Friday, 23 November 2007

Finally! Progress!

So I went to the dietitian on Wednesday. I thought I had a couple of weeks grace so really concentrate on losing weight so I have been really making an effort for the last two weeks, walking half an hour a day with a friend, doing half an hour on the exercise bike when I don't walk, and sometimes when I do. So imagine my shock when the pop up on my computer advised my appointment was the next day! EEK!!!

I have been trying desperately to watch what I eat, although I do snack before dinner because I get so hungry. Well, that's when I don't snack properly, but hey, I am good the rest of the time.

My home bathroom scales are not really my friend, even though they weigh light. That's always good but it means you get a rude shock when you go for a weigh-in.

So with that in mind, and armed with the knowledge I am improving, I trundle off to the dietitian. She is happy because I am now down to 91.3 kg. I am not happy because my scales put me at just under 91kg. However, when I jumped on them this morning they had crept down a little under that.

But essentially, I know I am doing well because my clothes fit so much better, and I feel more taut around the back, stomach and legs. No wait, impossible to feel taut around the stomach...perhaps I should say my bulge is slightly less noticeable. I told her about our trip in February and that I wanted to lose ten kg by then. She suggested i aim lower and go for about 5-7. Okay, I can live with that. But 80kg would look a lot better in a wedding dress!

Now for lunch today (before I walk up to the bank) I am having a small baked potato with baked beans and a few slivers of light cheese...mmmmm.

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Leanne said...

Hi Froggy!!!

Sorry I haven't visited for a while, I've been a bit AWOL!!

Glad to see you are making some progress with your eating, and exercising and weight loss. I also snack before dinner... not sure why, but I usually try to munch on a carrot or something. I also find if I'm going to the gym at 6pm I need a few rice crackers in my stomach just to keep it settled for the class.

And having your clothes fit better can sometimes be even better than the scales telling you your weight.

And you're wedding plans are certainly moving along with great speed!! The red dress for Jnr Her sounds great, and all your plans seem to be falling together. Personally I would chat to the dressmaker and then go out and have a look at material.. It is your choice after all!!

I miss having my blog, but am thinking about creating a new one under a totally different name, so no one can snoop!! Shit certainly hit the fan with me for a while.... and its not terribly nice at work at the moment, but I'll survive!!

My weight loss is becomming weight gaining!! Its been 9 weeks since I stopped smoking, and I've managed to put on almost 3kg in that time. So not too bad really. it is disappointing though to not have my clothes fit as nicely as they were, or to have my belly protruding more than it should.... but I will get back on track soon. Just too much junk food sometimes!!! But I'm feeling fitter and doing classes at the gym is becomming easier!

I'll be back to visit again soon!! take care and when I'm up and blogging again I'll be sure to let you know!!! In a NEW secret identity!! hahahaha!!