as far away from chocolate as possible. For example, already today I have had a large Freddo. And it's only lunch time! Sigh.

But all is not lost. I have proven to myself I can eat pretty much what I like and not put weight on. So, when I lose the weight I can let myself slide a little. Now, if I could only just lose the weight in the first place....


SOL's view said...

You'll get there! I have to try to lose some so I can fit into that dress better. Not quite sure how to start though. Might have to give up chocolate, now that Easter is over. Gasp!

Froggy said...

Best way to kick start a diet is to only eat off a bread and butter plate! Then start cutting back on stuff like butter, cheese and limit yourself to 4 slices bread and one small serve potato/pasta etc. And of course, give up the chocolate!!!! ha ha.